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Caring composition 800 words

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Article 1: 800 Words of Human Care

Caring is the arm of a loved one who guards against danger; Caring is a helping hand for strangers in times of crisis; Caring is a bond of mutual help between people ...

Once upon a time, I have read a report, and I am so tired of reading it. This is a touching story that happened in a zoo somewhere. It was a sunny afternoon, the breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, and the animals in the zoo enjoyed the afternoon sun bath one by one. The scene was very pleasant. A father visited a tiger with a seven- or eight-year-old girl. The tiger area is in a low-lying area, surrounded by a fence, and people look down at the tiger pretending to be a fake. It sometimes shook its tail, sometimes opened its eyes to look at the tourists, and sometimes bowed its tongue out, a relaxed and free look, without any cruel and terrible looks, but it felt very docile. At this moment, the little girl couldn't restrain her curiosity, ran to the guardrail and wanted to observe the tiger up close.

However, unfortunate things happened. Because the zoo has been in disrepair for many years, the guardrail is not strong, and only the children were seen falling into the tiger activity area with the guardrail two meters deep. The little girl was so scared that she cried and attracted the attention of the pretending tiger. I saw the tiger immediately got up and walked towards the little girl. The father said that he was quick and jumped quickly to save the little girl. He wrote with a thin body https : //wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ blocked the attack of the tiger's claws. At this critical moment, thanks to the timely arrival of the staff, the tiger was subdued with a narcotic gun.

The father and the little girl were admitted to the hospital with the help of other tourists. When the reporter interviewed the brave father, the father told the tearful tears that in fact, when he was fighting the tiger, an unknown hero helped them. To escape the tiger's claws. That is, there was a zoo worker who was feeding other tigers when he found that the little girl had fallen. He rushed to the tiger first, using his body to stand in front of the tiger, and won the father precious time to rescue the little girl. However, at a young age, he died of a serious injury due to fighting with the tiger.

Without the care of an unknown hero, little girls and fathers could be at risk. It is his selfless love that makes people's feelings no longer far away; it is his selfless care that adds colorful pictures to life; it is his priceless love that fills the world with happiness, sweetness and happy.

Let us sow the seeds of love with our hands in the blue sky, in the bright sun, and on the vast earth, so that they take root, sprout, blossom, and bear fruit. In the breeze, they dance softly!

Article 2: 800 words of caring composition

Be someone who knows how to care for others so that others will care for you.


Not long ago, I was deeply touched by the story of "Good Man in the Mountain" in the teacher's composition class. The story goes like this--

The Zheng Yun family lived in a beautiful place, and his wife was pregnant. In winter, just after a snowfall, the snow on the ground has not completely melted. Zheng Yun said goodbye to his wife and drove to work happily as usual. Halfway along, the cell phone rang, and his wife called and said hard, "I'm going to have a baby soon."

At this moment, a person came out of the roadside and startled Zheng Yun. Passerby Dong stopped in front of Zheng Yunche and asked him for help. He knelt down and cried about his experience: the family came here to climb the mountain, because the road slipped on a snowy day, and his son fell off the cliff. Hopeless. His wife went to the village to find someone. He was waiting for a car here, but there were few cars and he couldn't find someone to help him.

This time, Zheng Yun was stumped. The urgent voice on his wife's phone was still echoing in his ear. Save your wife first or your child first? He finally made the difficult choice: save the child first, then the wife. Zheng Yun and Adong hurriedly climbed down the mountain to find the child. The rocks on the mountain were slippery, and the bushes along the road blocked them from advancing. Finally found the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , the little boy lay quietly on the stone and lost consciousness. His head was covered with blood and red stones, and the situation was very critical.

Zheng Yun drove the child to the hospital. He anxiously called his wife over and over again, comforted his wife, told himself that he would go back to accompany her immediately, and let her hold back.

