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Beautiful autumn

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Article 1: Beautiful Autumn Composition 500 Words

It was a summer when the sun was hot and the sun was hot, and the autumn when the grain was abundant and the fruits were sweet.

You see, the original sugar cane is like a large carpet. A gust of wind blew, and the green leaves swayed, like dancing. Taking a closer look, the sugarcane is like a tall bamboo. The reed-like leaves stretched out, as if greeting someone. Looking closely, sugarcane is available in cyan, red, and brown. Looking at the tall and straight sugarcane, my saliva can't wait to flow out. I really want to eat some immediately. You see, the rice fields in the distance are like golden oceans. A gust of wind blew, and the golden rice set off waves. Taking a closer look, the heavy ears of rice bent over, as if they were saying hello to the farmer uncle.

You see, the red peppers in the vegetable field resemble firecracker composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , and they are like flames. The colorful peppers are like lanterns and persimmons. Looking at them, I remembered my favorite chilli fried meat.

You see, how seductive the orchard is in autumn. Dragon fruit, bananas and star fruit are planted in the orchard. From a distance, starfruit looks like stars. Take a closer look and hang around them hanging from the tree. Looking at the yellow carambola, at this moment I swallowed and wanted to pick a few to eat. The bunch of grapes on the grape stand is very tempting. The grapes are green, red, purple, and dark red, colorful and beautiful. Looking at grapes like pearls, my saliva kept swallowing. Seeing a satisfied smile on Uncle Farmer's face, I think this year must be a bumper year.

How beautiful the autumn field is, I love autumn.

Article 2: 450 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

The beautiful autumn girl is a great magician. She held the magic paint and waved to the earth. Suddenly, a miracle appeared, and a charming autumn landscape came into view.

You see, the sugarcane forest in the distance is like a green ocean. A gust of wind blew, and the green ocean set off waves. Taking a closer look, one sugarcane was next to another, standing there like soldiers. The leaves like reed leaves stretched out, like friends holding hands. Sugarcane has yellow skin, light yellow, and brown. Seeing that thick sugarcane in the wind you squeezed me, I really want to take a bite. The cornfield in the distance is like a golden ocean. A gust of wind blew up the cornfield. A closer look, the thick and big corn cobs are like chubby little baby composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/wa Farmers not far away are harvesting corn, and their faces are smiling with a good harvest. Looking at their happy smiles, I grinned.

Look, it's an autumn vegetable garden. The long loofah is like a sword inserted in a stone. A gust of wind blew, and a long, long loofah dangling on the shelf, like swinging on a swing. Looking at the long loofah, I really want to pick one and eat it home.

There are bananas growing in the orchard. Strings of bananas hung on the trees, some green and some yellow. The children were hooked by the thick scent, and all ran to eat sweet bananas. A bright smile appeared on the farmers' faces, and I think they will usher in a bumper harvest this year.

I love beautiful autumn, and I want to give it a big hug.

Part Three: Beautiful Autumn Composition 500 Words

The girl Qiu gradually came to us, letting us feel the good times of the golden autumn season.

The autumn is high, and the wild geese chant the farewell cry in groups, they are going to the far and warm south, where they will spend the whole autumn and winter.

The sky in autumn is clear. In the setting sun, rolling hills are next to each other. Looking at this beautiful scene, an unforgettable and joyful picture kept emerging in my mind.

The creek in autumn is crystal clear, like a transparent blue silk. Several small fish swim freely in the water, and from time to time they spit out a few small bubbles in the water, which is really naughty.

Autumn fields are lively. The golden golden wheat shakes the body and emits a "唰 唰" sound, as if shouting a password composition for military training http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . Looking from a distance like a golden ocean. Rows of corn stalks are like a mighty warrior with "stick mallets" on their backs, waiting to be reviewed.

