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350 words of my father's composition

Time: 2018-10-18 18:11:00

Article 1: 350 words of my father's composition

My dad is 37 years old and he works for the county government. He has big, piercing eyes, a straight nose, two ears on both sides like two little fan, and a big mouth underneath. Dad is still a helpful person.

Once I went to KFC with my dad for a hamburger. At the door, I saw a middle-aged beggar begging in tattered clothes. But no one gave him money, and he was very skinny. Dad looked at him so poorly and helped him up. He said to him, "You must be very hungry. I invite you to eat a hamburger." The beggar replied: "Thank you!" I'll order. After we were full, Dad took 1,000 yuan out of his pocket and gave it to Uncle Beggar. Dad said, "Hold on, buy some clothes or something." The beggar's face turned red instantly, like a red apple. The beggar bowed to his father. Smiled and said, "Thank you, benefactor." The beggar left after receiving the money, and everyone next to him gave his father a thumbs up. After the beggar left, we went home happily.

Dad delivered positive energy to the entire KFC. I also want to learn from my dad and be a helpful person.

Article 2: 350 words of my father's composition

My dad, his eyebrows are curved like a moon, and he has clear eyes. He is chubby.

I remember once when my dad came back from the field, my mother prepared a meal for the morning, and my mother prepared the meal at noon. I tasted it, it was so unpalatable that even my mother didn't feel it. So Mom said, "Let's not have to eat it!" Dad also tasted and said, "I think it's delicious!" Then, Dad ate it up.

Not only does Dad like to eat, he also likes to watch ball games.

After lunch at noon, I was going to watch TV. When I was about to take the remote control, my father saw my mind of composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , picked it up at the speed of the wind, and sat on the sofa. Open sports channel to watch on the proud place. I sadly watched the game with my dad, and when I saw the excitement, I cheered and said, "Okay! Okay!" When Dad watched with interest, he suddenly got up and went to the toilet. Watch cartoons. Dad went to the toilet. I carefully picked up the remote control and changed it to the children's channel. After a while, my father saw me watching the cartoon after going to the toilet. He grabbed the remote control and changed it to Sports TV and watched his game. .

This is my father. Do you like him?

Article 3: 350 words of my father's composition

My dad is strong, just like an iron pillar, so powerful! Dad's eyebrows are very light, his eyes are watery, and a pair of glasses is placed on the bridge of his nose.

Dad has no beer in his beer belly. Every day, like a clown, he finds out a lot of jokes from the beer belly and tells me, making me laugh. He walked up and down like a penguin, as if pregnant.

Dad loves me too. Once I wrestled, I cried. Dad rushed over, hugged me, comforted me and said, "It's okay, don't be afraid, there is a dad here! Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ " I was moved.

Dad is also very serious in his work, as if the little rabbit was eating carrots intently! He also likes to eat chicken wings and chicken legs. When he was eating, he clipped there, and when he was full, he started to eat. When he ate food, he gorged on food like a hungry wolf, looking fierce.

His feet were a little smelly, he sprayed something I didn't know every day, and squinted and said, "My feet are fragrant!" My mother and I said in unison: "Your feet are not fragrant."

See, this is my dad!

Article 4: 350 Words of My Helping Father

My dad is brave and he gets good results every time he runs. He is not even afraid of tigers. When I am angry, he often makes me laugh. Every time I go out to play, I will bring me. I really like him very, very much.

Still handsome and helpful. I remember once when my dad saw an old man crossing the road. The old man walked very slowly. Dad was afraid that the old lady had already given a red light before he passed. So he immediately ran over and said, "Auntie, I'll help you cross the road!" Grandma said, "Forget it, let me go by myself!" Dad said, "What can I do, composition https: // wWw. ZuoWenwang.Net/ You are walking too slowly. If the red light is on, a car will hit you. "Then she helped her grandma across the road.

I remember one more time, an old grandfather was our neighbor. He sells fruits and sells fruits downstairs every day. One day, it was getting dark. The grandpa's fruit cart was broken. Dad went to the grandfather and said, "Uncle, it's getting dark. I'll help you! So my dad helped the grandpa to move the fruit cart back to grandpa's house."

This is my helpful dad. I really love him very, very much. I want to be like my dad!

Article 5: 350 words of my father's composition

My dad has a medium build, a small cherry mouth, a tall nose, and tiny eyes. Let me tell you a little secret: When my dad eats, he always loves to keep his eyes closed and chew slowly and taste the food. Jane has reached the point of forgetfulness, which is very interesting!

My dad has a particularly loud voice. I remember one time, the little niece came to my house from Muchuan to play with me. As soon as I heard my father ’s voice, she cried, and woke up for a long time. Then she smiled on her face. Although he has a particularly loud voice, he is quite literary. When I played "Four Little Swans," Dad wrote http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Dad improvised the Four Little Swan Dances, and he only wore a pair of red underwear at the time, which made me and my mother thrilled. Laugh, cute!

My dad is still a super chef in my family! Every time I go home from school, I can eat delicious meals. Recently, he focused on the sculpting and placing of each dish. He can carve cucumbers into cute frogs and beautiful little flowers, carrots into red sun, and grapes into little ants. Everyone calls these delicious delicacies great works of art.

This is my dad, a cute and versatile dad, I love him!

Article 6: 350 words of my father's composition

My dad is not tall, but in my heart my dad is like a mountain, guarding me and my mother.

Dad is both a loving father and a strict teacher. We are both father and daughter and friends. When he was studying, he had very strict requirements on me. He taught me how to learn and guided me in the direction of learning. Working carefully, I know how to do everything seriously. Examining the questions carefully and thinking about the problems made me know how to think hard and use my brain. I respect dad like a teacher.

