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700 words of composition after returning to hometown in 20 years

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Article 1: Composing 700 words in my hometown 20 years later

"Yuyouyouyuhangqian, nostalgia for hometown", a poem reminded me of homesickness. I left my hometown and set foot on the land of my hometown. I was surprised to find that the house at home was gone and replaced by a small villa model As soon as I wanted to pick up the model, I saw an amazing scene-my mother came out of the model! It turned out that because of the rapid increase in China's population and the lack of land, scientists have developed a device called "different space entrance". As long as this device is installed, the house will shrink instantly, and a different space will form in the house. This Although the different space is small, the capacity is very large, and one earth can fit in it.

After learning about different spaces, I went shopping with my mom. While walking, I suddenly felt like I was going up. I looked down, and the scene surprised me: I was ten meters above the ground! At this time, I realized that many people were floating in the air like me, but they all looked calm and walked freely in the air. At this time, my mother explained to me with a smile: "Five years ago, scientists invented the gravity device. Just now I started the rewriting http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/force device and adjusted it to gravity-free, so we It will float! "" Oh, this is the case! The technology is really developed now! "I sighed.

Speaking of which, I suddenly felt a long-lost gaze staring at me. Turning his head, he saw Liu Tianyi, a good friend twenty years ago. We seem to be in the same mind, and we ran forward and hugged each other at the same time, unable to calm down for a long time. After a while, she smiled and said, "Zhu Langqi, do you remember how we met?" "Of course I remember! In the fifth grade, you transferred from Shanghai to our school because I was sitting in front of you, so The first friend you made in our class was me. At that time, I also gave you a gift, and in order to express your gratitude, whenever the teacher asked us to describe our friends in English, You describe me every time. "I replied. "Yes, we were really good friends at the time!" She said.

After that, we went for a walk in the park together. At this time, it was already evening, so I sat with her on a park bench and enjoyed the beautiful sunset ...

Article 2: Composing 700 words in my hometown 20 years later

Twenty years later, I am thirty-one years old, and my job now is a world-renowned super agent. One day, while watching TV, I heard Ms. Robot said, "Now, Suichang is already the most developed county in science and technology. Please come and play." After I listened, I immediately took these years down. Ten million dollars bought a door of time and space, and instantly came to my dream home.

As soon as I entered Suichang, a Mr. Robot stopped me and said, "Please take out your mobile phone. This is the top national scenic spot. You have to pay 1,000 yuan to get in." I paid for it first, using time and space. The door transported me to the school where I originally attended. When I saw the school, I was taken aback and said, "The original experimental school that was so old and so old is now a beautiful teaching building made of marble. When I walked into a classroom, I found that the teacher in the classroom turned out to be a holographic image. The learning tools used by the students were made of milk.

After visiting the school, I took a shuttle bus to visit my loved ones, and came to the door of my house, and suddenly found that the house that was not large before my house was as big as five football fields. At this time, a machine composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ came out and said, "You are the master's son! Please come in." I walked into the door and found that my mother in her fifties was actually talking to A young girl in her twenties or thirties. I said, "You're all fifty-four, why are you so young?" My mother said, "Recently, I have taken a medicine that can return to old age. I can take one capsule to be twenty years younger and sell it. Cheap, only one hundred and eighty-eight yuan a can, a total of two hundred tablets! "

After saying goodbye to my mother, I made an appointment with my running dad and asked him to take me to play in the small park. When I came to the small park, I saw many strange things. I pointed to one of the biggest and weirdest things and said: "Dad, what the hell is this?" Dad said, "This is an ultrasonic instrument that can transform the sound of various animals in the world into an adult's voice." After we visited the small park, I found that my mobile phone uploaded the roar of my leader: "You don't want to live, it's been two days. If you don't come back tonight, you can drink the northwest wind this month!" I had to reluctantly leave my hometown.

The night after a month, when I saw the moon, I thought: I really looked up at the bright moon and looked down at my hometown!

Article 3: Composing 700 Words in Hometown 20 Years Later

Twenty years later, I have become a famous painter. I plan to open an art exhibition in my hometown, Xi'an.

On the way home, "forests" came into view. "Forest" does not refer to the real forest, but a tall tree surrounding the buildings, which is extremely green and beautiful. In spring, the branches shook off the snow, stretched out the branches, spewed a little bud, the spring breeze blew, and the buds danced with the wind, as if greeting a passerby. After a while, the peach blossoms are also blooming. At this time, I always think of Wang Wei's "Peach Garden Walk"-spring is full of peach blossom water, I don't know where to find the source of fairy.

