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Autumn beauty composition 600 words

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Article 1: The Joy of Autumn Composition 600 Words

By the roadside, a leaf of a ginkgo tree, whirling with the autumn wind, slowly, slowly, fell on the side of the road. Looking at the golden yellow ginkgo leaves, the scene of playing ginkgo at grandma's house appeared in front of her eyes.

"We're here, get off the bus!" My mother's words just came to an end, my brother and I "naughty eggs" ran quickly to the door of Grandma's house. Wow! We were amazed. The ginkgo garden at my grandmother's house was really impressive. It is golden autumn, a ginkgo tree has long taken off its green hat, and the golden hair card may be as good as the autumn season. A gust of autumn wind blew through. Did the leaves resemble a butterfly with open gold wings and flew to the ground? The ginkgo fruit also wore an orange coat, full of grains, like huge pearls, and covered with branches.

My brother and I are fully armed! I play ginkgo and my brother picks up the fruit. I picked a bamboo rod with a hook, but it was not too heavy, and pinpointed a big tree with more ginkgo fruit, and started to "work".

I lifted the bamboo pole and looked up, thinking about which branch to write from http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . My mother hesitated to see me, came over and pointed, "Did you see the side branches of this tree? You don't have to have fruity branches, this kind of petite is easy to fight. Come, try." I realized, I saw an independent Branch, want to use a hook to hook, but the target could not be aimed at. My brother saw that I hadn't laid the ginkgo fruit for a long time and shouted anxiously: "Hurry up, sister!" I was annoyed with dim sum. At this moment, my mother's words rang in my ears. "Don't worry, believe in yourself!" I raised and put down Of the bamboo pole, see the "target", a hook, yeah, success! Immediately I increased my confidence and shook the bamboo rods vigorously, and the gingko fruit babies fell down one after another, and immediately there was a ginkgo rain. My brother picked up to the east and picked up to the west. I also "chased" the victory and attacked several other places. In the end, we ended with victory. My brother picked up a basket of ginkgo fruits and was sweating with tiredness, but we all laughed happily, because we tasted the joy of a good harvest.

The autumn wind blew my face, and a coolness struck. I retracted my thoughts, looked at the ginkgo trees by the road, and smiled sweetly, I really missed the ginkgo fruit hit.

Part 2: 600 Words in Autumn Composition

Although the mountains in spring are lovely, the vibrant greenness is still vivid. In the autumn, the golden mountains and mountains can't wait to come. Is it playing, who is more beautiful?

How beautiful it is to walk on a mountain trail in the autumn.

The golden yellow leaves all over the place come in all shapes and shapes and emit their own unique fragrances. This is a feast for the nose!

Those leaves in various shapes are woven into blankets of golden yellow leaves, covered with fragrant paths, like a passage to the fairy tale world, which attracts us to explore.

And those large and small trunks that stand beside and surrounded by luxury autumn clothes, if you feel it with your heart, you can experience a custom spirit-the trunk spirit! Big and small trees are inconspicuous in the mountains. But what would our little tree think? I guess, most of them will definitely think like this: It doesn't matter if I am outstanding or not, I want to try my best to make a contribution http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ to make a small contribution to Dashan.

Look! What a touching thought! In the borders of our vast motherland, aren't those border soldiers who are always guarding our homes a small tree in autumn?

what! fresh! fresh! The cool wind, like a fairy floating around, wipes your face with a scarf.

Listen, wonderful! wonderful! A peaceful paradise, the birds have turned this place into an opera house, racing to let go of the beautiful singing voice ...

Pick up a flaming maple leaf and savor it carefully. fragrance! There is always a sweet smell in the air. And never remembered the taste of mom? The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, or when the Ninth Nine Dragons is coming. Have you drifted outside for years? At this point, you can't help but want to toast and drink with your hometown and embrace in the wine! Always remember that home is waiting for you in the distance.

At dusk, the clouds gradually fill the valley, as if a fairy is dancing for you.

Autumn, implicit love! Mountains, strange paradise. What is the taste of nature in autumn? You taste it!

Part 3: The Beauty of Autumn Composition 550 Words

In autumn, the sky is clear, and the sky is cool and pleasant. At noon one day, the teacher led us to the time walk to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We walked south along the timewalk. On the right side of the road there was a reed, and a bunch of white flowers, like a fox's tail, swayed gently under the breeze, as if nodding to us. .

