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Chlorophytum composition 600 words

Time: 2018-11-04 14:02:00

Article 1: 600 Words of Revelation

In my yard, there are gentle bamboos, fairies, and noble anthuriums, but only the lush spider plant on the windowsill has inspired me deeply ...

It was one afternoon this summer, and I was enjoying the summer in the yard, and my mother came in with a basin. I curiously stepped in front of me, and saw a few leaves that were sloppy, deliberately sarcastically: "Mom, what kind of baby is this?" "Chlorophytum." My mother was accustomed to it and was too lazy to talk to me.

"Yeah, that's about to die!" I followed my mother's ass and pointed to the flower. "You haven't had a few leaves, and the yellow ones will fall off, and the roots will all fall out." It came out ... "" Write your homework! "Mom glared at me, announcing the end of the chat. Alas, I was so uninterested that I had to get into the bedroom dingy.

In the following days, I rarely paid attention to the potted spider plant. I only occasionally touched the dew when I watered the flowers. I also poured some water on it, but from the bottom of my heart's composition , I did n’t care about it hope.

Until one time, when I was doing my homework in the yard, I accidentally glanced at the green sill on the window sill, was it ... the pot of spider plant! I walked to the window, the spider plant in front of me had changed greatly, and the leaves were narrow and soft, stretching around. The breeze blew, and the leaves swayed in the wind, like dancing elves one by one. I couldn't believe my eyes, and with a touch of my hand, a touch of coolness came from my fingertips, wow, it turned out to be true, it was incredible.

From then on, I looked at this pot of spider plants differently and took good care of them. Gradually, the branches of the spider plant grew longer and longer, dangled outward along the basin, and looked far away, like swinging little swings, like little green flower baskets, very interesting.

Today, Chlorophytum has become a special scenery in the courtyard, with its lush foliage showing its tenacious vitality. Seeing it, my heart will be touched, the self-help person will help, and only if I don't give up lightly can I have a wonderful life!

Article 2: Observing 600 Words

In today's composition class, the teacher brought a pot of spider plant for us to observe.

"Chlorophytum is also called Orchid Orchid, weeping grass," the teacher began to say, "Airplane grass in Western Europe. Previously, it was native to South Africa and now it is spread all over the world."

The leaves of the spider plant are thin and long with a light stripe in the middle. Its front is smooth and darker in color; its back is frosted and lighter than the front. Looking at the leaves one after another, like a green waterfall. If you look at it for a while, it will definitely be pleasing!

Its flower stems will be drawn from the leaves, and after a period of time, it will grow into stolons, and it also has air roots, like small cormorants. New leaves will be pulled from the top, and they will come together and become a new home. The flower stems are growing section by section, and the color is gradually darkened. There are a few flowers next to the tender leaves. They are white and flawless, like pearls, dotted with green leaves. . 2-4 composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ A flower forms a home, just like a pure white table tennis. A flower has six petals and the stamen is golden yellow and very beautiful.

"Sister-in-law, sister-in-law!" Where is the bitch? Oh, it turned out that the flower turned into a small fruit. It was small, and there was a "thread" wrapped around it, just like the food in daily life-zongzi! "I don't know if there are jujubes in such a small bitch?" "Maybe!" What's in the fruit? Is the seed? Or nothing? People who don't understand may think it is a little bitch!

Oh, I almost forgot. If you want to keep spider plant, don't put it in the sun! Spider plant likes warm and humid place. It is an indoor potted plant. In winter, it is necessary to keep the room temperature, otherwise the spider plant will soon live.

All kinds of flowers will be open, whether it is beautiful or not, whether it is beautiful or not; we will all grow, whether he is good or not, whether he is good or not, after all, we must open it, so try hard!

Part 3: Stubborn Spider Plant Composition 600 Words

"The wild fire is endless, and the spring breeze is blowing again", this is the strength of life; "Bao Jianfeng emerges from sharpening, the plum fragrance comes from the bitter cold", which is the indomitable life; "No demon", this is the noble purity of life.

A few years ago, our family raised flowers. The reason was that I heard that growing flowers at home can purify the air. The mother brought back a total of four pots of flowers, and said that there was a pot for each person, to see who was well-bred. There is one pot left in the lobby for everyone to raise together. I chose a pot I like, but it seems to me that this is not a flower. My mother told me that this is also a flower, called a spider plant. Actually, I don't like planting flowers and plants too much, but I see a little greenness, and my heart will immediately calm down, so I put it next to the computer. Whenever I'm tired of doing homework at the computer and using the computer to check the information, I often water the pot of spider plants.

