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Games composition 800 words

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Article 1: 800 Words of Games in "Wind and Rain"

Time flies, and Bai Ku runs too far. As soon as my eyes were closed and opened, half of my junior high school life was over. Seeing that the third grade was going to be divided into classes, my heart even remembered the sports meeting in the "wind and rain".

Unknowingly, Chunguang returned to the land, and at the pace of spring, we ushered in the Spring Games again. Just a few days before the game, the two "generals" were accidentally injured and it is estimated that they could not participate in the sports meeting.

The head teacher was dumbfounded at the first hearing. What should I do? Where to go to find someone to make up? At this time, we were just like a sailing boat that broke its sails. We were at a loss and had nowhere to go.

Seeing this, some people will say, "How can you participate in the Games to win prizes in this situation?" If you think so, you are very wrong.

This is our sophomore class! What difficulties can't be solved in the class! At the time of registration, everyone rushed to register, "I want to report this, I want to report this!" "You report more to me, this is too little." The name on the registration form was densely written, It's dazzling like a bunch of ants running on it. Look at the students again, just like they have not eaten for several years, they are rushing to register.

Finally, on the day of the Games, we stepped into the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and walked into the playground shouting the inspiring slogan at a healthy pace. The national flag danced in the air, and the bright national anthem seemed to be shouting for the athletes.

"The Games officially opened!" With the order of the principal, the Games began. The athletes stepped onto the runway, their steadfast faces vowing their determination to take the first place. A gunshot blasted the sky, and the athletes wanted the bullets out of the muzzle to fly forward with cheers. "Athletes cheer! Athletes cheer!"

I was no exception and rushed to the runway. When I reached the finish line, all the tiredness disappeared immediately, and the breeze slap on my face was so comfortable.

At the end of the sports meeting, the sky looked bleak and dim like black hair. It seems to say, "Don't go, this is your last sports meeting!" The last sports meeting we have together, we hope that the time at this time will freeze, stay in this moment, and let us stay together longer. A little longer.

The ups and downs in recent years have been reluctant to our dear teacher and our partners who have weathered the storm together. The confidant in the sea, if the world is close, I hope that our sophomore class will always be in our hearts.

Article 2: 800 Words of Sports Composition

Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles. In this autumn, we have ushered in the annual school autumn sports meeting. The sports school organized many interesting sports events. What made me feel the most exciting were the "Men's 500m Relay" and "Tug of War".

In the relay race, many students in our class participated, including me of course. The game started, just listening to the referee's whistle, the players rushed forward like a runaway wild horse. Soon, our team was far ahead after the first and second baseballs. However, our three or four baseball players were too excited and nervous, and they all made stick errors during the handover, which led us to fall directly from the first place. Sixth place. The team members are sighing and sighing. It's a pity that our dream of winning the championship will also come to nothing.

But I'm different: I don't think that if you have a little hope, you should never give up easily. When it was my turn to take over the baton, I was full of energy, and ran like a tiger, and I never gave up until the end. And our lovely cheerleader didn't sit idle, desperately shouting, "Come on! Come on!" At the last ten meters, I made every effort to launch the final sprint towards the end, more than one or two ... http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Since I surpassed all opponents, our team is leading again. The end point is getting closer and closer ... Other opponents saw me surpassing them and were not willing to catch up, but it was too late, I was the first to cross the line. Our teammates flocked up and picked me up, cheering and shouting.

The tug-of-war is next, and our class's competitors are four (3) classmates. The referee gave an order, and every student in our class tried to pull the rope with all their strength, and the red bow floated between our two teams. Suddenly, I found that our opponent seemed to be exhausted, so we shouted the slogan: "One, two, three, come on ..." Under our concerted efforts, the red bow slowly and a little bit The ground moved over to us. At the end of the game, we finally won! Cheers and shouts echoed across the campus.

Although the “relay race” and “tug-of-war competition” of this Games, our class won the prize, but I think winning is not the most important. The important thing is that the sport will make us feel happy, improve the friendship between the students, and more Let me realize that unity is strength, unity can overcome all difficulties, and there is still a spiritual force that will never be given up!

Part Three: 800 Words in Composition

On a sunny morning, we ushered in the annual summer games. This is the first time I have participated in a sports meeting since I entered secondary school. I am very excited about this long-awaited sports meeting!

