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Article 1: 600 Words of "Last" Games Composition

"Tipping ticking time is turning, ticking ticking I hope you understand, whenever you close your eyes, you have your dream." —— Inscription

Unconsciously, the time came to the Spring Games, and we took a neat step and shouted an inspiring slogan. The national flag fluttered in the air, as if cheering for the games.

"Forecast project! Forecast project!" At the beginning of the Games, athletes walked onto the runway, their resolute faces were telling us the determination to swear first. A gunshot cut through the sky, and the athletes flew forward with cheering sounds of cheering arrows like off-string arrows, as if they had endless power. Immediately it was my turn to play. Although it was only two hundred meters, it would be a little scary and hesitant to face a strong opponent. Get ready for the real contest. "Ready, run!" I ran forward one by one like a wild horse. Of course, I didn't want to fall behind, rolled up my sleeves and rushed forward. The composition on my legs It is even more powerful to hear my classmates shout from my heart for me. The red ribbon that rushed to the end slipped gracefully and quickly from me, as if dancing again and again for my victory, all the tiredness seemed to disappear immediately, and the breeze blowing on my face was so cool and refreshing.

The cheering sound gradually faded, and the sports meeting was over. The sky seemed to be covered by clouds, and his face was ashamed. Everyone's face seemed a little dark. Because we know that we may have to divide classes in the ninth grade. This is the last sports meeting we have together. How much we think this time can be slower and slower so that we can spend longer and longer together. a little.

We are reluctant to accompany us for two years. We are fortunate enough to work for our young teacher who gradually has a silver line. We are reluctant to make jokes with our partners who have nothing to say ...

There is no endless banquet in the world, and sometimes the gathering ends. I believe friendship will never fade even if I have been separated.

Article 2: 500 Words in Composition

The long-awaited sports meet finally began.

We met at the school early in the morning. First, the teacher gave us the athlete's number. I was 3712. Each of us, holding a small red flag, started to attack Xinwen Middle School and go to a sports meeting. When we arrived at the playground, we found a place to put everything in place, and then we started to listen to the radio. When we called the third-year men's 60-meter preliminaries, we began to prepare. Participate in the Games. I was on the field. When the teacher shouted to hear the gunshot, I ran to the finish line quickly. A team member squeezed me. I kicked him without mercy and I took the first place. Successfully entered the finals. I started preparing for the 200-meter long run. This time I was slightly relaxed, I ran the 2nd place and didn't enter the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ final, I was very lost. In the afternoon, the teacher asked us to run four relay races. Zhang Shuo ran the first, I ran the second, Ren Langkun ran the third, and Wei Xiyan ran the fourth. Wang Qiwen's mother and teacher Zang taught us how to pass the stick. After a while the gunfire sounded, Zhang Shuo quickly gave me the stick, and I ran to Xiaoren quickly. At this time, the parents and teachers were more excited than us, shouting and cheering! Come on! He even ran with us, Xiao Wei quickly moved to the finish line, and our class successfully entered the finals. I think: the mood of the athletes in our class is the same as mine. Whenever I think of winning the class, I run on the playground like a pony.

The games are so fun! It not only exercises our body and mind, but also gives us a stronger willpower. classmates. Let's work together next year!

Chapter 3: Colorful Games Composition 600 Words

Sorry match

On the field, we ran hard in order to regain the honor of the class. So I reported several projects.

In the morning, there was some light rain in the sky, which made me nervous. I wondered if I could run for four hundred meters. But when I heard the electronic voice on the field shouting, "Please the 400-meter player in place", I was very excited because I could finally win the class.

When I got to the starting line, I heard friends and classmates in the audience area shouting and cheered for me. I feel boiling all over. But "Ready!" Shouted and pulled me back to the battlefield.

"Three, two, one." I looked tense. But after waiting for a while, there was no sound of the starting gun. I was puzzled a moment, and my body suddenly relaxed. But a relentless "bang" blasted in my ear. I haven't responded yet, my legs can't help but gallop out. My heart was pounding. But when I heard that my classmates were cheering for us, they took 12 points. However, when I reached the finish line and asked my teacher for my grades, I only regretted that I got the fourth place.

What a pity game.