Continue to the south. On both sides of the road are rows of maple forests, and some of the leaves on the maple trees are as red as fire, telling us the passion of autumn in their own beautiful posture. Such a beautiful scene deeply shocked and intoxicated me, and made me understand more deeply the artistic conception of Zhang Ji's "Mountain Walk": "Parking and sitting in the maple forest late, frost leaves red in February flowers".

After leaving Maple Grove, we continued on. By chance, I found that Uncle Farmer in the village on the right was busy collecting corn! Soy-like sweat beads slipped off their faces, taking away their Xin Zuowen http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ bitterness, bringing their bright smiles, because this year is another bumper year. They hung bunches of corn under the eaves to show passersby the joy of their harvest.

"The mountains and rivers have no doubt, and there will be no way out, Liu An Hua Ming Ye Village." When we walked through the reeds and walked through the maple leaf forest, we thought that the small village was the end. Who knows that the end of the time plank road is actually our beautiful Fuxian Lake. The calm lake looks like a huge silver mirror. In the clear lake, small stones can be seen at the bottom. I reached for the pebble in the lake and felt the water was cool. She quietly told us that autumn is here!

Autumn is colorful, autumn is joy, autumn is quiet, autumn scenery is so beautiful! Beautiful reed flowers in white, red maple leaves in beautiful, clear lake, and more beautiful autumn colors, is a scene of harvest, is a fruitful fruit poured out with sweat. I love autumn!

Part Four: 600 Words of Autumn Ginkgo Composition

In late summer and early autumn, the leaves turn yellow. In the sun it is like the leaves are plated with gold. Girl Qiu has a magic fan. She gently shakes, and Ginkgo immediately turns golden yellow, exuding a warm breath.

Look! The trees are golden, and some are yellow through green, and green through yellow. Behold! The golden yellow veins are connected to the weak petioles, just like the petals dropped by He Xiangu, scattered around the world. Smell, um, really smell the fragrance of the petals!

Walking on the ginkgo trail is refreshing. When you look around, your eyes are dazzling golden yellow. When you look up, the sky turns golden yellow. I stepped on the golden "rug" and made a rustling sound.

A breeze came, Ye seemed to beckoning to me, composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Is it welcoming me? From time to time, several leaves slowly fall from the branches, dancing like little butterflies; some fly freely in the sky like birds, and finally fall into the arms of Mother Earth ...

Pick up a piece of ginkgo leaf and look at it carefully, I saw that the golden leaves were also mixed with a trace of emerald green, yellow golden, green emerald! Smell it carefully, it is not the fragrance of Qiu Ju, or the fragrance of cherry blossoms ... it is a peculiar smell of ginkgo and a touch of leaf.

The wind blew through, and the leaves fell down one after another. The golden yellow ginkgo leaves fell quietly like a golden butterfly to the earth to give their "blood" body under the sunlight. The ginkgo leaves in "rustling" and "rustling" seem to be singing, the singing is very beautiful, I can't help but be intoxicated ...

I asked them quietly: "Are you willing to pay for the earth?" They always answered me silently: "Everything you pay is for the coming spring!"

Autumn is a wonderful season, not only let me appreciate the beautiful autumn leaves, but also let me know the spirit of selfless dedication. Hopefully, the autumn leaves can make more people feel the mystery of autumn leaves.

Part Five: 600 Words in Autumn Grove Composition

I walked in this grove, and a leaf floated down in the air, and I realized it for a long time before I realized it, oh! This is a signal from nature. Autumn has come to this small forest.

Strolling on the quiet forest path, I found that the leaves have been stained with autumn colors, looking far away, golden everywhere, as if walking into a golden fairytale world. The ginkgo tree in front of me is yellowish under the rendering of the sun, the autumn wind is blowing, and the ginkgo leaves dance like a golden butterfly in the air.

Passing the ginkgo tree, there is a row of fiery maple trees in front of you. The leaves of the maple tree are like palms, and the edges of the leaves are soft and serrated. Looking at these maple leaves, I guess: they must be drinking too much alcohol in pleasure or to show their infinite enthusiasm to autumn, or how red is a fire!

