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Ant composition 600 words

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Article 1: Ant Composition 600 Words

When the school had a sports meeting, I wandered around the school and suddenly found an ant hole. It was at the foot of the school wall, where there were countless soldier and worker ants crawling, looking for food. The worker ants have small heads and bright eyes, and their limbs seem to be full of strength. Soldier ants have large heads, small eyes, and sharp teeth. They seem to be urging workers to work, for fear they are lazy.

I stared blankly at the foot of the wall, thinking: When will they find food? Just then, I saw three worker ants crawling towards the ant hole with a bite of food in their mouths. I wanted to help them. I used a wooden stick to bring the food to the ant hole. So, the three The worker ants stretched their heads under the food together, lowered their bodies, and forced their four legs together to easily carry the food. Then, they walked together neatly, walking towards their nest like the March of the People's Liberation Army.

After a essay http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , a large group of ants found a cookie and all came together. I still wanted to help them, so I made the cookies into biscuit foam. The ants shook their tentacles at me, as if saying, "Thank you!" After that, they moved the food back to the ant hole.

After a while, a small watermelon worm broke into the ant's hole. The watermelon worm had hard armor and was like an elephant in front of the ant. An ant crawled in front of another ant, passing information through the antennae, and this ant passed on to another ant ... Later, a large group of ants knew that the invader had come. A group of ants crawled over quickly. They surrounded the small watermelon worm, bite the leg, bit the body, and finally bit the body. In the end, the small watermelon worm could not fight it, and it was defeated. It became the ant's lunch. I thought that the ants can unite and defeat insects stronger than them. The little ants are amazing!

I like ants, and more like the spirit of unity.

Article 2: Ant Composition 600 Words

Ants are very common. They can be seen in the grass, in the cracks of the stones, and near the big trees.

The ant's body consists of three parts: the head, chest, and abdomen. Each part looks like a tiny sesame seed. It was all black, as if wearing a black and hard armor. The two antennae oscillate like two antennas, receiving signals from their peers. The six feet move regularly, neatly and beautifully, like a paddle swaying in the water.

One weekend morning, I went downstairs with cookies and a magnifying glass. After I came downstairs, I sprinkled some cookie residue on the side of the ant's flower bed, but the ants didn't seem to be interested. Some didn't even take a look at it, and some even "detoured" and some approached After smelling it, it seemed to be "inappropriate to its appetite" and left. I suddenly remembered seeing a large group of ants lying on the apple core, so I thought, "Does the ant like to eat fruit?" I wrote the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ immediately went home and took it I ordered grapes and ran downstairs again, and put half a piece of grapes beside the flower bed. After a while, an ant crawled over, and the two tentacles moved quickly a few times to ensure that the "behemoth" would not attack it. Then it crawled toward the grape, buried it in one end, and began to eat its "dinner meal." ". After ten minutes, he raised his head and ran into the grass.

When I finished lunch and came here again, the half of the grapes were already densely covered with ants, and each ant was "eaten" bitterly. There are many ants coming and going on the flowerbed, some are on the way to eat grapes; some have finished eating and are on their way home. But no ant will move a small piece home, I guess: "For ants, this may be a liquid food!"

It was time for my class and I had to reluctantly leave. When I have time next time, I must come and observe this funny little ant again.

Article 3: Ant Composition 600 Words

In the morning, I happily went to see my classmates with a banana. When I was downstairs from the fellow scholar, I threw the finished banana peel on the ground.

After about an hour, I should go home. When I came out from my colleagues, I found that the banana skin I threw an hour ago was full of ants, and they were eating the pulp from the banana skin! Some ants have moved the pulp from the banana peel into the hole! I walked along this "black line" formed by the ant team and found that the ant's hole was about two meters away. They are busy in and out, stocking food!

Earlier, I watched a documentary about how ants store food. After reading it, I learned that after the ants got food, in addition to solving the hunger at that time, they put a part of them in a "warehouse" built by themselves in order to eat when they were not picking up. The other part is placed in the egg room. This is to make the baby ant have food to eat. This is amazing!

After watching that documentary, I became more and more interested in writing ants http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . I did an experiment on them! Once, when I saw the ants moving food, I stopped their feet in the middle of their team. I thought they couldn't get over. I didn't expect them to bypass my feet and return to the team. How is this going? I immediately went home and asked my mother. My mother said to me, "In fact, ants do not recognize their way through glasses. They are a substance emitted from the anus that emits a special taste to identify the direction. Any ant who comes out of the hole finds his companion by this smell." After listening to it, I thought it was amazing!