Although my father is strict with me in our studies, we are more like inseparable friends in life. My dad taught me to swim, play badminton, composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ play table tennis ... he would play with me like a child, play with me, stay at home, in the park, in the theater ... and leave us everywhere One tall and one low figure happily. I like dad like a friend.

In my eyes, my father Bo Gutong is today and full of economy. In his spare time, he will talk about the Hongmen feast in the Chu River and Han circles, and Xiao Heyue chasing Han Xin. He will also talk to me about Zhuge Liang ’s empty city plan and straw boat borrowing arrows. He will tell me the development of China ’s science and technology and the development of military ... Relish. I adore omniscient dad.

Dad is my idol, my patron saint, and I love my dad.

Article 7: My father's composition 350 words

My dad is a handsome dad. His short hair can be regarded as a bald head. His eyes look bright and spirited, but he is spirited. When he smiles, his big white teeth are exposed. , It looks more handsome and handsome, my father is neither fat nor shy, and he has done a great job.

My dad is not only handsome, but also a first-class chef. On a sunny noon, I was eating with relish, and my grandma talked about my father's youth. Your father is the chef of the Nanyuan Hotel in Luzhou! But a good father who went up to the hall and down to the kitchen. Grandma talked about her father's childhood. Dad caught a cold when he was very young, so he refused to take medicine. So Dad became angry, grabbed a handful and littered everywhere. ,bristle. I laughed when I heard it. I was thinking that my dad is now a handsome guy, and anyway, he is also a first-class chef.

This is my dad, a handsome and dad, a dad who can cook good food, and a good father who loves children. I am so proud to have such a good dad!

Article Eight: My father's composition 350 words

If you ask me who my favorite person is, I will not hesitate to tell you that my favorite person is my father who loves me most.

He is of medium build and slightly fat. Although he was in his fifties, his short hair was only a little gray.

Dad loves me very much. Every morning, he drove me to school by himself; he would pick me up no matter how busy he was after school; when he got home to do his homework, I could n’t write, and he taught me patiently; when I got the grade, he Will praise me with thumbs up.

Remember the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Once, I was sick. My father was driving me to the hospital in a hurry. The doctor checked it for me and it turned out that I had a very serious illness. The doctor gave me an injection, but it was not cured for many days. I was very painful, and sometimes I cried. My father hugged me and comforted me: "Be strong, it will be fine soon." After listening to my father's comfort, I felt a lot better. Through introductions from other people, my dad found another famous expert for me. Under the treatment of expert Professor Wang, my illness quickly recovered.

Dad loves me so much, I want to love my dad too.

Article Nine: My father's composition of 350 words

My dad is a northerner, but he is not as tall and mighty as the northerners. He is short and fat. He is agile and has many things. There is always a smile on Yuanyuan's face. When she laughs, her eyes are narrowed, but I think it is the cutest smiley face.

When I was a kid, my childhood grew up on Dad ’s back, because my dad was an engineering budgetist, and there was n’t a lot of fun on the construction site. I cried every day, but my dad was very good-tempered. I put it on the trolley and pushed me to run on the court. The most composing composition for me is http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ My heart is to go to the office with my dad, go to work with my dad, and accompany my dad to work.

When my dad is on vacation every year, he will take us back to the Northeast hometown to see my grandpa. I like the Northeast home most. Later, I will go to kindergarten, leave my dad, and live with my mom. Dad videos with me every day and cares about me. Dad told me that academic performance is not the only way to measure a student, just to be happy and healthy.

My biggest wish is that my father can leave the west early and live with us.

Article 10: My father's composition 350 words

Do you know what my dad does? You must not know it! My dad is a retired soldier.

My dad has a big mouth and a pair of murderous eyes. The things he does every day are piled up into mountains, and every time he celebrates the New Year and the festival, he is dealing with some things and often cannot come back. Once my dad was finally able to rush home for the Chinese New Year, and he was temporarily sent back to the army within two days. At 6:25 in the morning, when I got up, I found a letter at the door saying: Son! Dad can't accompany you for Chinese New Year, composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Sorry, you can help me take care of my mother! I will definitely come back to see you next year! I couldn't help but shed a few tears.

Time is like an arrow, sun and moon are like shuttles! Suddenly it was the New Year in the second year. Dad really came back to visit us. At that time Dad rushed over and hugged me tightly and said, "Son! I'm coming back to see you here!" At night we went to make a big meal together, how happy we were Perfect New Year's Eve dinner. I am very happy, and my parents are very happy!

This is my father, a father who loves me!

Article 11: My father's composition 350 words

"Father's love is like a mountain, standing tall. Father's love is like a sea, magnificent." Every time I see this sentence, I think of my dad.

My dad is handsome and handsome, with a round, white face; two big, eye-catching eyes, and long and thin eyelashes; a small and exquisite nose, and two small ears. He often wears a white T-shirt, a tie and black pants, and looks very mental.

Dad especially likes sports. Every day as long as you are okay, run or do other sports. Once, my dad and I went for a run. Suddenly, I fell in composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and fell, and my dad insisted on running after seeing that it didn't matter. When he got home, my dad helped me clean the wound. Is such a dad very warm?

Dad is full of money, read poetry books, and loves to read. When I was very young, he taught me to recite 3-5 poems. Although I didn't know the words at the time, my dad taught me to recite aloud and carefully explained to me ... Is such a dad very serious?

This is my dad. He is handsome, warm and serious. I love my dad very much. I believe that children must love their dad especially!

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