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Motherland speech in my heart

Time: 2018-10-22 15:01:00

Article 1: The Motherland Delivers 1,000 Words in My Heart

Dear teachers and dear students,

Hello everyone!

Today, the title of my speech is "The Motherland is in My Heart".

My great motherland, with 9.6 million square kilometers of land, ranks third in the world. The beautiful seasons are like scrolling pictures, each season has her unique beauty. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are movements played by glaciers and volcanoes. The Great Wall of China has witnessed the wisdom and strong will of the Chinese, and the Yangtze River and the Yellow River have nurtured Chinese children for generations.

China's products are so rich. China is rich in land and resources, magnificent mountains and rivers, and vast seas. It is rich in minerals and animal and plant resources. During the Western Han Dynasty, Zhang Jian opened the Silk Road, allowing China's delicate tea, mellow wine, gorgeous silk, and exquisite porcelain to be sold to countries in Europe and Asia. When Columbus sailed to China, he said, "China is gold everywhere." Japan invaded China in order to occupy China's rich property.

My motherland culture is brilliant. Papermaking, gunpowder, compass, and printing, the world's four most famous ancient inventions. Chinese square Chinese characters have thousands of years of history. Its strokes are so beautiful, and each stroke is so stretched and beautiful. Every Chinese character is a painting. Its structure is not only beautiful, but also rich in meaning. . For example, the meaning of the word "person" is that people need to help each other and support each other. There are also its beautiful rhyme, four tones, which represent different emotions. Chinese Tang poetry and Song Ci have great beauty. The beauty is on a bright spring day: "Every time you get to know the east wind, thousands of purples are always spring.", "Sunrise river flowers red win fire, spring comes river green as blue composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ ." Beauty is fresh Summer: "Xiao He only showed sharp-pointed corners, and dragonflies stood up." Beauty in the warm autumn day: "Stop in the maple forest at night, frost leaves are red in February." Beauty in the leisurely winter: " A lone boat and a lone boat, fishing alone on the cold river. "The beauty of the frontier poem:" But make Dragon City fly, and not teach Huma to the Yin Mountain. " , Well-known both at home and abroad, more than 300 Confucius Schools have also been opened abroad.

China is also full of talent. Ancient anti-gold star Yue Fei, stabbed "good loyalty to serve the country." The patriotic poet Wen Tianxiang, his patriotic poem, "Who hasn't died since ancient times, keeps his heart in his heart", has been flowing through the ages. Today, Qian Xuesen, the father of two bombs and one star, risked his life by serving the motherland and breaking through the obstacles of the United States. After a long time, he finally successfully returned to the motherland and made outstanding contributions to China's rockets and missiles. Zhan Tianyou, an engineer who independently designed and built China's first railway, resolutely accepted the task of building the Beijing-Zhanghai Railway when foreigners laughed at "the person who can build a railway in China is not yet born", and completed it two years in advance. task. They are really rare patriotic talents in China!

Now China's GDP ranks second in the world, and China's diplomacy is also very strong. Science and technology and the military are also at the forefront of the world. what! My great motherland, as your children and grandchildren, I am proud and proud of you!

Dear classmates, juvenile is the strong country, and juvenile is the country. As the next generation of the motherland, let's read for the motherland to become stronger and stronger!

My speech is over, thank you all!

Article 2: The motherland speaks 400 words in my heart

Dear teachers and dear students,

Hello everyone! I'm Li Keke from Class 163, and I'm honored to give you a speech. At this moment, my mood is extremely exciting, because what I want to tell you is "the motherland is in my heart".

"Motherland" is the most kind word. Like our mother, she nurtures us to grow up and gives us a happy harbor.

The mother of the motherland has a history of 5,000 years. Along the way, how many ups and downs she has experienced and how many vicissitudes she has carried, the backbone on her back, the Great Wall, is crooked and crooked. Even so, the mother of the motherland has changed from No bow, no bow to difficulties, no bow to evil forces, that is a sign, but also a force, a spirit and a longing.

