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The most memorable 500 words

Time: 2018-11-06 20:06:00

Article 1: The most memorable essay 550 words

Everyone has many things hidden in the memory. Although it's been a long time, it still makes me remember.

Last year, July 21st was the day my grandpa died. At that time, he passed away at 9 o'clock in the morning because of breathing. I have lived in Qingdao, Shandong, China for twelve years. But things like life and death are vague and overwhelming to me, and still very slim. My first experience of this kind of thing turned out to be my dearest person. When I was a kid, I whispered that my grandfather could live a hundred years, and my children were very naive and imaginative. After my grandfather left, my home was a lot deserted, less noisy in the past, and no one is comfortable with it. After half a year, the family was restored, and I seemed to want to open it. One person died eventually, not to mention that my grandfather lived an extra ten years.

I suddenly remembered when my grandfather took me to a sugar ball, when I was very skinny, disobedient, and running around. 姥Zuowen http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Ye grabbed me tight, for fear I would lose it. I am the older one of the three children in my grandfather's family, so I asked them to set an example, and I thought to myself that I must be a little bit more likable. I used to see parents clamoring for everything to buy, as I am eating for three minutes, and I got tired of eating it several times. I asked my grandpa to buy me drinks and sugar balls. The old people loved the children, so they bought them naturally. When I walked by, I met my brother and my uncle occasionally. I saw sugar paintings in my brother's hand.

This is the most fun time I've had with Grandpa. Grandpa told me a lot of things, and I am very grateful that someone took care of me like that.

This year is my grandpa last year. I miss him very much. May he have a good time in this wonderful world of heaven.

Although this matter has passed for a long time, it is always in my mind, and he will never forget how good he is to me. Thank you.

Article 2: The most memorable essay composition 500 words

Everyone's life is filled with joy, sorrow, and sorrow. They are like beautiful notes that carry a wonderful life story and make our lives rich and fulfilling.

I am going to issue the test paper today, and I walk into the school with both joy and fear. I am happy: I hope that I can get a good result as I wish; I am afraid: I hope that I will fail and the test will fail.

Finally, the examination papers will be issued. When I think of my name and my grades, I feel like I've fallen into an ice cellar, from head to toe.

On the way home, somehow, the straight and flat path usually became extremely lame, and the charming flowers on both sides of the road became overshadowed. The blue sky in the morning was no longer blue, and the beauty in front of it became So tedious.

My heart hurts like a knife twist, tears don't write. Https://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I live down. Time passed minute by minute, and I stood at the door hesitant, thinking uneasily, "What should I do?" Finally, I entered the house with a little anxiety and panic, and saw everything as calm as usual, I Like a mouse hiding from a cat, he hid into the room all at once. Later, I did not escape my mother's eyes, and I had to give the examination papers to my mother in despair. I did not expect that my mother was not angry when she saw the test paper, but she touched my head calmly and said, "Child, although you did not take the test well this time, don't blame yourself too much. As long as you learn the lesson, continue to work hard, believe you I will take the exam once! "At this moment, my heart finally relaxed, and I suddenly fell into my mother's arms.

Although it has been a long time ago, I will never forget it, forever ...

Article 3: The most memorable essay composition 500 words

You must have the most memorable thing, tell you I have one of the most memorable things, let me tell you quietly!

That was when I was in the second grade. One time, the teacher asked me to recite the text "Unforgettable Songkran." At the time, I couldn't read this text smoothly, let alone memorize it. After coming home from school, I thought for a while and came up with a coup that can deal with both teachers and mothers. The first paragraph of the text is only a few words. I only recite the first natural paragraph and ask my mother to sign it. I quickly started memorizing. In the evening, my mother came back. I gave the first paragraph to my mother. Then I asked my mother to sign the first paragraph on the textbook and the name of the mother. After the mother left, I used the rubber The words in the paragraph were erased, leaving only the mother ’s signature and having already memorized these three words. I thought to myself: Who said that the text was difficult to memorize, wouldn't it be easy to get it done?