The ants are also very united. They once watched a movie "Don't mess with the ants." It mainly said that a little boy turned into a small ant because of hurting the ants. Then the little boy and the ants worked together to defeat the locust. At the most dangerous time, the little boy risked his life and saved many companions. I think in real life, ants are helping each other and uniting as one!

Although the ants are small, they know a lot of truth, we must learn their spirit of unity!

Article 4: Ant Composition 600 Words

There is a tiny creature in nature. It has two long antennae, a black head and body, and six small legs. What creature is it? It's an ant.

We all know that ants are a weak creature, but I like them very much because they have the spiritual qualities that we humans don't have: unity, tenacity, and self-denial. Ants are very weak and often eaten by other insects, but if they unite, they will form an irresistible force.

I remember that in the summer when I was eight years old, I went to play in the park and accidentally saw a spider web hanging on the tree. A big spider was sitting on it and was preparing to eat the ants just caught. After a while, the ants ended their lives in the spider's mouth. Just as the big spider was preparing to sleep beautifully, the ant's companion came to revenge. The big spider saw those ant partners dispatched, as if arrogantly saying: "The light of rice grains, dare to compete with Haoyue!" The composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The ants seemed to hear the provocation of the spider, A rush to the brain, some ants rushed to the spider web, and did not move, it was stuck by the spider silk.

After a while, they seemed to have reached some kind of agreement, lying on the spider web with their homeopathy, followed by the ants stepping on them, those ants crawling past the ants' back, biting and eating at the spider, finally This big spider has bitten to death.

Although I was still young, the ants' dedication to the community still moved me. Think again of us human beings, and some people cripple their companions for their selfish desires, and build their happiness on the pain of others. Also, have you found that the sacrifice of these ants is strikingly similar to the Red Army soldiers who gave their lives for our peace? How dare they admire their blood donation and life for the happiness of the people of the country?

The noble character of the ants and those with the spirit of the ants will always be remembered in my heart!

Article 5: 600 Words in Ant Composition

Ant, an animal that is not taken seriously. In front of others, it always seems so small, but in front of me, it seems very large, because I was shocked by its great qualities.

It was a Friday afternoon and I came home from school and saw a caterpillar's tail slowly crawling into a hole that was going uphill. What happened? How could the caterpillar's tail climb up? I took a closer look and found that the caterpillar was the food of the ants, and the ants were moving it into the hole. Beside the caterpillar, there is a large black paint. Some ants are pushing from the bottom up, some ants are pulling vigorously on the top, and some ants are quickly "running" back into the hole, like going Same as moving a rescuer. With more and more ants, the "porters" are working harder, and the "commanders" are better commanding.

Slowly, the caterpillar was dragged near the entrance of the cave, and at this moment, I suddenly came up with the idea of a prank. I folded a small stick by the side and took a small stick, and the caterpillar rolled down like a smoke. I originally thought that the ants were looking at the article http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and the labor results that they had brought to their own hard work were abandoned by a small stick, and they would have no patience to move again. However, I was completely wrong. The ants did not give up the caterpillars and went back to move them again. This is a food hundreds of times larger than them. The ants started to move food up again.

I really want to see how long the ants can hold on, and they have repeatedly carried the caterpillar down many times. However, the ants did not have the slightest intention to give up every time, and patiently carried the heavy food over and over again. No matter how many times, the ants are not tired and repeat this labor. I feel that even at the end of the world, they will continue to move until they die or cannot move.

The persevering qualities of the ants are really great. Although these tiny lives have a valuable quality, that is very perseverance. Maybe they have this quality, so they can move the caterpillar patiently again and again. Isn't the kind of perseverance the ants have that people lack?

Article 6: Ant Composition 600 Words

I like small animals, butterflies flying in the air, spiders crawling on the ground, and fish swimming in the water, all of which I observe. There are ants everywhere, ants on the grass, under the tiles, and in flower pots. I go to these places when I'm bored and watch them carefully.