The hillside in autumn is a colorful painting. Ginkgo shook its yellow leaves and fanned away the hot summer; the maple tree shook its fiery red dress and was showing off its bright colors; orange-red oranges, red apples, and Jincancan's pear were also squeezing me Next to you I scramble for people to pick. In the green grass and goose yellow grass, a little red, a little yellow, a little purple, a little ... It really looks like a colorful picture.

The autumn air is fragrant. The scent of rice, the sweetness of fruits and vegetables, and the fragrance of flowers and plants ... how can it not make people feel refreshed!

I love this picturesque autumn!

Part Four: 450 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

The heat waves are rolling and the summer is extremely overwhelming. The cool breeze and the fruitful autumn have come!

You see, the autumn scenery is beautiful. The grass on the side of the road looks green from afar, like a green carpet. Alas, isn't that right, isn't the grass the greenest in summer? But why is it green at this time? Should be yellow? I took a closer look, and it turned out that some green grass was interspersed among the green grass, and the grass was like wearing a light yellow autumn clothes.

When I walked into the park, I was attracted by the scenery inside. You see, a few beautiful exotic kapok over there are still full of pink flowers. Taking a closer look, five petals surround the stamen, like? All blown up? horn. A breeze blew, and the flowers composed on the tree http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/, shaking, as if dancing to us. The dragon boat flower is even more beautiful. Its color is very bright, and it looks like an orange-red carpet from a distance. A gust of autumn wind blew, and the dragon boat flower swayed slightly, as if greeting me. ? A closer look, each of its small flowers is composed of four red petals, like a pompom against the background of green leaves. No wonder people call it hydrangeas.

Blooming chrysanthemums are particularly attractive? It is noticeable that chrysanthemums are red, blue, yellow, white ... colorful and beautiful! Garden workers trimmed chrysanthemums into various shapes, some like fireworks, some like hydrangeas, some like lions, some like a tree, and some like a humming chicken.

Autumn is so beautiful! I love autumn!

Article Five: 800 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

In autumn, it looks like a beautiful picture, it adds infinite vitality to our lives.


Transparent scarf

Wind, she touched my cheek like a fairy's scarf. In the autumn wind, it has a large orchard with peaches, apples, and pears ... In the autumn wind, it is like an artist, giving pink to peach, red to apple, and green to pear. Where do these colors come from? It turned out that these colors were borrowed from Sister Rainbow! The autumn wind brings endless coolness to people. The autumn wind blows, the apple trees, linden trees, orange trees in the orchard ... all like a meteor shower "snap ... snap ..." jumping to the ground, just like the cheerful children on the ground are jumping rope. This is the wind in autumn. It is not as wild as the wind in spring, it is not as hot as the wind in summer, and it is not as cold as the wind in winter. It's charming, it's cool, it's even more colorful! I like you, this colorful autumn wind!

Gems on tree

"Jiang Nanyi, the most memorable is Hangzhou: Mountain Temple seeks Guizi in the middle of the month, and the knight pavilion looks at the tide, so when will you revisit it?" Everyone has heard this poem? The osmanthus tree in autumn is inlaid with countless gold gems-osmanthus.

Osmanthus is as big as rice grains, small and exquisite, cute! If you look closely, you will find that the open osmanthus has only four petals, and the stamen is very thin. The pale yellow composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ color adds infinite vitality to it. Osmanthus is so small, when the flowering season just arrived, if you inadvertently can't find it, it is like a shy little girl, hiding herself in the arms of Osmanthus mother, and not forgetting the veil sent by the fairy sister, covering her face , For fear that someone will see it. But as the autumn becomes stronger, it will bloom with dazzling brilliance. At this time, the sweet-scented osmanthus is like a golden jewel, inlaid on the turquoise tree, which is very dazzling! Osmanthus gives us joy and embellishes our colorful childhood!

Dancer in the air

"Parking and sitting in love in the maple forest late, Frost Leaves Red in February." Autumn is here, and there are more dancers in the air. Her graceful posture makes me intoxicated in the dance.