The next day, the teacher asked: "Did the class composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ the text be memorized?" Everyone said, "Mean it." The voice of the class was the loudest, and the eyes of the teachers and students were all focused On my body, the teacher said, "You go back to the podium and give the lesson to everyone." My heart suddenly jumped to my throat, daring to the podium, the first natural part was done, and my mouth was like I ca n’t open it if I stuck a stone. I had to admit to the teacher that I only carried the first natural paragraph.

"Then why did you say that you memorized it?" As soon as the teacher said something, the classmates burst into laughter. I had to apologize to the teacher and say, "I will never do this again." Although the teacher did not criticize me, But I still feel embarrassed.

It has been a long time since, but I still remember it and endorsed it no longer. This incident made me understand what it means to be smart and to be misunderstood. In the future, I will be an honest, hardworking good boy.

Article 4: One of my most memorable essays: 500 words

There are many events in my life, big and small. Among those things, there are happy things, sad things, sad things, some make me unforgettable, some quickly forget, but what makes me the most memorable is that thing.

It was a summer vacation a few years ago. My family of three and my friend An An and his family went to Rongxian Dushan to climb the mountain. An An and I were very energetic. As soon as I bought the ticket, I kept running towards the top of the mountain and left the adults behind. Only the long-legged An Da followed. We ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran. We sometimes sit on the roadside to drink water and rest, sometimes to see the scenery in the distance, and sometimes to enjoy the scenery on the top of the mountain.

At this time, An Da received a call and said that adults copied the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Lu, and had reached the slope of Valentine. We immediately went down the mountain and said, "It's easy to go down the mountain." But I don't think it's difficult at all. The downhill road is either downhill or down the stairs. We shouted all the way and washed down the mountain. The accident happened from the last slope of Lover's Slope.

I tripped over the paved pebbles and rolled down, and I closed my eyes tightly, and my body hurt for a while. I rolled down the slope, and Anba took a lunge and hugged me. I broke free from him and stood up bravely. When I went down, I walked down with An An, the wound on my hand was bleeding, and the wound on my leg was painful. Finally at the foot of the mountain, I got into my father's car and fell asleep.

This incident has passed a long time, but I can never forget it, because this incident has greatly helped my growth.

Article 5: One of the most memorable things in the growth experience Composition 500 words

There were many things in my growth, but the thing that made me most memorable was that.

That was when I was in kindergarten, and my class was going to play in Songlin Park. We played a lot of fun games in the park, looking for things, hide-and-seek ... but my favorite thing is to tear up the brand name.

I was very excited when the game was about to start, but when I later saw a scene of torn brands. I can't help feeling a little trembling, I wonder if I will lose or win.

Before the group, I thought I would tear up the brand name with Yu Yu, but I didn't expect to end up with Geng Ziyu in the end. After all, during the class, I didn't tear him off once, but I didn't want to lose to him again, I would cheer, I made up my mind.

As soon as the game started, Geng Ziyi rushed at me. I blocked it with my hand and blocked the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . I and Geng Ziyi looked at each other a bit, and then I asked He pounced, but unfortunately he didn't tear it. In this way, we are not letting anyone go, and we are not willing to give in.

An hour passed and both of us were exhausted. Mom and Dad handed me the water in the schoolbag and said to me, "Be sure to win!" Suddenly, my fighting spirit ignited, and I launched a violent attack on Geng Ziying as soon as I came on the court, but all was blocked by him When I was lost, Geng Ziyi rushed at me and threw me, but I quickly stood up and rushed at him again, grabbing his nameplate and tearing it off. All cheered. I was also very excited, thinking: I finally won Geng Ziyu.

Later, we also experienced many tears of brand names, but this thing was deeply in my mind.

