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Ants moving composition

Time: 2018-11-06 20:24:00

Article 1: 500 words of ants moving composition

On weekends, Tianlang was very calm and my dad and I went to Beiling Mountain to play table tennis. When we were tired, we sat on the stone steps beside the grass and rested. "Well, why is there a black line on the grass?" I pulled the corner of my father's clothes. "Go and see for yourself." Dad said with a smile.

"Oh." I immediately ran to the lawn. "Oh, the ants are moving!" I said while I was lying there, "but why did they move?" I saw a group of ants lined up in a neat and orderly manner, some moving rice, some Carrying bread crumbs, some stop from time to time and look backwards, as if to say, "Hurry up, your new home is not far away!" It's fun!

I followed them, they seemed to be climbing towards a big tree. I saw them climbing up the tree in an orderly way, climbing into the small composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ in the tree. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows, and I can't help but have a chill. Slowly, the sky fell, and the cold wind was blowing. Dad rushed over and put on a coat for me. At this time the sky was dark and the wind was getting stronger. "It's going to rain, let's hurry home." Dad pulled me to trot all the way home, and as soon as I entered the house, it was pouring rain outside.

I checked it with Baidu. Why do ants have the ability to predict that it will rain soon and move their home to a higher place in advance? I checked Baidu to understand that the ants have an organ that senses water. When there is too much water in the air, they know that it is going to rain, and they go to the higher places to hide from the rain in an orderly manner. That's it!

Nature has endless mysteries. As long as we observe carefully in life, there is knowledge everywhere.

Article 2: 500 words of ants moving composition

There are many interesting natural phenomena in life. After my careful observation, I found a strange natural phenomenon, that is, ants moving.

The sun was shining in the morning. When I was playing outside with my father in the yard, I found that many ants were transporting things in groups, just like trained fighters, and looked extra orderly. At this time, I don't know what the reason is, I watched them with a curious heart. They didn't seem to take me seriously, and they were still busy with them as always. Suddenly, I remembered the proverb that I learned a few days ago, "Ant will have heavy rain when they move." Is there really a heavy rain? I don't believe it. I really don't believe that ants will have such a great ability. I looked up at the sky, wasn't it clear? How could it rain! See, the sky has not changed, the branches are not swaying, everything seems so normal, there is no sign of rain http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Is this proverb false? I didn't think too much, so the daytime was over.

In the evening, the sky began to darken, and then dark clouds drifted from a distance. After a while, the rain hit the hard concrete road, and the sound seemed so crisp. I was completely conquered by this natural phenomenon. I thought it was weird. Ants Why move? Oh, it turned out that before the rain, the moisture absorbed by the soil increased greatly due to the increase in humidity in the air. As a result, the ant's nest that lives in the soil becomes moist. Although the ant lives below the ground, it likes to be dry by nature. It has a moisture-sensing organ on its body. Before the rain, when the water in the air is too high, it feels that it will rain and the ants will crawl out. , They will move to a higher place and move to a higher place to avoid being flooded by rain.

After learning the reason, I admired the ingenuity of the ants, and became more curious about the phenomenon of nature!

Article Three: 450 words of ants moving composition

Ants, you see more often, but how can ants move? Don't believe it, then go and watch with me!

At noon on Sunday, the weather was quite sunny. I felt very bored at home, so I went down to play. As soon as I walked to the door, I saw a long black rope moving around. I felt particularly weird, so I stepped forward and observed it carefully. It turned out that a group of little ants were moving. Their entire body is black, 1-2 cm long, with two long antennae on their heads, and six calves. I saw some ants moving a millet grain, some ants moving corn grains, and some ants moving a small piece of bread ... the front ants were holding a special "small red flag", composition https: / /wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ seems to command a large group of ants, really like a general, especially mighty.

Suddenly, I remembered the saying of the teacher, "If an ant moves, it will rain." I realized suddenly, shouldn't it be raining? I hurried home, and as soon as I ran downstairs, I heard the thunder from the sky, scaring me to run home. But where do I think they will move? Will it be drowned by heavy rain? I plan to ask my mother.

