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Happy National Day Composition

Time: 2018-11-04 12:42:00

Article 1: Happy National Day Composition 800 Words

On the morning of the National Day holiday, we got together with friends and drove to Gao to play.

There was only a little traffic jam on the expressway. After passing the Golden Horse Bridge, it was smooth. Soon came to a village in Gao Yao. I saw the rice fields on both sides of the road. Aunt Min Min said, "It is estimated that rice will be harvested next month." I want to harvest rice myself!

There are many papaya gardens along the road. The small trees are actually full of large and small papaya. The large ones have turned yellow, the small ones are still green, and some are even small "babies" with white flower buds. No wonder People call it Duozai. There are cement columns standing neatly in the ground, just like soldiers in line. It turned out to be the dragon fruit just planted. I looked all the way all the way, and looked over there, reveling in the beautiful rural scenery, feeling very comfortable!

The car drove to the home of Gao Yao's friend Uncle Hui, had a hearty lunch there, and rested for a while. The hospitable Uncle Hui took us to the mountains and rivers. He drove a modified off-road vehicle and took us to the mountain. I saw the road going up the steeper the hill. Slowly, a huge quarry appeared before the car, and the car could only stop at the end of the road. The uncle asked us to take off our shoes first, tuck our trousers, and set off lightly.

Beside a deep valley, a stream appeared in the low bushes. A refreshing mountain wind blew. I only heard the sound of water coming from my ears. With a few "songs" bird sounds ... Can't help reminding me of "Birds Songs" written by Wang Wei. I stretched my feet into the stream, and it was cold and refreshing at once. The stream is particularly clear, and you can see the bottom of the water is full of stones and dry vines. We carefully flowed the small stream, using both hands and feet, holding the mossy stone to maintain the center of gravity, and guarding against the vines and grass roots stumbling under our feet, walking so hard, it was very risky. Gradually, we came to a wide body of water, and the water became deeper and deeper. Suddenly the elder brother stepped into the air, sinking into the mud pit, and the water poured into his chest. The elder brother laughed nervously, then walked calmly and carefully out of the mud pit. We did not continue our adventure and returned to the valley entrance along the same path.

I took a car back to my friend's house, took a rest, and my uncle set us off to visit an ancient village called "Bagua Village". In Bagua Village, there are a lot of old houses, one of which has furniture and old photos used by previous owners! Because the village roads are in disrepair and weeds are overgrown, we can't find the way to the center of the village's gossip chart. It is said that there is an old banyan tree in that center. From there, you can see the village's gossip distribution. It's a pity that this time did not work as expected.

At this time, the sky was getting late, and the sky was flying red. We bid farewell to our passionate uncle and drove home.

Today's beauty is intoxicating, it is a fulfilling and happy day!

Article 2: National Day Composition 400 Words

The annual National Day is here again. The streets and alleys are all beautifully decorated, with lights everywhere, and a cheerful atmosphere. Today, autumn rains and autumn winds, my mother and I happily came to Xiabao Village to play.

Along the way, I saw many beautiful scenes. In the fields, the cotton flowers were white, the soybeans were full, the peppers blushed, and the rice was bent over with a smile. On both sides of the highway, there are five-star red flags blowing in the breeze, and the five-star red flags are waving in the wind, showing the pride of our Chinese people. On the road, there are cars coming and going, and the flow is endless. For more than an hour, we will arrive. As soon as I got out of the car, the fresh air rushed forward. The composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ was full of Gesang flowers. Gesang flowers were colorful, red, white, purple, orange ... It's beautiful, I'm intoxicated by the beauty. I just wanted to go in and was stopped by someone. It turned out that I had to buy a ticket to go in here! Buy a ticket, we entered the sea of flowers with the crowd, there are so many people here, so lively! People take pictures in the sea of flowers, everyone has a bright smile on their faces, how happy I am, like a happy bird "flying around" in the flowers, I also took a lot of photos to stay As a memorial.

Through this trip to Baobao, I found that the changes in the countryside are really great. I am very happy and hope that the motherland will become better tomorrow!

Part Three: 800 Words of National Day Composition

Today is our long-awaited holiday-National Day!

On this day, I came to the beautiful lotus pond park. The colorful flags fluttered around the park. The flowerbeds were blooming with the most beautiful flowers, exuding a faint fragrance. There were so many people in the park. The children held small flags in their hands and their faces With a happy smile, the fishes in the water also came to enjoy the fun. It was a joy to swim around, the night view was even better, the lanterns, music fountains, delicious snacks, etc. were really beautiful!

