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Hometown twenty years later

Time: 2018-11-04 13:47:00

Article 1: Hometown Composition Twenty Years Later

In 2038, I was a director, working in a field, and now I am a successful woman. Dressed in a black curly hair, with big watery eyes, a small cherry mouth. Wearing a pair of pink and black sportswear, and a pair of white sports shoes, a casual sports style. "I am a stranger alone in a foreign country, and I think of my relatives every holiday season." Whenever I read this poem, I could not help feeling nostalgia.

Taking advantage of the holiday, I arrived at the school by flying fish train, wow! What a big change! When I walked into the school, flowers bloomed, and a scent of fragrance came towards me. Suddenly a figure flashed. Isn't that my former teacher, Teacher Zhou? Mr. Zhou looks very sloppy, not as energetic as before, with wrinkles on his face, but in my opinion, no matter what Mr. Zhou looks like, he is still young and beautiful, and his vitality still exists. I quickly walked over and shouted: "Mr. Zhou, hello!" At this moment, Mr. Zhou turned around and said in doubt: "Are you calling me, who are you?" "Mr. Zhou, yes I, Huang Yunrou, did not expect that after such a long time, you are still so energetic! "Mr. Zhou patted his head and said," It is you! This is an old age, and my memory is not as good as before. Would you like me to take you around? "Okay, I just want to take a look!" I came to the playground, remembering the days when I was playing on the playground. Seeing the neat runway, a surge of blood surged up and I ran. I came to the classroom again and saw that the previous tables and chairs were still in their original positions. I couldn't help but sit up and sit in my mind. The day when the teacher gave the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ came to my mind. It ’s really nostalgic! The speed of science and technology development in the school is also fast. The toilets used to be far away, and the landscaping is not particularly good. Now they have become mobile toilets. As soon as you find an empty place to call out, the toilets will appear in front of you. When you enter, you will see many rich civilizations. Breath brand, how about it, isn't it great ...! Before leaving, Teacher Zhou said to me, "Jingmen is now a civilized city and is developing rapidly. You should always go home and see."

After leaving school, I can't wait to return to my hometown. Along the way, a pine tree stood straight on the asphalt road, like a soldier who kept his post. The leaves falling on the ginkgo tree are like a yellow butterfly dancing ... I am amazed by the idyllic scenery along the way. The moment I stepped into the door, the facilities in the house were replaced with high-tech. The previous photos were still hanging on the wall. A quick glance revealed that the mother had gray hair, wrinkles covered her face, her eyes were bloodshot, and there were more and more cocoons on her hands. My mother saw my eyes burst into tears, tears like a faucet that didn't shut down, and it kept flowing to the ground, saying "Oh, come back ..."

After talking to my mother, I went to the neighbors and found that the uncle, the aunt, the grandfather, and the grandmother all talked and laughed in the garden full of green plants. The gossip was common, and the children were playing around, so warm. Harmonious picture.

What a great change in hometown! No matter what my hometown is, this is my home. I hope that the neighbors and neighbors can live a life of constant help and stability!

Article 2: The Hometown Composition of Twenty Years Later

Time is like an arrow, and the sun and moon are like shuttles. Time flies so fast. Twenty years have elapsed in the blink of an eye, and I became a teacher as expected.

One day, my best friend Yu Anyang in elementary school called me and said, "We haven't been home for more than two decades. Let's go back and see!" So I took a plane to her hometown with her. . After about three or four hours, we returned to our hometown. The first thing that catches the eye is the high overpass. The people on the street are constantly flowing. The cars on the road are like thousands of horses running side by side. The small bungalows have also become high-rise buildings.

I said, "Let's go back to my alma mater!" When I arrived at my alma mater, I saw three small essays http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The gate became fully automatic. If it is a student of our school, the door will be the door. It will open automatically. I think: Hometown is developing so fast! After reading this, we visited teacher Gao Wenxia, who was the head teacher in elementary school. When we arrived at Mr. Gao's house, we saw that Mr. Gao's hair was also gray. Teacher Gao said she had retired almost ten years ago and now has grandchildren. After visiting Mr. Gao, we walked on the streets of our hometown, and we never felt excited because the evening in our hometown was so charming.