When the fallen leaves were still a tender shoot, people were informed of the spring; when it grew into a green leaf, they tried their best to absorb the nutrients of the sun to strengthen the branches of the tree. In the autumn, it became old, and happily left the embrace of the mother of the tree, but fell into the embrace of the brother of the earth, turning it into a fertilizer. There are no hymns, only autumn wind; there is no life, but your contribution will always flow in our hearts. It exchanges its dedication for the fruits of autumn, and wins the vitality of autumn with its own life.

Fallen leaves, I love you this noble spirit of sacrifice.

The autumn wind blows again, blowing the beauty of chrysanthemums, the strength of sweet-scented osmanthus, and the greetings of autumn ...

Chapter Six: 400 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

The girl Qiu came silently, she waved a magic wand, everything became very beautiful.

Girl Qiu came to the field and waved her magic wand gently, everything changed: the rice field was golden, and voila! They are smiling at the sky. The cornfield was also golden, and the newly-mature corns wore beautiful pearl coats, exposing their large golden teeth; the sorghum became red, and the sorghum fields were like slices. Speaking of food, the most unforgettable person is the uncle of the farmer. It is they who used their hard sweat to exchange their today's smile and our food.

Girl Qiu came to the orchard again, and the apple was like a shy little girl. Grape has composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ red, purple, and red. Look, the big persimmons on the tree look like big red lanterns.

Great changes have also taken place in the park: Although many beautiful flowers in the park have withered and withered, the saying goes, "Redness is not a ruthless thing, and it turns into spring mud to protect the flowers" How well written! Aren't they returning to the earth? There are also many flowers that bloom in autumn! There are morning glory, voila! It's using its little speaker to spread the news of autumn everywhere! And chrysanthemum too! She was red as fire and white as flaw, smiling like a sunflower opening in spring. And those blossoming lilies, like a beautiful fairy, how beautiful!

Autumn is so beautiful, I love you, beautiful autumn!

Article Seven: 400 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

A gust of wind blew away the hot summer and welcomed the cool autumn.

The leaves of the sycamore tree on the roadside are all yellow. As soon as the wind blows, the leaves will rustle from the tree. With the wind, flying in the air, like a yellow bird, but also like a dancing butterfly. It will also fall to the ground. As soon as you step on it, it will make a "click, click" sound, as if saying, "Don't step on me, I hurt."

Most of the flowers in the park are withered, but chrysanthemums are in bloom. Chrysanthemums are yellow, white, and red. The petals of the chrysanthemum are one by one, looking far away, like a ball of yarn.

Walking into the orchard, the apples on the tree composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ are big and red, like lanterns hanging on the tree. The pears are ripe, green and densely growing on the tree. The happiest is pomegranate. It laughed with flowers on its mouth. Autumn seems to be its birthday because it has a crown on its head. The flesh of the pomegranate is red, like a ruby.

The crops in the fields are also harvested. The corn is ripe, golden and golden, like a yellow baby. Sorghum also matured, and all smiled and bent over, as if thanking Mother Earth for bowing. The white cotton like jade has also matured, looking far away, like a little white flower.

This is beautiful autumn, I like this beautiful autumn.

Article Eight: 400 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

Autumn is like a key, with the coolness and tenderness, gently opens the door of autumn.

Autumn is here, and the pine leaves in the woods have not fallen, they are still green, just like children who don't want to leave their mother. The fallen leaves of the maple are red, covering the entire land, like the red carpet on which the stars walk.

Autumn is here, and the city is particularly lively, because the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are here, the children in the city are wearing beautiful autumn clothes, and some people are preparing food for the festival. They buy moon cakes and fruits and reunite with their families .

Autumn is here, the field is harvested, the rice is golden, the autumn wind blows, the whole paddy field is undulating, and the composition is http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ like the endless sea. The peasants harvested happily in the fields, with happy smiles on their faces.

Autumn is here, there are countless people in the park, chrysanthemums are blooming, there are yellow, red, pink ... Many bees are collecting honey and working like little workers. How hard they are!