Early in the morning, I came to the playground with excitement. The students on the playground were all laughing and joking. The runway was full of students. Each class had its own different style of class cards. I saw us at a glance. The distinctive banner of the first and fifth classes-Normal University Weiwu. There are three or four colorful umbrellas in each class area, and the entire campus is full of cheerful atmosphere. I am happy to play with my classmates.

On the first morning, a men's 60-meter running competition was held. We cheered for the students who participated in the project. It was exciting that both of the participants in our class achieved very good results. I went to the choir rehearsal in the afternoon so I didn't see the afternoon match.

I came early the next day because of my entry, the high jump. This is my first time participating in the high jump event, and I feel very sad. The sports meeting has not yet begun. Seeing my classmates are studying seriously, I am also learning. It was my project soon, and my mood was extremely tense. The starting point is 70 cm. I thought I would definitely be able to make it. I jumped very confidently. It really passed. My mood relaxed a lot. Our classmates shouted for me and another player-cheer up, my confidence Double composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Zeng, I thought I must not disappoint everyone's encouragement and support for me, to add glory to our class, I pay full attention to each jump, make full effort, 80 cm, 90 cm Yes, but it did n’t pass by 100 centimeters and was brushed down. I was in a bad mood. The students said that it did n’t matter. We saw that you had done your best. Think about participation regardless of the grade. I feel much better. . After participating in the project, I immediately switched to the fifth floor of the Comprehensive Hall to participate in the chorus show. There were many people watching the show. Our performance was great and won the applause of the audience. I tried hard, succeeded, and failed that day, but I enjoyed it.

The third day was the finals. The contestants were full of passion. Every athlete on the playground shed tears and sweat and worked hard on the arena. In the end, most of the students achieved excellent results. This time our class achieved very good results and won the second place in the junior middle school overall. It is worth mentioning that our classmates broke the records of two school games. What's even more exciting is that a high school student broke our school's record of 42 years in the men's 3,000 meters high school competition. A second-year runner broke the Xi'an high jump record. The athletes in our school are amazing.

I have learned so much after this Games, I have to work hard no matter what, because the harder I work, the luckier I am. As long as you work hard to succeed, you will not be too far away.

Part Four: 800 Words of Composition at the Games

With a gunshot, the games officially began. This is the first time the school has hosted a sports meeting since I went to junior high school, so I am particularly excited and excited.

"Wow, ah!" Suddenly, my class went from extremely quiet to very lively. The classmates stood up from their seats, waving their hands into fists, and shouted with seriousness on their faces, "Come on, come on!" It turned out that the preliminary round of the men's 4 × 100m relay race in our class is underway. In the loud cheers of my classmates, my class successfully won the first place in the group and successfully entered the final. The next challenge will be a bigger challenge, because as long as the finalists are running fast, I see that the athletes in my class are not as relaxed as they were in the preliminaries, and they become serious. There was another shot, and the men's final began. The first player in my class rushed out of the starting line like a sword off the string, so he took the lead first. I saw them all challenging their limits, all of them bowing their heads and running desperately to the end. Every time they hand over the baton, they are so careful, because each baton is full of the expectations of teachers and students. By the end, my class still had a clear advantage. However, some classes are "hidden", and they ran to the last composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ to send the "general". When I ran to the last 50 meters, I saw that my class athlete was about to be overtaken by other classes. The students in the auditorium couldn't help but get anxious, and they all mentioned their throats, and some of them stared and shouted with fists With refueling, some classmates shouted while cheering. I couldn't help but want to fly an airplane and grab the baton from the athlete to fly to the finish line. My classmates were anxious, but the other classmates were cheering loudly, and there was another strong smell of gunpowder. After my classmates heard the excited cheers from their classmates, they immediately ignited an irresistible energy, accelerated their pace, crossed the finish line first, and won the first place in the finals.

"Yeah ..." The moment the athletes in my class crossed the finish line, the whole class couldn't help shouting. Some students danced and danced. They were more excited and excited than they ran first. In the end, we sang the song of victory that belongs to us, as if the air of joy was permeated in the air.

In the end, our class as a whole won the fourth grade. In this fierce sports meeting, my classmates played their own style and level, and I am proud of being in such a united and progressive class.