The child was taken to the emergency room and out of danger. Zheng Yun immediately went home to save his wife, and Adong had to follow suit. He wanted to see if he could help any benefactor. Zheng Yun agreed to let him follow. On the way back, Zheng Yun kept calling his wife, but no one answered. Zheng Yun was anxious.

Zheng Yunfei rushed into the house, and to his surprise, he found that his wife had been born and was lying peacefully on the bed. Adong found that his wife was there, and was puzzled.

It turned out that when Mrs. Adong went to the village for help, she heard Mrs. Zheng Yun's cries for help. The pregnant woman was in danger of life at any time because of the incorrect fetal position. A Dong's wife happened to be an obstetrician. When she first sought someone to save her child or help a pregnant woman deliver, she made the right choice-helping others first.

The emergency situation of Zheng Yun and Adong was resolved because of others. Everyone had a happy smile on their faces.

Caring is mutual. If you give a helping hand when others are in trouble, you will get caring from others.

Chapter 3: 800 words of caring composition

Caring is a ray of warm sunshine that warms you and our hearts; Caring is a bridge that connects you and us; Caring is a wonderful fruit that brings us sweet feelings ...

I remember it was a very hot summer. My mother and I just returned from the interest class and were riding home by electric car. When the hot sun shines in the air, there is no wind, and the heat is unbearable. Even the uncle's huge body can't stop the hot sunlight. The hot sun pierced the top of the tree like countless sharp arrows and stabbed me fiercely, sweat dripping down.

I was sunburned along the way, and kept complaining: "This ghost weather is about to dry people!" Mom seemed to understand my feelings, and quickly comforted me, "Daughter, please bear with me Come on soon. "" How long will it take! "I said impatiently. "It's coming, it's coming." Mom stopped in front of a traffic light. "Now, you'll be across that intersection."

Soon, we came to the crossroads, and just when I thought my mother was going to speed up, I saw my mother stop. "Mom, why did you stop?" I asked in confusion. Mother pointed at the front and said helplessly: "Daughter, look, there are no traffic lights at this intersection, and the cars in front of us can't get through, just wait, wait for the cars to be less, let's go over."

"Drip——Drip——" The composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ a few whistle suddenly drifted into my ear. We looked in the direction of the sound. It turned out to be a car with a young big brother sitting in it, and he was beckoning to let us go first. The cars next to me also stopped outside the zebra crossing and waited for us to pass. Seeing this, her mother hurriedly pushed the car across the road. When she reached the elder brother's car, she did not forget to give him a thumbs up. The elder brother smiled slightly, nodded to her mother, and waited for all the pedestrians and trams to pass. He then drove on.

After my mother and I passed the crossroads, the doorstep of the house was close by. Haha! When I get home, I can enjoy the air conditioning. The more I think about it, the happier I feel. The sun seems more lovely. Just when I thought my mother was going to speed up the door, I did not expect her to stop. I was curious and asked, "Mom, this is almost home. Why are you stopping?" "Daughter, there is a mother-in-law in front of us, let's let Let her go. "It turned out that an old woman in front of us was passing slowly in front of us, and she was carrying two baskets full of vegetables. Mom just saw the old woman, so she stopped the car and let her go first. The old lady looked at us and cast a warm smile on us.

Yeah, the love in life is everywhere, a little warm heart can move everyone, as the lyrics say: as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world ...

Part Four: Caring Composition in Indifference 800 Words

A new "big money" has moved in our community.

She is a beautiful woman wearing a name tag. Designer clothes, designer shoes, designer bags. Various famous brands such as Chanel, LV, etc. often appeared on her. Big eyes, long eyelashes, small cherry mouth, white like snow, skin like fresh milk, plus thin and long body, taking up two-thirds of the body's long legs, beautiful and thrilling. Like a fairy.