One day, my spider plant somehow, the leaves turned yellow, and it was useless to water it. Later, I cut off the dead leaves, and as a result, the leaves fell one after another, and eventually became weak and thin. However, there are two leaves that grow very long, and there is a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ at the end of the leaves. Two round ones, I do n’t know what they are called.

Watching my spider plant grow thinner and thinner, I am very worried. Will it just wither away and wave goodbye to me? In spite of all my perseverance, the leaves of my spider plant fell quickly. I hurried to ask my mother, and my mother was helpless. At this time, the mother germinated an idea and said, "Yuxiang, otherwise, let's bury it as fertilizer in the soil, and fertilize our vegetables!" "No, I don't, I need to observe again." I deny it. I cannot tolerate my disapproval, the leaves of Chlorophytum eventually withered, and I sadly decided to bury it in the soil as fertilizer.

Soon, a miracle appeared, and two plants grew in the vegetable field. I look left, look right, isn't this onion? But the onion leaves are more rounded, and it is slightly wider and flatter. This cannot be an onion! Ask the mother, and the mother said that it was the "baby" of Chlorophytum. To put it simply, when the plant is buried with fertilizer, its seeds are also buried, and this produces the plant.

I'm surprised that plants can also give birth to "babies" and "passages" and can grow stubbornly? !!

Article 4: I like 600 words of hanging orchid composition

A few days ago, my family lived in a handsome "lady". Its arrival-added a pleasant surprise to our home.

It's just that you don't know-I used to look down on it! Because it is just a small spider plant. However, it didn't take long for me to look at it-call it "lady"! Because after a few days of observation, I found it very "smelly"-put a POS every day. Either all the leaves are erected-"more confident", or the leaves are rolled up-"to fight with people", or the whole "people" sleep in the soil-"holiday" ... but, What I admire is that every POS of it is maintained for one day! Its willpower is very strong, just like a young man, I have to admire it, so I changed my name to "boy".

One day, "a piece of meat" fell off its body, and Mom saw that she quickly replanted the "piece of meat" into a flowerpot. I didn't know what to expect-a few days later my mother planted that piece of "meat" again, a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/Zhanglanlan ! It's the exact opposite of the "lady". Tender and shy, she nestled beside the "lady" all day long, and never gave up. I call it "beauty".

I remember it was a dark night, and the sky was blowing strong winds. I was worried that the "little beauties" could not help the wind, and I hurried out of the room and looked at it on the balcony. Hey, it's pretty smart. Look, this smart crush is hiding behind the "lady", and the "lady" also straightens up, protecting the "beauty" behind him. So they depend on each other. Seeing this scene, I returned to the room with confidence.

The next day, when I went to see them again, the "lady" was exhausted and had no more leaves on his body. But the spirited "beauty" is taking care of the "lady"! I also learned from my mother-planting the "meat" that fell off in another pot. In this way we have added a few hanging orchid flowers. Now I go to "feed" them every day ...

I like spider plants, like its green leaves, like its POS, and more like its tenacious vitality.

Article 5: A 600-word composition of a spider plant

Looking up, I saw the pot of spider plants at a glance, and a wave of emotions could not help but burst into my heart.

This pot of spider plant is still the one I got the year before. When I held it with both hands, it was just a seedling. It stood quietly in a spacious flower pot. It was tender, green, but upright. Headed, looking at the world childishly. It's still tender, stroking Xiaomiao with your hand, and a smooth, soft feeling spreads from your fingertips. I think, what can such a small plant grow? Can it have flourish?

I have no habit of cultivating flowers, and I have no time for cultivating flowers. I placed it at the corner of the balcony, and let it be exposed to the sun and baptized by heavy rain. I have looked at it many times, but it is still so slender, so weak, I deny it in my heart, ignore it, and gradually forget it.

It is another new year. When I no longer pay attention to this spider plant, it is slowly gathering strength. When I stepped onto the balcony, I spotted it accidentally.

Gosh! I was surprised to find that Chlorophytum had already written the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , it had faded from its former smallness, and appeared in front of me with a majestic and magnificent momentum. From a distance, the dense and long leaves covered the entire pot, and some even grew out of the pot and touched the ground. Looking closely, each leaf has a silver-white edge, and the slender leaf stem is surrounded by a verdant green. I carefully touch one of them. From its leaves, I feel soft but not weak. From its leaves, In China, I felt strong but not reckless.

