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600 letters to the teacher

Time: 2018-11-09 21:07:00

Article 1: 600 Letters to Teacher

Dear Mr. Zhu:


You are our teacher, but in my mind, you are not only a teacher, but also relatives and friends. Your weight in our hearts may not be clear to you, right?

Teacher Zhu, all of our classmates know that you love us, but do you know that we love you just as much. The title of this composition is "My Favorite Teacher". Most of the students in the class write about you. Because when you hear this topic, everyone thinks of you conditionedly. We all watch your contribution to us. Remember in your eyes! People are not plants, how can you be ruthless!

Although we are young and do not understand what love is, we are not stupid. Whoever treats us well, we all understand. Teacher Zhu, although you may say us two occasionally, but we can all understand your feelings of hating iron and steel, and you just want us to make progress.

You, it ’s the knife-tofu heart. Sometimes you say, "You look at the four shifts, they are neat and obedient." But you definitely think that our class is the best. We are so confident that you treat us as How can your own children not believe us? Some people say that this is a kind of blind self-confidence, but in fact, the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ should be said to be trust.

I remember you said in a class, "Maybe you will think of me in future life." After hearing this sentence, everyone's eyes were inexplicably red, and Zhang Hui and I had tears in their eyes. The light was flashing. Chen Zichao said: "I want to write down Mr. Zhu and write it in the book, you will write it soon!" I saw it and wrote in his language: "To Zhu Jun, the best teacher in the world, thank you "He asked me and Zhang Hui why didn't you write? Zhang Hui and I pointed to the chest and said that they are both in mind and ca n’t be wiped off. I do n’t know if you can feel our love, but we hope you can remember that our group is disobedient but love you very much. Students.

Six years have passed so quickly that we are about to graduate. We will become the last student in your mouth. I do n’t know which silver wire on your head is for us and which wrinkles are for us. Thank you, teacher, for your care, help, dedication, support, sweat and hard work for us. We hope to be your pride! "Teacher, you have worked hard!" Although this sentence is a bit old-fashioned, but I think it is true: "Teacher, you have worked hard!"

Your student: Acci

June 12, 2018

Article 2: A letter to the teacher 600 words

Dear Mr. Zhao,

As time passes, in an instant, primary school life is coming to an end. We are about to step into the gate of junior high school. Looking back on six years of elementary school life, I have too much nostalgia and perseverance. I can't forget the cultivation of my alma mater, the friendship between my classmates, and even your teachings to us! At this moment, the one thing I want to do most is to write a letter to you to show my respect and thanks to you!

thanks for your work teacher! How much hard work and sweat did you spend for us! During the tug-of-war competition, you led your classmates to shout and cheer for the team members. At the sports meeting, you were too busy for Liu Mingwei to fall. In the singing competition, although our class won the first place, you did not get angry at us but Calmly help us summarize the reasons for failure ...

That education made me unforgettable. My language homework was not completed. You did not criticize me in front of the class, but called me to the office to talk to me after class. You are both kind and surprised at the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ asking me: "Why didn't you finish your homework? This is not your style, can you tell the teacher why?" I support I said, "I ... I didn't remember ... the assignment yesterday, just ... I forgot this." You didn't get furious after hearing it, but you still taught me patiently: "The teacher believes that you forgot, I do n’t want you to cut corners like some of your classmates. You must remember your homework well in the future. 'Today ’s work, today ’s work', the work of the day will be done on the day, not to the next day. Lei: Although I forgot to remember the homework instead of intentionally not to write the homework, this is also a mistake. "Um." I whispered. It sounded like a mosquito, very small ... Since then, I have never left homework again because your teachings have taken root in my heart.

what! Dear Mr. Zhao, your teachings are like spring breeze and spring rain, always nourishing our hearts.

I wish Teacher Zhao good health and good work!

Your student Zhang Luyang

May 15, 2018

Part 3: A letter to the teacher 600 words

Dear teacher:


From the day I enrolled, you have taken great care and care of me. When you enrolled, you welcomed us with that gentle and kind look.

You are like a candle. When we need it most, you always come quickly. It's like a ray of fire in the darkness that illuminates us. You are like a gardener, no matter how tired or sick you are, we will always give us lessons. Every night, no matter when I went downstairs from your house, I could always see that you were doing your homework or class preparation. If you are a gardener watering flowers, you must be the hardest-working gardener in the group.

Teacher, do you remember? On one occasion, I didn't submit composition at the same table. She asked me to help her cheat you, and I agreed. I pretended to be calm and walked into the office and said to you, "Teacher, our group's composition is complete." You, who have always been meticulous, start to count books, count over and over, but always lose one. In the Chinese class, you publish this composition one by one http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . I discussed the countermeasures with the same table, and pretended that her book was mys when I took my book. After you sent it, you were taken aback, "It's a mess!"

After class, I went to tell you: "Teacher, you may be wrong." You nodded calmly. We thought this was the end of the matter. But who knew you knew the whole thing. You did not criticize us for not handing in the homework, but instead asked us if it was true. I said, "Teacher, it's true. Sorry, we won't make similar mistakes again." Since that day, similar things haven't happened again.