Naughty weather

When we were happily holding the operating text http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ sports meeting, one person was unwilling, he sprinkled heavy rain on the ground, and let our original cheerful mood fall to the extreme.

God seemed to be irritated, roaring, as if to swallow up the earth; like a doll, crying loudly because he accidentally fell down; like a warrior, fighting in the blood on the battlefield.

It was still raining, and we looked at the rain outside the window blankly in the classroom. The rain poured out the fire in our hearts. But at that moment, the rain stopped suddenly. We went to the playground to continue the games. At this time, our mood is as bright and sincere as this sunshine.

Enthusiastic audience

When the game is in full swing, the whole audience is filled with sounds such as cheering. The sound was louder than waves, and even Lian Yun was scattered.

When the 800 meters were about to end, we athletes had no energy. But someone ran straight up the track to run with that person and encouraged him. Let him hold on. The audience is also shouting, this audience's voice is like the best encouragement in the world, let the athletes continue to work hard.

This enthusiastic audience, the naughty weather, and the game together constituted a colorful sports meeting.

Article Four: 800 Words of Exciting Games Composition

On Friday morning, our school held its annual spring games. On the playground, there are neat teams standing in each class, with colorful flags flying and drums trembling, and the students' faces are filled with beautiful smiles!

With the enthusiastic applause, the athletes entered the field. The athletes were imposing and clenched, and everyone had a confident look on their faces. The first race was a one hundred meter race. With the order of the referee, the first student in each class rushed to the finish line like an arrow off the string, and the cheers and shouts around him continued one after another. The scene was extremely lively!

not good! Our class Zhao Dayong slipped a bit at the last thirty meters, and saw that he quickly adjusted his steps, exerting his strength throughout the body, and his arms swung faster. At the last five meters, a perfect aerial jump won In the game, he returned to the team full of energy. At this time, our class began to boil, cheers and shouts rang through the sky.

The most exciting moment has begun. The project that can best show the unity and progress of everyone-the relay race, and the inspection is started. This is also the project I want to participate in. My Wen Xuebo, Gu Junhao, Bazonghan, our four Students work together to strive for the championship.

I was the first stick. At the beginning of the game, I only heard a gunshot from the referee. I ran forward like a cheetah, and the wind whistled in my ears, as if cheering for me. Three essays https: //wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ My classmates are taller than me and my legs are longer than me. He goes hand in hand with me. I increase my horsepower. When I think of the physical education teacher, my arm swings faster and the pace under my feet is faster Then, finally gave the baton to the second classmate with the first place.

The cheerleaders used all their strength to cheer for our class, stomp their feet, and yell. Gu Junhao caught the baton and went all the way to the opposite side. I kept thinking about what the teacher said to us before the game: don't run the slash. I told the rest of the class loudly. I heard the cheering team cheering louder, "Come on!" "Come on!" "Come on!" The cheering team kept shouting. Look! It's the last classmate. This is related to the reputation of the champion. Everyone mentioned his throat. Five meters, three meters, one meter ... Our class reached the end first. "Yeah! We won! We won!" The whole class cheered.

Rope skipping competitions, table tennis competitions, and badminton competitions are also going on fiercely, and athletes are working hard for honor.

Time flies so fast that the sports meet ends in applause. This campaign made me understand that success can only be achieved through hard work and perseverance, and it also made me understand the importance of solidarity and cooperation. "Friendship first, competition second." No matter what kind of activities, we focus on participation, persistence is victory, I look forward to the next sports meeting.

Article 5: Exciting Games Composition 700 Words

On Monday morning, colorful flags fluttered on the playground, the drums trembled, and the exciting games were about to begin.

At the opening ceremony, students from each class lined up in a neat line. They walked on the playground in the sunshine. The flag guard was in front of them. Several handsome boys held the national flag on one side, followed by the students from the band. They raised their chests and bulged their cheeks. They seemed to have two walnuts in their mouths, and their faces were as red as a big crab, which was very interesting. Exciting Games march, followed by the members of each class, they held a variety of brands, some holding small flowers, some holding small birds, and ... each person's clothes are colorful and dazzling. Followed by a group of sunny, cat-like cheerleader girls, cheer for the athletes.