My mother told me, "They will move to a high place or they will be drowned."

Oh! So this is ah! The ants are really weather forecast.

Is it fun to move ants? If you find it interesting, you can check it out.

Article 4: 400 words of ants moving composition

In the process of growing up, I have countless questions. Among them, what puzzles me the most is "why did the ants move?" Finally, one day, I solved this doubt.

It was a sultry day, I was tired of playing, and sat sweating under the tree in front of the door to rest. At this time I found a group of ants, carrying food, and I immediately went down to see how the ants moved. I saw them neatly lined up in a column, some carrying food, some carrying leaves, some might have been transported once, and then moved again, but their teams are always neat and tidy. I found the most interesting one with a little ant on my back. I think it must be a mother. Her baby is on the back http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ .

"Why did the ants move?" I kept wondering, waiting to see the ants leave my sight, I immediately got up and rushed into the room. I finally found it in the book: the humidity of the air will be relatively high before it rains. The long-term survival and evolution of ants make them very sensitive to changes in air humidity. When the humidity increases, the ants will have a dangerous feeling at a low place. Move high! We humans are also very smart. When we see ants moving, it rains! At this moment, the muffled thunder sounded outside made me jump with joy.

Observing the ants this time made me understand that everyone has a pair of eyes that they will find. Be a caring person!

Article 5: 400 words of ants moving composition

On Sunday afternoon, my little dog Coke and I were playing on the grass in front of the building, and suddenly I saw a dark patch of open space not far away. When I got closer, I found a group of ants. They were moving!

The ant has a big head, thin legs and a round belly. There are two antennae on the top of the head. My mother told me that they can use the antennae on the head to communicate with their friends. This group of ants moved food out of the hole, some dragging food larger than themselves, and some called their companions to carry it together. There is also a row of ants next to me, they are transporting a very large piece of food. A little ant came out of the team, a big ant quickly walked towards the little ant, and the big ant touched the tentacles of the little ant composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , as if saying, "Hurry up Go back to the team to move things, or go back to have you feeling good. " The ant hurried back to the line after hearing this.

Suddenly I felt something crawling on my leg. Looking down, it turned out to be a few cute ants. They must have treated my leg as a small tree. My puppy Cola also had a lot of ants on his legs, so it rolled on the ground, which was really fun.

Why are ants moving? After I went home, I checked it online, and it turned out that the ants were about to rain when they moved. Because the rain would drown the original home, they would move the home up high. As soon as I shut down my computer, thunder came from afar. Wow! Wow! Wow! It's really raining!

Article 6: 700 words of ants moving composition

Everyone should know that "Ant will move the snake aisle, there will be heavy rain tomorrow". But is it really necessary for the ants to move? A recent incident has revealed the secret.

Once I was playing in the garden downstairs and I accidentally noticed that the ants were moving. I remembered the saying that it was going to rain when the ants moved, so I flew home immediately. When I got home, I said to my mother, "Mom, it's going to rain soon. Please put in the clothes hanging outside, or the clothes will be wet by the rain!"

"How do you know it's going to rain? Yesterday the weather forecast said there was no rain!" Mom was puzzled.

"I've seen ants move, and the book says it will rain soon when they move." I tried to explain to my mother.

When I waited the next day, it didn't rain. I think the ants moved early, and it will rain in a few days. But after more than ten days, not only did it rain, the weather became hotter. I am particularly disappointed. It seems that it does not rain when ants move.

A few days later, I saw the ants moving again in the same place downstairs. I think the last time I saw the ants did n’t rain when I moved, so I did n’t care, and I was still writing outside. It was poured into a "chicken soup", and I caught a cold for a few days.

I was puzzled and asked my mother, "Mom, why do ants sometimes rain when they move, and sometimes it doesn't?" "This ... this ... I don't know! But you can check the information online." Mom suggested me to say. Yeah, why ca n’t I check the information? I'm really clever for a while.