But she never talks or laughs with people in the community. Whenever people meet her, they look at her with curiosity and appreciation, but no one wants to talk to her. Because in her eyes she is proud, indifferent, like a white swan, as if everyone is a person in two worlds. Her high-end, elegant dress made people stay away, and after a long time no one paid attention to her and ignored her existence.

However, once I was on the way out of school, I saw an old grandfather fell on the side of the road, many people looked around, and no one was willing to help, they felt that maybe the next victim was themselves, don't let the elderly fall on them. They, hold them accountable. At this moment, there was a red oil-colored car parked in front of it, and a beautiful girl came down. She helped the unknown old man to get into his car and drove towards the hospital. Somehow, at that instant, a kind of admiration sprang up. Maybe she didn't know. A slight smile when she was on the bus left a deep impression on the people around. Maybe it's when her image in our hearts quietly composed http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ changed quietly.

Once, a fund-raising event was held in the community, and there were only a handful of donors. People talked about the whereabouts of the donated money and things. I ticked the corner "as usual." Home. Suddenly the firecrackers went downstairs, and the voice was boiling. I didn't know what happened. I went downstairs with curiosity to find out. It turned out that there was a "mysterious person" who donated 10,000 yuan, and people were celebrating and thanking her. . Who is so generous? I was curious about this "mysterious man" and determined to find this "hero".

I went to ask "Baotiao" in the community to investigate. It didn't matter if I didn't check it. When I checked it, I was shocked. The "mysterious man" turned out to be "her". When I met her again, I called up the courage, and the Lord said it with curiosity. She opened her beautiful big eyes. When I asked her why the donation was anonymous, she said to me with a smile: "Is it difficult for the people in the disaster-stricken area to need society and the support of compatriots of all ethnic groups? I can't stand idly by! I asked her so much money, aren't you heartbroken? She said that I understand the mood of the people in the disaster-stricken area at the moment, and I can better understand how a person is affected by society, Pain after being abandoned by the family, because I am also an orphan!

At this moment, the true "tall up" is appearing in front of my eyes. She is our benchmark, the beacon on my way forward, and my heart can't help raising a trace of different emotions ...

This is my neighbor, a person who does good things without a name, and always thinks about others. A beautiful and indifferent appearance is filled with an extremely warm heart.

Article Five: Caring Composition in the Rain 800 Words

It's another thunderstorm season. The sky is like a frying pan of frantic cooking. The downpour is pouring down, and lightning sprints. The big trees on the ground could not hold it anymore, and the flowers and plants were also washed down by the baptism of the rain. Only the tall buildings are fighting stubbornly against the heavy rain, and their strong bodies can be seen hazily in the rain. Every time I think of a classmate from my elementary school, he helped me in the pouring rain ...

In elementary school, there was a dark and thin classmate in the class. He is not tall, with thick eyebrows, and his glasses are standing upright on the bridge of his nose. At first glance, he looks like a well-learned person, but he is actually a “master of hindrance”. He and I are at the same table. Our birthday is 4 days apart. I think this is a fate. His name is Louis, and we often help each other and are very close friends.

Remember that day, we made an appointment to play basketball together after school. After school, we carried our schoolbags and ran towards the playground. "Three-pointers!" "Rush over!" We were so happy that we knew that when the game was hot, the raindrops floated down from the sky. With this light rain, even the flowers can easily resist, so we continued to play when the rain did not exist. It ’s difficult to hope, the rain is getting heavier, and the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ unknowingly, in some places, the accumulated water has not passed the ankle.

Unexpectedly, I didn't stand up and broke my leg. The rain crackled and my tears rolled down. Louis helped me to walk to the infirmary. When I got to the infirmary, after checking the bandage, I suddenly noticed that Louis was almost soaked! I wanted to persuade him to go home, but when I remembered his stubborn character, he stopped talking. Louis took me back to the house again in the rain, and I was particularly moved to see him tremble with frost, but the thought that we were friends didn't even say thank you. I thank him in my heart for understanding.