Autumn is here, and many fruits are ripe in the orchard. Apples are hung on tall trees like red cheeks. Grapes are bunches and bunches, and some of them are exposed outside the branches and leaves, like showing off, some shyly hiding Under the leaves.

I like autumn very much, because autumn can be a good harvest, I can eat a lot of fruits, and I can appreciate the colorful chrysanthemums.

Article Nine: 450 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

Girl Qiu came to the world with a light step, and sprayed the breath of autumn to every corner. When she came, she also brought a box of colorful paints. Look, she dyed the "baby leaves" in various colors, red, yellow, and purple ... It's so cute! Autumn is a harvest season. In the orchard, the persimmons have matured, like little lanterns; the apples have matured, like the sister's red face; and many pears, dates, and peaches have matured, waiting for people to pick them. Too!

The girls are picking leaves. Suddenly, Xiaohong saw a beautiful leaf in front of her, so she hurried over and picked it up. Look left and look right. At this time, many girls picked up the beautiful tree composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Ye, and some of them shouted: "This leaf is too beautiful, I want to use it as a specimen!" Some shouted: " I want to use it for bookmarking! "And shouted," I want to use it for a painting! "

The boys are picking fruits. Xiao Gang glanced at a tree in front of him, and found that there were many big and red apples on it, and he was slobbering. He quickly found a ladder, climbed up, and picked off all the good apples on it. Suddenly, Xiaogang heard his good friend Xiaoqiang bragging about himself: "Do you think my apple is big? Is it round?" Many students said, "Very big! Very round!" Xiaogang was secretly on the side To laugh.

Autumn is a colorful season, bringing happiness to people. I like this beautiful autumn!

Chapter Ten: 400 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

There is a season full of harvest and happiness throughout the year, and that is the beautiful autumn.

I first came to the fruit orchard, where there are big red apples. The red apples are like the faces of children, so cute! Big Apple smiled and looked at us children picking apples. There were also big yellow and orange pears on the pear tree. The bite was full of sweet juice. The children drooled and came over to pick the big ducks.

I came to the park again. There were many trees beside the park path. The first thing that caught my eye was a ginkgo tree. The leaves of the tree fell down. The ginkgo leaves in the air danced like a golden yellow butterfly. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Beautiful. The leaves fell to the ground, and her leaves seemed to spread a golden blanket on the ground, which was very beautiful. There are not only ginkgo trees but also maple trees. The leaves of maple trees are like red stamps. They are used to convey the message that winter is coming and fall to the ground, just like laying red carpet on the ground.

I looked up again, the blue sky was like sapphires, blue and blue, so beautiful. Subsequently, a group of wild geese flew in, and they lined up in a neat line to the south. I saw them in a human form, as if to thank people for the fruits of their labor.

Autumn is really beautiful! Autumn is not just the withering of plants, but also the harvest season.

Chapter 11: 400 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

Some people like the vibrant spring, some people like the hot summer, some people like the snowy winter, and I like the beautiful autumn most.

The autumn sky is so beautiful! The sky is like blue glass just wiped with water. The white clouds on the sky are like clever little white rabbits, some like huge elephants, and some like cute little sheep. A group of wild geese flew to the south. They were arranged in the form of adults, singing while flying, as if saying, "We are going to the south for winter".

The autumn park is really colorful! The leaves in the park were yellow and bright. A gust of wind blew through them, and the leaves fell like small parachutes. The fragrance of osmanthus is refreshing. They are like small velvet composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ the ball is swinging on the branch. Colorful chrysanthemums, red like fire, pink like Xia, white like snow.

The orchard in autumn is really fruitful! Ripe apples are full of branches, red and bright, shining like small lanterns on the tree. Pomegranates were hanging from the tree, and they broke their belly with a smile. The yellow orange orange pears are like small gourds. The uncle of the farmer was happy when he saw the scene of the harvest.

