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One memorable composition

Time: 2018-11-06 19:54:00

Article 1: An unforgettable essay with 600 words

Open the gate of memory, walk into the long river of memory, and think back to the past, it is really memorable! What made me most memorable was that day ...

I remember that day, the weather was extremely cold and it was snowing. In the extra-curricular tutoring class, the students were gone, and I was left in the class, so dark outside. The teacher called her mother. She said that she had to work overtime today and couldn't come to pick me up. Grandma Zhang would pick me up. Grandma Zhang is a neighbor of my family and she is very nice. Her children are working in other places and only come back once every two years. She always lives alone. About half an hour later, Grandma Zhang came to the cram school. She saw that I was wearing only a single garment, and hurriedly took off her jacket to put it on me. Grandma Zhang only had thin clothes on her body. I decided to return the padded jacket to Grandma Zhang, so I said to Grandma Zhang, "Grandma Zhang, it's cold outside, put on the padded jacket! I'm not cold!" Grandma Zhang said, "Look at your small body and don't wear it Many, how can it not be cold? Put on it quickly, be careful about colds! "I also insisted on putting the jacket on Granny Zhang's composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . She said, "Since your mother entrusted you to me, I should take good care of you, and you have to listen to me." She said as she wrapped my clothes tightly and took my hand out of the make-up class.

Grandma Zhang came on a bicycle. The way back was even more slippery. She could n’t ride it. Grandma decided to let me sit in the back of the car. She pushed the car back. I watched Grandma Zhang pushed the bicycle back. My heart didn't really taste, tears came out unconsciously ... When I got home, I hurried to Grandma Zhang and said with red eyes, "Grandma, thank you!" Grandma Zhang touched my head and said, "It's all right , Child, grandma is very good! Are you hungry? Grandma cooks for you. "After that, Grandma Zhang went into the kitchen. After eating, I saw Grandma Zhang sneezing constantly. I went home and took some cold medicine for Grandma Zhang. I also settled Grandma Zhang to sleep.

Although Grandma Zhang has now passed away, I have kept the padded jacket, and I will keep it forever, forever ...

Article 2: An unforgettable essay of 700 words

Time flies like a roulette wheel, and time flies like a meteor. Opening the gates of memory, many past events rushed forward like a surging tide. Among them, the experience of digging potato in Nongjiale that day left a deep impression on me, and it is still vivid in my memory.

Let's take a time machine to go back to the day two months ago. A group of young tourists and I walked on the country road that digged potato. The farm coach took us to the endless field of potato, and explained in detail the trick of "shun digging taro".

After watching the coach's demonstration, tourists rushed to the yam ridge, and began to look for the main vine of the yam. I did not want to be outdone. I turned away the dazzling yam vines and found the dark main vine at a glance. I clenched the main vine tightly, squatted down, and sharpened it. After digging for a while, the potato seemed to be playing hide and seek with me, but there was no trace. "Well, why haven't the yams come out yet? Do you have such luck and run into empty rattan?" I was not willing, wiped my sweat, rubbed my numb hands, and continued to shake the little bun. Kung Fu is worthy of care, and a red potato reveals a naughty composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ a small head. I was delighted and happy, grabbing the main vine and pulling it out. The energy of milking was brought out, but the potato was still stubbornly hidden in the soil. Loosen the dirt on both sides and see, oh, it turned out that the potato was stuck by a stone! I removed the stone and cut off the main root, haha! A bunch of potato was dug up.

The first battle was won, and I happily put the "war result" in the basket, continued to pursue and win, followed the vines, and shot one shot for another place. After a short time, I was fruitful and harvested a basket of potato.

However, there is a price behind happiness, because it is too hard, my hands rub off a piece of skin. As I put on a band-aid, I looked at the busy people in the distant crops, and I lost my thoughts. Uncle Farmer needs to work and take care of the crops every day. I don't know how many injuries, sweats, and hardships!

Time passed unconsciously, and we left the farm reluctantly with our respective "trophy". This experience of digging potato has made me smell a scent of earth in the beautiful countryside, experienced the joy of harvest, and felt the hardship and hardship of farmers. It is really unforgettable!

Article Three: One Unforgettable Composition of 700 Words

In the growth of ten years, I have experienced too many things. Some of them make me happy, others make me taste the joy of success, and others move me. And I have been deeply imprinted in my mind. What I did at the age of five was a ridiculous thing.

It was another year of icy winter, the wind was howling, and the snow was falling from the sky. Looking around: white trees, white cars, white houses, the whole earth has become a fairy-tale world with pink decorations. I was wearing a thick cotton jacket and was snowballing with interest. Suddenly, a bitter cold wind blew head-on, even if I was wearing thick cotton clothes, I couldn't help sneezing, "Yawn!" The voice shocked Mom, and she ran out in fuss, "Baby, be careful! Mom goes Pour you a cup of hot water! "He walked into the kitchen hurriedly, and for a while, my mother held a glass of boiling water to me. I was so cold, I took a sip of water and prepared to sip it. My mother whispered again, "Why do you drink so fast? Don't burn it! Hey, you child ..." Entering the back room, I held a warm water cup in my hands, and a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ the feeling of warmth spread throughout my body like a current.