Article Five: Unforgettable Games Composition 800 Words

Today, the sun is shining. My mood is like this sunshine, full of passion and vitality. Because we are about to usher in the annual spring track and field games.

"Jiading Road Elementary School Spring Athletics Games is starting now!" The principal announced that there was a burst of applause and cheers on the playground.

At the beginning of the game, the playground immediately became lively. Athletes are busy going to the checkpoint, while warming up before the game. The audience stood up from the auditorium with excitement and shouted gaily. Exciting cheering manuscripts were continuously broadcast on the radio, and loud voices were heard over the campus.

The projects I participated in were 200 meters and 400 meters. 60 meters, 200 meters, 800 meters ... 400 meters will soon be coming. With anxiety, I lined up at the inspection office. My heart pounded, my hands sweated nervously, and I silently prayed for a good place.

It's always coming. I secretly increased myself in my heart, tightened my face on the track, set up the posture, anxiously and expectantly waiting for the referee teacher to give orders. "Bang!" With the sound of a gunshot, I "flyed" like an arrow off the string. I ran forward, striding out of the athletes behind each other. I ca n’t take care of the others, and the composition in my heart http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ has only one thought: "Can't lose! Can't lose! Resolutely can't count down!" I rushed forward and ran to the second lap, Keep the fourth position. The students shouted and waved beside them. It turned into infinite power and became my driving force. Gradually I was running out of energy, slowed down and was overtaken by the fifth place. I hurried to speed up and sprinted forward at the critical final 100 meters. I tried my best, gritted my teeth, punched my fist, and rushed towards the finish line, 50 meters! I accelerated and accelerated again, thinking in my heart: "Get out!" The end is right in front of me. I ran at great strides, and the belief in my heart inspired me, leaving me to move forward. I gritted my teeth and rushed forward— "Fifth!" The teacher said kindly to me. I was stunned, somewhat surprised and excited. This is a zero breakthrough at my games! Thinking about the strong opponents of other classes, I suddenly feel that there is nothing impossible in the world. As long as you go all out to do everything, all difficulties and dangers will bow to you, everything is possible!

The sports meeting closed in the wind under the banner of Cai. After two days of fierce competition, our class was united and won the first place in the group. It dropped the title of "Millennium Second" and won the hard-won championship.

Article Six: 800 Words in the Autumn Games Composition

Today, with dark clouds, the sky seemed to have encountered something unhappy, his face was somber, and his grieving tears were about to fall. However, it was under such bad weather that our Autumn Games kicked off.


The four by one hundred meters relay started. After listening to the referee's gun "bang", the athletes who were just standing at the starting point just now were ready to go to the end. In a blink, they were already Passed fifty meters, only saw their steady footsteps with a slight rhythm, twisted faces blown by the howling wind, mouth panting, saliva rolling up and down in his throat, and the desire for victory in his eyes Closer, closer, classmates tore heart-to-heart, cheering, cheering, shouting, and increased their desire. Finally, a classmate passed the baton to another classmate, that one. The classmates who took the bat ran away and ran out of more than 20 meters. The second classmate followed closely and rushed to keep up the distance from the first place. The third place was not outdone. Four, fifth, sixth, and up to seventh, each of their classmates was successful and triumphant. They are like a dangling arrow, like a hungry wolf, like a majestic rabbit, wielding their sweat on the runway and writing their legend with sweat.

long jump

Running on the track is in full swing, and the long jump is also fiercely contested. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Long jump athletes take their long legs, take off, forward, and fall. They draw a beautiful parabola in the air and fall towards the sand pile. The data keeps coming. Jumping out of the referee air, and constantly being replaced by new data, the athletes jumped more skillfully than once, jumped better than once, and jumped far away. At this moment, it was raining in Lilili, but it was still pouring. The blood of the athletes could not be extinguished, and they left one after another on the bunker.

high jump

The high jump competition is also very promising. One by one, the athletes with long legs are constantly jumping from the pole. There are sideways, sideways, and across. The poles are constantly rising, the athletes. It's like a weedy, unconvinced weed, constantly overcoming the obstacles in front of you, then facing new challenges and surpassing yourself again.