Article 6: One of the most memorable things in the growth experience Composition 500 words

One day, my father decided to take us to a haunted house. I was so excited that I even laughed at my face. I bent up with my mouth moving, even the front teeth were exposed, and my hands kept patting. My head kept thinking about what was in the haunted house, and my mouth kept saying, "Great, great Now, my dad is taking me to a haunted house! "

The next day, Dad drove us to the haunted house. Although the scenery next to the car is beautiful, I don't even see it. I kept thinking about what I could see in the haunted house. After a while, we arrived at the haunted house. We went to the place where the ticket was sold and suddenly a spider ran over. My heart jumped up all of a sudden, thinking: Will the haunted house be the same?

When we walked into the haunted house, I found a pair of yellow eyes looking at my composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , my scared legs kept shaking, but I still walked in, I walked in and looked, one The monster ran out suddenly, scaring me to stay where I was, and I didn't dare to move, and then a lot of ghosts wearing white clothes and shawls appeared. I didn't even dare to say aloud, and jumped mentally. I kept jumping out of my throat and staring at them tightly. Suddenly, I found that those ghosts were wearing sneakers and suddenly remembered that these were played by people. Why should I be so scared? My heart finally fell again, and I became not afraid at all, and I greeted them generously and looked at their amazement. I was very proud. After a while, we went out and went home happily.

I feel like there are no ghosts in the world. I must be calm and brave when I encounter something.

Article Seven: The most memorable essay 550 words

I have many unforgettable things, but there is only one thing that is most memorable for me.

At noon, the sun was like fire. The ground was hot, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of the students. At about 12 o'clock, the "flea market" began! I spread the cloth on the playground one after another, put the goods on the cloth, and started to sell: "Sweet and fragrant chocolate!" "Small and delicate light pen!" "Buy Mimi card, click the card!" "Cute Erasers of all shapes! "We were dazzled.

I mainly sell highlighters, codebooks and all kinds of novel stationery. Everyone was tired of the thick and big pens that were not easy to use. They all came to buy my light pen. At this time, a teacher came to me. My pen was 2.5 yuan. The price was cut to 2 yuan. so amazing.

My codebook is also very interesting, because many people write diaries in the codebook, in order to prevent people from peeping, many people have set up composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ password. I made a lot of money again.

I sold some Mi Mika again and prepared to sell it at a high price, but I just put it on the counter. The people who bought Mi Mika have already lined up. My Mika 10 is 10 yuan, 15 yuan Sell. I suddenly made forty yuan. I quickly restocked and bought a lot, and the business was really endless. I was happy to think, "This time, I am lucky.

I ended up buying a few long, curved pencils that can be used to write, which is fun.

This event is over, but I understand the hard work of adults and the joy of harvesting.

This time I counted the net income, 18 yuan for the light pen, 20 yuan for the secret pen, 55 yuan for the Mimi card, and 17 yuan for the rubber. When I came home, I felt wet on my back, and my stomach was rumbling, in order to earn With this money, I sold things for 4 hours and sweated a lot, but I was happy because I experienced the joy of labor.

Article Eight: One of the most memorable things in the winter vacation Composition 500 words

This morning, when I was still in the quilt, my mother shouted at me: "Get up! The sun is sunburning!" I muttered reluctantly: "Really, I won't let me sleep during the winter vacation!" My mother listened , I laughed secretly, and said, "Then you do n’t go to wash the car, and sleep well!" At this moment, I suddenly remembered that yesterday I promised to help my parents to wash the car, so I dressed as fast as possible and ran to the floor under.

