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600 words of hometown twenty years later

Time: 2018-11-04 13:47:00

Article 1: Hometown Composition Twenty Years Later

"Lonely in a different country is a different guest, and I always think of my relatives at the festival." When I supervise this poem, a feeling of homesickness comes to my heart. Well, well, I have been abroad for 20 years, and have been away from the motherland for 20 years! Taking advantage of this short vacation, I decided to go back and take a look.

Twenty minutes later, I got off the speeding plane, got on a fully automatic navigation car, and came to my hometown, Cixi.

When I got out of the car and stepped on the land of my hometown again, I looked up, ah! God! Is this the original Cixi? It turned out that the piles of rubbish had long disappeared from their tracks. There were two intelligent robots cleaning the roadside diligently.

Walking around, I saw a primary school, take a closer look, eh? Isn't this my warm alma mater? As soon as I wanted to enter the door, I was stopped by a black box. Oh, it turned out to be an automatic face detection machine! It can identify you as a student or teacher at the school and prevent dangerous elements from entering the campus. I was worried about how to get in, and a familiar voice essay http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ passed into my ear: "It's you!" I looked up, oh, it was my elementary school student He Yu With the wind. I asked in amazement, "Why are you here?" She smiled and said, "I'm here to work! Why, can't I get in? I'll help you!" Then, he pulled me into the school gate.

On campus, teachers and classmates are reading early, and the sound of reading is spreading throughout the campus.

After a while, I started class. The teacher did n’t use chalk, because chalk hurts his hands, and writing a blackboard is sometimes a waste of time. So, now I use a smart blackboard. When writing a blackboard, I just need to speak to the blackboard. What you want to write is automatically displayed on the blackboard, and the teacher no longer has to "eat" chalk dust.

After I visited the campus, I could n’t help but admire: "Ah! Twenty years, not only has there changed in foreign countries, but even my hometown, Cixi, has undergone such a huge change! Sure enough, technology will change the world. What happens. "

Then, I was immersed in my imagination and couldn't help myself ...

Article 2: Hometown Composition Twenty Years Later

One day, I was watching movies with gusto while carrying coffee. At this time, my female secretary said, "President, your phone!" "Hey, baby daughter, let's go home! Mom and dad miss you!" Sound, think about it too! I have n’t been home for more than 20 years, and it ’s time to go home and have a look.

I sat on the high-speed plane and hurried to the Chuxiong airport. After more than an hour, the high-speed plane landed at the Chuxiong airport. I jumped out of the high-speed plane and took a look. what! Everything has changed, everything has changed! In the past, the small, shabby little house has become a high-rise building, a courtyard, and the highway has become a rainbow bridge. It is as beautiful as playing in the sky, and it is as beautiful as a magic performed by a fairy! How quiet and clean the whole Chuxiong is! What a diamond castle in a fairy tale world!

When I first arrived at the door, my mother and mother held me up and said, "Baby girl! How come we miss you, how we miss you! Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ " "Oh! I I miss you so much! Look, we brought you gifts, Dad, I brought you Apple 20, Mom, I brought you DD cream, supplements ... "Suddenly I smelled it Stir-fried cooking. "Mom, did you make a lot of delicious dishes today!" "Of course! Go, let's go eat!" As soon as I entered the house, the luxurious Persian rug appeared in front of me, wow! And sheepskin sofa ... Is this my home? It was really unexpected!

After a full meal, I walked down the street and suddenly saw my dear primary school Chinese teacher, Teacher Gao. "Teacher Gao, Teacher Gao! Do you remember me?" "Of course I remember, you are the naughty and cute Fu Qiujin!" Teacher Gao is still so kind. "Mr. Gao welcomes you to the United States! I will definitely take you around the United States." Mr. Gao is very happy!

What a great change in your hometown! I love my beautiful hometown.

Article 3: Hometown Composition Twenty Years Later

Twenty years passed in the blink of an eye, and it was twenty years since I was far away from my hometown.

Twenty years later, I am already the boss of a large company. The Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived and I drove back to my hometown. I was amazed by the familiar path! Is that my hometown? Rows of neat rows of buildings are hidden among the green trees and red flowers. There is no mud on the ground. Under the sun, a fountain in front of the village is throwing glittering pearls. Oh, where did that stream go? Thinking of our little friends catching fish in the stream 20 years ago, sometimes when the fish is caught, we will lie in the stream and hide and seek with shrimps and crabs. It is even more interesting that we will An earthen dam was erected in the brook to make the brook full, and then some of us fought water battles in the brook until it was dark. By the way, this fountain is the former creek.

