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My father's composition 400 words

Time: 2018-10-18 18:11:00

Article 1: 400 words of my father's composition

My dad is 1.73 meters tall and always likes to wear black clothes and black shoes. He had dark hair, big eyes, a high nose bridge and a red mouth.

My dad loves playing mobile phones. The first thing I do when I go home is to sit on the sofa with my mobile phone and start playing games. Whenever I had a question to find my dad, he said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, and wait for me to finish this game, and it will be all right!" I waited for an hour and a half, he was still there play games. I was impatient and took away his cell phone and gave it to my mother. My mother said something to her father, and said, "Okay." Dad just taught me, and I laughed beside me. Of course, my composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Dad not only loves to play with mobile phones, but also loves smoking.

Whenever Dad smokes in the toilet and at work, his mother tells him many times that he still doesn't listen. I remember one day when my mother and I secretly counted how many cigarettes he smoked for two days. It was amazing that both packs of cigarettes were smoked by my father. We held on until the mother couldn't help it, and spoke to him in front of my father. Dad scratched his head and said embarrassedly, "Wife is sorry, I won't smoke anymore, forgive me!" "Sorry to say, don't throw it anymore!" After that, Dad threw his eyes. But then Dad was still smoking, there was really no way to get him.

what! If Dad changed these two points, I would like him more.

Article 2: 400 words of my father's composition

Keke, speaking of my dad, it can be said for three days and nights.

The most obvious feature of him is that his glasses are inseparable from him at all times. If he does not wear glasses, Dad will run around like a headless fly.

"Snoring, snoring ..." I was sleeping again. My dad was hiding in a quilt and dreaming except for his work. It is useless to call him with a loudspeaker. I don't know what dreams he is doing now.

Why isn't Dad back yet? It's half past eight. I think his colleagues have already gone home! Every day my dad is sitting in front of the computer and working hard, this is still the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ is pretty good.

My dad is like having a belly of ink, he can give you a perfect answer to any strange question. There is a live Baidu here, so you don't have to download it on your phone, it's really convenient!

I really want to travel! But reality does n’t allow it. This lazy dad just pulled me back from fantasy: "Look at the book, go out, write homework, and time has passed. Why do you have to travel? Travel wastes money and waste Time is wasted, is it necessary? "Woo! Who will buy this dad? The phone is 400-300-200-100! Please contact!

Article 3: My father's composition of 400 words

My dad, with a round, national-shaped face, pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose, has a pair of squinting eyes, and looks very thick.

Since my father often travels on business, he often can't spare time to accompany me, and even coming to school to pick me up once is considered a good news. As there was no time, he had to return with a few gifts in the field to apologize. From these gifts, I can feel his deep love.

One night, my dad went home very early. I was very puzzled. Before he could say anything, he took out a beautifully packed gift box and handed it to me. At this point, my doubts had disappeared and I became curious. "Wow! Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ " I can't help screaming. It turned out that the box was a unique and novel pencil case with various patterns printed on it. I hugged the pencil case and couldn't help it. Until now, I still use it.

Back on a business trip, my dad stood in front of me holding a few books. When I saw it, I laughed. In fact, a few days ago, my mother went to Book City to buy a lot of books and returned. However, in order to live up to my father's kindness, I still accepted it. I can't tire of those books.

Dad, I know that you didn't have time to accompany me, so you bought a lot of gifts to compensate me. But, you know what, the gift I need most is company!

Article 4: 400 words of my father's composition

My father is not handsome, he is not tall, and he does not have a good job. In order to make our lives better, he left his family, worked alone, and suffered.

Dad loves us very much. He only goes home once a year, and every time he comes back, he brings me and my sister many things we love to eat. But every time Dad came back, he was much older than last time. His hair had gradually turned gray, and there were many uneven wrinkles on his face.

Every time my dad comes back the first night, we always play with him until midnight. Every time Dad comes back, there are always many things, but he always takes some time to accompany us to browse the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Street, to accompany us to play.

I remember when I was a kid, my dad would always carry me on my shoulders and my sister on my back. At that time, I felt that my dad was superman and could do everything. He also always meets our needs, he said, as long as we study hard, he will be worth the hard work and hard work.

Dad is also particularly filial. Every time he goes home, he takes time to accompany his grandma. When he is not at home, he always calls his grandma to chat with her and talk. When I grow up, I also have to have filial piety like my dad, and respect my parents.

Although my dad is ordinary in the eyes of others, he is the greatest in my mind.

Article 5: My father's composition 400 words

My dad is 40 years old and he is very strong.

My dad is like an owl because he often sleeps during the day and works at night. Every night when I was sleeping, he was definitely not by his side; when he woke up during the day, he was lying beside me like a trick.

My dad designs games for advertising companies, so he works day and night. I have had little time to meet him, so I cherish the time to meet him.

I remember once when my mother was away from home on a business trip, I was too diligent to do my homework, and I was still attentive to it. By 9 pm, I had not finished my homework. At this time, when Dad called to learn about the situation, he was very angry and told me that if I could not finish writing after 30 minutes, I would be beaten.

After 30 minutes, I still didn't finish the homework. Dad is back, and I'm scared that he will really hit me. Unexpectedly, instead of hitting me, he accompanied me to do my homework. He has been patient and not angry when coaching me to do my homework. This also made me realize my mistake. I decided to do my homework seriously in the future and let my dad rest early. Moreover, I also realized that my father loved me so much that I didn't keep my promise.

Dad loves me, and I love dad.

Article 6: My father's composition 400 words

My dad's tall, thick eyebrows, big eyes, and high nose bridge look like a small mountain peak, so handsome! Dad is a teacher, he can speak, and often makes me and my mother laugh. He loves sports very much, and often wears sports clothes, and his body is great!