The most exciting thing was the relay race. The teacher shouted: "Ready!" They "call" to get up and prepare, the firing of the starting gun, the students rushed away like arrows off the string, a gust of wind rolled up, everyone Hold your breath. In the end, everyone ’s little universe broke out. The students returned to work hard and cheered for each class. Our classmates won! We greeted the triumphant warrior and threw him into the air. The relay composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ ended in everyone's excitement.

The happy tug of war began, and everyone was carefully selected a hundred times, and the "big black bull" fighters of each class came! Everyone grabbed the python-like thick rope and pulled in the direction of their class. The teacher will cheer to this side and cheer to the other side again. Everyone will try to feed hard, leaning one by one in the air, almost sleeping on the ground, and some people will sit on the ground with one buttock. !! Win which side is cheering, and lose? Dejected one by one, but after a while, he held his head up and had confidence.

The fun skipping competition started. Everyone talked and laughed. Some were as flexible as rabbits, some were awkward like bears, and old ropes. When they saw that they hadn't passed, they were 100 unhappy. Somehow, they put The two sides of the rope were twisted together, and the children counting from seventy-six to fifty-six, and then fifty-six to forty-six, the audience laughed out of breath, the classmates in front covered their stomachs, "Hee hee ha ha" laughed into a ball, and a smile appeared on the referee's tense face. The fun skipping rope game ended with the laughter of the students.

This sport will make me unforgettable. I hope the next games will come soon. I love this exciting game!

Article Six: 700 Words of Sports Composition

Today's weather is so good, the father-in-law of the sun is afraid of reaching us, only showing half of his face, the school summer games will start soon. I am athlete No. 49. I participate in standing long jumps and 200-meter running.

The intense game has begun! Led by the referee teacher, the contestant and I came to the long jump competition scene. There were three opportunities for each, and I was placed in the third. It's my turn, I stand on the take-off line, shake my arm, and jump easily. Ha, one meter seven! The results of the second round were comparable to the first. Although I was ahead for the time being, the third round was the finals. I didn't dare to take it lightly. I still threw my arms, squatted, jumped, and leapt, wow! I broke my record of one meter seven five, and even jumped to one meter eighty five, I won the championship! I excitedly told the teacher and classmates the good news, and the leader Mr. Xing gave me a big hug.

This was followed by the second-grade men's 200-meter race. I stood on the starting line 2 and turned around. The players next to me were either taller or fatter than me, and they were staring at me with disdain. I looked up and thought: What's the big deal, the small body can beat you! With a bang, the starting gun rang, and the composition was scared by the gunshot http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I jumped, and rushed out like an African cheetah. More than one, more than one, more than all the opponents, the victory beckoned to me, and in the final 50 meters sprint, I accelerated the pace, started the pace, and ran to the finish line, I once again won the first place.

I asked the teacher, "Is there a medal to win the championship?" Teacher Xing touched my head and smiled and said, "No! But you are the best!" When I came home, I told my mother to make a medal by myself, and my mother agreed with both hands. . I brought the bottle cap, paint box and lanyard. I painted the transparent bottle caps in golden yellow with paint, painted the outer ring with red, and then wrote "the first place in the 200-meter run" with a brush. The task of wearing the rope was left to my mother. I saw my dad, and came here to make fun of it. He smiled and said, "Let's have an award ceremony!" So, in the exciting national anthem, the etiquette mother, the award father and the champion child completed a family fun award ceremony.

I'm proud to win the class! I photographed the gold medal I made and sent it to Teacher Xing, the class teacher. I was pleased to tell that she was also holding an award ceremony at home. At this time, Mr. Xing told me seriously: "Achievements only represent the past, I hope you can forget the achievements, grasp the present, and create a better future."

Chapter 7: Remembering 600 Words of an Interesting Games Composition

Looking forward, looking forward, this day has finally arrived. On this day, the school organized classmates to go to the playground to participate in the sports meeting. Suddenly, a cheerful ringtone broke the teacher's lecture, and with the cheers, the students ran to the playground one after another, preparing for the upcoming sports meeting.

In the bright slogan, among the neat rows, the teacher announced: "The opening ceremony of the sports meet!" At this time, no matter in the upper or lower grades, his heart was extremely excited.