The next day, Louis caught a cold. He didn't come to school for a few days. Until we graduated, I didn't know the ins and outs of that matter.

Louis did catch a cold from the rain. His parents died early, and his aunt took care of him. His aunt was not careful to support his family. To prevent his aunt from worrying, Louis tried hard to raise his own illness, and he didn't say he had a fever at home. He later had to go to the hospital to get serious. When I knew it, my nose was sore and tears instantly wet my eyes.

The love among classmates is like a movie, the process is ups and downs, but the ending is shocking. Whenever it rains heavily, I think of him, of the silly Louis who has been sick for a long time.

Article Six: 800 words when the care comes

When caring comes, do you feel it? When talking about this issue, many people are silent!

One autumn night, my mother and I sat in the small courtyard again, and the breeze blew with a little coolness. Just listen to the singing of insects from the flowers near the wall. The mother said with a smile: "You listen, it's like singing and washing the pulp, the baby hugs the pit." I listened carefully, and really heard it. It's cold, little bugs, a family, looking for a warm place to spend the winter. The mother said: 蟋蟀 This little thing is also spiritual, and singing is also very pleasant. Then, my mother said to me, "Read more books, understand the outside world, and improve your knowledge. Why haven't you seen you read books in recent days?" I told her that I was reading vernacular without memorizing. She seemed surprised. Asked what book I was holding, I told her it was a book written by a person named Zhu Ziqing. My mother asked me to read it to her, so I had to do it. At the urging of us, we entered the room and sat on the warm bed. I began to read "Back" with a few words. Reading, reading somehow, I suddenly felt a little awkward. I also seem to have new insights into this article. The mother seemed to see something and nodded with a smile.

Just at midnight, it was about twelve o'clock. Soon after we entered the dreamland, suddenly, the phone at home rang, and the ringing bell rang in this dark night sky. Composition composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ by . It turned out to be from a mother's friend. When I hung up the phone, I noticed that my mother had tears on her face. I asked my mother what was going on. My mother sobbed and said to me, "Your dad is lying in the hospital and said there was a car accident." At that time, a haze covered my eyes, and I sat up like a thunderbolt. I thought of 10,000 possibilities, maybe Dad is okay, maybe Dad is just slightly injured ... Because my mother is going to class the next day, my mother told me to take my brother to sleep. She quickly took her friend's car to the military district hospital.

But in the next week, I was so confused that I forgot to call my father. I remember calling my dad when National Day came home. After the call was connected, I really heard my father ’s voice: “Late autumn, it ’s been cold recently, you and your brother should wear more clothes and quilts to avoid getting cold. Dad is fine, do n’t worry.” At that time, my eyes Out of sight. I was busy apologizing to my father and asking about his physical condition. Although I can't see my father's expression now, I can feel my father's joy and satisfaction at this moment.

After hanging up, I was suddenly silent. Isn't this the care of my father. When caring came, it was so calm and warm. Our parents care about us and they care for us everywhere. And our care for parents is enough to please them.

Friends, do you feel when the care comes?

Article Seven: 800 Words of Life Care Composition

"The spring silkworm came to the end of the dead silk, and the wax torch turned into tears," she said. Her love made me grow. Because of her love, my life has added a scent of fragrance; because of her love, my studies have gone to a higher level; and because of her love, my side has more glory. She was the last class teacher in my elementary school.

The black shiny hair is tied into a ponytail, and the two dark eyes have a unique affinity. The corners of the mouth are always slightly raised, with a smile, and always very confident. The white shirt is paired with a pink coat, blue Wearing a pair of pink sneakers under his jeans. Every morning, when a few rays of sunlight just came into the classroom, she was already in the classroom for the students to read early. The English teacher couldn't come because of something, so she led us to read English. The sound is strong and clear, so that every student can hear clearly. Sunshine walked from the podium to the door. After finishing early reading, she left the classroom and was preparing for the first class.