The data is cold, and no one can know how much effort, sweat, and tears the athletes have behind the glorious, so every player who comes on the court is respectable and admirable, and I do n’t care if his ranking is good or not Bad. As the saying goes: "Winning or losing is a routine thing for military soldiers." We must be proud or defeated, and carry forward the Olympic spirit of friendship first and competition second.

In such a warm atmosphere, the Autumn Games came to an end.

Article Seven: 800 Words of Wonderful Games Composition

Wonderful is like the shining stars in the mighty galaxy, which brings interest to boring life and leaves a deep mark in memory. I swam the memory of the galaxy, took off a bright star with both hands, I held it in my palm and tasted it, remembering it.

There was a haze in front of me, and there was a scene of a sports match. The women's 100-meter race is about to start. I am also a contestant. How I want to run a good result to win the class! But ... Click on the ankle injury again with your hand, hiss! An unforgettable pain followed, like boiling water in a pot, tumbling, boiling, and refused to stop. No, it cannot! You have to stick to it, you have to win honor for the class, but you can't let the teacher down! I secretly encouraged.

The game is about to start. At this moment, I am standing on the runway, warming up, and watching the long runway in my heart, next to the ready-to-run athletes, I can't help but feel a little nervous. There was a layer of cold sweat on the ground, my eyes were shaking, and even a little numb, I could clearly feel my beating heart.

"Come on!" The cheering voice passed through my ears, looking in the direction of the voice. what! It's a friend and class teacher of mine. "Relax, just work hard and don't leave regrets!" Said my friend. "Hmm!" After listening to their words, the courage gradually returned to the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ in my heart, I adjusted the state and prepared for the game.

"Everyone, run!" With the command of the referee, the athletes ran out. I took a step, swinging my arms, looking ahead, running forward desperately, and soon became the "leader." "Sheep", but my feet were weak, and before I ran a few times, pain spread from my ankles. My speed gradually slowed down, I just felt that a knife was placed on the soles of my feet, and every time I ran a step, the knife would be inserted into the meat, causing my eyes to become black. As I slowed down, someone soon caught up behind me and ran ahead of me. I tried hard to chase it back, but I had no choice but enough energy. Seeing that I was going to be overtaken by the latter one, I felt helpless to think that I could not run, and the speed slowed down again, "Don't give up, work hard!" That was the voice of the class teacher.

After hearing the words from the head teacher, I remembered the scene where I had to go to school to practice every day before the game. I thought of my classmates' expectations for this sports meeting, and my expectations, and I also thought of my original heart that I never give up. I clenched my fist, bit my lip, and the ninja flew towards the end in pain, and soon recovered the distance. It's a pity that I'm almost at the finish line, and I've crossed the finish line when I want to chase it back. I ended up second.

Come out from the memories, carefully hanging the star in the galaxy again, it is still so bright!

Chapter Eight: Exciting Games Composition 800 Words

It is another year of April in the spring and spring. The 18th "Yalong" Cup Spring Track and Field Games of the Oubei Fifth Primary School is grandly opened on the new playground!

The exciting opening ceremony of the Games is very exciting. The sound of the "咚咚咚" drum team sounded through the sky.

After the bunting team entered the field, the first to sixth grade teams began to play in turn. Finally it's our turn to enter the third (2) class! "One, two, one, two, one" We shouted loud slogans, took neat steps, and walked towards the podium with our heads upright. "Three laps on the left, three laps on the right ..." We held glittering flower balls in both hands and jumped to the aerobic exercises with lively music. I was very excited!

What impressed me most was the wonderful admission performance of class four (2). One, two, three ... I saw a classmate running quickly into the field, and a large circle was drawn on the playground. At this time, a male student walked to the middle of the circle and started a lively hip-hop dance. He was so handsome and amazing! Even the leaders on the stage clapped their hands and applauded, and nodded and smiled.

The exciting sports meet has begun! The project I participated in was a 100-meter sprint. I was standing on the first runway, and my heart was lingering: What should I do? I'm afraid I can't run well, I won't get a good ranking, hey! Take it easy and run hard! Believe in yourself, come on, Lin Su! I clenched my fists with both hands tightly, stared intently forward, and kept breathing. The referee wrote a composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and ordered "Everyone, prepare! Run!" Just taking a "bang" shot, I took a big step, rushing forward like a runaway wild horse . Cheerleaders on both sides held up the cheering cards, desperately cheering for me: "Lin Su, come on! Lin Su, come on!" Finally, I crossed the finish line and won the second place in 100 meters. Teacher Chen greeted me, boasting loudly: "Lin Su is good, good!" I listened, and my heart was beautiful.