What surprised me even more was that a thin stem protruded from the leaves, like an arc, with green in white and white in green. On this light green stem, I found a few petite flowers. The pavilion stands on the stem. Its petals are like leaves. It is thin and white. It is like a princess in a white dress. Several flower stalks are scattered on this flower. If you smell it closely, you can smell a faint fragrance.

Looking at this lush spider plant for a long time, I thought that I had been despised and left out.

With great encouragement, I lowered my head and continued to work hard.

Article Six: 600 Words

Some people like the noble and beautiful peony, and some people like the sweet-scented osmanthus, but I only love the tenacious spider plant.

The leaves of the spider plant are thin and long, and the leaves that had grown earlier naturally curved downward, sag into an arc, and the leaves are dark green, but not lacking luster. The new leaves, erect roots, grow upward, pale yellow leaves, soft and smooth, full of vitality, very cute. The Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis is particularly eye-catching. The middle part of the leaves is light yellow, very light and shallow, almost white. The sides are emerald green, like colored ribbons. Every time it is watered, it shines in the sun and looks great.

The stem of the spider plant is small and weak, it can't even straighten the waist. Its flowers are pure white, small, scattered in the middle of the leaves, and seem less noticeable. The yellow stamens are thin and long, but very beautiful. A pot of Chlorophytum is placed in front of the TV. Whenever you watch TV, there will be bursts of fragrant composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ nose coming. Putting it outside the window will also attract some hard-working bees to collect honey. Butterflies also come to dance, seeing this scene, even if you are in a bad mood, you will become happy.

Once I went out for a trip and played for many days, when I returned home, I found that the leaves of my spider plant had fallen weakly and the color turned yellow. I hurriedly poured some nutritional water, and the next day when I went to bed with him to see Chlorophytum, it turned out that he had turned green again as before.

The stubborn vitality of Chlorophytum can not only be admired, but its oblivious dedication to humanity is even more respectful.

Our family bought a new house last year, and just after renovation, my father bought a pot of spider plant. When my father said that spider plants could absorb harmful gases, I couldn't help secretly wondering. After a few months, all the smell of the paint in the house disappeared. Of course, this credit belongs to the corner of the wall, which is unknown, and it is a veritable "air purifier"!

Ah, spider plant, I love you!

Article Seven: 600 Words

There are several pots of Chlorophytum in front of my house. Although they do not have the grace and luxury of peony, the delicate beauty of roses, and the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus, they are fresh, lovely and green, which is very flattering.

The leaves of the spider plant are long and thin, and the tip is pointed. Each narrow leaf will bend and hang upside down, which is very beautiful. The leaves are all in light green clothes, with yellow and white edges inlaid on both sides, looking from a distance, like a burst of fireworks. Get closer, and I think they are dancers. Look, they fell down together from different angles, and they were scattered, and a unique beauty appeared in front of them. After watering the spider plant, small drops of water are left on the leaves, just like pearls falling on the leaves, it looks more beautiful and more vibrant!

In summer, Chlorophytum grows more lush, the longer the leaves grow, the higher the number of new members. What surprised me the most was that between the layers of leaves, thin, soft branches grew, and the branches grew small and thin leaves. Their photo composition https: // wWw. ZuoWenwang.Net/Hugging each other together, like brothers and sisters who are brothers and sisters, have white flowers growing in the middle. They are like shy girls hiding in green leaves and hiding with me! They are like mother Ye's children. When a gust of wind blows, Mother Ye seems to be nodding and smiling, while Baby Ye dances beautifully. Looking from a distance, it looks like small flower baskets, giving a vibrant and thriving scene.

The spider plant not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a tenacious vitality. I remember once when our family went out for many days, when we returned home, all the flowers and plants in our family bowed their heads downheartedly. Only Chlorophytum was still full of spring. Another time, my mother cut out a small spider plant and planted it in a flower pot at random. She never managed it afterwards. But within a few days, it actually lived, and the leaves grew day by day.

Ah, Chlorophytum, although you have no flowers, no smell, you are so obscure, but you still strive to grow, decorate people's lives with your green, with your freshness, with your elegance. I love you, Chlorophytum!

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