After the second and third grade teams have finished, it is our fourth grade. We wore uniform clothing and took neat steps to start performing our show. Suddenly, a song came: "As a child, my mother told me that the sea is my hometown ..." After the performance, there was a warm applause in the auditorium. We shouted our pride with pride. Slogan: "Sunshine Junior, sailing sails; Sunshine Sports, welcome to the closing ceremony!" After the students of the school have all gone, the teacher announced: "The opening ceremony of the sports meet!" Just returned to the classroom.

When we came down again, the games had officially started. The first project we played was-turtle play rabbit. This means: five people per class, two classes in total. One class is a "rabbit" and the other class is a "turtle". Whichever class is fast, the one that wins. Our class was a "rabbit", and when the referee ordered, we rushed to the finish line-"Win!" We cheered.

The second project is-happy hurry. This project refers to a small amusement park that turns around from the starting point by wearing, climbing, sliding, climbing, and crowding. Many people can only play once, and they can play a few times if they perform well. I played three times. How many times do you think you can play?

The third project is-Dragon Boat. Of course, it is not really a dragon boat, but nine people in each class, walking on an inflatable dragon. "One, two, one, two, one ..." We crossed the finish line-we won! "Great!" We shouted.

After listening to my introduction, you must be tempted, right?

Come on, come and join our fun games!

Chapter Eight: Exciting Games Composition 500 Words

The annual Autumn Games is coming soon. The students are all high-spirited and excited, because this Games is a little different from the past-full participation. Every student can participate in all events and can feel the joy of sports and the charm of sports. Moreover, students can not only exercise, but also challenge themselves and push the limits.

The field was very lively, and all the projects were being carried out in an orderly manner. The students were showing their demeanor, and there were continuous waves of shouts, encouragement and applause, like a fierce battlefield.

Look! The students on the east side of the playground who are single-swaying and holding flowers are shaking quickly with colorful strings, their cheeks are flushing, and sweat has flowed down. They have exerted their strength, jumping hard, fighting against the clock, their expressions are very firm. . The students who kicked the shuttlecock on the west side of the playground also wrote an article http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ did their best, the shuttlecock seemed to have spirituality in their hands, like each note leaping, as cheerful as wonderful music ...

The most exciting thing is that the classes are jumping big ropes collectively. All students work together, work hard, win glory for the class, and applaud the school! The confident team members jumped up bravely in applause, jumped briskly, landed on both feet steadily, skillfully, and cooperated with each other very well. Some are as light as swallows, and others are flying as far as flying ... one by one as a rabbit, all of them are well-skilled jump rope masters. The other students also cheered enthusiastically, the atmosphere suddenly became exciting, and the cheers and laughter of victory wafted throughout the campus.

Although the sports meeting is over, the students' exploration of sports has not stopped. They will still work hard and make great achievements!

Article Nine: 1000-word composition

"Come on! Come on!" There were waves of shouts from the playground. The tide was higher than the tide. It turned out that our school is holding the annual autumn primary school sports meeting.

I am also a sports player this year! Let me tell you a little secret. I am a young sportsman and I have been buried in the soil for two years. After being nourished by rain this year, I finally broke out. When the teacher found me, he was elected to the sports meeting and became a runner. I have to work harder and harder, and I must not fail my teacher's expectations. I also want my parents to look at me and look at me, who is thin and thin, with thin arms and legs, and is also a sportsman.

I participated in the 100-meter and 400-meter running competitions. Finally, I lived up to expectations. The preliminary rounds all entered the final with good results. I was ecstatic. The final is about to begin, and the time to win for the class is coming. I stood in front of the starting line, jumping like a bunny in my heart. I looked up, the teachers and classmates were waving at me, and the mother who came to watch the war also gave me an encouraging look. I took a deep breath, calmed my mood, and listened with my ears up. "Bang!" The gun went off, and we dashed up.

Suddenly, the cheerleaders of the students also boiled. They are all cheering for me, shouting, cheering. "Zhu Ruoya, come on! Zhu Ruoya, come on! You are the best, you will win!" I must not disappoint them, so I speeded up my pace, rushed to the front, and left them far behind. On the curve of the second lap, I saw that only the most composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ was 50 meters behind, and I was out of breath at this time. No, the classmates on the inner runway caught up.