There are several tall sycamore trees next to the maple tree. The sycamore leaves have turned yellow, but the green seems to be unwilling to completely fade away. Each leaf composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ is a piece of yellow and green. Yellow and green are together, forming a mottled beauty.

Continue to move forward, and in front of me is the representative of autumn-maple. Standing next to the maple, a leaf gently fell on my head and body. I picked up a piece and looked at it carefully. This maple leaf was burning like a red flame. I couldn't help thinking of "Parking and sitting in love. Lin Wan, Frost Leaves Red in February Flowers ".

The leaves on the ground gradually increased, and a thick layer accumulated, as if someone had laid a colorful carpet on the ground. A few children ran from a distance, stepped on the carpet, and rattled. They ran, cheered, and laughed, adding endless vitality to the autumn woods.

The sky is blue and blue, like a huge sapphire, clean and translucent by the autumn wind. A row of "herb" -shaped geese slowly flew from north to south, and I couldn't help but sigh: Nature is really amazing. Too beautiful!

I love autumn, and even more beautiful scenery of autumn!

Chapter Six: 600 Words of Qixia Mountain Composition in Autumn

I like autumn, and I prefer Qixia Mountain in autumn. Every autumn, tourists coming to Qixia Mountain are crowded with people. Why is this? The bird's song wakes me up in the morning, and I wake up with the bird's song, ready to march towards Qixia Mountain.

Early morning was very quiet. Except for the singing of the birds and the "wow" of the leaves shaking, there are only the footsteps of the people who practice in the morning. Just at the entrance of Qixia Temple, you can see the green mountains. I walked slowly to the Crescent Lake, and I saw the fish playing in the water, swimming around. The slow-moving turtle is sticking its little head out of the lake, and is basking in the sun!

Among the green, there are ginkgo trees and maple trees. The leaves of the ginkgo tree are like a small fan, and the tender yellow color adds to its lovely appearance. Whenever a gust of wind blows, the ginkgo leaves shake with the wind, so cute.

Maple is one of the most famous trees in Qixia Mountain. Most tourists from outside come to watch the composition of maple http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . From a distance, clusters of red leaves are like burning The big fireball got up and looked closer. There were many kinds of maple leaves. Some are like chicken paws, pointed and round, some like palms, wide and wide, some like fans, with rounded arcs ... The red leaves are small and exquisite, and those tourists often bring some maple leaves. Go home or buy a maple leaf bookmark as a souvenir.

Going forward, there is also a burning incense house for wishing or hope, where people can pray for anyone to burn incense, and the hazy smoke will always drift to the sky. There is also the bell. Every time there is an important festival, there will be a long line before the bell. People come to hit the bell. On this day, the continuous bell can be heard in Qixia Mountain.

I like Qixia Mountain in autumn and I like the beautiful gift that nature brings to me. Birdsongs, leaves shaking, bells banging ... and pictures of fishes playing and playing.

Beautiful scenery is right beside us.

Article Seven: 600 Words of Beautiful Composition in Autumn

Autumn is a season of depression. Not to mention the yellow leaves, the snoring flowers, the dead grass, the disappearance of the weeping cicada alone, the withering of the lotus, and the disappearance of the frog sound are enough to make people distressed, but this bleak autumn has other beauty.

In the laughter all the way, we reached the destination-Jiaoshan. Walking on the inaccessible trail, watching the maple leaves falling along the road, I saw the blue flowing water among the trees in the "click" sound of the camera. The waves are very flat, and without waves, they lie down comfortably, which is pleasant. Down the wooden bridge, I saw an unknown wild flower and a few wild fruits, blooming their colors in this most mysterious corner. The mud at the water's edge is very soft, and the water keeps rushing under the call of the wind, and then returns. There were some dewdrops on the spider web in the dark and humid place under the wooden bridge. Autumn, here, still contains vitality.

Thousands of miles around the road, up the mountain along the mossy trail, megaliths stand, Qisong Panshi was born. The ground was very cold, the sunlight was almost completely absorbed by the plants, and the rest was like a gentle light bulb that led us up the mountain. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The stone steps in the mountains are strange and rugged. After several rounds, ascending the top of the mountain and looking down, the water surface of Taihu Lake was extremely broad and calm, and the water ripples quickly disappeared into a calm. Looking forward, the water and sky converge on the distant horizon. The cloud seems to think they are too quiet, so they look away from the water waves and move slowly.