Suddenly, I saw a evergreen tree with snow and ice on the green leaves. I think: in such a cold winter, the evergreen must also feel cold. Better to keep it warm too! I was impressed by this idea. I walked forward with two fleshy calves, humbled down a glass of hot water, and watched that the snow and ice melted quickly. I went back happily. Read a book.

In the evening, my grandfather came back from outside, only listening to his Hong Zhong's roar: "Who made this, Chengcheng, are you?" I stepped out somehow, and pointed to the evergreen while asking me what was going on. I saw that the evergreens who had taken the "hot bath" not only did not feel trembling, but seemed to be colder. I yanked my head and confessed everything, my grandfather could not laugh or cry, and touched my head: "Child, plants are not Hot water, on the contrary, heavy snow sometimes seems to cover them! "I nodded my head and followed the grandfather into the back room.

As a child, I kindly did an unforgettable funeral, and now I think it ’s funny!

Chapter Four: One Unforgettable Composition of 700 Words

The sunset was stained with towering peaks and snow, and the winding mountain road meandered to the horizon of the plateau. We are rushing at this end of the sky, galloping towards the end of the journey; they are at the end of the sky, reverently and slowly, walking towards us in the holy rays of the sun.

They are pilgrims.

The most memorable is the encounter with them. In a group, they only had a pure black Tibetan robe, a bead on their left hand, and a six-word mantra with a prayer wheel in their right hand. They held their hands high, their knees bowed, and bowed on the weeds. There was a dull noise in their foreheads. Slowly got up and muttered Tibetan scriptures in the direction of the Jokhang Temple. In this way, three steps and one worship, the five bodies devoted to each other were extremely devout.

Close, close, I saw an old man in the line. Her face was dusty, her skin was engraved with years, her eyes were indeed clear and clear, her gray hair was neatly braided in and out of the shell-studded head, and the breakage of her Tibetan robe was stitched with indigo thin threads. , Xu is because of her age, her movements are slower than her counterparts, but there is no omission in every worship.

I have a Tibetan folk song in my head—

"I crossed the towering snowy mountains like climbing a ladder, and the black composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I turned over like reading a Bible."

They have a long way to go, from the end of the earth to the Buddhist temple. Their steps are very slow. In this way, how many springs and autumns have gone through, with attachment and faith, and half-life vicissitudes, step by step towards the distant light. Ahead of it is the seemingly distant place yet within reach.

What kind of faith is this? It is the religious piety of the ancient believers, and it is the piety of the small life to face the apparent. It is a kind of attachment, it is a kind of sacredness!

Once in a while, unforgettable life.

Why are we not pilgrims? However, the beliefs and requirements in that heart have long been cleaned up in the cement-reinforced prison cage! So why not insist on the faith, why not take the same steps as the pilgrims and use your physical power to move forward?

Suddenly, the hustle and bustle of this world stopped, and in my heart, there were only blue sky and white clouds, extremely clear, but also extremely quiet. They drifted away, their small figures lost in the desolate plateau. We knelt reverently and worshiped this side of pure land reverently.

Unforgettable, chanting sounds of nature. Unforgettable, the displacement and sacredness of pilgrims.

Article Five: One Unforgettable Composition 450 Words

When I was five years old, something happened to me that was as memorable as it was yesterday, and it still makes me remember it.

One day, my mother and I went shopping for food. I was suddenly very thirsty and my tongue was red. I begged my mother with a begging look: "Mom, I am so thirsty, can you buy me a bottle of water?" Mom she I just gave me five yuan for me to buy it myself. I picked a three yuan cola. I should get back two yuan, but the old lady gave me three yuan. I thought: This old woman is really presbyopia , Find me one dollar more. At this moment, I was glad that I was complacent for taking advantage of myself.

As soon as I took the money, I ran away and ran back to my mother. I had to write a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Yiyangyang and quietly said to my mother, "Mom, I hit the bargain today, that old woman Presbyopia gave me one more yuan. "However, my mother was not happy. When she saw her frown frown, she said solemnly to me," You are wrong, this is an expression of immorality and illiteracy. "

As soon as I heard it, I felt that I had done something wrong. I hurried back to the place and gave it to the grandma. The grandma said that I was good, but I blushed.

I went back to my mother and said earnestly: "Guo Xin, honesty is the root of life. Without honesty, no one will play with you." I nodded in shame.

My mother's words were deeply in my head, alerting me and guiding me.

Article Six: One Unforgettable Composition 450 Words

In my memory, many things have been forgotten, but one thing is deeply engraved in my heart and lingers.