On the high jump, I saw Xu Yuxuan clenching her fists with her hands, her eyes staring forward. Suddenly, she took a big stride, and she ran like a flying leap, getting faster and faster. She ran to the treadmill in a blink of an eye, and then made a leap, her legs stretched forward, and she made a beautiful stroke in the air. The arc, with your feet steadily falling in the soft sand. "Wow" jumps so far! The cheering and cheering of cheerleaders on both sides was like thunder and thunder, and the applause continued. The atmosphere of the game was soaring.

The girls and boys in our class achieved excellent results at this Games. Women's 800m first, women's long jump first, men's 60m first, men's relay, women's relay. ... For a while, the good news was frequent, and the athletes all smiled.

This sports meeting not only allowed me to see the cool and handsome posture of the athletes in our class, but also made me fully feel the infinite charm of sports! I am determined to exercise well, and I will continue to win for the class next year!

Article 9: Unforgettable Games Composition 800 Words

On April 28, it was a sunny day. The 17th track and field meet of our school finally opened. The students laughed, and there were crowds of people on the playground.

The student events for this Games are 60 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters. In addition, the school also set up a 50-meter round trip for parent-child relay. This project not only became the biggest highlight of the Games, but also improved the relationship between parents and children.

The first event to be held was a 50-meter round-trip parent-child relay race. The race was conducted in the order from upper to lower grades. Parents and students stood at the two ends of the 50-meter track, each uncle and aunt's face was nervous and excited. The game started, just listening to the sound of a gunshot, the uncles and aunts rushed out, and the teachers and students of the whole school were cheering for them, and the sound was soaring through the sky.

Suddenly, an uncle slipped and fell on his feet. It doesn't matter. Uncle got up and ran ... Uncle, you are awesome! Look, the classmates over there ran over, and they all tried their best to get closer, closer ... Uncle and aunt had already greeted with open arms. The baton is passed in the hands of father, mother, and child. This transmission is not only passed on by the baton, but also affectionately. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I believe that parents and classmates who have experienced this movement will surely become memories of their lives.

The next item is the student competition. The 60-meter race will begin immediately. The athletes will flex their muscles and are eager to try. Each of them will be preparing for the event. Our class Xue Peilin participated in the second group of competitions, and only heard the gunshot of the referee, the athletes rushed towards the end like arrows off the string. At the beginning, they were on a par with each other, and after a while they distanced themselves, Xue Peilin gradually fell behind. My classmates and my classmates were in a tight heart, shouting in unison: "Xue Peilin, come on! Xue Peilin, come on!"

Maybe he heard our cheering and saw him fly to the finish like a fueled car and finally achieved the second place in the group. I cheered with my classmates. "Xue Peilin is good, we like you."

Back to the class, the teacher solemnly announced: "Our class not only won the first grade total points at this sports meeting, but also the first shooting game and football goal!" Teacher Wang's voice did not fall, the class immediately exploded , The classroom instantly became a sea of joy.

Today's sports meeting is of great significance, because it has not only exercised our body, hone my will, but also strengthened our team awareness.

Chapter Ten: Unforgettable School Games Composition 800 Words

In this autumn season, our school welcomes the annual school sports meeting. Early in the morning, the students couldn't bear the excitement, and one by one, full of energy and joy, came to the venue of the sports meeting-Fuqing People's Stadium.

The opening ceremony began, and each team entered the stadium in turn. With the exciting "Athlete's March", each team lined up in a neat formation and strode toward the podium. The students smiled and swaggered, showing the unique vigor of children. The first to pass the podium are basketball marriages, football teams, table tennis teams and other squares. I belong to the table tennis team. When passing the podium, we stopped briefly and followed the sound of music to swing the racket to play table tennis. Then the teams from each class passed. Everyone took neat and powerful steps, shouting the slogan like Hong Zhong, came to the podium to show everyone the unique style of each class ... President Lin solemnly announced on the podium "The forty-eighth sports meeting of Fuqing Experimental Primary School officially opened!" There was thunderous applause on the court.