Downstairs, my dad was waiting for me there already (how did he get up so early? Usually not after nine o'clock?). I asked him, "What can I do?" He replied with a smile: "See? There are two towels in the car, one big and the other small. You put the small towel in this bucket and soak it, and wipe it off. Later, use another dry towel to dry the water on it. You need to wipe the glass on the right side and the car body, the front and the rear, you know? "" Got it! "

I started to wipe the car. I put the towel in the water, wow! So ice! I shivered and dragged the towel out of the water to write the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , put it on the window of the car, and wiped it carefully. After a while, the black spots on the window were wiped out by me! Next is the body. They should be the hardest place to clean a car! As I wiped, I removed the dirt from the body and wiped less than half the body. My little towel had become stinky and black. I had to go back to the cold bucket and wash the towels.

The front is the easiest I feel, because only the license plate, headlights and cover are wiped. However, if you do put it into practice, it is actually very difficult. You have to wipe every number and cover again. After an hour of busy work, you are finally done.

When I got home, my parents gave me a thumbs up. My heart is beautiful. I thought to myself: Mom and Dad are so hard! Next time I will help them clean the car.

Chapter Nine: One of my most memorable essays 500 words

In life, something that you like will happen every moment, as long as you have a pair of eyes that you will find, the surprise is hidden by your side.

I remember, the day was sunny, my family and I drove dozens of miles to the countryside and plucked needles. As soon as the car stopped, I immediately jumped out of the car.

I saw, in the wide field, a small green seedling dancing in the wind, making a "rustle" sound. I saw the head of the field again, with many unknown wild flowers open, colorful and star-like. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I was fascinated by the sight in front of me. I can't remove my eyes. It took me a while to return to my heart.

Then I asked my mother in confusion: "Where can there be hair needles in such a big field?" Mother pointed at a piece of grass in front of her, and her eyes seemed to be attracted, and she said with surprise, "Oh, the front piece. Isn't there a needle in the field? "

I rushed forward with a single stride, and pulled one without seeing it. I turned it away, eh? what happened? Turned out to be empty! I stood there blankly and said nothing, but my mother had already stood smiling cheerfully. My mother said to me, "A redhead like this is solid and delicious." Grandpa has caught a handful of hairpins in my hand, and I am very envious. When can I be like a grandfather and become a master of epilation needles? I believe that if I work hard, I will succeed. As a result, my motivation was even stronger, and I was so busy, till I was so busy at sunset.

We were all sweaty, and my mother asked me, "What's the gain today?" "Well, I learned the epilation needle today, and I was in close contact with nature." My mother smiled and patted me again. Head, just like that, we went home laughingly.

Chapter 10: The most memorable essay composition 500 words

One of the most memorable things about me was that I almost went drowning in swimming this summer.

One day during the summer of this year, I went to Xishan Kangnian Swimming Hall to swim with my parents. When I arrived at the swimming pool, I changed into a bathing suit and thought that I had learned to swim for a while, and the water was very good. I didn't wear a swimming ring when I entered the swimming pool. Before going into the water, my mother asked me to wait for her. I said "OK" in my mouth, but I thought "I won't wait for you!". As a result, I could n’t wait to jump into the water without preparing for the activities before launching, splashing a splash of water, and I was swimming in the water.

Hey, it's really "don't listen to parents, and suffer the loss". After swimming in the water for a while, my right leg suddenly had cramps, and I couldn't move, and it hurt like a needle, and my body sank quickly into the water. I called desperately for help. Dad heard my composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ after calling for help, he jumped into the water regardless of thirty-seven twenty-one, and swam to me at a rocket-like speed and hugged me, he held it with one hand Holding on to me, the other hand quickly paddled, and finally successfully held me ashore. I lay on the shore and spit several mouthfuls of water in a row. There was water in my nose and ears, just like the water in my body. It was extremely uncomfortable. Although my mother's tears kept swirling in her eyes, she still gave me a pain. It's all because I don't listen to my mother, I think I'm right, especially I don't take my anti drowning safety knowledge to heart. Fortunately, my father heard this time, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

I am now a little scared when I think about it. Even a few seconds can be shocking. It is really "reckless." I know that in the future life, you can't take it for granted. You have to listen more to your parents and teachers.

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