In summer, the tree is covered with a fan-shaped window, and the small leaves with different shapes are like flowers and birds on the curtain. When the wind is splashed, they "brush" and sway. I seem to listen to the wind. Noise. In autumn, the leaves fall piece by piece, rendering the earth's golden color, and putting a coat on the ground, it seems to remind people that the weather is getting colder, and the clothes are added in time. The cool air is filled with delicious and rich fruits. This is the unique charm of autumn.

Winter is even more beautiful. Silver composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The trees are dressed in silver gauze skirts, the houses are covered with goose down fur, and the pine trees are still upright in the cold wind.

When I got home, I saw my mother sitting on "Smart", and said happily, "This chair is good and can cure my old cold legs!" Yes, smart is a chair, but this is not an ordinary chair! It can detect your inner real thoughts, and it can also sense the surrounding temperature changes and adjust its temperature. It's amazing!

I walked into the room and started to curate my art exhibition. I swipe the walls. and many more! Swipe the wall? Are you mistaken! Don't worry, wait for me to come slowly. This kind of wall has the function of finger sensing, just like drawing on paper, point in the tools, there are everything in it, there are rubber, 2B pencil, ruler and drawing board, I can also paint and so on. After making these, I'm going to buy food.

When I reached the top floor of the market, I started to click on the computer screen to buy what I want, and the induction robot was picked up by myself.

This is me twenty years later, this is our quality living environment, and look, how proud I am!

Article 4: Composing 700 words in my hometown in 20 years

"Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles." Twenty years passed in a blink of an eye. At this time, I was a famous teacher in a foreign country. I was arranged to travel to Dayao. When I heard the news, I was very excited because I arrived. There, I can see the hometown I think about day and night.

At this time, I flew to my hometown, Dayao, on my own plane. As soon as I got off the plane, I was stunned by the sight in front of me.

In my memory, my original home had only small bungalows, littered all over the ground, and the clear river turned into a stinky river that was upset when I saw it. But now it's different. The small bungalows have become high-rise buildings and the river has become clear. There are still little robots cleaning up for us. I can't believe this is my long-lost hometown. I can't help but sigh: "In these short two decades, the hometown has actually undergone such tremendous changes."

Suddenly, a gentle but familiar sound floated into my ears! It turned out to be a mother who thinks day and night. At this time, I was both excited and sad. I haven't seen it for many years. My mother has grown old, with some wrinkles on her forehead, and she has grown a lot of white hair. But her mother is still beautiful and kind. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I hugged my mother tightly and could not say a thousand words. My mother called a deformed robot, and I was curious about what it was about. Suddenly the robot turned into a luxurious car. After a while, we were at home, and I couldn't wait to try my mother's food. At this time, the robot has changed and came back to help mother cook. It is a universal robot!

After eating my mother's green breakfast, I rushed to my alma mater, who has been parting for a long time. The scenery here is amazing and the birds are fragrant. Then I started to feel inexplicable. Why is there no one on campus? After inquiring, I learned that the technology is now very developed, and students can not use it for school. They only use the computer to listen to the teacher ’s lectures. Of course, some people may ask. In this way, students will be in front of the computer and look at their eyes. The damage will be great. You don't have to worry about this. When students face the computer, they will bring a pair of glasses, which are radiation-proof, so that the eyes will not be short-sighted. You see the technology is now developed!

You see, this is my hometown 20 years later, isn't it beautiful? I believe that in twenty years, my hometown will be better, more harmonious and richer than I thought.

Article 5: Composing 700 words in my hometown 20 years later

Twenty years later, as a writer, I returned to my hometown, Longyang. The grandfather and grandmother over ninety years old held the welcome sign and greeted me with the villagers. My eyes were hot and I heard a bang, and the bottle containing the tears broke in my heart. I wiped off my tears and ran to my father, mother, aunt, aunt, brother, sister ... Everyone surrounded me and greeted me kindly: "I haven't come back for a few years, I have gained a lot of weight!" "Yeah, I also brought a gift! Guess what? "" Ah, what are you trying to do, show us! "" Don't hang our appetite! "" Well, look at it-I write a limited edition science fiction novel! " "Okay! Show us soon!" "You can rest assured that the name is also signed, one for each person, I'm afraid there are more!" "..." "Yes, there is a fairy tale night show at night, You are coming! "" Okay! "...

We walked and said, to my grandma's house. My grandmother slowly walked over and said, "Granddaughter, go to the room for a rest party! Let's take a break and let my granddaughter take a break. After walking so far, I must be tired! Come, granddaughter, I also let the steward robot stew the red beans Soup! " Zuo composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ said, while Grandpa's finger moved, I only heard:" Xu Yijing, welcome you home! "The door opened and" said ".