The ant is black and has long tentacles, and there are two compound eyes on the head. The compound eyes can not only feel the strength of the light, but also see the appearance of things. Generally, there are three monoculars on the top of the ant's head, and each eye can only feel the intensity of light. The ants have sharp claws like hooks under each leg, so they won't fall down when climbing trees.

My mother bought me a book about ants, and I learned from the books that the ant family includes worker ants, queens, male ants, and soldier ants. Worker ants are mainly responsible for nesting, searching for food, taking care of larvae and queens; queens are mainly responsible for laying eggs; male ants are mainly mating with queens; soldier ants are mainly fighting and protecting larvae. I thought to myself, it ’s incredible that a kind of composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ is a small insect with such a good division of labor.

Queen ants are very large, which is eight or nine times the average ants. Although he does not move all day, he can enjoy the food every day. The queen lays eggs all day long and lays tens of thousands of eggs a day. It is the prosperous of the ant family.

I remember one time, my dad and I went to the mountain to pick August melons. I couldn't help anything, and I was a bit bored. I just turned the stones there. Turn it over, yeah! I found an ant's nest under one of the stones, which contained a lot of translucent things. I think that's probably ant eggs! Ant eggs are only half the size of rice grains. I want to take one and watch it carefully, but the ant's egg is too fragile. I pinch it with my fingers and flatten it. Oops, I was wrong and killed a little life! At this time, I found that the ants fled with the ant eggs scattered around. I guess I was scared of them, so I quickly put the stones back in place.

How about it, little ants are fun too!

Article Seven: 600 Words of Ant Composition

One day, a big ant went out with a small ant to find food. Before they knew it, they had gone a long way.

Suddenly, a large, cyan thing came into their sight. The little ant ran over to see that it turned out to be a big, fat blue caterpillar. The little ant immediately ran to the big ant and said to him excitedly: "Brother, this caterpillar is so big, so tempting, let's take it back together." The big ant splashed on the happy little ant Basin of cold water: "This caterpillar is too big, the two of us must not be able to carry it back, let's go back and call for the big army." The little ant said unbelievably, "Let's try it, how to know What about it? "" I do n’t have to try it at all. We must not be able to lift it. Let ’s go and see if there is any other food. "The big ant turned and walked away. The little ant had a clever idea when he had a clever idea. .

The little ant quickly ran to the side of the big ant and said to it, "I'm going to find out if there is any other food. At this time, you can write here at http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ take a rest!" After speaking, he turned and left. The big ant thought, "It's really good. I know I'm rushing to work, so I'll take a rest." Slowly fell asleep.

After leaving the big ant, the little ant went back to the green worm, and found a leaf that could cover the green worm in front of it, and let the green worm climb up, and then the young ant wrapped the green worm with the leaves and dragged the leaves to the big ant. went. Because the ground under the leaves has water and a little sand, it can reduce the friction, so the small ants can drag it.

When I got to the big ant, the big ant woke up and saw the little ant dragging a large leaf alone. He went up and asked the little ant what was going on. The little ant smiled and let the big ant see for himself. Stunned, ask the little ant how to do it. The little ant told the big ant his own method and principle. The big ant kept boasting about the intelligence of the small ant. When I dragged the worm back together, I was still thinking: why didn't I think of it? I still need to use my brain more often!

Article Eight: 600 Words of Ant's Enlightenment

Nature is amazing! The bat ’s magical path-finding method allows our planes to fly safely ... the mysteries of nature have improved human life, and today I will also observe and observe.

I walked along the road to look east and west. Suddenly, a small ant was found. The little ant was fortunate to find a large loaf of bread today. The loaf of bread was standing in front of it like a mountain, and I was curious to see how it moved this behemoth. With the power of this ant, it will not work. The wise little ants soon moved to a group of rescuers. They kept talking and walking back and forth, as if discussing the countermeasures. Sure enough, after a while, they saw a "mountain" rising up , They really moved the bread together! I wonder where the little ants are so amazing?

With doubt, I checked the computer and knew that the ant was a little guy in the animal world, but it was amazingly powerful! The weight it can lift is more than 100 times its weight! But where does this "hercules" come from? It turns out that the muscle in the ant's paw is a very efficient "primary motive", and the fuel supplied is very special. It is a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ a very complex phosphorus compound. This fuel does not need to be burned and can be converted into mechanical energy. Because there is no heat loss, it is extremely efficient. No wonder it is so powerful! If only we humans could lift things several times heavier than ourselves like ants.