I opened the door and admired the beautiful scenery of my hometown. Suddenly, when I heard someone calling me by my breasts, I looked at the text http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ as my childhood friend, Xiao Hu. He pulled my hands up and down to look around, and eloquently remembered that we climbed the mountain together when we were kids. Scenes of chasing rabbits and fighting in water together. We walked and talked, seeing such a huge change in our hometown, a kind of sweetness reunited across my heart.

The little friend said, "You don't know the changes in our village yet. I'll take you to see." As we walked and looked, the original small house had become a high-rise building, and the road in front of the door had become a cement road. , The green camphor trees by the road exudes charming fragrance. There is a square in front of the village. On the square, all kinds of fitness equipment sparkle in the sun. A group of children chasing around the flower bed. Several elderly people are doing various fitness exercises. . If at night, lanterns bloom in the square, people in the village will walk and chat in the square. A harmonious and friendly village scenery!

I'm leaving, looking at the folks behind the car window, my heart can't calm for a long time.

Chapter Four: Hometown Composition 600 Words Twenty Years Later

Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles. In an instant, I had been away from home for 20 years. Taking advantage of this holiday, I came to Hangzhou, my hometown by plane, and planned to take a look at my alma mater Yongxing Primary School.

Now Hangzhou is very different from before. All cars are self-driving, and the price is only 4,000 to 10,000 yuan per car. Therefore, almost every household owns this car. Get in the car, the dashboard in front of you is a smart display the size of IPAD. The dashboard asked me: "Excuse me, where are you going?" "Fuyang Yongxing Primary School." I replied. As a result, the dashboard quickly made a route plan, and the car started to start. On both sides of the road, there are high-rise buildings, looking silvery. Each building is an independent community, with a fitness area on the ground floor, sports facilities, swimming pools and other facilities, and shopping malls and catering on the first to fifth floors. All life needs are here. It took only ten minutes for the car to reach Yongxing Elementary School.

Today's Yongxing Elementary School is very different from the past. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The teaching building has been rebuilt. Now the teaching building has 15 floors. Do n’t worry about crowded students. Each classroom has a dedicated elevator directly to the first floor. Each classroom has only 20 The desks and chairs are much more spacious than before. There is no longer a blackboard behind the podium, and the entire wall is an electronic screen. When the teacher speaks, the electronic screen will automatically generate text and corresponding patterns. Each desk has a cell phone-sized electronic device. In fact, it is an electronic teacher, and students can directly ask it for any questions. There are several helicopter aprons at each end of the top floor of the teaching building for helicopters from outside visitors. Out of the school building, the entire playground was covered by a huge electronic telescopic glass cover. On rainy days, you can turn it off; on sunny days, you can turn it on. In this way, students can move freely on the playground regardless of wind and rain.

After visiting my alma mater, I walked around Fuyang Street again and again. The changes were so great that I could not recognize them! Today's technology is really developed. I don't know what will happen in another 20 years?

Chapter Five: Hometown Composition 600 Words Twenty Years Later

Time flies so fast. Twenty years passed in the blink of an eye. The moment I stepped into my hometown, I lamented that the changes in my hometown were so great! In the past, the small bungalows have become veritable "picking stars buildings". Since then, people no longer yearn for the beautiful sky.

Twenty years have passed quickly, and I am now thirty years old, married and have children in Beijing. My hometown is Anqing. Although I live in Beijing, my heart will always be Anqing City, Anhui Province. Now Beijing is full of high-rise buildings, some cars can fly in the sky, and everyone's clothes have a pair of wings. Although Beijing has changed, I will often return to my original home in Anqing. No, I am back to Anqing today.

I suddenly found that my hometown was much more high-tech than before. All the robots were opening stores. Now, instead of writing orders on paper, I ordered them by hand on a light blue medium screen. The sweepers are all (sweep dogs), they all use garbage as energy. In the past, those small and short buildings have all become bustling high-rise buildings. What surprised me most was the flying cars that had never appeared before. Especially the clothes, those are what I love the most. Of course, the articles here http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ have changed everything, but the food must not be bad.

