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The poor continued

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Article 1: The Poor Continues to Write 400 Words

Since Anna and the fisherman adopted the two children of their neighbor Simon, although they lived happily every day, the quality of life was much worse than before, so they decided to go to the city and want to see in the big city.

So they packed up their luggage and brought all the money and rushed to the city overnight. After the five children arrived in the city, many things looked very fresh.

The city is not much more expensive than the seaside, and it takes only three or four days before the money is spent. In order not to keep the children hungry, they had to beg all the way, because no company was willing to take them in.

The fisherman and Anna went begging from house to house, either swept out of the house or poured cold water. No one had given them money, only a kind girl on the street gave them a few dollars, which made them lose confidence.

Anna took the money to buy some food, and Anna left all the food to the child and her husband. She wrote only http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and left only half a piece of rice cake. While they were about to eat, a scrawny old man came over to beg for food, saying that he had not eaten for three days. When Anna was about to feed him, she was stopped by the fisherman because she hadn't eaten for several days. But Anna couldn't bear to watch the old grandpa starve and gave him the last food.

A few days later, Anna and her family were fainted by the side of the road, and when they woke up, they were already in the hospital. An old man brought them here, and Anna recognized that the old man was the one who asked them to eat the other day.

It turned out that the old man was actually a CEO, and he begged on the side of the road in order to find a kind but not fooled money steward. Later, there was only Anna among all the young people, who would ignore herself for others. In the end, Anna was willing to be a housekeeper in the old man's house, and the old man was very willing to let their family live in their own house. Since then, the Annas have lived a happy life.

Article 2: The Poor Continues to Write 200 Words

Suna opened her account and said, "Look, they're here." The fisherman's face became excited and excited, and said, "Oh, I didn't expect you to take them back!" A smile, and then a little worried.

Early in the morning, he took the fishing nets that Sana had repaired for him yesterday and went fishing at sea. At the center of the sea, the fisherman saw a few pieces of broken wooden boards. Not good, someone drowned! The fisherman thought to himself. The fisherman quickly jumped off the boat and swam around in the sea, and finally saw a man in a suit struggling hard in the water. The fisherman pulled out of the boat with all his strength, squeezed his stomach, drained him, made artificial respiration ... After a while, the man woke up and said, "Yes ... you ... saved me ……Thank you……"

The fisherman said, "Just wake up."

"Yes, how did you fall into the water?"

"It happened like this. I drifted in the water last night. I was accidentally overwhelmed by the waves. The sail broke and I couldn't swim. I struggled, but it didn't work. The waves were too big! And last night Typhoon, I fell into the water, and when I wake up, I am here with you! "

"Oh, it turns out this composition is http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , then you can heal yourself in my house first," said the fisherman.

When he arrived at the fisherman's house, the man said, "My name is Heisang, can you use your phone?"

Sana handed the phone to Hei Sang, and Hei Sao called the number and said, "Tomorrow call a few workers to the beach here, help me build a house, and bring some food over ..."

After a few days the house was built, Sanna played with the children, and they had a lot of fun on the beach barefoot. Hei Sang looked at Sana and the child, and thought: Although they are poor, they are kind and compassionate, and although they have no money, they leave me in their house. I must not be an ungrateful person, I will surely let them live a happy life.

One morning, Hei Sang walked away quietly, leaving a note: Dear Fisherman Family: I am the owner of a company. In order to express your life-saving grace to me, that house is a gift for you— — Heisang.

Sanna said excitedly: "Thank God, our family's life has finally changed ..."

Since then, Sana's seven children have been more prosperous than one, and one of them inherited his company under the cultivation of Hei Sang.

Article 3: The Poor Continues to Write 600 Words

The fisherman took the only old, dark horse lantern from the table and raised it in his hand, and he couldn't wait to put himself in front of the patched account, with the faint light from the lamp, I saw the two children with blond curly hair and cute water. "Oh! They are so cute, they are angels given to us by God!" The fisherman whispered to his wife, Sanna, "But we are tomorrow ... um! I'm going to do more work! Yes! Tomorrow I will Do a big fight, come back later tomorrow night, just after a heavy rain, this fish must be too much! God bless, we must not suffer these children! "

"Well! Okay, I will go to my neighbor ’s house tomorrow to find some casual jobs in the town, sewing clothes, buttons, shoe soles, etc. I can do it all while making money with my children. God bless! "Sanna drew her account lightly.