After reading the information, I suddenly wanted to invent a "strong" glove. With this kind of gloves, as long as you carry things, you just need to wear gloves, start the switch, adjust the power level, and you can move to the sea without any effort. At the beginning of the new semester, you can easily lift the tables, chairs, books, etc. to the tenth floor when you wear the "Diligent" gloves; when you move out, wear the "Diligent" gloves, no matter how much furniture, even the piano, one person It ’s dexterous and convenient to leave without having to check in with a cart, crane, etc. In the event of an earthquake or collapse, put on “strong” gloves, what kind of steel and cement, and solve the problem in minutes, which has won the rescue of buried personnel. Valuable rescue time ...

As long as we observe things in nature, we will definitely find something, maybe we can create something! Nature is really a good teacher for humans!

Chapter Nine: Ant Composition 600 Words

"The ants moved the snake aisle, and there will be heavy rain tomorrow." Before the typhoon came, the ants kept going in and out, carrying some food. Bored me and ants are fighting.

The wind scratched my cheek like a sharp sword, and the dark clouds were embracing with a thunderous thunder. The sun was gone, and the flowers in front of the door swayed. I used the falling corn kernels to block the opening, but there was no movement from the little ones. The falling leaves kept falling from the tree, like a sigh. Somehow, the ant who went out crawled back, after turning around the corn kernels at the entrance of the cave, finally turned over the "mountain" and "ridge" and entered the hole. After a while, a group of ants came out of the hole, and continued to be busy at the hole.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, and the devil-like winds continued. With the spirit of Yugong moving the ants, the ants finally returned the corn kernels to their "home". The "porters" were about to finish today's work. As they were preparing to go home, a thunder rolled from the sky to the front, and then, a drizzle floated down from the air. There is a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ A few ants rush to the "home" at the fastest speed; a few ants fly directly through the eaves and climb the wall, and enter the hole safely; but there are a few ants A little funny, probably scared by the thunder, and turned away and hid under the car.

A flash of lightning brought me back to God, and I quickly hid under the roof.

When I looked at the ant cave again, I suddenly saw a big ant helping a lost ant to go home; another group of ants never gave up the food that was transported halfway, pushed all the way, rolled, and finally put the food Transported to the entrance. But unfortunately, a rapid stream rushed down, and all the ants were washed away by the rain.

The heavy rain continued until the next morning. After the rain was fine, the sun was shining over the earth. I hurried to the ant cave, but the ant cave seemed to be washed away by yesterday's wind and rain. When I was sad, I saw an ant crawling out of a crack.

Ants, ants! Small ant, is it more than shock you bring me?

Chapter Ten: 600 Words of Ant's Enlightenment

There are a lot of my teachers in nature, and even the humble ant is my teacher.

On that day, the sun was just walking in the sky, and Baiyun was motionless like a sleeping sheep. I walked in the park and suddenly saw a black spot moving on the ground. It turned out to be a small ant. On its side, a golden bean was lying. It seems that it is trying to move this soybean back, but compared to the ant's weak body, this soybean is as big as a hill. Can it move? I was very curious and couldn't help looking at it carefully.

I saw it in the past and touched it with my little tentacles. After making sure that this thing was edible, I put it on this soybean with my four feet and pushed it hard as if to say, "Come on, I can definitely It was carried back. "But no matter how hard the ant worked, the soybean was like a disobedient little baby. I laughed: "It's ridiculous to shake the big tree!" Sure enough, the ant composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ came back and walked away a few times.

When I was about to get up and leave, I suddenly saw dozens of small black spots two or three meters away, and then looked at it. The leader of the team seemed to be the little ant just now. I thought, "It is estimated that it brought in relatives, aunts, and aunts from the family." I stopped curiously again. See how clear the division of labor is, a few are in front, a few are in the back, until the whole soybean is surrounded, pushed and pushed, pulled, I am surprised to see that this soybean is slowly moving forward. At this time, an ant came to the front of the soybean, as if he was directing other ants, and looked at that look, it really looked like a leader, I seemed to hear that it was cheering on other ants! With the joint efforts of dozens of ants, soybeans went so far with the ants' team so easily.

Although the ants are small, their unity is very powerful. We humans are not so, thank the ants for giving me such a profound lesson.

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