One day last summer, when I was going to eat at my grandmother's house, I took the bus to my grandmother's house alone. I dropped the coin, got on the bus, and chose a window seat. Looking at the buildings flashing outside the window, I was lost in thought. Suddenly, a sudden brake interrupted my thoughts. I saw the car door slowly open and walked up to a simple-dressed grandma. She carried a vegetable basket in each hand, which was full of fresh vegetables, as if heavy.

The old lady put down the vegetable basket, fumbled her pockets, and mumbled a few words to herself, and then stopped. When the driver saw it, he suddenly frowned, yelling, "You don't know how to write an article http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I want to take a bus, but I want to take a car if I don't give money! Get off my car without money! "The driver was fierce. I wanted to fight for my grandma, but I didn't dare. After a while, the grandmother slowly opened her mouth: "Young man, I think my money may be stolen. You leave an address, and I will send you the money later. Will you let me ride the car first?" The driver listened, Rage did not decrease, but raised the volume a bit: "Get off the bus without money!" The driver's words have attracted many people's discussions. Some are saying that the grandmother is a liar, and some want to help the grandmother, but they are also afraid of being fooled. , Hesitant to take action. Later, an aunt paid for the grandmother, and someone gave up.

At that moment, I felt so ashamed, why didn't I reach out and help the old lady!

Article Seven: One Unforgettable Composition 450 Words

In life, we are often wrapped in that tenderness. There is one thing in my memory that has never been erased from my mind.

That time, I was riding a bicycle in the drizzle and was enjoying the romance of riding in the rain. Suddenly, there was a motorcycle right in front of me at the speed of the wind, too late to reverse, the bicycle head turned to the roadside fence, "slap!" ...

This sudden move, I fell on the road. I thought the motorcycle driver would get up to help me or say sorry to me, but he rebuked me: "Little boy, don't you die?" I suddenly thought I was too naive.

This fall, I lost all my strength, but I tried my best to stand up again. I tried to support the floor stand composition with my hand http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , but the severe pain in my left foot had to make me return to the frozen ground.

The wind and rain seem to have no temperance. The wind was getting fiercer and the rain was crying. I passed out during the storm.

When I opened my eyes fuzzyly, I saw only a tall and strong man on the way to the hospital. I was so sleepy that I couldn't open my eyes and fell asleep again.

The second time I woke up, I found that I was lying on the bed, but I didn't see the stranger. I asked the nurse, "Where is the person who brought me to the hospital?" The nurse said, "I just went downstairs."

I listened, got out of the bed, limped to the door of the hospital, saw him at the door, and hurried away when he saw me.

I looked at his back and shouted, "Thank you!"

Article Eight: One Unforgettable Composition 800 Words

"Okay, good-bye, thank you!" I looked at the distant figure and shouted his gratitude to him, he turned back and waved to me, hiding in the dark night ...

It was a cold night. When I finished my cram school and wanted to take the bus home, I found that the last train time had passed. "If you can't keep up with the last train, just come back by tricycle and ask me to pay you after arriving at the door." Thinking of what my mother specifically ordered in the afternoon, I had to stand in the night breeze, searching aimlessly by the station for a ride vehicle.

The cold night breeze was blowing, and there were so many cars coming and going on the road, but there was no car for me to ride on. I shrunk my nose and tightened my coat, thinking, "Is it too late for the tricycle workers to finish work?" What should I do? Would you like me to walk back. I was thinking, suddenly a hoarse voice came: "Are you going to take a car? Come on!" I looked up and saw a middle-aged man in his 40s pedaling a used and old tricycle. Say hello to me. I immediately grasped the life-saving straw, hurried forward, and asked anxiously: "Four yuan, send it?" "Five yuan! I don't give it to others for five yuan." He seemed hesitant, after a while Only gave the answer. Hearing this, looking at his dark face, I hesitated a bit: If it was so late, if he ... thought of the traffickers who trafficked children, as adults usually said, I would start to be afraid. "Forget it, I won't sit. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ " I looked at him with skeptical eyes and said. "It's so late ... you a child ... you still come up!" His soft voice came, but I was a little uncomfortable: I was obviously going to hitchhiking at first, and now I doubt others ... Here, I had to get on the car reluctantly.

The car moved slowly, and I changed from the initial fear to curiosity, and kept looking at the middle-aged person in front of me: a white-washed clothes, and a few dirty spots on the trouser corners Mud. I can't help but feel sorry for him: I run around every day and night, wind and rain, but can only earn tens of dollars, sometimes it's cold, maybe no one wants to take a tricycle ...

"Okay, here it is." A word interrupted my meditation. I jumped out of the car, found two yuan from my pants pocket (this is money for the bus ride), and handed it to him, saying "you wait , I went to ask my mother to pay the rest of the money, my home is ... "I said and pointed it out to him. "Forget it, I'll take the two yuan. As for the remaining three yuan ... don't give it, just see me again next time, don't treat me as a bad person. Do you know?" I slightly For a moment, seeing him smile at me indifferently, then he drove deep into the night. That's the beginning.

Cleaners, waiters, tricycle drivers ... These humble little people in life are using their hard-working hands to serve the community and the public. They should also be respected by everyone!

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