There are many events in this Games, including running, high jump, long jump, softball and so on. I signed up for three events in the 200-meter run, standing long jump and 4 × 100-meter relay.

The 200-meter preliminaries were about to begin, because I had a diarrhea before the race, and while I was waiting for the start, my tense heart suddenly mentioned my throat. With the "bang" sound of the starting gun, the players were like magic bullets http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , pushed by a mysterious force, shot out, and stepped on the fire like a foot Like a wheel, fly out. I don't feel nervous anymore, like a runaway wild horse, galloping on the track. Since the group I participated in last year gathered the champions and runners-up of last year and was very strong, I won the third place in the group and unfortunately did not make it to the finals. In the long jump competition, because I was too nervous and made too many mistakes, I did not show my true level, and finally I did not get a good position.

I didn't get a good position in the individual event. I took a sigh of relief and thought: in the final group 4 × 100m relay race, I must make good use of it and strive for a good position for the class. The 4 × 100m relay race started. I ran the second base. Because the teammates of the first base did n’t master the rhythm, they were pulled away by other classes. I took the bat, widened my eyes, clenched my teeth, and clenched my fists. With all the efforts, he got up and caught up, and finally narrowed the distance. With the joint efforts of the third and fourth students, he finally achieved the second place in the group and the sixth place overall.

I was very upset and regretted that I failed to win a good ranking and failed to win honors for the class. Sum up lessons learned, train well from now on, and strive for good results at next year's sports meet! Our gains from the Games were not small. We further understood the importance of collective honor and the importance of physical fitness. In the future of campus life, I also want to add glory to the class from time to time.

Chapter 11: An Unforgettable Games Composition 800 Words

"Come on, come on ..." The loud cheering sound cut through the sky. It turned out that our school was holding a sports meeting.

The host of the Games said, "Athletes in the 400-meter relay race are invited to play." At this moment, we were afraid, and frowned, and raised his eyebrows. The eyes were wide, like a small round ball. The blushing on his face looked like a shameful child. When my friend Xiaoqi saw me, she walked over slowly. She looked at me, her eyes widened, her eyes flashed like a star in the night sky, and she was full of encouragement. Eyes turned to me and said to me, "Trust yourself in your artistic heart. I believe you can win." I was bravely on the runway, inspired by Xiaoqi.

At this time, I stood on the starting line and listened carefully to the referee's gunshot. Suddenly, I heard a "bang" shot. A white smoke was flying in the sky and dispersed in the sky. This white smoke was floating in the air like a white gauze. It was very beautiful. There were a group of birds catching insects on the tree next to them. They looked eastward and westward for a while. They were looking for small insects. When they heard the sound of guns, they fluttered their wings immediately and sent out "slap" and "slap" The sound of "clicking" was very loud, and some of the leaves were hit by the birds on the ground, and they flew away. The puppy who was lying under the tree was also awakened. The small composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The dog was looking around, his body was shaking, and suddenly his hind legs kicked hard and ran away. At this moment, the athlete rushed out and flew out like a gust of wind. His eyebrows were crooked, like a boat, and his eyes glared, staring ahead, and running towards the finish line quickly.

Suddenly, near the end, I was tripped over by a white stone under my feet. My body fell on the runway like a broken arrow, and the teammates behind saw it. He frowned, his eyebrows tilted upwards, his eyes widened, like a ball. The crystal clear sweat beads on her head seemed to fall down soon, her legs bouncing and jumping, like a lively bunny playing in the forest. With both hands clenching his fists, he shouted, "Hurry up, stand up. You are almost at the end." His voice was shocking and mad. Some viewers have stood up and cheered for me. My leg was bleeding a lot. It was like being stabbed in my leg by thousands of needles. My tears swirled in my eyes. I don't want him to cry. But this teardrop still fell down. I felt terrible pain.

Finally, the teacher cheered for me, the classmates cheered for me, and other athletes cheered for me. With their encouragement, I gritted my teeth, and my eyes were firm, just like the soldiers who rushed to the battlefield ran to the finish line. Although I didn't win the ranking, I realized the persistence. I will never forget this game.

