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One memorable composition 500 words

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Article 1: An unforgettable essay of 500 words

I like playing basketball very much, so I invited a few good friends to play basketball together.

We divided the team on the pitch and the game started. I waited for the opportunity to quickly pass the ball to my teammates, but the teammates did not receive the ball, and was robbed by the opponent. Seeing someone else turned sharply, they steadily rushed the ball to the rebound at a rapid speed. The goal was scored. Cheers were heard on the court. I complained angrily and complained to my teammates, and then continued the game.

I always look for opportunities to break through, and suddenly I swayed the defensive players with a fake action. I exhausted all my strength and quickly jumped the ball into the basket. Wow, that's a great goal! The next teammate's dribbling unfortunately encountered setbacks and was intercepted by the opponent. Fortunately, I defended in time to prevent the opponent from scoring. Due to the sudden situation just now, we became more and more brave.

The bigger and more fierce our competition is, the essay http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ on the scene you earn me and give up. The opponent got the ball again, a quick turn and a long-range shot, again. I was taken aback and looked at him without blinking. I couldn't help but say, "Too great!" My cooperation with my teammates wasn't very tacit, which allowed the opponent to take the lead, but we were not discouraged. The opportunity, I was very nervous, I was afraid I could not make it. I looked serious and solemn. I raised the ball over my head and strove to make a shot. Wow, the ball scored and there was warm applause on the court. After more than an hour of competition, we were exhausted and sweaty. The game ended in a tie, and we made another appointment.

I'm very happy playing basketball this time. I know that "monofilament can't make a line, and a single tree can't make a forest." Only with the excellent cooperation of everyone can we get good results, just like we need to help each other in our lives. This is one of my most memorable things.

Chapter Two: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

Many things have happened in my life, but the memory of noodle cooking with my mother was still fresh in my memory. At noon one day on the weekend, I had nothing to do, and suddenly wanted my mother to teach me to cook noodles, and my mother agreed quickly.

My mother first asked me to take half a pot of water and told me that the water below should not be too small. Then I turned on the gas stove and found that the color of the flames changed from red to blue, and the more they burned, the stronger. I waited patiently, and soon the water in the pot was boiling. I opened the lid and noticed that there were many bubbles floating on the water, just like bubbles made by small fishes in the water. I quickly picked up a noodle like a dragon's whisker, opened it in half and slowly put it into the pot. Here, I took chopsticks and stirred for a while. My hands were a little numb, and a lot of water vapor was sprayed on my arm. "It's hot!" I couldn't help screaming. My mother laughed at me a little too coquettishly.

I covered the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ pot lid and cooked for a while. After about two or three minutes, I saw that the water in the pot was boiling again, and the noodles kept rolling in the water. I thought the noodles were cooked! My mother reminded me: "It's not completely cooked yet. Add half a bowl of cold water to the pot and wait for it to boil." I did as my mother ordered and continued cooking for a while, and finally cooked it. Look! The white and tender noodles were floating on the water, and at this moment my stomach was a little cooing.

I took a bowl of cooked noodles with chopsticks, and then mixed with spices such as spicy sesame oil, salt, and vinegar, wow! A bowl of fragrant noodles is ready! I brought my mother to taste the food first, and my mother praised me for making good food, and also praised that I grew up!

By learning how to cook noodles this time, I also understand how hard my mother usually cooks. I must help my mother do more work in the future.

Chapter Three: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

Last summer, my mother bought a beautiful and cheap vase at the market. My mother cherishes it very much. She put it in a transparent glass box. After viewing it, the guests highly valued it, so she cherished it even more. Usually, if you want to mold the vase, you must wear gloves.

