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Watch the ants' diary

Time: 2018-11-04 12:54:00

Article 1: Observe 450 Words in Ant Composition

The teacher left us an assignment today. After lunch, I took out sugar and went out. You asked me what I did, and you'll know when you meet.

I came to the park and found a lot of ants here. I think this is the ant hole. I put the sugar I brought in not far from the ant hole, and I hid behind the tree myself. Soon, an ant appeared. After measuring how big it was with the antennae, I went back to call another ant. After a while, more than 100 ants came and divided the sugar into more than 50 pieces, each of which was as small as rice grains. After half an hour, they were all moved, leaving no trace of sugar, leaving only open space.

Another thing I remember is that a few years ago, I went to my aunt ’s house, when I picked up a big meatball with chopsticks, and accidentally fell on the table composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/子, Grandma forgot to wipe the table for dinner. I found that a large group of Red Army rushed over to the meatballs on the table, and came closer, my mother! It turned out to be a group of red ants. Even the female who was not afraid of me was hiding under the chair and shouting, "Grandma, come here!" Grandma hurried over, then killed the ant and threw it in In the trash.

Today the weather is sultry. Numerous ants have arrived from all directions. They are circling around a place and look very anxious. I wonder: what are the ants doing? Remember when a book wrote that ants would predict the weather, would it rain? About an hour later, the sky was pouring down with rain. The ants would really know the weather!

Ants are really cute and smart animals!

Chapter 2: Observing 500 Words in Ant Composition

Today, I observed the ants in the community and found that a group of ants were moving food.

Two ants stood at the highest point, and the antennae kept moving, as if they were sending a message saying, "Hurry up, the red ants are coming." Really, a group of red ants came from afar. After getting up and fighting fiercely, the black ants won, and the red ants only grabbed a little grain.

I surrounded the two ants with stones, the ants turned around, and finally found a gap to drill out. I quickly blocked them with stones again, and the two ants scurryed like crazy, and finally The two ants helped each other and finally escaped.

Ants can also predict the weather. This day, I was walking in the community and saw a black mud on the road. I walked closer and it turned out that a group of ants were surrounded and carrying food on their bodies. It turned out that they were moving and moved to a high place. Their horns kept moving because it was going to rain.

Ants are also experts in construction. They found good soil and drilled into them. Looking at them, you must think that they are clueless. In fact, they already know how to cover the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . They will be divided into many rooms, this room is for food, and the other is the bedroom ... Each room is guarded by ants, and each ant has its own job, and the division of labor is clear.

Ants also say hello with their tentacles. On this day, a big ant came out for a walk and bumped into another ant, like saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." The two ants passed here every day and became good friends.

Ants are powerful and cooperative. One ant can move a small piece of bread, two ants can move a large piece of bread, and a group of ants can move a whole piece of bread by cooperating with each other.

Although we can easily kill an ant and many people look down on ants, the spirit of ant cooperation is worth learning.

Article 3: Observing 250 Words in Ant Composition

Ants, as we all know, ants are small and look like moving little ones from a distance. Closer look is two small circles sticking together, looking like an Asian bell. There are four legs on each side and two short antennae on the head. But I just can't find its eyes.

Later, I did a small experiment and put the ant on the table to observe. The antennae on its head twisted quickly, as if familiar with the terrain. Later, he started to climb down to write the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , as if to go home, I quickly returned the little ant to my home.

After finishing the experiment, I checked the information about ants on the Internet again. It was found that the ant had eyes. His eyes were actually the two antennae on his head.

I also found that when ants go to find food, they can line up very neatly because of the two antennae on their heads.

I finally know why they have no eyes.

Chapter Four: Observing 400 Words in Ant Composition

My hometown is Shishi's countryside, Baigu Shi 001. There is a cobblestone paved path in the garden, and there are many ant holes next to it.

One day I went for a walk in the garden and looked down to see an ant hole. I observed carefully and a lot of problems emerged in my head. How many species of ants are there? What do ants rely on to convey information? With curiosity, I was anxious to observe the secrets in the ant world.

I ran home, brought a magnifying glass, a small loaf, and came to the ant hole again. I first observed the ants with a magnifying glass. It turned out that the ants are composed of three parts, the head and the abdomen composition. , Like two thin and long lines.

I took a piece of bread and placed it on top of the ant hole. After a while, a little ant crawled out of the gap on the edge of the bread. It touched the bread with the antennae, then moved it on the left, moved it on the right, and found it moved. Without moving, it moved its tentacles. After half a minute, a large group of ants crawled out of the cave at once, and then they moved together to move the bread into the cave.

By observing the ants this time, I not only learned the secrets of many ants, but also learned their spirit of unity.