Remember your smile, teacher, do you remember? At that time, I did well in the exam. You thought you would praise me well, but you just smiled a little, which is a way to encourage me and a way to make me not proud. Remember the time when my test was not ideal? I thought you would criticize me severely, but you smiled and said to me: "Achievements do not mean everything, what is important is the hard work of study." You gave me comfort with a smile and gave me encouragement.

It's late autumn, and the biting cold wind is blowing on my face and hands. I feel a little painful composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . My hands are cold and my face is hot. My father gave me a thermometer. After I tried it, I saw the long black line where I had a fever. Dad took me to the nearby clinic to get some medicine, but it didn't work very well. He continued to have fever for several days. You called and greeted me, and I heard the gentle voice again, and the words were still clear. My hands are cold, but my heart is hot. I went back to school, this familiar place. You called me to the office during class hours, walked to the desk, and saw that the things on the table were well organized. You still say in that voice, "Are you better, are you still uncomfortable?" Then tell me in a short language what I haven't learned these days. I saw your smile again.

"Falling red is not ruthless, it turns into spring mud to protect flowers", you dedicate yourself, just like falling flowers, thank you, my teacher. You are like a candle that burns yourself, but illuminates me, and guides me forward. You are an encyclopedia, which gives me knowledge. Thank you, my teacher. Look up at the night sky. Among the stars, the brightest star is pinning my miss on you. Look up. Whenever I study under a soft table lamp, I always see you, thank you, my teacher.

Every time I think of the word "teacher", I hear the voice and see the smile. Her love gave me wisdom, warmth, hope and strength, and allowed me to grow.

Fortunately, I can be your student.

This is my teacher, she cares for me.

Article Eight: I live 800 words in caring

In my life, I live more colorfully. Sometimes I encounter troubles and talk to parents, teachers and classmates. Sometimes I am deeply confused and unable to extricate myself for a long time. Although I have so many confused and troubled things, I even think that I live in love.

My mother's love is selfless, and that invisible love has surrounded me, giving me the warmest and most comfortable embrace. My mother ’s love turned to nagging. Whenever I went out early in the morning, my mother would tell me in the warmest tone: “Eat a bit richer for breakfast, be careful on the way, and come back early at night.” But I am always tired of talking I said, "I see!" In the mother's thoughts, it must be because the daughter can sacrifice a lot! Mom, here I am sincerely saying "Sorry, Mom, I love you."

In my life, not only the care of my mother but also the care and encouragement of my teacher.

Our school held a mid-term exam. I didn't go well. I took a class of 16 and a class of 18. I was very frustrated. When I got home, I told my grades and I thought that my mother would blame me severely. She did n’t, she just said faintly: "Know, work hard next time! Come on, my mother trusts you and puts out a big smile to reassure me." I know that my mother is not the truth, which one in the world Parents don't want to "look at the child and become the dragon, look at the woman into the phoenix", and wipe their faces when they look at the results of their female composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . This is what mother said to reduce my stress. She really hopes that I will do well in the exam! On the third day, the teacher reported the name of the person who regressed. Of course, there was me. The teacher talked to me after class and said to me intently: "Your study attitude is good, and you study hard. You go Find out where the test is bad, and where there are loopholes. Go back and 'fill' these loopholes. The teacher knows that you are a good child. You will not give up. Come on! I believe you. " Suddenly, the warm current spread throughout my body. I suddenly realized that the teacher was right. I was looking for my own shortcomings. I had to be more serious and not let the teachers and parents' expectations for me be shattered. Thank you, teacher!

Although the encouragement from my classmates was very little, it also made me feel loved. The classmates comforted me everywhere when I learned that I failed the exam, and told me not to be discouraged and depressed. There are many more people! As long as you work harder and study hard, you will catch up! "

The encouragement given to me by my parents, teachers, and classmates is a kind of love. This love inspires me and makes me struggle. It seems to be a clear spring in hunger, a beam of sunshine in the cold, and a help in retrograde. All this has moved me, thank you! Give me motivation and I will definitely cheer!