Dad is a "lazy bug". Every morning my mother and I got up early, but my dad still lay on the bed. I called him, but he pretended not to be able to hear; I squeezed his ears, and he ignored me; when I uncovered his quilt, he pressed his hand to death. No matter how loud my mother and I were, he still slept loudly. Alas, there is no way but to let him sleep! Although Dad is sometimes lazy, there is a composition "http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ " which is also very "hardworking"!

On the morning of National Day, I slept until eight o'clock. I don't know when my father will sleep today. I went to my dad's room to see, hey, my dad wasn't in bed. Where did he go? Oh, it turned out to be in a basketball game. In Dad's hobby, his favorite is playing basketball. No matter it is winter or midsummer, he appears on the basketball court on time every afternoon. In order to play basketball, his two front teeth also gloriously "lay off" a few years ago Now, there are many scars on his body. Even so, his father's enthusiasm for basketball has not been alleviated.

My dad is very strict with me. I hope I study hard and be a good person. I love my dad!

Article 7: My father's composition of 400 words

My dad is tall, wears a pair of glasses, and has a pair of warm hands that lead me through every spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

My dad is more introverted and he speaks the least at home. But I know Dad's piercing eyes are loving me.

I remember one time when I was sick, my dad got up late at night to give me medicine, wiped my sweat with a towel, measured my temperature, and fed me boiling water. In the morning, I finally had a fever, and when I saw my dad's look, I quickly hugged my dad and said, "I will definitely exercise my body, not to let myself get sick, and no longer worry about my mom and dad.

Dad doesn't like getting angry, he always doesn't write. Https://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ It's not slow, but I can always feel the infinite power in him.

I remember when I was in the second grade, I failed the math test and felt very uncomfortable in my heart. When I got home, I couldn't help crying. My father asked and asked, "What's wrong." I told him crying On the original day. Dad said, "It's okay, let's analyze where the problem lies." After analyzing with my father, I finally knew where I was wrong and the correct answer.

My dad has helped me a lot in both life and study. He is like the sun in winter, the popsicle in summer, the big umbrella in the rain. Dad, I love you! This is my dad!

Article Eight: My father's composition of 400 words

The person I admire the most is my dad who worked hard to make money and support his family.

Don't look at my dad's fat, in fact, his fat can help work, allowing him to lift a lot of light bulbs.

Once, Dad brought home a lot of electric bulbs. His eyes were full of sadness and helplessness, because he had to do hard work every day, move, make, install and repair lamps. But there is nothing you can do. Only in this way can you make money to support your family.

One day, my mother went to travel, and my brother was staying at school, so only I and my dad looked at the house. One night, I suddenly felt uncomfortable: stomach pain, headache, diarrhea, soft legs, heartache, difficulty breathing ... My whole body hurts composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . "Dad! Dad!" I anxiously called my dad who was talking about a contract that could earn 10,000 yuan. Although this contract was very important, he hurriedly drove back. When Dad came back, his eyes were sad and anxious again. He seemed to be sad for the contract, and seemed to be anxious for me. Later, Dad took me to the hospital for emergency treatment.

I used to take it for granted that my dad did this. Later, I found out how much he had paid for this family. He was injured every day because of his work, tripped by a light bulb and became covered with dust. In the future, I must treat my children like my dad, and I must educate my children like my dad.

Chapter Nine: My father's composition of 400 words

My dad is tall and fat. He has dark black hair, curly willow leaf eyebrows, small eyes, big mouth, and a big belly like an oversized watermelon!

Once, my father saw his mother buy a set of cosmetics for more than a thousand, and his father said angrily, "How much cosmetics did you buy? And the money for the cosmetics is my brother's!"

My mother said with a smile: "I asked him to buy it, I gave him money, and then said that my old cosmetics were not needed anymore." Instead of tricking my father into saying that it was no longer necessary, she might as well tell her the truth: those are outdated. It makes Dad feel bad.

Also essay http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Once, my dad bought me a huge Lego building block and spent more than thousands of gold coins, which made my dad feel distressed. The mother said, "You are taking care of yourself!" The father said helplessly, "This is also for our children!"

I remember that on the day of my dad ’s birthday, I gave my dad a lighter he dreamed of. Dad thought we all forgot his birthday! Actually, I remember the most clearly.

This time my father cried emotionally, because he never expected that I would give him such a gift.

Although Dad's temper is not very good and he always likes to lose his temper, I still love him very much!

Article 10: My father's composition 400 words

My dad has big bright eyes and white teeth. When he is angry, his face looks like a cloudy sky, gray and dark. When he was happy, he grinned, like a crescent moon. He loves me very much.

In spring, he took me to play games, Ferris wheel, and returned to my haunted house. When he was hungry at night, he took me to supper. There is such a father, so happy!

In the summer, we went to buy ice cream and snacks. His belly looked like a huge bottomless pit, and my belly was bulging, but his belly was not full and he was still eating. It was so funny!

In autumn, he took me to pick fruit composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . We pick apples and pears. Because autumn is a bumper season, we eat deliciously, and we ca n’t bear to walk out of such a delicious orchard.

In the winter, we covered the quilt and watched TV on the sofa. Hiding in the quilt, my dad occasionally pinches my little face and tickles me from time to time, so happy! We also played games, played computers, played mini-games on mobile phones, and played dozens of games on TV sets. Of course, it was also necessary to take me to eat my favorite chicken drumsticks and fragrant egg fried rice. After each meal, we walked downstairs to the store to buy a bottle of drink, and then mumbled a drink, the word "cool". I like my good dad!

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