During the holiday, my father and mother also took me to the digging yard in Henan Province. There was a very strange place, "I do n’t see the house in the village, I do n’t see the tree when I see the village, but I do n’t see anyone when I hear the sound." Tiankaiyuan, Dikengyuan. When you walk from the top of the scenic area, you can see a lot of pit courtyard courtyards, each with its own characteristics. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Entering from the tunnel below, there will be cave corridors with colorful lights, one after another. The one that impresses me most is the courtyard No. 6, which is an art courtyard. Paper-cutting, kneading noodles, embroidering insoles, and a peculiar printing technique—hammer grass printing, used by villagers to make clothes, bedding, etc. I also made printed handkerchiefs with the help of a printing master. The master also praised me Quick to learn, a clever little girl.

The next day, we went to the Shuanglong Bay Scenic Area, which is named after the two giant peaks standing on the big dragon head and the small dragon head. To enter the scenic area, we can take bamboo rafts, small trams, or hike to the bottom of the mountain. The scenery is pleasant. Soon we will reach the water curtain hole. The water curtain hole is 150 meters wide and 15 meters high. It is the first water curtain hole in China. This hole is naturally formed, and it is the Peach Blossom Valley. There is a beautiful legend, there is a small fish pond next to it, the water is very shallow, and there are many small fishes. I asked my father to catch a small fish for me. My mother said that I could experience the process of catching the fish. Observe that it must be released and start catching fish. The small fish is very naughty. My father and I struggled to catch it. My father also fell a little but also harvested a lot of small fish. These small fish were very disobedient. Jumping around in the bucket, it seems that my mother is right. The fish likes to be free. Although I ca n’t bear it, I still release the fish. On the way, I learned a lot and knew a lot of places of interest. .

This is my holiday, unforgettable National Day holiday! Here I also wish my mother mother happy 67th birthday! I wish the motherland prosperity and prosperity, and I also work hard to learn and win glory for the motherland as soon as possible!

Chapter Four: Happy National Day Composition 600 Words

The National Day arrived. Some of the classmates went out to travel, some went out to visit relatives and friends, some went back to their hometown to visit the elderly ... and I went to the new gym.

On the afternoon of the 5th, my mother and I took a taxi to the gym. As soon as we entered the door, we saw many people playing badminton and table tennis in front. The cheers and shouts from the basketball court and football stadium on the right came from time to time. Inspired, look at the rock climbing on the left. The people on the rock wall are as flexible as geckos. All the people lined up below are gearing up and eager to try.

I ca n’t wait to line up in the climbing area. At first I saw the stone wall to climb, and it was very simple. Later, I saw how other students looked when they climbed, and I realized that it was not easy. To this end, I secretly held my hand. I found all sweating.

Finally it was my turn. I fastened my seatbelt and immediately climbed up. It was particularly simple at the beginning, but it was stumped in the middle. The big stones were replaced with small ones. The arrangement was messy. I barely climbed a few. When I was preparing to climb again, I felt the left hand that just grabbed the stone was weak and weak. I tried to lift my right foot up. I didn't want to write the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ I stepped on the air all of a sudden, and my left hand could not help but I put it down and I fell down. Fortunately, I fastened my seat belt and the staff put me down little by little. After crawling, I couldn't help feeling: Do anything, we must conquer our fragile psychology, and then we will overcome the difficulties and setbacks that come, and we must have a tenacious and courageous spirit of hard work.

After climbing, my two friends and I went to see the Tianyi football team training. They trained for a while and started to play. A team of 7 people, our coach was on the red team. At the beginning of the game, they attacked and defended. After playing for a while, the red team members attacked, their No. 3 and No. 7 The match was seamless, and the blue team passed 4 people at once, but the blue team used the man-to-man tactic to grab the ball back. The two sides fiercely grabbed the ball, passed the ball, passed the goal, hit the goal ... it was very exciting.

After the Tianyi football team left, we played in it. We didn't reluctantly leave until my mother told me to go home.

Although I didn't go out to travel as usual in this National Day, I had a very happy and happy life. What a happy National Day.

Article 5: Happy National Day Composition 600 Words

The National Day is here, the sun is shining, the flags are flying everywhere, the flowers are blooming, and the pale blue sky is blossoming with white clouds like happy children playing.

On this national holiday, my parents took me to a picnic in Sandiequan. Along the way, the trees were lush, and under the sun, the green trees seemed to become golden. The sky is blue and far-reaching, and some white clouds are in large groups, some large and large, slowly passing by in front of my eyes.