Chapter Nine: Life Needs Caring Composition 800 Words

All bad luck came without warning, just like the storm in June. On Sunday afternoon, I had a sudden high fever and felt weak, like an eggplant beaten by cream.

Seeing this scene of my mother, while comforting me constantly, she "packed" me and took me to the hospital. There are a lot of people in the hospital, and they constantly shuttle in front of me. Mom was afraid that I would be too tired to stand, so I wiped a chair and let me sit and wait.

It was my turn to take a blood test, and I was a bit scared if I hadn't been to the hospital for a long time. My mother was busy covering my eyes with her hands, lest I keep seeing the cold-glowing needle stuck in my hand and fear. The doctor quickly made a diagnosis based on the results of the test. I put on a hanging pin. Mom poured water for me, and she blew it gently, tried the temperature, and handed it to me. On the way home, my mother always cared for me: "Is it cold?" "Not cold." As soon as I got home, my mother asked: "Hungry or not? I'll cook some rice porridge for you?" "Well, good." After a while, my mother brought fragrant rice porridge and a dish of plum Huang Huangsheng with a shine. After eating, my mother settled down for me to rest. But my mother still kept touching my forehead, put me a cold towel and pour water ...

The next day, I felt a lot lighter, and my mother was relieved.

But the illness did not retreat quickly with the mother's infinite care. At night, I felt composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I felt pain in my hands and feet. My mother got up to check it in the middle of the night. I saw a deep red on my fingers and it hurt when I touched it. My mother comforted me so much that I got into the bed. But I felt the anxiety and worry that couldn't be concealed on Mom's calm face.

Then we went to the hospital again, the doctor said it was okay, and my mother seemed relieved again. But my pain still didn't decrease, but it got worse. In the evening, my mother kept comforting me, and at the same time urged my father to take me to Jiangyan's hospital for examination tomorrow. That day, I came to Jiangyan People's Hospital with my mother's uneasiness with fear. After uniform registration, diagnosis and testing, the doctor diagnosed hand-foot-mouth disease and prescribed medicine.

I can't go to school ...

My grandmother was afraid that I would be alone at home and took me home. Since then, she has changed the way she cooks delicious food for me every day, and brings tea to her. My neighbors heard and sent me greetings of concern. My mother communicated deep love through the phone line every night. Stop caring about my condition, and send daily homework and knowledge points ...

With everyone's care, my condition improved rapidly.

On Monday, I returned to the campus full of your love. Everyone came to me and asked questions when they saw me ...

A warm current dissipates the haze caused by the disease, making me feel extremely warm in the disease ...

Article Ten: Grandma's Caring Composition 800 Words

During my 13-year journey, many people paid a lot of attention to me, including parents and relatives ... one of them was my role model and backer, and a mentor for my growth. That is my loving grandma.

As the years go by, the stream of memories flows quietly in my heart, and every wave that emerges is that beautiful and ordinary, that always shakes my heartstrings and makes me unforgettable for life.

Listening to my mother, when I was two years old, my grandmother was a teacher with more than 40 years of teaching experience, a national model teacher, loved by students, and she was well-known in her hometown, a small county. Beloved by social parents. In order to make me grow healthier, she resolutely gave up her beloved job, left the three-foot podium, left her beloved student, went through retirement procedures, and then took on my full-time nanny and became my own child. division.

Grandma loves me very much and is very concerned about my studies. From outside the classroom to inside the classroom, nothing matters. When I was in elementary school, I was playful and carefree. Homework and exams were sometimes sloppy. Unsure of the question, blindly writing, causing points to be lost. At this time, grandma did not train me, but patiently explained to me, she said: "Failure is the mother of success. Failure to pass the exam this time does not mean that you will be in the future. The exam is not good. As long as you carefully summarize your experience, find out the reasons, and study hard, I believe you will make great progress. "Since then I changed my composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I have been studying very hard, and I have tested the first place in the class for many times.