I'm going to see some old classmates and their parents now. I see that my good friends Li Mu and Huang Xinrui are getting better and better, and they are very tasteful. My children are also cute, lively and playful. Although they may forget me, I will not forget them, because they are my best friends.

And now I'm going to take a look at my family. I arrived at my childhood home. Now this is my parents' home, and of course it has changed. What surprised me the most was that the change in parents was the biggest. Dad had many small dots on his face, and his chin was covered with many white beards and white hair. Mom has three wrinkles on her head and three crow's feet near her eyes. When I opened the door and saw them, my heart was both excited and excited, and I hugged them tightly, and said softly next to their ears, "Daddy, Mom, I miss you!" Tears moved.

what! After 20 years, the world has changed almost, but what I do n’t want to change is only the youth of my parents. As long as the time in the world passes, I will never come back. I do n’t want anything. And health.

Article Six: 600 Words in Hometown Composition Twenty Years Later

Whenever I read the verse of "Lone in a different country as a stranger, every time in the festive season", I always think of the place that breastfeeds me-Dali.

I came back to my hometown on a high-speed train at 1 km per second, and came back to my surprise. Is this still Dali? It is simply a "fairy tale world"! Wherever there are high-rise buildings, flowers and trees, wherever there are solar cars, the sky has explained everything, and the air quality in Dali has improved a lot.

First, I came to my alma mater Dali Experimental Primary School. Approaching the school gate, there was a beautiful small pool in sight. In the past, small ponds were about the size of a bed, and small fish were scarce. And now there is another world. The pond has been expanded several times over the past, and some lotuses and a sweet-scented osmanthus tree were planted in it. The sun shines like a sharp sword into the pool. The water surface is sparkling and shining light. There are countless small lotus flowers under the lotus leaves. The pink petals enclose a tender yellow lotus flower. Cute composition. Https: // wWw .ZuoWenwang.Net / . The small fish in the pool are no longer lonely. Many good friends are clown fish, tropical fish-a group of swimming around, colorful, like countless flash points, beautiful. Then, I came to the very missed classroom, approached the classroom and renewed it. From the old blackboard to the intelligent blackboard, one of its major features is that it is not troublesome to write it out without a teacher's handwriting. The teacher just needs to speak into the microphone, and if you want to delete it, press the red button. There is a blue button on the left. Its function is to save some important information. The blackboard can also be converted to computer mode, so there is no need to buy another computer. There is also a telephone system in the upper right. It is also possible to play games. Observe After my alma mater, I reluctantly left.

The sun goes down from the west, the sun turns red for half the sky, the moon changes to the position of the sun, the day is over, the alma mater is goodbye, and even after 30 years, I will not forget you.

Article 7: Hometown Composition 600 Words Twenty Years Later

Twenty years have passed like water, and I am already a world-renowned writer. I now settle on Mars. Today i plan to go back to earth

I was sitting on a light-speed spacecraft and arrived at Earth in 0.55 seconds. I plan to land in Anyang, my hometown. Arriving in Anyang, when I saw the spacecraft, I saw the road, ah! Now the road has changed, not asphalt, but laser pavement. This kind of pavement can be used not only for cars but also for trains! Automatically recover miles when not in use! On both sides of the road are traffic lights and robot traffic police floating in the air.

I was walking. Suddenly, a cool wind blew from over my head. I wondered: ah! The sun is shining, where's the cool breeze? So I looked up into the sky, it turned out to be the cool wind from the car! why? It turns out that the fuel of these cars is carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, without using gasoline at all. It directly absorbs the carbon dioxide exhaled by the driver from the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and the carbon dioxide exhaled by people outside, and emits mist-like water vapor and oxygen. Oxygen is provided for people. Breathe. These cars can stay in the air like dragonflies, they can fly like horses on the ground, and they can dive deep into the sea like whales.

While I was resting by the road, all of a sudden a house ran on the road. If you look closely, the house has feet! The feet of the house grow on the wall. With this kind of house, you can travel around the world. If you travel a very long distance, the house will fly up automatically, and you can walk on the sea.

Can be described as sea, land and air amphibious houses. This kind of house is very sturdy, not only earthquake-proof, pressure-proof, fire-proof ... but also voice-activated, you can do whatever you call it, and at night it will automatically form a protective net to prevent thieves from coming in.

At this time my universal watch rang, and I had to go back. When I left, I sighed, "What a great change in my hometown!"

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