I held my breath and enjoyed the view. Although it has been 20 years since I left my hometown, my love for my hometown remains unchanged. I must continue to work hard to make my hometown even better!

Article 3: The Hometown Composition of Twenty Years Later

As the years go by, the short two decades have passed like water. In 2037, I have nine years of work experience, becoming a big boss of a software company in the UK, and also becoming the richest man in the world.

Shuangmei said, I decided to return to my hometown to take a look, so I took a private jet and the security team arrived at Quangang International Airport. As soon as I got off the plane, I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a lot of traffic here and there, and there were Rolls Royce and supersonic ships everywhere!

When I arrived home, I saw that the house was actually made of indestructible diamond, and there was a protective cover on the outside. Only the password and fingerprint verification could be passed. If someone broke through, the protective cover would emit a powerful composition https: The current of //wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ will kill the bad guys.

If the bad guy passes, the shield will appear in rows of laser guns and machine guns to attack him.

And there are some advanced equipment and weapons, teleport clothing, interview clothing, machine guns, laser knives and laser cannons and other high-end weapons.

At the same time, the cars have changed. The cars have become as long as Lincoln, and they have become as deformable as the hornet in Transformers. What is even more amazing is that cars can actually create a fantasy space and take you Get where you want to be.

My hometown is so numerous that I am proud of it.

On the day I left my hometown, I reluctantly looked at Quangang and did not leave, but for work, I left my hometown and flew back to Britain.

Chapter Four: Hometown Composition 350 Words Twenty Years Later

I stepped on the time machine in two steps, and went to my hometown twenty years later along the space-time tunnel.

Wow! In front of my eyes, there are shuttleless solar-powered cars everywhere in the sky. Even if the traffic volume is large, it will not pollute the environment and cause traffic jams. On the sidewalk, there are garbage cleaning robots everywhere. If you do n’t litter during the day, maybe it will turn the garbage into treasure and give you a small gift.

People in the future can be relaxed. Just lame, your auto-sensing flying shoes will take you to wherever you want to go, and if you want to move a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , just in Enter the place you want to go in the house's automatic delivery system, and your house will "go" to your destination. In summer, you do n’t have to go out to buy anything. Your nanny robot will bring you back at lightning speed, and even take a plane. There are special robots to help you book tickets.

In the future, don't worry about running up and down for extra-curricular classes every day. Just press the bell, you can call your automatic teaching robot, and it will teach you to learn your assigned subject.

In the future, science and technology will become more developed, and everything will change with it. We must study hard and create a better future!

Article 5: Hometown Composition 800 Words Twenty Years Later

In 2036, I was already the curator of the Panda Pavilion. In the morning, I was doing some information, "Ding Jingling Bell", and my cell phone rang. I picked up my phone and looked at it. It turned out that Zhao Xiaorui called. Zhao Xiaorui said, "Come back soon, I'm getting married. I'll pick you up when you come back, otherwise you will get lost!" Go back and take a look.

I sat on the flying carpet and embarked on my way home, looking down all the way, wow! Unexpected changes have taken place in his hometown. In the past, a small, flat bungalow has become a sky courtyard, and a stream of flying cars is flying in the air. Even the environmentally friendly trash can is equipped with a robot and a positioning device. It can locate and scan on its own. Garbage is located after scanning for automatic cleaning. This is amazing!

When I got home, I saw my mother as soon as I opened the door. I hugged my mother tightly. When I saw that my mother had a few white hairs and some wrinkles on my face, I felt a little bit sad. But mother is still hardworking and loves me as much as she used to. She cooked a bowl of my favorite dumplings for me, and the taste of happiness is still as good as before. However, there is another member in my family, that is, a robot nanny, who will help her mother carry her back and do housework. My mother said, "You haven't been in the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ for the past few years. Dayao's changes have been too great. We miss you too ..." My eyes suddenly became wet and went into the bedroom At first glance, the bed in the bedroom is also multifunctional. Just press the blue button and the bed will turn into a swimming pool. Pressing the green button will turn the bed into a cotton basket, and pressing the red button will bring up a TV in front of the bed. All of this is only in fairy tales!