The raging Yangtze River-that is the pulse of the motherland of the motherland, jumping with inexhaustible throbbing, waving the boundless EQ. I seem to see the Battle of Chibi in the Three Kingdoms, because the fire at that time was incinerated, and now Chibi has a hot spring all year round. Everyone can go there to soak in the cold winter, and accidentally fall asleep, maybe you can dream The Three Kingdoms, talk to Zhuge Liang.

The rushing Yellow River-the red water is the blood flowing in the mother's blood vessels, galloping, helpless, and endless. Standing on the edge of the Yellow River can't help but make me awed by my motherland. Our good days today are the revolutionary ancestors' blood, and the Yellow River is the best proof.

For our motherland to bear the burden of humiliation for us, we have to sever the thorns. Until the victory of the War of Resistance was announced in 1949, the motherland motherhood had personal independence and dignity. 1 composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ In 997, Deng Xiaoping, a child of the mother of the motherland, drew a circle on the mother's south coast, and the tide of reform and opening up swept through. Since then, the motherland ’s economy has This is a qualitative leap. Over the years, the motherland of the motherland has made gratifying achievements in all fields, including military, science and technology, politics, and sports. We have our own aircraft carrier. At this year's Rio Olympic Games, the "Five-Star Red Flag" flew high and high in the other corner of the world again and again, where the ambitious national anthem sang over and over again, and it caused many Chinese children to burst into tears and burst into tears. On September 15, the launch of our manned spacecraft "Tiangong II" was successful, and our medical insurance was reviewed and approved again by the National People's Congress.

The motherland of the motherland has the mysterious Potala Palace, the vast Inner Mongolia steppe, Hainan, a land of fruit, Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau, and Taiwan, which are integral parts of our motherland. There are 56 nations we are united in. We will unite closely with our motherland to protect and protect our motherland.

Some people say that the motherland mother is a awakened male lion, standing in the east of the world, with dignity and mighty power; I said that the motherland mother is my favorite mother. She nurtured us with sweet milk and raised her with strict rules. With us, nourishing us with selfless love, for the motherland of our mother, countless ancestors have devoted their entire lives, even precious lives. We will follow the lessons of our ancestors and read for the rise of China! Because the motherland is in your heart, in my heart, in all of us!

thank you all!

Article 3: The motherland writes 450 words in my heart

Dear teacher, dear classmates:

Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is "The Motherland is in My Heart".

When the five-star red flag fluttered high in the sky, and when the "Volunteer March" struck, the motherland was already rooted in our hearts.

The smoke of the war and the horrible ruins show the scars of the motherland. The ransacked Yuanmingyuan left only a few incomplete pillars standing alone, as if looking forward to the return of the bustling Yuanmingyuan. Once we were oppressed by the imperialists and forced to sign the unfair Nanjing Treaty, Hong Kong was different from us ...

With the development of the times, the smoke of war began to dissipate, and we achieved victory and peace. But the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/History cannot be forgotten, we must not forget the traces of previous unfairness.

We are the people of our motherland. We must unite together, build our motherland, and protect our motherland. Just like Chairman Deng said, "I am the son of the Chinese people, and I love my motherland and the people affectionately." Let us use the text "Chinese Youth" to encourage us "today, history and the future will be welded by us, the times The baton will be passed on by us, standing on the new starting line and answering loudly: Teenagers should compose more brilliant poems. "We should learn more knowledge so that our motherland will not be subjected to unfair bullying and treatment. Let us fight for the motherland and the future!

That concludes my speech, thank you all.

Article 4: The motherland speaks 500 words in my heart

Dear leaders, colleagues, good evening!

The topic of my speech today is forty years in the wind and rain, not forgetting the original Chinese dream.

The mind was vast and Guangyu heard the thunder in a silent place.

Forty years ago, a thunderous thunder rang through the land of Divine China, and the capital Beijing sent an exciting message. In 1978, under the guidance of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was successfully held, and China began to reform and open up. New journey of history.

Forty years of stormy weather and picturesque mountains and rivers; forty years of struggle and thriving; forty years of indomitableness and courage to move forward; forty years of unforgettable beginnings and remembering dreams.