At this moment, the screams of one after another, "Come on, come on, persist is victory!" "Come on, come on, you are a small universe breaking out! Victory is in sight!" I grit my teeth and closed my eyes, Strive forward. 5 meters, 4 meters, 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter, I finally reached the end. However, I still regret that I ended up passing the first place by a step difference of 0.5 seconds. I was frustrated. Both the teacher and mother came over and gave me a big hug. They told me you were awesome and you were amazing. Suddenly, my mood was much better.

The most exciting thing is the long-distance running of 1500 meters. This is the highlight and finale. Shao Ziyan, Li Jingzhi, Shu Yiqi and Shao Chengrui participated in the competition on behalf of our class. On the long runway, they persisted, letting a drop of sweat fall on their feet.

The cheerleaders in our class could no longer hold back their excitement and rushed to the runway while shouting for cheers while escorting the run. In the end, they won the women's first men's second best grade for the class. Athletes, you are really good. This tenacious spirit of hard work is worth our learning!

In this sports meeting, our class won six first places with remarkable results. Trinity Trinity, take the first place, work together and have the courage to move forward. After this Games, we also demonstrated the spirit of unity, friendship and mutual help in our class. We are really a loving family!

Chapter Ten: 700 Words of Sports Composition

Today is Friday, and the long-awaited sports meeting will begin today.

Early in the morning, the atmosphere on campus was heated up. Under the leadership of the group leader, the students went to the dining table and chairs on the playground and carried balloons in an orderly manner. Under the command of the teacher, arrange the venue of your class.

Hong Liang's "Athlete's March" resounded through the playground, and the students were all excited and ready to review. The older brothers and sisters were neatly paced, and their slogans were heated. The younger brothers and sisters followed closely, with a serious expression on the immature faces, and they were kicking in the correct manner.

After reviewing, the most exciting event in the sports meeting-running competition. As an athlete, I started to warm up early. It was my turn to play immediately, and my heart was disturbed. Watching other athletes gallop on the playground like horses, my heart was even more emboldened. At this time, the careful teacher Yang saw my nervousness, came to me, patted me on the shoulder, and said to me, "believe in yourself, you are the best, don't be nervous!" The teacher's comfort seemed to come with The magic spell really cleared the restlessness in my heart. After the gunshot, the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , I ran away like an arrow off the string and rushed to the front. But running and running, with the lengthening of the schedule, I was a bit physically weak. The heavy footsteps were like heavy lead infused with fine beads of sweat on his forehead. I feel like I'm out of strength, my limbs are weak and I can't hold it anymore. At this time, bursts of cheering sound penetrated into the eardrum. I looked in the direction of my voice and saw that the students in the class were cheering for me. Some of them shook the small red flag in their hands, some shook the cans in their hands, and others jumped up from their seats in a hurry ... At that moment, I felt like I was charged with a battery full of electricity, and there was something wrong with my body. Finished. Regardless of my previous exhaustion, I made a big leap forward and finally struck the finish line in the cheers of my classmates.

When I returned to the class to rest, my classmates came forward and handed me water and snacks, as if I was a great hero returning in triumph.

At this sports meeting, I felt the care of my teacher and the concern of my classmates. I secretly resolved in my heart: I will do everything in the future, and give better results to those who love me!

Article 11: 700 words of intense sports essay composition

Remember that time, our school held a single sports meeting, the competition was very fierce, let me slowly come next.

The events of the Games include: four hundred meters running, head-on relay, long jump, high jump, etc. The events I participated in were the 400-meter run and the head-on relay race. I took part in the 400-meter run in the morning. Before the competition, I anxiously heard the teacher read my name. After waiting a while, I heard the teacher read my name, and I could n’t wait to run to the music building and wear the required sportswear. , And then came to the starting line with six other classmates, listening intently to the teacher's gunfire. With a slam, the game started and I rushed out at lightning speed. On the first lap, I ran very fast, thinking of winning the first place, and winning the class. However, because I had already exhausted my physical strength in the first lap, by the first and a half laps, I felt dizzy, my heart throbbed, and my breathing was short. I had to watch the other three students stay beside me. exceed. At that time, I thought to myself, I can no longer let other classmates pass me, so I exhausted my final strength and rushed to the end. In the end, I finished fourth in the group. It seems that I usually have to write a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ to practice more, master the methods, and train my physical fitness. I believe that the next time I participate in the 400-meter race, I will be even better!