Article 12: 800 Words of Wonderful Games Composition

The sky is high and the clouds are light. With the bright sunshine and refreshing breeze, the annual sports meeting is in full swing.

Early in the morning, the playground was surrounded by water. The bright sun was falling from the air. The breeze rustled the leaves. The birds sang beautiful songs on the branches and seemed to be cheering for us. "Athlete's March" sounded everywhere in the playground, cheerleaders waved the red flag in their hands, and a deafening cheer broke out.

Upcoming is the running competition in our class. Some of the students are flexing their muscles and eager to try; some of them are thankful for their laughter and laughter, and others are nervous. At this time, just listening to the "bang" gunshot, the students rushed forward like a detached arrow. I looked at classmates who were like runaway wild horses, clenched their fists, stared straight ahead, accelerated the speed of swinging their arms, and rushed forward. Running and running, I feel that my physical strength is gradually a little out of support, my feet are as heavy as lead, and my arms are unable to swing, and my mouth is breathing heavily, and sweat is continuously leaching from my forehead. The beads kept dripping to the ground, and the clothes were already wet a lot. Suddenly, a few figures "brushed" flashing from my side to write http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , and I looked at the near end and the classmates in front of me, clenching my teeth. In the end, with a warm applause, I crossed the finish line with a good second place.

Then the tug of war was played. Both sides walked into the playing field, holding the thick twine like a dragon with their hands, their feet pierced into the ground like nails, and staring at the referee, waiting for his instructions. A harsh whistle sounded at the same time, the players of both sides exerted strength, their bodies slightly forward, and their feet kicked back. But the red flag in the middle of the rope was a little naughty and kept sliding towards the other side. Seeing that the scale of victory gradually tilted to the opposite side, a classmate shouted, "Everyone! Come on! One two one! One two one!" The cheerleaders were not to be outdone. I saw the student's face flushed red, his teeth clenched, his sweat already wet his clothes, but he didn't notice it at all, still holding the twine tightly, pulling back hard, moving hard, the red flag finally Coming to our side, the classmates worked hard again and exhausted all their energy to win the game.

The game in our class is over, but the games are not over. The playground is still playing exciting games such as skipping ropes, push-ups, sit-ups, and cheering echoes in every corner of the school.

Chapter Thirteen: 800 words of Games composition



紧接着是60米跑,他们猎豹一样的速度看得我们心跳加速,眼看着距离终点越来越近,运动员们开始冲刺了,距离也开始拉开,我们屏住呼吸紧紧的盯着第一名的同学,等待着听到她胜利的欢呼。可突然间,第一名选手重重地摔倒在地,膝盖和胳膊立刻渗出了鲜血,“哎呀!太可惜了,老天真是戏弄他,怎么能这个时候摔倒呢?”但她坚强地站了起来,继续跑完剩下的路程,虽然他是这个组里最后一个到达终点线, 作文http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/可是她的精神赢得了大家最热烈的掌声。他的这种行为让我懂得了:失败后再战的勇气远远比争得第一的勇气更可贵。

The last one is a 1500-meter run, which requires five laps around the playground, and a lot of exercise. This game is the most difficult schedule. Among the contestants was my good friend Guo Chang, and I secretly cheered for her. Just listening to the referee's gunshot, she rushed out like an arrow off the string. At first she only ran in sixth place. My heart burned, I can't wait to go and pull her. Gradually, she surpassed one, then she was on par with the previous players, and she surpassed one, and I jumped up happily, shouted loudly, and kept cheering for her. I saw her wearing thin and powerful long legs, running fast in the wind, lap by lap, and trying hard to catch up. After 5 laps finally persisted, Guo Chang finished fourth, and I rushed forward to tightly Holding her, watching the sweat on Guo Changhong's fluttering face, I hurriedly wiped her and raised her thumb.

It was really a lively sports meeting, with a moment of enthusiasm and a moment of nervousness. This kind of competition has allowed us to exercise and increase our collective cohesion. It has also been a lively experience for the classmates.