One afternoon, when I got home, I found that my parents weren't home. I thought: I'll touch the vase. Anyone can see it. It doesn't matter if you wear gloves. So I gently lifted the cloth over it and opened the box. I was so excited! I just wanted to lift it out, but my hand slipped and I didn't take it well, and I broke it with a bang. I choked, I quickly brought the broom, but I could n’t sweep into the dustpan, so I rolled up my sleeves and reached for the pick. The blood couldn't stop flowing, and in a panic, my composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ took a few toilet papers at random, covered them immediately, and had no time to disinfect, and pulled out the white gauze from the medicine cabinet. I wound around the wound the next two times and quickly cleaned the shards of the vase on the ground. I thought: What should I do when my mother comes back?

I could clearly hear the sound of "whacking" in my heart, like a restless deer bumping around. I was restless, and my heart was very disturbed. Should I lie round or treat it honestly?

My mother came back, I chose integrity, and told the story of the situation one by one, I was afraid that my mother would blame me, and the tears of the beans fell down. My mother crouched down, gently wiped my tears with my sleeve, and comforted me: "It's okay, my mother doesn't blame you. Your honesty is more precious. You can buy the broken vase, but you can't lose your honesty."

I am fortunate that I chose to be honest. Although it is a trivial matter, it has benefited me for life.

Chapter Four: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

There is one thing that I will never forget, because I have learned a profound lesson from this incident, and I have learned a truth from this: Learning cannot be half-hearted.

I remember once when I came home from school, I started to do my homework, but listening to the sound of happy friends playing downstairs, my heart became impetuous, and I can no longer rest assured to write my homework. It only took me more than ten minutes to All the homework has been written randomly. At first glance, I felt that it was not as good as the kindergarten children wrote, but I still checked it with my dad, and I wanted to pass the mark. As a result of ten questions, I only got five. Immediately furious, my father said angrily, "Why are you so wrong? Are you not serious? You do n’t watch TV today, let alone go out for a play, you are not allowed to listen to radio dramas, and you have to copy the wrong questions 20 times. This is a punishment for you! "Although I promised, my composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ said in my heart dissatisfied:" Dad is really a trivial matter, isn't that a bit wrong today? "Etc. After finishing the homework, it was already 11pm, and I went to bed tiredly.

I returned home from school at noon the next day, and my father said to me earnestly: "If you had an exam last night, you wouldn't even get 60 points. No one at the test room pointed you out and you didn't have a chance to change. Therefore, in the future, whether it ’s studying in class or homework, you must focus on it and develop a serious habit. You ca n’t be half-hearted. ”At this time, I realized that Dad ’s hard work last night, not only did not regenerate his anger. , And bowed his head in shame, admitting his mistake.

This incident made me unforgettable throughout my life. Since then I have never been half-hearted in writing homework, and have gradually developed a good habit of concentrating.

Article 5: One Unforgettable Childhood Composition 500 Words

Childhood is like a picture, childhood is like a poem, and childhood is like a toy.

When I was five years old, I did something incredible and coquettish. One day, I found my brother at a corner of Dad's room door and overheard what they were saying. My brother asked his father, "Who has the most ink in his belly, who knows the most?" Dad said, "Yes. , Like Confucius, he has a lot of ink in his stomach. "

Immediately after listening, an idea came to my mind. After my brother and dad went out, I ran into my dad's room, picked up the ink, unscrewed the lid first, and then licked it. Why was it so bitter? I secretly ran to the kitchen to get the white sugar. Then, I added the white sugar to the ink, and then drank all the ink in a bottle into the belly composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/Zi . Then, I shouted happily, "I finally have profound knowledge!" This scream called Mom from the kitchen. Mom hurriedly asked me: "What's wrong?" I said to Mom: "I drink A whole bottle of ink, my knowledge is finally deep! "Mom said to me while looking for a wet towel:" You silly child, how can you drink ink? "I asked my mother:" Daddy said clearly in his belly The more ink you know, the more you know? "Mom laughed and helped me wipe her face." Stupid boy, the ink that Dad said refers to his own knowledge. "After I heard that, my face turned red.

When I recall now, I feel that I am particularly stupid. My childhood time passed away. I am now a sixth grade student, but this childhood memory is unforgettable.