When I entered the room, what I saw in front of me was not the ordinary mahogany sofa and a TV 20 years ago. These ordinary furniture and home appliances are estimated to be ten yuan in the current flea market, but rather Another look: the use of space inside is enlarged, much larger than it looks from the outside; everything is artificial intelligence, as long as the first owner orders them, they will follow your brainwave orders to do things; the kitchen is no longer soot, Only a few robots are working, and the watch will remind you when you are done. You can also set where to place the robot and whether to redo it. At this time, a chair floated towards me, ah, turned out to be magnetically levitated! Behind me was a robot walking towards me with a bowl of red bean soup in his hand. It said, "Hello, I asked the kitchen robot to make it. By the way, I'm the steward here. What's the matter, let me say!"

The day passed quickly and the night came unconsciously. Although it was late, the dragon and sheep theater was still brightly lit ...

Article 6: Composing 700 words in my hometown in 20 years

Time has passed, years have passed, and 20 years have passed in the blink of an eye. I realized the dream of a lawyer and returned to my hometown, Ruian, with THY.

Look down the road, wow! What a clean road! Haihua Building Convenience Store, Yiming really fresh milk, right? This, this is ... my alma mater! I really didn't expect such a big change. You can see the trees on both sides of the street, the wind is blowing gently, the leaves of "sand-sand" are shaking, the sound is so sweet! All convenience stores have become counter-style, making shopping more convenient.

Stepping into the school gate, I felt a lively anger coming towards me. The short buildings are painted with light coffee color and painted with idiom stories such as "heads and beams, cones and thorns", which make the campus more antique. Entering the classroom, the floor made of wooden boards looks very refreshing. The pictures of classmates hanging on the wall seemed very leisurely.

Stepping out of the back door, there is the internationally renowned library building-Yuhai Tower.

Although the technology is more developed, wherever there are advanced technology equipment, Yuhai Tower still retains a strong cultural atmosphere. When you step into the Yuhai Tower, it is as if the source of knowledge and the quiet environment are around you. Wisdom is like the same composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ a magnet attracts you to read.

Suddenly, the phone rang. "Hey, I'll have a class reunion at the International Hotel at 3, don't be late! Bye." Uh? Who was that just now? Han Jiayi, so iodine is so unchanged. Hee hee.

"The famous Yi writer in big literature, how are you!" I greeted Yi Shuman, a heavyweight writer. She smiled slightly.

Everyone arrived one after another. Everyone talked and laughed, bringing back the bits and pieces of childhood. Come early in the information lesson, just to play that minute of the computer; rush to send homework in the morning reading, just to read the language documents for one minute less; write happy holidays on the blackboard, just to win the teacher a smile ...

What a wonderful childhood! At that time, I felt that I was unrelenting because the books were stacked so high. Now I am remembering the "painful" school period, I really hope to go to elementary school again with the group of 2012 class 6 classmates who are not handsome, beautiful and cute!

The party was passed unknowingly. When I was flying home, I was looking at the fading hometown, and my heart was filled with a soreness that could not be expressed in words. Twenty years later we will meet again, and 20 years later I will meet with my hometown again. never leave each other until the time ends.

Article 7: Composing 700 words in my hometown in 20 years

"Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles." This is 20 years, and now I have become an archeologist. Another year of Mid-Autumn Festival, I decided to return to my long-lost hometown, Ruian.

I got into a jet car and set the destination of the autopilot mode to Ruian. I looked at the scenery outside the window and my heart had already flown to my hometown.

"Sir, I've reached my destination and the autopilot mode is off." I woke up from my sleep and looked out the window. Huh? How did that dirty mother river become so clear? Looking at the street again, everyone is now driving environmentally friendly pneumatic cars, and the environment and noise are reduced a lot. The residential buildings on both sides have been repainted with environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free paint, which looks very beautiful.

As I watched Xinruian, I slowly drove towards the way home. When I arrived at the Bund, I looked at the shiny green characters of "Ruian Bund" and remembered my childhood: when I was not in kindergarten, I was entangled with grandpa and grandfather every day to play here.

I walked up the stone steps and looked at the Feiyun River, the muddy river became clean. Looking down, there are many staff of the Ministry of Environmental Protection who are using the "sand pumping machine" to extract dirty articles such as http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and garbage from the bottom of the river. Make some supplies for recycling.

Along the way, I arrived at the door of my house, and now the door lock has become an automatic fingerprint lock. I just wanted to ring the doorbell. Suddenly, a familiar voice rang from behind me: "You, you are finally back!" I looked back, and it turned out to be mom! Seeing her mother's silver hair, her heart could not help but sore nose and tears in her eyes. My heart is full of guilt. I should go home often to see my parents.