Chapter Fourteen: Unforgettable Games Composition 800 Words

The long-awaited 13th School Games has finally arrived. That morning, I bought a gas stick with excitement and came to school early. At eight o'clock, our entire school of teachers and students gathered on the playground of our school. We first raised the national flag and sang the national anthem; then we fired salutes, and the sound of salutes echoed in our school, as if we wished the school sports meeting to be successfully held;

The half past eight officially started, and the lower and upper grades were played simultaneously. The first event of our senior group was the 400-meter running race. Look, it's the little guy in our class who stands on the first runway-Yao Yating. But don't underestimate her. She also participated in the county games on behalf of our school and achieved excellent results. I saw her bending down, her left foot bowed forward, and after stepping on the starting line, her body leaned forward, her eyes widened, and she looked straight ahead. With the command of the referee, all three racers rushed forward as if they were out of horses. The audience watching beside them all opened their throats and shouted, "Come on," many people in our class shouted, "Sixty-one will win, Yao Yating, come on!" Some students followed her and ran, "Yao Yating on! "While waving our hand, the Chinese teacher in our class yelled: Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ " Yao Yating, cheer up! "Yao Yating lived up to expectations and ran for the first place. We all cheered her.

After cheering for my classmates in the 400-meter race, I went to participate in a softball game. I walked into the softball field with a tense mood. Seeing the classmates in front of me throwing far away, I suddenly lost my breath. But the classmates around me have always encouraged me: "It's okay, believe in yourself, you can do it." Although I didn't win the final place, I was still very happy to do my best for the class.

After participating in our own competition, we continued to cheer for the students who participated in the competition. This is the last time we have participated in the school sports meeting in this school, so the students in our class want to achieve excellent results to repay the school's cultivation. Our classmate Xu Xuran won the championships of 400 meters and 200 meters respectively. Wu Yutong took part in the game with illness, and also won the second place in softball and high jump competitions.

The two days passed so fast that the school games that let us fall in love have ended, but the wonderful scenes of that scene I will never forget, because the wonderful scenes of that scene made me understand that unity is power, that scene The wonderful picture made me appreciate the preciousness of friendship, and the wonderful picture of that scene made me feel the brave and hardworking spirit of my classmates.

Chapter 15: Remembering 800 Words in a Sports Composition

Shortly after the start of school, our school ushered in the annual Autumn Games, and everyone was very active to sign up. Every day after school, everyone is practicing on the playground, making full preparations for the sports meeting.

On the day of the match, the stadium was full of enthusiasm. Not far away, the men's 1000m finals are in full swing.

The referee's whistle sounded, and the athletes rushed out like off-string arrows. They kept changing positions with great strides, and the whole person emptied as soon as they stepped on their feet, and then emptied again after landing. These two seemingly simple movements are repeated endlessly, and the athletes are getting farther and farther from the starting point. One lap, two laps, three laps, the last 50 meters sprint left. Some students suddenly started exerting strength, getting faster and faster, and getting closer to the end; some students gradually slowed down because they were running too fast at the beginning, and their physical strength was a bit unsupported, and they gradually slowed down; the junior third senior on the next track was full of eyes On fire, ran to the finish line. Sure enough, as expected, the junior in the third grade won the first place, and other students also successively reached the end. They were all tired and sweaty, holding towels on their foreheads and rubbing mineral water into their mouths. The audience in our audience cheered warmly for them.

Immediately after, the first 100m relay preliminaries for the first day of the essay began immediately at http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . The athletes of each class slowly walked up the track, took the red and white relay baton, bowed their bodies, and stood on the starting line, waiting for the start of the game. As the referee's whistle sounded, the first classmate of the seventh class rushed to the front with a lead, only to see him bend his waist slightly and clenched his teeth, his arms swayed back and forth, his legs alternated rapidly, toward Running forward quickly.

Suddenly there was an accident. The red and white relay flew out with the swing of his hand and landed on the runway of class six. He hurried forward a few steps, bent down and picked up the baton. Then he stood up, at this time the other classmates had surpassed him, and he became the last one due to a mistake. He hurried forward hurriedly, but it was still a little too late. When he gave the baton, the second-best classmate looked at him with a reproachful glance and ran away. In the end their class was down to two. He seemed very frustrated, squatting down, and covered his face with his hands in deep thought. The students in his class gathered around to comfort him. It took a long time for him to smile.

The games are still underway in an orderly manner. The cheers of cheers on the court and the sound of sweating athletes constitute a vibrant picture.

After the games, our class won 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze. This is really an unforgettable sports event!

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