Article Six: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

There are sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy things in life, just like the stars in the sky, and countless more, but the thing I can't forget is that thing.

At that time, my brother made a mess in the house, which made me feel very uneasy. I want to clean the house, how happy my mother should be! I immediately raised my hand, picked up the broom, walked to the living room, waved the broom, and sweeped the garbage on the floor. I sang a song while cleaning, and accidentally broke my mother's favorite thing, the vase.

I saw the vase was broken, my face was tight, my feet were too scared to walk, and when I calmed down, I quickly turned and ran to another room to sweep the floor. Suddenly, my mother came back. She lowered her head and saw the broken vase on the ground. Her eyebrows suddenly turned into inverted characters. She asked loudly, "Who broke the vase?" I wrote back to https: // wWw. ZuoWenwang.Net/ replied: "It was broken by a four-year-old little brother!" "Oh, I see." Mom said blankly. But from my mother's tone, I felt that my mother was a little dubious about what I said.

In the evening, I walked into the courtyard, looked up, and looked at the sky. The moon in the sky was no brighter than yesterday, and the stars were not as bright as yesterday. They seemed to be ashamed because I lied to my mother. I was so sad that I decided Take courage to admit your mistakes. I walked to the door of my mother's room and thought for a long time before I walked into her room slowly and confessed to my mother: "Sorry, mom, the vase was broken when I swept the floor." My mother said, "Child, you You did something wrong, and you honestly acknowledged that you are a good boy! "

To be honest and to admit wrong things. It is like the brightest star in the sky, guiding me forward.

Article Seven: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

My childhood was like a cup of strong coffee that warmed my heart; my childhood was like a faint cup of tea, which made me have a lot of aftertastes ... My childhood was hard to forget and very interesting, but the most memorable thing was that I played roller skating in Taian.

At that time, our family went to Tai'an to play. There is a roller skating park in Hushan Park, and my mother asked me to try it. I am both happy and scared. At home, although I skied, but on such occasions, there were so many people and the ground was so wide, I was worried that skiing would be bad. The roller skating in the playground is really cool, so handsome, fast and tricky.

With the encouragement of my mother, I still put on roller skates. At the beginning, I was a little bit unstable, dangling. My mother helped me. Slowly, I would master the balance myself, but because of the fear, let my mother follow me. After completing a circle of composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , I suddenly found that my mother didn't follow me, and I would slip by myself!

My mother gave me a thumbs up and said with a smile, "Ran Ran is awesome! Will my mother help you slide on the slope?" Because I was confident, I said, "Okay!" My mother helped me through. Two slopes. By the third slope, I "snapped" and fell down. I cried, my mother comforted, "It's okay, Ran Ran is the best. Try again, you can!"

I wiped my tears and tried again. I concentrated and slid intently. I finally succeeded. Once again, I succeeded! I will slip on a slope!

Yes, we should all believe in ourselves and say, "You can!" Overcome the fear in our hearts, try, experience, and taste!

This time, playing roller skating is really memorable!

Chapter Eight: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

Many things happen every day. There are good things and bad things. Something is like a cloud of sight, and I have one thing that I still can't forget.

It was one morning in the winter holiday last year, and I was playing outside. Suddenly a small sparrow flew over. I saw its gray feathers, pointed mouth, two small eyeballs twirling, very cute. I couldn't help coming forward to catch it, but I was spotted by the little sparrow. "Jumping", the little sparrow flew away. I wanted to catch the little sparrow, and begged my grandma to come and help. Grandma said, "What's wrong with you? You have to catch a sparrow. Sparrows are a life!" I didn't know what was going on at the time. Grandma had no choice but to grab a handful of rice and sprinkle it on the ground. Seeing the food, the little sparrow flew down again, and finally caught my composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ lived. I am very happy. I tied the little sparrow to the chair. The little sparrow looked at me and kept gazing at it, as if shouting nonchalantly, as if to say, "Let me go, let me go." I found that the little sparrow was trembling with fear in her eyes. I can't bear it anymore. At this time grandma said, "Let it go! Otherwise, it will die." Although I was unwilling, I still untied the rope. The little sparrow jumped a few times, flapping his wings and flying away.