Grandma cares about me in every detail. I remember one night in the summer. In the middle of the night, I was awakened by a sting in my face. After a while, my face swelled up, like a scalp, and my eyes were swollen. There was a seam left. At that time, my parents were not at home. My home is several miles away from the hospital, and the middle of the night has passed, and the taxi has disappeared. Even the pedestrians are invisible. There is no street light. This is anxious to my grandma. In a hurry, my grandma said nothing and carried me. I ran to the hospital. My grandma was over 50 years old. I weighed more than 70 kilograms. My grandma was carrying a lot of effort. I ran to the county people's hospital almost all the way. My grandma was panting and sweat was soaked in her clothes. My grandma was already I was exhausted. After arriving at the hospital, my grandma went from the first floor to the fourth floor, registering, filming, paying money, grabbing medicine, dripping. The doctor said: "This is a typical poisoning phenomenon. It is sometimes bitten by poisonous mosquitoes. It is also a facial triangle. It is very dangerous. Thanks to a doctor in time." It is already early in the morning. My grandmother walked home step by step with me on my back again, looking at my grandma's sweaty face, my tears couldn't help but stay, and a warm current surged in my heart, my dear and dear grandma!

Night, quiet and deep.

The care of grandma like a mountain has always been in my heart, and it will make my life endless. You are the patron and haven of my life. This care will accompany me throughout my life.

Chapter 11: Caring Priceless Composition 800 Words

What is caring? It may be the umbrella that was given to someone who did not bring an umbrella on a rainy day; it may be a glass of water given to their children by mothers; caring is a sincere and beautiful emotion from the heart that wants to help and care for others . Caring is everywhere, and we feel a lot of caring every day. The only thing that echoed in my mind for a long time.

I remember it was a rainy day, and my father drove me to a relative's house. As the car was approaching the house of a relative, a middle-aged woman stood by the road and kept waving to stop our car. When I was wondering, Dad stopped the car. I rolled down the window and took a closer look at the woman. She was holding her fist in a hurry, and there was a man about fifty years old standing beside him. The man was sweating finely on his forehead and his frowns were tightly frowned . I looked further down, my God, there was a circle of white gauze wrapped around his left hand, the blood was still flowing out, and the blood on the gauze was shocking. Seeing the rain is getting heavier, "Wow!" Like a worrying symphony, like countless silver needles sticking straight into the ground. Women's eyes flashed for help, and the few cars on the road drove fast. The woman was anxious like an ant on a hot pan, stuttering: "Good-hearted person, can't you .... Help me, my husband, his hand composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ was injured by the machine Now, help me, kind person! Take him to the municipal hospital! "

My brain hasn't responded yet. I saw my dad looked at the wounded and agreed without hesitation. They got in the car, and Dad immediately turned around and sped away towards the municipal hospital. The woman kept thanking her and holding her husband tightly with both hands. I pursed my lips, unhappy, thinking: now I'm fine ... I have to take you to the hospital. I was going to play with my relatives ... Huh! Thinking of this, I glanced at the injured person, and he seemed to perceive my psychology, and smiled at me with regret. On another look, the blood on his hand had stained the pad with blood, and I couldn't help feeling ashamed of what I had just thought.

Along the way, the car drove smoothly and quickly, and the sound of rain from the ears knocked on the windows. At the hospital, the woman nodded her head and thanked her. She reached out to grab something from her bag, but her father stopped her. Dad said with concern: "Go to the hospital, it's okay!"

On the way home, no one in the car spoke. The rain is still raining, but there is a feeling that replaced my previous boring mood, like a warm current leaving a beautiful trace in my heart. At this moment, I really understand the beautiful meaning of caring is priceless!

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