The autumn fields are so lively! Mature sorghum guards the field like soldiers. The soybean mother cracked her mouth with a smile, and the timid younger sister of corn was hiding inside the melon blanket. When she heard the laughter outside, she couldn't help leaning out her head.

Ah, beautiful autumn, I love you, just like mice love rice.

Chapter 12: 450 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

Spring blossoms, hot summers, and snowy winters, but my favorite is the fruitful and beautiful autumn.

Beautiful autumn leaves fall, yellow, red ... beautiful! The children stepped on and off the leaves in their shoes, making a "click, click" sound, as if they were playing a harvest movement, which made them extremely comfortable.

Beautiful autumn in the orchard full of fruits, showing a scene of harvest. Uncle Farmer's face blossomed. Standing in the orchard, he breathed a sigh of relief, and a scent of fragrance pounced on his face. The apple in front was dressed in a red robe, the grapes were in purple clothes, and lantern-like persimmons were covered with branches, and they looked around.

The harvest field is also a hot composition . Face, shyly greeted people, snow and white cotton swarms waiting for people to pick.

The breeze blew through, and gently brushed my face, mixed with the fragrance of fruit. The children were playing in the fields, and a gentle breeze blew across their faces, and the "giggling" laughter spread throughout the field.

I picked up a few ginkgo leaves, and the golden leaves danced like a golden butterfly. I couldn't help smelling the leaves. There was a faint scent on it!

what! What a beautiful autumn, I love this charming and beautiful autumn, and I still love the leaves and fruits in this autumn.

Chapter Thirteen: Beautiful Autumn Composition of 700 Words

I like the flowers blooming and the colorful spring; I like the summer of birds, cicadas and lotus leaves; I like the snow-covered and silver-covered winter; but I prefer the autumn with red leaves like fire and golden cinnamon. Autumn is a beautiful season, and it is also the harvest season of the year, which brings people a good harvest and joy.

As the saying goes, there is a cold autumn rain. After a shower, the breeze blew head-on, making people feel a little cool. Autumn unknowingly sent away the hot summer, and came to us with coolness.

Autumn came to the mountains, and the maple leaves turned red like fire. A gust of wind blew through, and the maple leaves fell from the tree like a beautiful red butterfly, flying across the sky, becoming a beautiful landscape in autumn. I picked up a maple leaf and looked closely, and I saw that each maple leaf was composed of seven small leaf petals, with a rough edge on the sides, and a long, slender red stem, like an open palm. I was going to pick up a few pieces and go home and clip them in the book as a beautiful bookmark.

Autumn came to the park. As soon as I stepped into the park, a faint fragrance came from my face. What flower is so fragrant? This is the fragrance of osmanthus. "Golden Autumn October Osmanthus Fragrance" is right. Coming to a osmanthus tree, composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ take a deep breath, ah! The aroma is really refreshing, making every pore so comfortable. Looking closely at the osmanthus tree, I saw the osmanthus blooming among the leaves, small, golden yellow flowers clustered together, a cluster here and there, dense, as if the green leaves were dotted with broken gold. Under the sun's rays, a golden light shone. A gust of wind blew through, and sweet-scented osmanthus floated down one after another, like a layer of golden sand on the ground.

I came to Grandpa's orchard in autumn, and orange persimmons were covered with branches, as if calling to Grandpa: "Come and pick me!" The red pomegranate was also ripe and hung by the wall, as if nodding and smiling at the passing person. The oranges in the garden full of oranges squashed the branches. And grapefruit was ripe, showing a slick yellow head. Grandpa was busy picking, and very happy.

Autumn came to the field, and rice showed golden cheeks. The breeze blew through, and the heavy grain ears seemed to nod to people. The fields are permeated with ripe aromas of crops. The strawberry sheds are set up one by one, and looking through the shed, the green strawberry seedlings are vigorous and can soon bear fruit.

Autumn is so beautiful. I like the beautiful autumn and this season full of joy of harvest.