Teacher, thank you. You taught us the knowledge; you taught us to be human; you taught us how to do what is right and what is wrong. Now I know the profound connotation that "the spring silkworm reaches the end of the dead silk, and the wax torch starts to dry with tears".

Finally, I wish you good health, good work and good luck!

Your student: Chen Zichen

April 14, 2018

Part 4: A letter to the teacher 600 words

Dear Mr. Li:


Time is like flowing water, and we are about to leave in a blink of an eye, really a bit reluctant. In the short six months of this semester, you have taught us tirelessly. Every lesson you explain patiently, every assignment you approve and carefully review, every essay you seriously evaluate. ... whatever you do, you are meticulous. For us to thrive, Mr. Li, you work hard!

Do you still remember that language test, I didn't do well? You called me to the podium, took out my test paper, patted my thin arms, and pointedly pointed at the basic points on the paper , Look at me with kind eyes, and keep sighing, it seems you are the one who failed the exam. This is the first time we have talked alone. From your expression, I can see that you really hate iron and steel. At that time, I secretly made up my mind that in the future, I had to do my work carefully.

"The foundation of success is persistence." This is a phrase you often say. After my unremitting efforts and your careful teaching, I have performed well in all aspects, and finally became the flag-raiser of this essay http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/semester . Remember that morning reading, you called me and two other classmates together: "Caiwen, you have been a great performer since the beginning of the school, and the teacher decided to make you a flag-raiser. How about that?" , I nodded quickly, for fear of missing the opportunity you gave me. All day I was in a throbbing mood and couldn't believe I really became a flag-raiser. I know that such an important responsibility rests on me. My sense of honor and responsibility has also increased a lot. I want to thank you, Teacher Li!

Mr. Li, the most beautiful sunset in the world is not as good as your smile, and the sweat of the peasants is not as good as your love for us ... you are the beacon and show us the direction; you are the big tree and shelter us from the wind and rain You are the rain, nourishing the soil for us ... There is another semester, I am about to enter junior high school, the days I spend with you are getting less and less, and I am grateful and reluctant to come to my heart. Mr. Li, I am sorry to talk to you, I can only express my gratitude to you here!

wish you healthy!

Your student: Zhang Caiwen

February 3, 2018

Article 5: A letter to the teacher 600 words

beloved teacher:


Every teacher takes good care of our students. The teacher has a kind face, especially the teacher's eyes, which often flashes the light of wisdom to teach us.

Teacher, we can't forget the teachings you gave us, and you can't forget your kind eyes. From the boring Pinyin letters at the beginning to writing eloquent compositions, you don't know how much you care for us and how much sweat we sweat.

I repeat again this year. Teacher, you are very concerned about my study. I want to talk to my teacher about my suffering. Suffering so much that I don't have a strong heart to face it. Just take my test score! I heard my grandmother say, "Points, points, the lifeblood of students." For this reason, I was very scared for every test, and I was afraid that the test would fail. If I fail the exam, my mood will be bad, which will affect my class time. There are so many eyes in the class staring at me, the eyes are very scary, like eating people.

Once I took the second class exam, after the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ After school, the teacher asked me how you failed the test this time. I thought I would take the first test, but I didn't, and the teacher was disappointed. Yes! A repeating student didn't take the exam well as a soaring classmate, thinking about my stream of tears, as if it had broken my heart. I didn't say anything, and I didn't say anything in the face. I just made a secret decision in my heart, and next time I must fight for the first place, and live up to the teacher's hard work.

Teacher, I am trapped in the prison like a prisoner at home. I hope the teacher and classmates can understand me. But I need everyone's encouragement in learning, but I know that everyone's encouragement is not enough, and we have to pay the price to learn knowledge.

Teacher, I want to thank you for your education and care for me. Without the teacher's guidance, I may not have me now, and I have no chance and ability to write to you.



Article 6: A Letter to the Teacher

Dear teacher:

In the eyes of the butterfly, the flower is an angel; because the flower gives her the nectar of life; in the eyes of the flower, the bee is a close friend because the bee gives her the continuation of life; however, in the butterfly's eye, the bee is just a hard-working idiot, and the butterfly in the bee's eye But the prodigal son in the middle of the game flower. The butterfly represents ourselves, the flower represents the teacher, and the bee represents the parents.

The spring silkworm came to the end of the dead silk, and the wax torch began to dry. The last moment when the spring silkworm dies, it does not forget to benefit the people. The moment the candle is not exhausted, it will not forget to illuminate the world with the last light ... It is most appropriate to use the spring silkworm and candle to metaphor you. . You use everything you have in exchange for our happiness. You spend your whole life just to make students live better than yourself, so simple.

You are a regenerating parent. It is no exaggeration to praise you. Your parents have given us too much, too much material and spiritual foundation in their lifetime. And you have given us better and more knowledge in the same way. And the principle of life, in a spirit of selfless dedication http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ for no return, silently poured out for his students. However, it is unknown, and there is no ordinary wave at all.