After lunch, I went to my alma mater, and the former playground became a green grass football field. The former light stadium became a big theater, and the alma mater has changed a lot. Suddenly, someone patted my shoulder. I looked back. It turned out to be Li Xiaoyang. I asked her what she was doing at her alma mater. Li Xiaoyang said, "It was Zhao Xiaorui who told me, I am waiting for you here." "What is your job now?" ? "I asked curiously. She said, "I am now a singer. What do you do?" I said, "I am now the leader of the Panda Base." Li Xiaoyang said, "You have finally realized your dream." We talked happily. I think back then, when the times were flourishing, we went back to our hometown for our dreams and life, and now our hometown is still so warm!

It turns out that no matter how beautiful the landscape is, it is not as beautiful as its hometown; no matter how comfortable it is, there is no hometown.

Article 6: Hometown Composition 450 Words Twenty Years Later

Time flies, in a blink of an eye I am 31 years old, and it has been 20 years since I left my hometown. As the saying goes: "Every season, I think of pros." On the Mid-Autumn Festival, I rode a new pterosaur developed by a scientist and returned to the long-distanced home.

I came to the door of the house with excitement, and a miniature camera at the gate automatically recognized my identity within a few seconds. The gate opened slowly and automatically. A robot like a bird stood in the lobby to greet me. Its height was about 1.5 meters, its head was designed like a bird's head, and its sharp plastic mouth. There were a pair of simulations on both sides of the body. The bird wings were coming downstairs while I was curious about the robots, and they said with a smile: "This is the latest generation of babysitter robots, feature composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/Complete also Can fly! "

Grandpa and Grandma asked me about my life and introduced me to the changes in my family. A delivery robot delivers the freshest organic vegetables from house to house every morning. When you want to go to work or go shopping, you don't have to worry about traffic jams anymore, because there are all-round air routes. They talked and took me to the living room, the TV turned on automatically, and the sofa also came with a massage function.

Developed technology has revolutionized the hometown, and technology has changed people's lives. Although grandparents have gray hair, they are very healthy and are enjoying the new life brought by technology happily. After the three-day holiday, I reluctantly left my hometown, and I will go home often to see it later!

Article 7: Five-Year Composition of Hometown Twenty Years Later

My long life in Hainan reminded me of my loved ones and my hometown.

On October 1st National Day, my Hainan Airlines gave me a three-week vacation, so I flew my Boeing 797-300, carrying my friends and colleagues in Hainan, and flew from distant Hainan to Hengshui Jinglan International Airport.

After getting off the plane, I contacted my parents and told them that I returned from Hainan to my hometown, which no doubt gave them a big surprise. So my parents called a taxi from my cell phone to pick me up, and I looked intently, there was no one in the car. I took a closer look, and it turned out that a robot was driving a taxi. I took a taxi, and the robot walked the car smoothly. After a while, the robot asked me where I was going, and I said, "Go to Hengshui Food Co., Ltd." , To my parents' company.

After getting out of the car, I breathed the fresh air in my hometown. I saw a lot of small holes under my feet. It turned out that the car was stable because of these small holes. The suction of dust by the small holes also improves the grip of the wheels. My eyes turned to the side of the road, and the small trees on the road were bright green, and the bushes under the trees were full of colorful flowers. Walking along the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , the road made a grunting sound. I saw that there was a small pond deep in the bushes, and small goldfishes were jumping in the pond.

After a while, a robot came over and said: "Sweep 033". It turned out to be a robot responsible for sweeping large and medium-sized garbage. I'm wondering why there are no motor vehicles on the road! At this moment, I looked up and saw that there is still a motorway floating in the air, and there is a maglev train track next to it, and sometimes a maglev train. Below the motorway, there are several drones scanning the environment. Hengshui now feels like a city with technology as its theme.

I walked into the company, came to my parents, and introduced my friends and colleagues in Hainan. In the afternoon, we chatted together and watched the film and television projected by the projection robot, as well as the atmosphere lights that adjusted automatically.