When I entered the house, I saw that my father was busy in the kitchen, cooking the lamb soup I loved on the stove, cutting the potato shreds sharply, and preparing to stir-fry my favorite hot and sour potato. The little yellow croaker I loved to eat was already waiting on the steamer.

"It's dinner time!" Mom brought the dishes to the table, and the table was full of my favorite dishes, and I was so hungry that I ate them. After leaving home for many years, returning to hometown has changed a lot, but the familiar taste is still the same. This is the taste of my hometown and the taste of my home.

A few days later, I was leaving to return to the archeological base again, but my heart remained in Ruian for a long time, and my heart was always nostalgic for my hometown.

Article Eight: Twenty Years Later, Composing 700 Words

With two flicks, twenty years have passed. I was fortunate to realize my dream of becoming a singer. Although I have money, fame, and honor, I slowly switched from excitement to tiredness and boredom. In order to calm my heart, I pushed out some entertainment and returned to my hometown, Tanggu, Tianjin from a foreign country.

Sitting in the car, I was stunned by the sight in front of me: the original potty roads were gone, replaced by expressways that were clean and tidy, criss-crossed, and there was no garbage on the roads; the vehicles were moving in an orderly manner, on various lines, Being busy and not chaotic, it is quite different from the traffic jams in my memory; looking up at the blue sky and white clouds, I can't find the trace of the haze king; the trees on both sides of the road are lined with trees and flowers, and small gardens for people to rest abound But people's faces are filled with happiness and contentment. so sweet!

When I stopped by the side of the road, I heard a few familiar sounds: "Xinyi, Xinyi." I looked back, and it turned out that the two brothers who had volunteered before came to pick me up. We Greeting each other happily. The brothers said, "Go, get in the car, take you to see our non- essay http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/Zhai Zhai!" Although I have been floating for many years, I think of the love base that once made me linger, I Excited.

After a while, we came to Muzha. Alas, looking at the magnificent and huge restaurant, it looks like it has been expanded a lot. Brothers said that it could hold more than 300 people for dinner, but now it can hold more than 1,000 people. At this time, it was time for lunch. Old people held love cards, lined up in order, and came in orderly to eat. Although it is still a "vegetarian" restaurant, there are a lot of tricks to eat, healthy and delicious, and old people's faces are filled with happy smiles. For elderly people with mobility problems, volunteer teachers also delivered meals to the elderly's homes. I can't wait to walk into this long-distance home without walls, and started my "old business"-welcome and guidance. Bowing deeply, "Welcome to Muzha Fast!" My heart was full of joy when I saw the happy smiling faces of the old people.

Twenty years later, in her hometown, she has become more and more tidy, warmer and more loving, and everything is so beautiful. I love my hometown and would like to contribute my strength for her beautiful tomorrow!

Article Nine: Composing 700 Words in His Hometown Twenty Years Later

On October 1, 2037, during the National Day holiday, I finally returned to my dream hometown. I took a spaceship to my hometown, Yanjiao. I can't believe everything in front of me is true.

Standing on the familiar and fertile land, I saw the blue sky like the boundless ocean, and the wisps of clouds in the sky were like cotton and snow feathers. The birds flying in the wind shuttled through the clouds. I heard the birds singing for me, the grass and flowers exuding a charming fragrance.

"Haha" a silver bell-like laughter passed into my ears. I looked back, and a few children around the age of ten were bouncing to school with their schoolbags. So they followed me to my alma mater—the experimental elementary school.

I walked into the school and found that the computers used by the teachers were replaced by brand new and state-of-the-art computers. The teacher does not have to judge the assignments by himself, they are automatically reviewed by the computer. Moving on, I saw that there were only 45 students in each classroom, and they were all sitting comfortably in suspended chairs. Are learning with hidden computers. And each class has its own science classroom, art classroom composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , music classroom ... It's really unexpected! "Ding Ding, Dangdang" I heard some strange sounds. I looked back and saw a few robots busy, some were cleaning, some were cleaning the table, and they were sorting out the cabinet where the teacher kept the materials ... Amazing.

I stood in the corridor and saw an excellent composition written by my classmates on the wall. There were descriptions of scenery, some descriptions of animals, as well as explanatory texts and poems ... When I saw an article written "Home" When I wrote this article, I couldn't help thinking of the happy home I thought about day and night.

I can't wait to get to my home by car-the harbor of love. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my kind and stern mother. The table was filled with my favorite teriyaki and fish stew noodles ... I walked into the kitchen and found that the rice cooker in my home was not the same That's small and not durable, and a new type of automatic rice cooker. Many new appliances have also been added to my home: automatic dishwashers, voice-activated TVs, automatic sinks ... and I'm dazzled.

what! Twenty years later, the hometown has undergone tremendous changes. I hope that the hometown will become more and more beautiful.

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