So I went through the information on the Internet and finally knew the mystery of why ants moved to rain. It turned out that the ants did not move in the same direction when they moved. Ants are much stronger than our humans. As long as the ants feel that the humidity of the air is extremely humid, it means that it is going to rain. At this time, the ants will move to a high place, because high water is not easy to accumulate. When the ants feel the air is particularly dry, they know that the weather will become extremely hot, because the high places will block the sun, so the ants will move to lower places.

Through this incident, I know that sometimes the ants move to rain, sometimes it is very hot, so when you see the ants move, you must first look at the direction of moving! Haha! I have learned a new knowledge!

Article 7: 800 words of ants moving composition

Ants are hardworking and cute animals. Its body is black and overwhelmingly small. Its body is divided into three parts: head, chest, and abdomen, three pairs of feet, a pair of antennae, and wings that are hard to see with the naked eye. Their biggest feature is: very united.

I remember once when my parents and I went to the village to visit my grandparents. As soon as I walked into the doorway, I stumbled upon a group of dark and turbulent objects flowing on the pillars. I was very curious, so I squatted down and observed slowly.

I took a closer look. It turned out to be a group of ants. They split up in two paths, all the way up and all the way down. The ants running up held tiny white spheres in their mouths, which should be their eggs, and hurriedly rushed over the pillars. The ants that came down did not bring anything, but the ants that came up and the ants that came down from time to time greeted them as if they were conveying a message, so I decided that the ants were moving. I searched again in the direction that the ants ran down, and sure enough, I saw their new openings, and the openings were piled with loose soil. At this moment, I saw an interesting scene. I continued to observe by holding my excitement and excitement. I saw a group of ants dragging a thumb-sized moth out of the hole, one of which was larger. The ants should be their first composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . They seem to be shouting "One Two, One Two", and the moths are slowly dragged away by them.

After this observation, I have surprises and doubts. To my surprise, I found out how the ants moved their houses; what was doubtful was that the moth was a giant to them. How could they have such a strong force to drag the moth? Also, I can't live well, why should I move? With curiosity, I hurried to ask my mother. My mother told me patiently that ants were able to drag such large objects because they were very united. Although their bodies were small, there was a saying: unity is power! The ants moved, indicating that it was going to rain soon. They were afraid that the heavy rain would destroy their home, so they hurriedly moved to a high place.

After listening to my mother's words, I was still doubtful, but after a while, I ran outside to take a look. Sure enough, the sky was covered with dark clouds. Then look at the ants. They have moved the moths to two thirds of the pillars. I stand there and cheer for the ants! It will rain sooner. Finally, when the ants moved to their new home, a heavy rain came down, and I was relieved for them!

I entered the room, sat down on the sofa, and slowly thought: Ants are really amazing! At the same time, I also learned that the ants are moving and it will rain.

Article Eight: 400 words of ants moving composition

One day, I went to play with my friends. Unexpectedly, the little friends were not at home, and I sat down on the grass in dejection.

Suddenly, I saw a group of ants under the tree. "Well? What are these ants doing here?" I was surprised. So I walked to the big tree, squatted down, and observed carefully, wanting to see what the ants were doing.

An ant carried a piece of paper out of the ant's nest, as if leading the way. Then came out one, two, five, ten ... as if all the ants were out of the ant's nest. And each ant is carrying something, some are carrying small rice grains, some are carrying small meat grains, and some are carrying some weird things. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . They followed one another and walked away.

The ants went farther and farther and faster. Later, they seemed to have found their destination and actually hid. While I was observing, suddenly a few drops of rain fell in the sky, and then the rain became heavier and heavier, and I hurried home.

After returning home, I integrated everything I just saw, and after careful thinking, I finally understood the reason why the ants are moving: It turns out that the ants are moving because it will rain!

After this incident, not only did I find that the ants were moving to rain, but I also understood that they must observe things carefully before they can make new discoveries.

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