Yes! Reform and opening up, this era of tears and anticipation of the era feat. Such as the warm spring breeze, clearing away the worries and doubts in people ’s hearts, bringing great Chinese dreams and revival; such as the spring rain, moisturizing people ’s long-cherished hearts, bringing vitality and prosperity; such as the bright sunrise, will develop The glow of light spreads across the great mountains and rivers of the motherland, bringing a flaming world; such as blooming flowers, blooming a harmonious and beautiful peace and prosperity.

Since then, Chinese children have no fear of suffering, have the courage to challenge, dare to face the hardships and struggles, and have begun a great struggle. Since then, the Communist Party of China has learned from history, used dreams as a force, and used the courage to cure poison and the determination to remove bones and thorns to clear them. Tumorous, driving evil and good, and maintaining the party spirit, building the party's great project; Since then, the Chinese people have no fear of sacrifice, dare to fight, and have begun the great cause of standing up, getting rich, and becoming strong; since then, the Chinese nation ’s The great ship of the times, breaking waves and sailing, sailing and sailing in the oceans of the world, has realized the great dream of prosperity, national rejuvenation and happiness of the people.

For the ambition of sacrifices, dare to call the sun and the moon for a new day.

Forgotten forty years ago, 18 villagers from Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Province risked pressing the red handprint on the land contract responsibility book in a way of "supporting orphans", and a large-scale "life-death contract" became China's reform and opening up. A thunderstorm changed the history of China's rural development and opened the prelude to China's reform and opening up. The process of modernization has since entered the fast track of history.

Forty years ago, those fateful years that changed fate, hundreds of millions of students, full of hope, stepped into the ivory tower of knowledge and resumed the college entrance examination. This great initiative has cultivated thousands of nations Thousands of talents, composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Only the motherland has new power.

Forty years in the past, China ’s space industry has gone from the only Oriental Red Satellite No. 1 to Shentianfeitian and even the construction of the Chang'e Space Station. From the lack of food and clothing, the Chinese people eat from the sky, to the high yield and high yield of super hybrid rice, and the great creation of the Three Gorges Project.

For 40 years, China ’s Internet has quietly risen from Zhongguancun to the application of new Internet development concepts such as Alibaba and WeChat. China's major technologies such as "Goku", "Mozi" and "Sky Eye" have made breakthrough progress, and China's scientific and technological development has shown unprecedented changes.

Forty years, we have experienced too much. The world is still that world, but China is no longer that China. The relationship between our country and other countries is no longer a helplessness of humiliation, but the confidence that the Chinese who committed it will be far away; the distance between hometown and hometown is no longer a distant nostalgia, but the reality of a high-speed rail ticket; heart and freedom The distance is no longer the outrageous indignation, but the easy way I want to see if the world is so big. A strong country with science and technology is changing everything for us. Chinese ships, Chinese cars, Chinese roads, Chinese bridges, and Chinese creations are strong and swiftly casting every corner of the realization of the Chinese dream in our living lives.

Guan Shan was not washed for the first time, and he strove again

For forty years, the Chinese people have always used the spirit of hard work, hard work and hard work; the spirit of exploration and forging ahead; the spirit of hard work that keeps pace with the times; It has opened up the social productive forces in China, opened up the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics, and fully demonstrated the Chinese spirit, Chinese values, and Chinese power.

But the new era requires progress, and the pace of progress cannot be stopped. Mr. Sun Wen said that "the revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard." We should understand that China's road to development is still long, and we must not relax our efforts. Hardships and hardships, Yuru Yucheng, we must have a hundredfold confidence and tenacity, to face the challenges of the future and meet the opportunities of tomorrow.

Everywhere, count the romantic figures, and look at the present.

As a civil servant at the grassroots level, I should never forget the training and teaching of the party, serve the people as my duty, serve the people as my responsibility, do a good job at the grass-roots level, and strive to give the party a copy in the new era. Satisfactory answer sheet.

Article 5: The composition of the motherland in my heart is 400 words

Dear teachers and students, how are you!