Chapter Fourteen: Beautiful Autumn Composition 450 Words

The beautiful autumn is here, and the autumn girl waved a cool breath, the fruits of the mountains and the mountains. The joy of a good harvest hangs on Uncle Farmer's face ... what is autumn like? Let's go and see!

A harvest scene in the autumn fields. You see, the endless paddy field looks like a gold pavement, a slice of yellow-orange-orange rice, and as the autumn wind turns over the golden waves, the flaming red sorghum, like a shy girl, lowered her head with a blush. In the cornfield, each corn looks like a naughty child. He takes off his coat, reveals a row of neat teeth, and sticks his head out one by one to see the autumn scenery of nature.

The autumn orchard is full of fruits. The red apples are like small compositions with red faces. Https://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The girl is hanging on the branch. The purple grapes are hanging on the branch like purple pearls. , Reflecting the glory of water Lingling, purple. Seen from a distance, the persimmons of yellow orange hang on the treetops like small lanterns. When the autumn wind blows, they will sway with the wind.

The fragrance of autumn gardens is charming and colorful. Walking into the garden, I saw beautiful clusters of peony bending down in the breeze, as if to say, "Welcome everyone to the garden!" Bright and delicate rose flowers are displayed in front of our eyes, countless chrysanthemums Fighting to open, some white, some yellow, some purple ... the flowers fighting each other are colorful and colorful.

The beautiful autumn brings a rich song to the farmer uncle, and a joyous song to the children.

Chapter 15: 800 Words of Beautiful Autumn Composition

When the first tree fell, as if the messenger of Autumn Girl, she said, "Autumn is coming! Autumn is coming!" When the leaves of the tree turned yellow, Autumn Girl came to us quietly.

The weather is getting colder, although it's not that cold, after all, it's chilly. I opened my dim sleepy eyes and got out of the warm quilt. I quickly put on my clothes and went to school with my schoolbag on my back. There was a row of trees by the road, and the yellow-green leaves were swaying gently. Qiufeng's fine needles stabbed his face, and there was ice in the oil barrel. Soon, my face became a big red apple.

In autumn, the leaves of the pine trees on campus turned yellow-green, and when the sun shone on it, her coat turned golden yellow. Through her coat, there is still a layer of green inside. When the autumn wind blows, the coat is taken off, revealing a new green dress. There is a round flower bed near the dormitory building. There is a little girl singing on it. The flower beds are beautiful all year round, but I think the autumn flower beds are the most beautiful. The chrysanthemums in the flower beds are blooming, just like the smiling faces of children.

The autumn girl came to the field, the apples showed their red cheeks, the pears wore golden clothes, and Xizi legend said that the orange-red clothes that the autumn girl gave her, the bananas took off the green coat, and put on the composition https: //wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/I have a yellow hide . Litchi's sister was too fat, she broke her clothes and exposed her white belly. Corn heard that the girl Qiu was here, but she was very happy. She changed into a new dress and grinned, revealing two rows of golden ones. tooth.

One autumn rain was cold, the other day after the autumn rain, the weather was no longer very hot. Autumn rain was a box of colorful paints. She gave yellow to ginkgo trees, red to maple trees, and green to cypress trees. Autumn Yu Yu is a painter who paints a colorful world.

Under the thick golden ears of rice, hard-working farmers are harvesting crops. The afternoon sun shone hot on them, but they had no complaints at all, and there was always an indelible smile on their faces, which made people feel satisfied. "No pain no gain". The hard work of the farmer uncle finally harvested fruitful fruits, and so did we. By studying hard, we could finally succeed.

Although autumn is not as beautiful as spring, he has another very beautiful color-red. Although there are not as many flowers and plants in summer as in autumn, the scene of fallen leaves in autumn is more beautiful than them. Autumn orange clothes are much more beautiful than winter white clothes. Autumn is beautiful and it is a bumper harvest. It brings joy to people, so we like autumn.

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