Article 5: Observing 300 Words in Ant Diary

Today, after lunch, I had nothing to do and had to squat in my yard to watch the ants pass the time.

At first, I waited for them to come out beside an ant hole. So I watched the ant hole while watching if the ants came out.

The ant's home is about the thickness of a finger, and there are many foods that have not been moved into the hole.

After a while, my mother began to collect amaranth seeds, and the ants came out. I thought they were out and moved the food, but in the end, I never expected that they ran to the mother's seeds to write https: //wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ ! Then I followed up to see how they moved food. From time to time, the little ant looked back from time to time.

A few minutes later, the little ant finally reached his mother's feet. In order to see the little ant moving the rapeseed, I grabbed a rapeseed husk and put it on the ground, so the young ant ran to the rapeseed husk and clamped the rapeseed husk with its mouth as if there was something in it. After a while the little ant finally found a seed and walked home with it.

I used to think that a small ant was just a normal animal, but I observed that the ant knew that he had so many habits that I did n’t know!

Article 6: Observe 450 Words of Ants

Sunday, October 22

This morning, while walking in the yard, I was drinking hot milk. At this time, I found an ant nest in the grass.

This ant nest is muddy yellow, and there are many small holes on the surface. There are many ants around the holes that are busy in and out of the ground. What are they doing? To find out, my footsteps moved along the path they crawled on. Oh! It turned out they were looking for food under the trash can in the yard. I hurried home, took out a candy from the cupboard, bit it into a grain of rice, and put these little sweets next to the trash can. After a while, an ant touched the candy with its antennae and tried to move it. Crawling in the direction. Along the way, it kept touching other ants with its tentacles, as if saying: Everyone, come here, there is food here. Soon, those ants who received the news rushed towards the candy, and all of a sudden, I realized that the tentacles of the ants could convey information! I saw some of them biting, some lifting, some carrying ... just like that, they suddenly returned the fragmented candy back home. I was shocked by how they worked together!

Through this observation of ants, I learned a truth: people's hearts are in harmony, Taishan moves; people's hearts are scattered, and it is difficult to move rice. The united spirit of the little ants is worth learning.

Article 7: Observing 500 Words of Ant's Diary

Sunny on October 21

This morning, I was eating bread in the yard, and I ate the breadcrumbs on the ground. When I was trying to pick up the breadcrumbs, I suddenly found that there was a small ant beside it that was walking around it. At this moment, my curiosity was suddenly hooked.

After looking at it for a while, I noticed that they were so big as a grain of rice and had a pair of antennae on their heads. Then I saw it no longer surrounded by breadcrumbs, but moved its body and walked in the other direction. I followed it like a demon. After a while, it stopped, I woke up and took a look, and found that it had reached a dark and small hole, I think it should be their cave! When I thought about it, it disappeared at the entrance of the cave and went into the cave. Because the hole is dark and small, I can't see what they are doing, but I still wait patiently, waiting for its composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ to reappear in front of me. After a while, the little ant came out with his comrades, and they moved forward in an orderly manner towards the direction of breadcrumbs, and the army-like battlefield shocked me. When they reached their destination, a leading ant kept directing them like an officer, as if to say, "Brothers, don't be lazy, we have to ..." So, they divided into small teams. A team moved a piece of breadcrumbs. Some of them carried, some moved, and some lifted ... they worked together to exert their energy and finally moved all the breadcrumbs back to the cave.

Seeing this makes me have to admire them. Although the ants are small, they can always be united no matter what they do. I learned a truth from them: No matter what difficulties we encounter, as long as we are united and help each other, anything will not embarrass us!

Article Eight: Observing 400 Words of Ants Moving Composition

One Sunday, I was playing in the courtyard in front of the house, and suddenly I saw a dark cloud in the corner of the courtyard. I was thinking: what is this? I rushed up to see, oh, it turned out that an "ant army" was moving!

I managed to ask for a magnifying glass, just to watch this "ant army" move. Before rainy days, ants have to move their homes from low to high places, and they have a clear division of labor: some use their heads; some use their backs; and others drag behind. When encountering a large thing, one or two can't move, just two or three ... together, try to push it by hand, and move it with your mouth. I think they are moving at this time. They should be afraid of the rain composition when it rains. Https://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Water will drown their "old nest".

But how can ants do this in advance? I immediately turned on the computer to check the answer. After consulting the phase difference data, I finally understood that although the ants live below the ground, they are naturally dry. There is an organ that senses humidity in their bodies. When the humidity in the air is too high, they will move to a higher place to avoid being drowned by the water. Over time, there is this farm saying: "The ant moves the snake aisle, tomorrow There will be heavy rain. "

"Unity is power", yeah, one ant is very weak, ten, twenty, thirty ... How could so many "ant soldiers" not be strong?

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