I am sixth grade Chen Jiatian. The topic of my speech today is "The Motherland is in My Heart". Bathed in the sun and facing the breeze, in this lovely land, I want to ask everyone: What is great? I think the answer must be-the motherland.

Our motherland is a hard-working gardener. He planted 56 beautiful and self-strengthening flowers on his own land to decorate the large garden of the motherland.

Our motherland is an industrious and capable young girl. She nurtured thousands of Chinese children with her own hands, but did not ask for anything in return.

Our motherland is an intelligent engineer. He sketched out the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and made an impeccable blueprint, so that tall buildings rise from the ruins, and there is a joyous song on the affected land Joke.

Our motherland is an expert in greening the environment. She touches the land of the motherland with gentle hands. The bushes have settled down in the park. Poplars and willows work by the road. Even Populus euphratica also traveled to the desert. Poplar stands on the frontier to guard the motherland!

Our motherland is a sportsman. It has repeatedly won gold in the Olympic Games and raised the five-star red flag frequently.

Our motherland is a candle, an ordinary small candle. But it has the burning courage to illuminate the feats of others!

My speech is over, thank you all!

Article 6: The motherland writes 700 words in my heart

Recently, my dad took me to watch a movie "War Wolf 2". At the last scene of the movie, the passport of our citizens appeared, "Citizens of the People's Republic of China, when you encounter danger overseas, don't give up! Remember Live, behind you, there is a strong motherland. "When this line appeared on the big screen, my dad and the audience in the audience applauded. For the first time, I felt deeply as a Chinese. Deep pride.

On August 23, 2017, a sudden typhoon "Tiange" struck Macau. On TV, I saw that in the face of the disaster, the uncles of the PLA rushed to the scene. This is the first time that the PLA has come to Macau to assist in the disaster relief and gave the Macao residents confidence to rebuild their homes! I am very moved. I saw the children in Macau hug the uncle of the People's Liberation Army warmly and gratefully. All this is the credit of our motherland!

This summer, my parents and I went to Japan to travel. Standing on the streets of Japan, I saw a lot of Chinese people traveling; in Japanese stores, I saw a lot of Chinese people spending; on the streets of Japan, composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I saw all It is full of our Chinese characters; in every Japanese store, I see many Chinese translations ... These are the symbols of our Chinese people's increasing prosperity. More and more Chinese people are going abroad and going to the world. This is the foundation that our strong motherland has laid for us. Can go home in time!

I remember that on September 1st, the first lesson of the school gave me a vivid lesson. Before I watched it, I was always confused. After watching this "lecture", I learned that reading Reading for parents only, not only for ourselves, but also for work and earning money, we must study for the strength of the motherland! Read for the better future of the motherland!

Now I finally understand Zhou Enlai's sentence: "Reading for the rise of China." Because only when the country is strong can her citizens have the dignity of life. It is because of the struggle of our predecessors that we have a happy life today. Therefore, we should read for the strength of the motherland and fight for the peace of the motherland.

Article 7: The motherland speaks 400 words in my heart

Dear students,

Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is "The Motherland is in My Heart".

Our motherland has many magnificent mountains and rivers. There are surging Huangguoshu waterfalls, beautiful Jiuzhaigou, and the world-renowned Forbidden City. Isn't this all worth our pride? The motherland is in my heart!

When it comes to great people, our country is full of talents. There was Qin Shihuang who merged the unified languages of the six nations; there was Mao Zedong who led the Red Army over the mountains and established a new China. There are Li Bai who is called "Poem Fairy" in later generations, and Zheng Chenggong who has recovered Taiwan ... I am proud of such outstanding children as our motherland!

However, we cannot forget that history of humiliation. In 1848, Britain opened the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ with opium to the door of Qingzhengfu! In the "September 18" Incident of 1931, China and the Japanese invaders fought for 14 years! Until October 1, 1949, the solemn five-star red flag rose slowly, and Chairman Mao announced the establishment of a new China!