After descending the mountain along another trail, straight forward, most of the pavilions and temples along the road, although there are no monks, but the bright golden light reflected in the sun is also very beautiful. Going down to a flat place, I saw a few statues of Buddha, got out of the narrow narrow gate in the grass and trees, and ran out of the tree-lined path, and saw a grassland. When I walked, the white stone bridge and the fake crane built on the water were seen by me. The stone pine in the bonsai garden is crooked and very charming, but it has a little natural beauty. False rocks and rocks are of course there, but they are not as good as climbing to the top of a real mountain.

There is no lack of beauty in any season, but it hides beauty deep inside. Only by repeatedly digging and discovering can we really taste its beauty.

Chapter Eight: 600 Words in the Autumn Composition

Rongcheng, it is a beautiful seaside town. Every summer, my mom and dad will take me to bathe in the sea and pick up shells, which is very interesting. But this year, we came here on the National Day, in the fall.

In the autumn, the sea breeze is so cold that I can't swim in the water. I can only swim in the shoals barefoot with my legs in my pants. In the shoal, there are many colored shells that have been washed very clean, red, pink, orange, black, brown ... beautiful. From time to time, I can still see a few small fish swimming around. "Yeah! Little crab!" I cried joyfully. Don't look at the small crabs as big as the bottle caps of mineral water, they can crawl very fast in the sea water. My mother and I took a small shovel together and caught it. I continued to search on the beach. One, two, three ... What a great harvest! I'm so happy! However, my dad told me: "Little crabs will die if they leave the sea!" I looked down at these cute little guys, and the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ they were already hiding under the sea snail body. I scooped up the bucket and fell to the sea: "Little crab, come home quickly! I'll come back to you for the next fall!"

We also arrived at the pier, where there were many fishing boats returning fully loaded with sea oysters. Small cranes are busy working to lift the oysters salvaged by the fisherman's uncle to the shore. Not far away, some aunts with straw hats were sitting in front of a large pile of scallop shells. They waved small iron bars and kept pounding on the scallop shells. I walked to the side and asked curiously, "Auntie, what do you do with this?" A black-faced aunt replied, "Put the shells in strings to raise sea oysters." The fierce picture of the sun on his head However, the scallop shells also gave out a foul smell, but the aunts were still beating and laughing. Their faces were covered with crystal sweat.

This is the autumn sea. It is not only interesting, but also beautiful.

Chapter Nine: 600 Words of Autumn Composition

Autumn is like a show, and every animal and plant has its own show.

There was a sound of singing along the edge of the river. Mr. Tong took Miss Ladybug and danced a beautiful dance in the song. Mr. Frog jumped onto the stage and sang a "Acura" ... Animal friends couldn't help but jump to the rhythm of its singing.

Vegetable babies are dancing in the harvest garden! Look, the babies with big belly eggplants are on the shelf and jumped to a slimming exercise. The slender chili girls, standing on the branches, swayed Sona's figure. Tomorrow's catwalk, the tomatoes were painted with bright lipsticks and shone in the sun. Corn is the master of dance in the vegetable kingdom. They dance in the wind one by one, grinning with joy and showing golden teeth.

The fruit in the orchard was so excited and couldn't wait to roll to the ground to dance. Apple put on red clothes and rubbed red rouge, making the self- essay http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ more beautiful. The baby babies who were still on the tree also scrambled to show themselves. They were walking around the tree like red balls turning one by one. Persimmons and oranges hung on tall branches and danced a bumper dance, attracting countless audiences to applaud them. Pear is a small fat man, twisting his round body and dancing exactly.

The flowers on the grass are also secretly celebrating. The colorful chrysanthemums are like fairies wearing colorful sarongs, taking light dance steps and swaying gently. Celosia is here too, not to mention how proud it is to wear a fuchsia crown. The purple Bougainvillea brought its "white baby" to the party. The petite sweet-scented osmanthus sprayed a faint perfume, and the scent exuded on it smelt the entire ballroom. A bunch of red came with sweet honey. The noble rose wore an evening dress and walked like a princess.