"In short, we can't suffer these children, let's be a bit tired. I'll look at these little guys again." The fisherman carefully opened his tent and gently looked at the children who slept sweetly in the tent. Compassion, but also a trace of anxiety and hope.

In the early morning of the next day, the sky was still gloomy, and the East showed only a little light. "Squeeze ..." It cut through the early morning silence, and someone opened the swaying wooden door that seemed to fall apart when touched. It was a fisherman. He dragged the shabby, wet fishing net, turned around, glanced at Sana in a scarf, and instructed: "It's going to be hard for you. Today's weather is good, you will definitely get a lot of fish, God bless ... Sanna nodded. "Be careful."

Watching the fisherman leave, Sanna returned to the room. She had already prepared breakfast. Different from the past, today she has two new shiny dishes. This was originally a composition for Christmas. Https: / /wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . Although the breakfast was still dark bread, the seven sets of tableware were seduced by the morning light, and the neat tablecloths were sewn up by the leaves of the seashore. They also had a fresh taste, which was a dim little house. It is full of the vitality and sunshine that should be in the morning. This breakfast, although humble, was quite ritual.

The eldest son in the family woke up, rubbing his sleepy eyes, and looked at the mother next to the account: "Mom, how did the two little guys from Aunt Simon's family come to our house?"

"Well, Aunt Simon was brought to heaven by God last night ... Oh, God, how pitiful her two children are. You must take good care of these two little brothers and treat them as close brothers." Sanna stopped After the work in hand, she explained to the child with tears.

After finishing the children's breakfast and preparing to go out to find a job, Sanna told her older children before she left to find the good job in town. Although the eldest son is young, the children of the poor have long been the heads of the household, and he has long been alone in the diet of his siblings. Blessed by God, she met a kind-hearted man who was the owner of a restaurant. This was a gray-bearded old man. He heard about her and gave her a helping hand: "I sympathize with you, I also admire your husband and wife very much. I won't sit idly by. This is fine. In the future, the fish caught by your husband will be sold to my restaurant. I will change some vegetables and white bread for you. You can also come to me Work, wash a plate for a dime, two dollars a day, if you do n’t think too much, and the guests do n’t finish the meal, you can pack it for the children to eat ... ”Sana took the boss's hand and thanked him again and again.

God must not disappoint kind people. Sanna walked on her way home with a touch of relief in her eyes.

Part 4: Continue to write 400 words for the poor

The fisherman looked at the two sleeping children and said, "They are pitiful, and they have no parents before they are sensible." Sanna said, "Yeah, but we can help her and let her two The children grow up with our children. "The fisherman sighed and said with a worried expression," It's just that our economy is too difficult. But I will definitely work harder to support our family. "

The next day, the weather was surprisingly good, completely opposite to the weather last night. So the fisherman went out to fish early in the morning, while Sanna cleaned up at home and took care of the children.

When the fisherman arrived at the beach, when he was about to fish, a voice suddenly came out in the sea: "Are you a fisherman?" The fisherman was scared, but still answered "Yes".

The voice of the sea continued to wear out: "I have observed you for a long time, and I found that although your family is not rich, but you are willing to use limited resources to help its composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ others, this I admire the spirit. So, I can fulfill one of your wishes. "

The fisherman thought about it and said, "I just want to keep our family safe and sound-including those two children, as long as all of us are not hungry-this is my greatest wish in this life." After the words, the sea was silent, and no more voices came out.

After returning home, the fisherman told Sanna. Sanna said in surprise: "That's the sea god! It is said that the sea god only appeared once 500 years ago!"

When the fisherman went out to fish again later, the harvest was amazing! The fisherman took all the remaining fish to sell in the city and made a lot of money.

Since then, the fishermen's table has not only black bread and fish, but also a lot of delicious food. Seven children also grew up healthy every day.

In this way, the fisherman's family lived a happy life.

Article 5: Continue to write 350 words for the poor

The fisherman saw his neighbor's two children sleeping with his own child, and a happy smile appeared on his face!