After that, my grandma told me some stories about taking care of the birds. And said that if I didn't release the baby sparrow in time, the baby sparrow would really die. After hearing Grandma's words, I think I'm too wayward, how can I play with a little life? Since then, I will never catch a bird again. I still can't forget this incident.

Chapter Nine: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

Famen Temple is located in a small town north of Fufeng County. It is the oldest royal temple on the Guanzhong Plain. The excavation of Buddha's finger relic in 1988 made Famen Temple a famous Buddhist resort in the world.

On a sunny day, I visited Famen Temple.

As soon as I entered Famen Temple, I was infected by its quaint and elegant architecture. All the buildings here are antique buildings. The restored Famen Temple was built with blue bricks. All the bells on the tower made a crisp and pleasant sound under the breeze. To make the whole Famen Temple more quiet and solemn, tourists will be distracted when they come here!

Going inside, there are several large buddha halls, in which sits the divine Maitreya Buddha, the kind Guanyin priest ...

When I walk again, there is a corridor. On the wall of this corridor composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , there are brief introductions of the abbots, including a "Liangqing Master", which left me deeply impressed: Liang Master Qing was the first abbot of the Famen Temple after the reform and opening up. Around the 1970s, the Red Guards broke the four old ones in order to show their revolutionary spirit. They thought that the "ox and ghost snake gods" were all * things, and they destroyed the Famen Tower. A small hole was found, which is now the entrance to the underground palace, and Master Liangqing burned himself at the door in order to prevent them from destroying cultural relics and relics. Master Liangqing left us like this!

When I walked in, there were also several large Buddha statues, which often reminded me of the long history of Famen Temple.

I reluctantly left Famen Temple, but the quaint and elegant architecture of Famen Temple and the kind Master Liangqing remained in my memory!

Chapter Ten: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

In my life, many things have drifted away in my mind, but one thing remains deeply in my memory.

I have a good friend. She has a pair of warped ears, bright eyes, a greedy mouth, and a smart nose. My best friend is her—Xiao Li.

I remember once when I went home from school and was on my way home. A storm came suddenly, the lightning flashed and thundered, my schoolbag was wet. I hurried to hide under the eaves of others, I was in a hurry to return home! Suddenly a crisp voice came from behind me. I looked back and it turned out to be Xiaoli. Xiaoli said, "Come, let's go home together!" "Thank you!"

On the way, the storm was getting worse and worse, Xiao Li rushed to write the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and moved the umbrella to me. "No, you will get rain." I said. "No, I'm strong!" Xiaoli said. Seeing Xiaoli take care of me like this, I was very touched and secretly told myself: Xiaoli was so good to me, I must repay her.

At my house, Xiaoli's clothes and schoolbag were wet. I felt uneasy when I saw Xiao Li. Hurry up and say, "Xiao Li, hurry into my house and sit for a while, dry your body and go, or you will catch cold." But Xiao Li said, "No, I'm going back, or my parents will worry about me Yes. "We said goodbye to each other. Looking at the back of Xiaoli's departure, I am proud of having such a good friend!

Although this incident passed a long time ago, it was deeply in my mind and lingering!

Chapter 11: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

In my small treasure trove of memories, there are many memorable things, and one of them is still unforgettable.

I always wanted to have a birthday like his child, and my wish was finally realized when I was eight years old. Mom bought me a fruit cake. The cake is so beautiful. Snow-white cream covers it, and there is a variety of fruits on it, including strawberries, apples, bananas and grapes, and chocolates of different shapes on it, which makes your appetite open.