One day passed and I returned home and sent my friends to a high-tech hotel, wherever it was, everything was automatic.

Three weeks have passed and I am going back to work in Hainan. I promised my parents to come back to see them later. Hengshui was still a small city 20 years ago. Now that it is so high-tech, I can only say that it is not like it used to be!

Article Eight: Hometown Composition Twenty Years Later

Twenty years passed in a blink of an eye. I am already a little-known writer. Since writing at my desk all day, I have not returned to my hometown for more than 20 years. At this invitation from my alma mater, I went back to my long-away hometown to hold a new bookmark sale.

I drove a navigable car over a "primitive forest" and suddenly a voice came out of the navigation: "Ma'am, your destination has arrived, navigation is off."

I was puzzled and thought: How could my hometown Ruian be located next to the "primitive forest", wouldn't it be a navigation problem?

I was wondering, the car had landed on a soft grass, and the long-awaited President Wang rushed towards me. "Welcome you back to your hometown, Yi writer." She said with a smile.

The car slowly drove into the "primitive forest", "Principal Wang, you drove wrong!" I was taken aback by looking at the street scene along the road!

However, President Wang looked calmly: "Write writer, don't you know, we Ryan was rated as a national first-class environmental protection city in 2035 last year!"

The car shuttled through the "forest" and looked around. It was a world of greenery, and it was a world of trees. Real wonders! Look, every leaf of this big banyan tree is greenish blue. In the light of the sun, the tree seems to be flickering sapphires. The trunk of the beauty pine is tall and straight. The skirt looks amazing like a charming girl in the distance! There is a huge ball on each tree. Is it ... fruit?

"What is that?" I asked curiously at the ball.

"This is a tree house," Principal Wang laughed softly. "This is our unique feature of Ryan. It is very cheap, comfortable and spacious. Although the sparrow is small and complete, there is a swimming pool in the room!" Finished in a cannon-like breath.

"So ... how do you get in?" I asked stupidly.

"Did you see the trunk? There's a secret door there. The elevator is in there and it will take you to any tree house you want to go to."

"After 20 years away from home, I can't think of the composition of my hometown http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ to be so natural and environmentally friendly. This experience of returning to my hometown can make me write a novel again!" I was extremely excited.

"Yeah, Yi writer" President Wang is proud of his family. "You don't know. Ruian's environmental protection is the first in the country. The entire city has zero pollution and 0 formaldehyde. Like our car, the internal devices are made of waste plastic. The car is painted with natural pigments, so you can't see it! "

I was stunned and could not think of such an environmentally friendly method.

As he was talking, President Wang slammed the brakes, "Here it is!"

My alma mater, Ruian Experimental Primary School, is located in a forest of sycamore trees, quiet and casual, with a completely retro shape. The original stone walls have been replaced by wooden hollow carved windows, and the classrooms are also spliced with wooden boards. The wind blows gently, with a touch of wood scent, refreshing. The area around the rockery has become a man-made lake, and the big banyan tree with a long history has become a solitary tree on the water. Accompanying it is still the obscure mushroom pavilion.

The playground is still the same as before, full of spring and full of vitality. The stepped classroom on the sixth floor turned into a floating theater. In the middle of the theater, there was a magnificent and dazzling stage. The crowd was so excited and eager to try it out.

The signing event began, and the number of people at the scene exceeded my imagination. There were crowds of black people coming to me like a tide. Fans screamed at my name while shouting my new book. I was moved by their enthusiasm, kept signing, and I could not help raising a sense of pride.

After signing, I was already sweating, sitting in a small pavilion in the lake, drinking Longjing tea, feeling the slightest breeze ... I couldn't help feeling regretful, how I hope to return to 10 years old, in such a beautiful and peaceful Alma mater goes to elementary school again!

Sitting on the return plane, looking down at the green forest of my hometown, my thoughts are full of thoughts. The scenes I saw and heard today make me unforgettable. That is the hometown I love. I want to write her into my new book, let the world know her and praise her!

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