Now, the motherland has a new look. The "Shenzhou" series of spaceships sent batches of astronauts into space, and the five-star red flag shone in space! Now, China has a high-speed rail that can reach 400 kilometers per hour! The three armies of sea, land and air are also developing rapidly! All this proclaimed China's prosperity and strength to the world.

Students, let us study hard, study hard, and let us with yellow skin and black hair create a miracle in the new era!

My speech is over. Thank you for listening.

Article Eight: The motherland speaks 800 words in my heart

Dear teacher, dear students,

Hello everyone! The title of my speech today is "The Motherland is in My Heart".

In the past century, China has suffered from stigma. First, the iron hoofs of the great powers stepped into our China. They burned and plundered, did nothing evil, and did whatever they wanted on our land. Then the great powers formed the Allied Powers of the Eight Kingdoms and continued large-scale aggression in our country. Then they poured opium and other drugs into our country, destroying the body of the Chinese people and weakening the will of the Chinese people. The corruption and incompetence of the Qing government led to the failure of the Opium War. It also burned the ruins of the Yuanmingyuan, which was called the "summer palace" by the great writer Hugo.

The "September 18 Incident" initiated by Japan opened the door to aggression against China, and since then, it has begun a comprehensive aggression against China. The most annoying is that there are more than 100,000 troops stationed in the three northeastern provinces, and Japan has only 10,000 troops in China. If our KMT does not adopt a non-resistance policy, it will fight the Japanese army. No tragedy like the Nanjing Massacre would have happened. Japan established 731 troops, and 731 committed one after another horrendous crimes with horrific means.

But our Chinese nation is not a nation with a weak composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , it is not a nation that is willing to be put on the hat of "East Asian Sick Man" forever. Our nation has risen to revolt, and one hero after another has emerged. Zheng Chenggong, the hero who regained Taiwan and expelled the colonists, and Qian Xuesen, who has money and status in the United States, can give up everything he has in the United States in order to return to his country. Why does he want to return home so much? It was because he was pregnant with a Chinese heart, and the blood of the Chinese was flowing through the veins. There is also Deng Jiaxian, who was the first in China to study the atomic bomb. His place of work is not even known to his family, and Deng Jiaxian ’s wish before he died was to look at Tiananmen Square again and salute the five-star red flag. China's "father of rice" Yuan Longping has solved the food problem of China's 1.3 billion people ...

On October 1, 1949, the founding of New China finally ended the history of humiliation for hundreds of years, and the Chinese people finally stood up. Finally, there is no need to endure humiliation, and no country can bully us at will now.

We are the masters of the new era. We must use our knowledge to continue to build and improve our motherland, so that the level of our country in all fields can reach the leading position in the world! Try Harder! Classmates, because the motherland is in our hearts!

Article 9: The motherland writes 550 words in my heart

Time is passing so fast. Looking back, my motherland, China, has gone through a lot of hardships, and now our happy lives are built on our hard work.

China is now beautiful and rich, although there are many places of interest and scenic beauty, and beautiful tourist attractions. But there are still many shortcomings in our motherland.

If you are a truly patriotic person, you should consciously restrict your shortcomings. Even if you cannot do great contributions to the motherland, you should start with small things, start with yourself, even if you never throw paper scraps, If you don't spit, you are also the best contributor to the motherland.

The home we live in has been slowly eaten up by the environment. This beautiful, rich, rich, and technologically advanced country has been destroyed in this way. As a member of humankind, do you feel sorry? As long as we are all vigilant, as long as we all love it, a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ will definitely keep our lovely home.

Natural resources are very important to a country, but China is now a poor country. There are only a few resources left. Especially for fresh water resources, that's very few. But the human waste of resources is endless. Now you don't think we have water every day. As soon as the water pipe is opened, a continuous stream of water flows out in front of us, but after that, our children and grandchildren will be unable to survive because of lack of water.

Now teenagers of our age can only make efforts in their studies and improve their habits. If you are a patriotic person, you can also advocate more people to jointly create a new environment and new ideas for China. .

The motherland is our common home and our only home. Therefore, we should work harder to protect the environment here and protect our resources and land.

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