That day, my mother made a table of my favorite food, put the fruit cake in the middle, and inserted eight small candles of different colors on it. My father helped me light the candle, and my mother said, let my son blow the candle when he makes a wish. I closed my eyes and said silently in my heart to make our family happy forever. Then, I opened my eyes and blew out the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ eight candles in one breath.

My father asked me what I wished. I squinted and said I wouldn't tell you.

It's time to eat the cake. My mother cut a large piece of cake for me. On top are my favorite bananas and grapes. I can't wait to lie in front of the plate, open my mouth and take a bite, ah, really sweet! So sweet! I quickly picked up the plate and prepared for a big meal. At this moment, my parents looked at me and laughed. Looking at your face, I quickly ran to the mirror to see, ah! A big face. My face and nose were covered with colorful cream, like a clown.

That night, I had a dream. I dreamed that our family was living happily. Mom and Dad kept boasting that I was a good and filial child. I laughed so much!

Whenever I think of this birthday, my heart is beautiful!

Chapter 12: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

Time passed, and I was almost in the fifth grade, but one thing was deeply rooted in my heart. Looking back now, I feel very ashamed.

On a sunny morning, I took a bus to make up lessons. I looked out the window and admired the scenery outside. At this time, came up an old man with a hand-held vegetable basket, a little humpback and gray hair. When I was thinking about giving up the seat to the old man, the bus rang: Please give up the seat to those in need. I think I'm a kid, and I'm a needy person, so let it go, so I pretended not to see it.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man dressed in plain clothes got up and gave up his seat to the old man. There are many people on the weekend and the road is very crowded. The driver braked, and many people hurriedly grabbed the handrail. At this time, I saw the uncle's composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ with a knife injury in his hand. When I got there, I got up and left, and the uncle was ready to get off. "Sorry, I'm not careful!" I apologized to the uncle. But the uncle did not respond at all. I'm curious. After getting out of the car, I carefully observed the foot of the uncle that I stepped on. It was shocking that it turned out to be a prosthesis. It turns out that this uncle is a disabled person!

His actions made me very shocked and guilty. He would make a seat for the elderly when he was a disabled person, not to mention that I am a normal person and a young pioneer! My face suddenly turned red, and I was ashamed.

Through this incident, I learned a truth. Regardless of age, as long as there is a willing heart and the ability to help others, there is no reason not to help and no excuses. Learn from that uncle!

Chapter 13: One Unforgettable Composition 500 Words

Childhood is wonderful, and funny things from childhood are everywhere. Whenever I think about that, I can't help secretly ...

On a windy and sunny afternoon, I was bored playing with the ball, and the cousin next door ran over. The two of us were shooting because I tried too hard, and the ball bounced back violently, hit the car next to it, and issued an alarm. My brother and I froze for a moment, feeling that we had done a terrible disaster, and we fled around. Running around and turning back again, when I got back to the finish, my brother was slipped by the banana peel. He also kicked me, and I fell down and fell to the ground. How to do? How to do? Car owners will blame us! We hurried to the darkest part of the kitchen. We touched it in front of the stove and made our hands black charcoal. Because I was afraid to see our face, I covered my face with my brother. do. I thought about the most dangerous composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ where others say it is the safest place, so it should not be found! Seeing no one, my brother and I came out of the kitchen and saw each other very dark.

"Brother, is your face wiped with carbon?" I laughed at my brother.

"You are as dark as me!" My brother countered.

I looked in the mirror, yeah! He has only two eyes with white spots and dark spots elsewhere. My brother is so dark that I am like a computer screen. I laugh at my brother as a crow, and my brother laughs at me as a crow ...

After a while, our "fight" is over. The two of us started to grab water to wash our faces. I took a handful of water and patted them, the water was very dark. I pushed my younger brother with a wet hand, and our "fight" started again. We finally washed our face, but our clothes were wet by the younger brother. In the playfulness, we forgot the great disaster that we made today.

Whenever I think about it, I always want to laugh out ...

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