Our car slowly drove into the mountains and the air was fresh and sweet. When we stopped the car, the birds were so scared that we flew into the blue sky, and there were tea trees everywhere on the hillside. Standing at the foot of the mountain, the mountains in the distance are rolling, the trees on the mountain are lush, and there is a row of faint houses.

I started to think it would be okay to walk, but I had to step on hills with uneven and sized stones, and there was water below, which was particularly difficult to walk. I stepped on the stone carefully and uneasily, thinking to myself: If I accidentally slip, I will slip and fall on my feet. However, slowly, I quietly composed http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , and it became more and more stable.

Seeing the spring water flowing down the mountain, clear and bottom, I couldn't help but take a sip: "Spring water is so sweet!" There were small fishes and shrimps in the water, so I caught a few to play. After a while, my mother asked me to collect firewood and prepare to light a fire. The adults found a flat large stone, built a clay stove, took out the large pot, poured the prepared ingredients into the pot and fried, and then poured the soaked rice into the large pot and simmered. After a while, the scent spread in the air, and I seemed to hear the belly howling.

After dinner, we brewed tea with spring water and ate fruits. I took off my shoes, soaked my feet in water, and it was comfortable. We also fought a water battle, with joyous laughter spreading across the valley. The scenery here is picturesque and the blue sky is reflected in the spring water. I really want to play a little more.

On the way back, thinking about the scenery in the mountains, I went to Sandiequan this time to get a full harvest, which was also very interesting. This trip in the mountains didn't go for nothing. It ’s such a happy day!

Article 6: 500 words of National Day composition

Celebrate National Day and share the wonderful.

Seven days off on National Day this year, our family stayed at home without going far, and went to Zhongxiang Stadium. Although it was not so luxurious compared with the large stadium, it still surprised me.

Zhongxiang Stadium is located in the scenic area of Mochou Lake, which is the junction of Zhongxiang's new and old districts. The special geographical environment has created a poetic scene and a beautiful waterfront space with beautiful visual landscapes that complement each other and contribute an artificial landscape to the shore of Mochou Lake. The unique design of the hollowed-out exterior wall can reveal the internal light, color, and image, which makes the entire building look light and light, and it is especially elegant and luxurious under the night lights.

In terms of architectural modeling, Zhongxiang Stadium was inspired by the Ming Dynasty Jiajing ceramic art composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , which transformed the porcelain patterns into architectural skins, in order to evoke the cultural repercussions of the people inside Zhongxiang.

You see, what a beautiful building it is!

I climbed to the top of it, feeling the cool breeze blowing on, and looking down.

The wind at the top is very strong, and the wind at the bottom is not strong, but the surface of Mochou Lake still has ripples. The golden sunlight was rippling on the lake.

In front of me was a girl in her twenties, leaning against a pillar, her hair full of black hair fluttering in the wind, smiling brightly, and looking happy.

I looked up at the sun, yeah, National Day is a happy and happy holiday! I left my own in this stadium-happy memories of National Day.

Chapter Seven: Happy National Day Composition 500 Words

On National Day, Dad took our family to Shiyan Lake Park to play.

When I arrived, I saw the beautiful scenery. When I got out of the car, I saw the flowers and trees growing very lush. I walked in and saw a lot of people. I walked for a long time and saw a lot of people playing bumper cars. I also wanted to play. I asked my dad to play for me.

I was in the same bumper car with my dad, and my mom was in the bumper car, and we started playing. We ran around in the bumper car, and my father bumped into my mother, my uncle and an older brother. I am very happy and exciting. I walked inside and saw someone playing a racing car. I asked my dad to play for me too. Dad refused. He said, "It is very dangerous for children to play."

I went to the temple to worship the Buddha again. I walked into the temple and saw a long and long way. I finally took the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ and went outside the temple. I saw the swimming pool and my father said that he could not go I won't go. I went into the temple and saw a monk without me. I was surprised. I went in and saw a lot of people burning incense and worshiping the Buddha. I also wanted to burn incense and worship the Buddha. Dad bought incense and candles. After buying and playing, we went in and saw the big Buddha in the temple. Bless me to grow up healthy every day, worship the Buddha and see someone throw coins into the dragon head. I asked my mother to throw me a coin, and she said, "You have to make a wish before you can throw it in." I made a wish and threw it away. I wanted to go to the toilet, and my mother took me to the toilet. After I saw the mimosa after going to the toilet, the leaves shrank when I touched it.

We are going home, and when I get home, I say to myself that I had a great day.

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