The competition I attended in the afternoon was a head-on relay race. The game started in the upper grades, and when it was our grade, we proudly walked to the "battlefield", lined up, and started after the preparations. At the beginning, our class was ahead of other classes. When it was my turn, my legs were straight and my hair was soft. I thought: If I can't run the other classes, it's too shameful. When my classmates rushed over from the opposite side and handed me the baton, I exhausted all my strength and rushed out like an arrow off the string. When I was halfway through, I found that I had surpassed those in other classes. I was very happy and I ran faster and faster. To reach the end, I straightened my hand and prepared to give it to the opposite student. The opposite student steadily caught the baton. After finishing the game, I didn't relax and still watched my comrades nervously to continue the game. Finally, with the joint efforts of everyone, our class won the first place in the year. We were happy to jump three feet high.

Through this competition, I learned: No matter what you do, you must do your best to strive to be your best.

Chapter 12: Warm Games Composition 500 Words

"I announced that the 31st Games of Lishui Experimental School has successfully closed!" The words just ended, everyone cheering and jumping. The whole stadium was boiling, and everyone couldn't hide their inner joy. It had been raining for a while, but at this time there was some sunlight. In this scene, I remembered the warm scene during the game.

It was the final of the 400m women's 400m in the sixth grade group. The people at the scene were nervous, for fear of accident, they won the last place. Listening only to the "bang" sound, the gun rang, and we rushed forward at the fastest speed, regardless of up and down. After running for two hundred meters, physical strength was gradually exhausted, and most people slowed down, but there were still people struggling to run to the finish line. In this way, gradually opened the distance. I couldn't take it anymore, and I was left behind. " Huang Zuowen http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/Si Rui, come on!" Just then, I heard a kind and familiar voice. It turned out to be classmates, they are cheering for me! Listening to these shouts, I felt I couldn't live up to their expectations for me, so I clenched my teeth and rushed forward. Finally, I surpassed one or two people.

When I crossed the finish line, parents and classmates came over immediately, helped me to sit on the seat, handed me water and snacks, and helped me put on my coat. I didn't have the slightest strength, and my legs didn't listen.

In the end, my results were not very satisfactory. Sixteen people took eight people. I didn't rank, and I was very disappointed. My classmates constantly comforted me and told me that I worked hard ...

The rain hits me. The raindrops are cold, but my heart is warm ....

Chapter 13: Exciting Games Composition 500 Words

At 8 o'clock in the morning on April 27, the Wubei No. 5 Primary School Games opened! This is a long-awaited event for all of our teachers and students. It is also our third year to participate in the Games once and we are very excited.

The opening ceremony of the Games began. The bunting team and the drum team first entered the stadium. They walked neatly across the podium. Each of our classes has its own formation. You see, various costumes and props dot the square array of each class. Their performance in front of the podium is very exciting. It's our turn! Our Rainbow Squadron also wore red and white uniforms and was walking confidently. We performed a cheerleader in the Youth Training Manual. See how compelling our beautiful formations and physical movements are! The Games have officially started!

Next, the various competitions started. The male athletes were trembling in their composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , and the female athletes were beautiful. Long-hopping Tang Hao ran a few steps, kicked his feet hard, bowed his body, leaped forward, rising like a tiger, and then fell gently into the bunker. The classmates held their breaths and watched his movements until he dared to make a sound. The girls who jumped high stood confidently on the starting line, and saw Chen Yihan open his arms, quickly ran to the crossbar, and jumped into the air, like a sea swallow flying with wings, only listening to the "brush" and flying over the crossbar , Falling steadily into the bunker, there was applause on the high jump. With her long legs, Hu Jiaxin leapfrogged the bar again and again, winning a lot of exclamation. The athletes worked hard, and our cheerleaders worked hard.

This is our first time participating in the Games, and we look forward to better results next year! I'm proud of you, athletes!

Chapter Fourteen: 600 Words in Memory of the Games

That game was buried in my alma mater in my memory.

"Get ready, start right away." Along with the gunshot of the referee, my opponents and I rushed towards the finish line. The reason why I participated in this sports meeting was from ten days ago. The teacher was carefully selected, and the students who were running fast were all named, and finally the teacher called me. My famous little short leg was named, everyone laughed, but the teacher had his own intention, it was really puzzling.