Autumn is not only a season of good harvest, but also a season of carnival of animals and plants.

Chapter Ten: 600 Words of Autumn Osmanthus Composition

Not paying attention, it is the season of golden osmanthus blossoms.

Overnight, the sweet-scented osmanthus Huang Chancan opened his youthful smile one after another. The breeze of autumn is blowing, a faint fragrance is permeated in the air, the fragrance is not strong, but it makes people feel physically and mentally, and contented.

The sweet-scented osmanthus tree is not eye-catching, as is the sweet-scented osmanthus tree. The sweet-scented osmanthus tree leaves are not dense or shallow, and osmanthus is hidden in it. The golden petals stretched gently, like grains of rice, with a few thin stamens in between. The flowers are small and delicate, clustered together in small clusters, and quietly embellish the branches, just like the smooth cake surface with creamy lace edges, elegant and delicate. The flowers bloomed low-key in the dark green leaves, not flamboyant or deliberate, but the silence has the elegant elegance of Eastern classical.

Staring at the pale yellow flowers, thinking about the situation of her grandmother's house as a child, there was a hint of sweetness in her nasal cavity. There is a sweet-scented osmanthus tree in the grandmother's house. Whenever the golden autumn composition is http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , it will be a yellow one. And grandma does not make osmanthus cakes or brew osmanthus wine, but uses it to fry rice cakes. The white rice cakes were drizzled with sauce and sprinkled with washed osmanthus. The thickness of the sauce and the fragrance of osmanthus unexpectedly merged. I sat at the stone table holding the bowl and ate with a big mouthful. Inside and outside the house, it is full of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance.

"The sweet-scented osmanthus stays late, and the curtain is light in autumn." The soft afterglow cast down and gently passed through the gap between the green leaves, reflecting the already brilliant osmanthus flower. It's like the girl next door in a pale yellow shirt. Although it doesn't have the grace and luxury of a peony, it is small and exquisite, like Xiaojiabiyu.

As a child, the sweet-scented osmanthus was so quietly opened in the breeze of the golden autumn and in my memory. Fresh fragrance lingers around, and the memories that slept in the years reappear in my mind; golden osmanthus, intoxicating floral fragrance, delicious fried rice cakes, kind grandmother ... the elegant osmanthus tree is impregnated with purity Childhood is full of long years.

Chapter 11: The Charismatic Composition of Autumn 600 Words

At noon on Saturday, our family went to Lingxi River Park for tourism. Before I set off, I heard that the scenery there was very beautiful. After hearing this news, I was so excited that I could jump up and down and packed my luggage. I wanted to see it quickly What kind of scenery is that?

It took us a few hours to drive to Lingxi River Park. As soon as I arrived at the destination, I couldn't help myself, quickly opened the door and ran out, almost forgot to bring my luggage. As soon as I entered the woods, the birds sang cheerfully, the worms tweeted loudly, and the leaves rustled into a welcome song. On the red carpet paved with maple leaves, there is a peacock with its noble head, unfolding its beautiful tail screen, dancing to us. Watching it show a graceful dance, listening to a pleasant music, it is an unparalleled "concert". I was walking and admiring the beautiful autumn scenery, and unknowingly came to the shore of a lake, ha, this is our campsite, and we will live here tonight. Accompanied by the cool autumn wind, I fell asleep early in this child's composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ words-like nature.

In the early morning of the next day, I wanted to look out of the tent to see the scene, and instantly, I was fascinated by this beautiful scenery. A thin layer of mist drifted with the breeze on the distant lake surface, like silk, like a girl, like a young girl among the characters. It would be nice if I could hold this mist back and make a dress for my dear mother! Closer, look at the woods, there are a lot of fiery maple leaves piled up, it has become a veritable "Red Sea"; looking up at the sky, you can still see a group of geese lining up in a row to move south, From time to time I heard them "quack", I was drunk!

The air here is so fresh and the environment is so beautiful. Some cities with severely polluted air are completely different from this. Compared with the convenient and gorgeous city, I prefer to be here as a tree, watching the hares playing on the ground and watching the wild geese flying in the air!

It's the charm of autumn that makes people think like that!

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