The next day, the fisherman went out early to fish. What surprised him was that when he closed the net in the afternoon, he saw that there were many more fish in the net than usual. He thought: It must be that we adopted the child of neighbor Simon with good intentions. Simon must be blessed in heaven! After landing, the fisherman sold the salvaged fish for a lot of money. To celebrate that he fished a lot of fish today, he bought a lot of delicious money for selling fish today and went home to feed the children. On this composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The fishermen's family spent the day happily.

Another day later, the fisherman went out to fish as usual, and to his surprise, he fished more today than yesterday. The first thing she thought of was that Simon blessed them in heaven. Later, he fished more and more every day, and his life became richer and richer, and the fisherman loved Simon's two children even more than his own son.

When the seven children of the fisherman grew up, they all left their jobs, and they shared their monthly salary with Sana and the fisherman. Since then, the fishermen's family has become the richest man at sea.

Article 6: 500 words for the poor

"You see, they're here," Sanna said as she opened her account.

The fisherman looked away, and the seven children were sleeping side by side, covered with thick quilts, quiet and comfortable. Despite the north wind screaming outside the window, several children's breathing was still even. The fisherman was silent and stood for a long time.

"Sana" said the fisherman. "Simon is dead, two children ... In this case, for the children, we must work harder in the future." Sana said while holding the needle and making up the net, "Well, I will, and I will work harder and take care of the seven children! "Said the fisherman." It's hard for you, Sana, you pay a lot for this family. Even so, we can barely live, but we can't I ca n’t save you from death! Moreover, I firmly believe that as long as we work harder, the composition of the day http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ will be all right, we can always survive it! "

Sana and the fisherman worked harder to maintain their family's livelihood. Finally, they survived the difficult period. Seven children have grown up and are very filial. They have carried the burden of the family and worked daily at sunrise. At sunset, the fisherman can finally stop fishing, but Sanna is still working at home, the utensils on the partition are still so shiny, the ground is still clean, and this fisherman's hut on the beach Warm and comfortable.

However, the fisherman always loves to go to the sea by himself. No one knows, he always looks at the sea. On a sunny day, overlooking the calm sea; when the waves are rough, he also comes to the beach, he always murmurs: it is going to change, the storm is coming, why is it always so hard ...

Article Seven: The Poor Continues to Write 600 Words in Grade Six

Flying snowflakes slipped quietly into Sanna's cottage. In the room, Sanna counted the days while wiping the table: in another three days, it was a happy Christmas! Sana has decided to give her husband and children a gift.

A few months ago, Sana was preparing for her gift. She has been making small jewelry for sale; she has been washing and sewing clothes for the rich every night, and has also made a few small bucks. She held the money tightly in her palms, thinking of gifts for her children and her husband, and two shallow dimples smiled on her face.

Children play in the snow. They relished the funny things they saw. Suddenly, the oldest Tom looked at the dancing snowflakes, and counted the days, and said to his brothers and sisters, "It will be Christmas in three days. In the past, it was a gift from our parents. This year we will also give our parents a gift. But what gift is good? "The seven little heads talked together with interest.

At this time, the fisherman was glad that he had caught a big fish, and now the gifts of his wife and children are gone! "See you in pity! Don't let me get up every morning and work unkindly."

It's Christmas night. The children took a bath and changed into not new but clean composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ neat clothes. Sanna put on the clothes she wore before Sunday, and she dressed them up carefully. The fisherman also put on neat and clean clothes. On the table was everything that Sanna could prepare, and nine sets of knives were neatly arranged.

The children sat quietly at the table, and Sanna sat with the fisherman. After praying, the fisherman started giving gifts to the children, and all seven children had a beautiful colorful shell necklace. He gave Sana a pair of more beautiful pearl shell earrings. After wearing it, Sanna looked very beautiful and exuded a natural fresh breath.

The children ran over, one gave the mother a rough but loving apron, and one put on the father's anti-freezing gloves for fishing. Then the seven children shouted together: "Merry Christmas!" The fisherman and Sanna kissed the children's cheeks and gave a hug.

Sana also took out the gift. The children opened the gift with delight: Ah! What a beautiful shoe! The children stared intently at the eight pairs of shoes, making a sound of admiration. The fisherman put on his shoes and said, "This pair of shoes is so good!"

In the evening, the Sanna family sat at the dinner table, leaning on the fire, and spent this joyful festival.

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