The sun sets over the earth in the afterglow of the setting sun. The Baiyuns looked at me like a dejected child with pity in their hearts, and walked home timidly, sympathizing with me silently.

With the passage of time, my "death" is about to come. I can't "dead" like this for nothing, and I will dedicate myself to the class. I practice hard every day, but the players who participate in the competition with me have fun all day, and gradually come to the composition on the day of the competition

"Classmates, please sit around the playground with your chair, classmates ..." The deafening voice shouted in the radio. After the teachers and students of the school were seated, the radio shouted again: "I declare the sports meeting officially Start. "The contestants were called away one by one, and when they started running, everyone would shout loudly," Come on! "

My name was finally called on the radio, and the teacher cheered me up, but the students didn't take it for granted. I was standing in the starting position, my heart was beating, my opponent was probably the same! They clasped their hands tightly, shifted their legs from time to time, and waited for a command to fly away. "Be ready to start right away, ready, bang." We flew to the end like arrows off the string. Fortunately, I have been tirelessly trained, otherwise I must be the last. At the end, those who are waiting to see my joke must be very angry!

Until now, I still remember clearly the smile encouraged by the teacher.

Chapter 15: I Love 600 Words in Composition

There are many festivals in our school, including reading festival, technology festival, chick festival, fitness festival and art festival. One of my favorite is the fitness section. why? Because there are my favorite games in it.

The school sports events include track and field, rope skipping, badminton, chess, etc. Among them, I participated in a tense and intense 200-meter running competition on behalf of my class. Before the game, the students stood by the runway to encourage me. I was full of confidence at once.

The game time is up. Our team of athletes are standing on the track. Everyone is ready to exercise and wait for the start of the game. I was standing on the white starting line, and my heart was filled with sweat. "Prepare-" rang out in our ears, and we all seemed eager to try. Just listening to the referee teacher holding the starter gun, a "bang", my heartbeat accelerated ten thousand times, and I felt like my heart was about to jump out, and immediately flew out with my friends like arrows off the string.

Everyone, you chase me and give each other up. I was sandwiched between the two friends. The students stretched the composition by the side of the runway http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I opened my throat and cheered for me I suddenly had courage and strength again, broke through the siege, rushed forward quickly, and other little friends were left behind by me.另外的两个小伙伴也不甘示弱,很开就追了上来,我感觉到他们将要超过自己,始终让自己挡在他们前面。






Let's take a look, our class Hou Wenkun started to prepare for a sprint. Everyone was holding their hearts, but the crow was silent. As soon as the teacher fired, he only heard a pop. Suddenly everyone shouted "Ma Quanjie come on." We also shouted, but we shouted neatly: "Hou Wenkun cheer up, Hou Wenkun cheer up!" Which class was the fastest, the rest was relieved. Of course, we are relieved, but we were negligent, and Ma Quanjie of Class 4 suddenly overtook. Some people in our third class said, "Why is Ma Quanjie so foolish!" Some people said, "Hou Wenkun almost succeeded a little bit, and it's a shame! The first place's glory was given to Ma Quanjie, which is a pity." The other party said "Wow, Ma Quanjie's victory, great. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Ouye, finally victory!"

The second round began, with a long distance of 400 meters, Hou Wenkun played again. "Pop" and started running. We shouted, "Hou Wenkun, come on, Hou Wenkun, come on!" Hou Wenkun of our class shouted, "Yeah ..." Fully accelerated, Hou Wenkun dashed all the way like an off-string arrow and fell Ma Quanjie ten streets. Great, there is a first place, great.

To throw the shot, we called Huang Ziyan. For some reason, I threw it easily and threw out a first.

The best was Zhang Xinyue and Chang Qinhan, who ran sixth in the relay. Zhang Xinyue stiffened her head and reached the first place, crying her tiredly.

In the high jump, Liu Chenyu of our class took a leap and took the easy first. He began to challenge the long jump again. He did his best to jump all over his body and jumped a shocking length: two meters six, our mouths were bigger than the goose eggs. Wow, that's great. Guess what, our total score is more than seventy-nine.

Our sports meeting was really aggressive and it was so good. I know that the Games are not only for glory, but also for the body. We need to exercise and improve our immunity.

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