In the autumn season, the cold and ruthless autumn wind is like a teacher. It hits the mountains and fields, it blows away the withered leaves, blows off the full seeds, and blows off the fruits hanging on the branches.

It seems cold and ruthless, but it has real feelings. It is like the loving mother of the consultant who introduced the leaves to the roots, hid the seeds in the thick soil, and led the fruits to the warm families ...

After these last two months, we will go our separate ways. We can't do much except to study hard. For teachers, I will use the richest words to praise the teachers and I will leave. When the last rays of the sun kissed the earth, at this time, I know that today is a special day, filled with a car of happiness and let the peace open the way, abandon all the troubles and let happiness hug you, store all the warmth, start the cold and let go of life, Happiness smiles at you forever!



Student: Gong Sisi

Article Seven: A Letter to the Teacher

Dear Teacher Lin,

People often say, "I will be a teacher for one day, and a father for life." Maybe it is destiny, and the shifts over and over have failed to take you away from me. I think I should be the most loving child in heaven !!

Growing up next to you, being cared for by you, feels beautiful, like a mother, meticulous. Tired, sick and sad, you are always the first person to send care. The ion far away from mother gets happiness in you never before. Three years of junior high school life, accompanied by you, walked full and happy. Constant encouragement, constant struggle, constant hard work, and constant sweat.

Every word of you is always remembered at the most critical time, which supports me to work hard. Countless failures have hit me countless times, but I believe that as long as you are with me, I will recover quickly. Pick up the courage to continue fighting, just because of the mundane and plain words you often say: "It is not terrible to fall, but to rise up is a hero."

Do you remember? At the third day of the third day, I was assigned to another class. When you left, you talked to me and said, "Don't come back if you go. Don't shrink back even if you're tired and tired. Climb me up." At that time, there seemed to be a feeling of being abandoned by the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , but after all, I did it. Do you also have a happy smile?

Today, I am about to enter the sacred battlefield of the college entrance examination. As the college entrance examination approaches, the pressure gradually increases. Sometimes a sudden drop in performance can make me feel at a loss. Actually knowing that sadness is not useful, but just thinking of my future makes me panic. Sometimes when I see my parents' anxious eyes, I can only learn to avoid. Sometimes I really don't want to spend it like this anymore, but when I gather courage, I finally retreat.

You have taught me a lot between success and failure. Severity and criticism are always your "patent" at any time, but at the same time I have to admit that it is very useful to me. In the criticism again and again, I understood, grew, and strengthened. No longer will you give up your beautiful future because of a momentary failure, nor will you arrogantly respect for a momentary success, everything will be classified as a peaceful life.

The ringtone for the middle test last sounded, and I knew that I was about to leave your love. The years passed silently, the laughter and tears of the past turned into beautiful memories, and inspired me to open the door to tomorrow!

Teacher Lin, thank you!


× year × month × day

Article Eight: A Letter to the Teacher


How are you recently? I think you must be busy now for your "sweet burden". Don't be too tired! You can rest assured that when your avatar is inexhaustible, we will no longer "go to the house and uncover the tiles" to make you worry.

In my heart, the distance between us should be closer than "you", so I have omitted the word "respect" and hope that the friendship that is as gracious as a mountain can be replaced by "buddy".

As the old saying goes: "Thousands of horses often exist, but Bole does not often." Before meeting you, my self-proclaimed Maxima horse, the fighting spirit has been defeated by repeated blows, when the road is confused, you appear in my In my life, let me feel the soft autumn night of the cool breeze, the starry sky is bright, which is invisible in the forgotten corner. So I regrouped for one purpose: not to embarrass you.

However, as I rushed up to this goal, I fell down again. Grievance, remorse, self-blame, you accept it wholeheartedly, firmness, trust, encouragement, and selfless gift. "Next time!" I wiped my tears, nodded, got up, and moved forward. I finally believe that every step of me has your eyes around.

Later, the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ As you said, Tiandao pays diligence, I am no longer a hindering role. When you see my test paper, I really have a sense of accomplishment that I can't say . All the haze is instantly dissipated in your applauded eyes, the smell of the sun is so beautiful. So I set myself a higher goal; I want to give you a long face.

Today, I am struggling on this path. Believe, you must see my growth. In fact, while you are following me, I am also watching you. Your fingers are always covered with chalk shavings. Your voice is not very good. When you give us "training", you always like to play with the chalk box. You When my stomach hurts, I still insist on finishing the lesson, and the cold sweat on my forehead is clearly visible ...

What shall I express here? Admiration, admiration, praise, or gratitude. In short, the grace of knowing, the feeling of teaching, is memorable. It was you who made me look up again when I was down, and it was you who made me feel proud when I was proud. I will remember every bit of this journey. When someone asks, I will say, "You are a good teacher. It ’s great to meet you!"

A good person, a safe life and a good teacher, should be healthy and happy.

Student: Tu Wenwen

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