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Composition about autumn

Time: 2018-10-25 21:24:00

Article 1: 500 Words of Happy Autumn Composition

After a drizzle, the girl Qiu quietly came to earth.

The royal blue sky is light and windy. Looking up, you will see white clouds floating in the sky, they are taking a leisurely walk! A group of wild geese flew to the south in a "I" line. They were flying as they said, "Autumn is here! Autumn is here!"

The distant hillside has changed from the original dark green to orange-red. The maple grove was red, and a gust of wind blew through it, and the maple grove was flaming with red waves.

The fields at the foot of the mountain are endless. The flaming sorghum raised a burning torch, just like a flag of harvest. Rice nodded frequently with the autumn wind. Sugarcane took off the layers of her coat, exposing her tall and sturdy body. Corn held a swing dance in the autumn wind, holding hands, waiting for people to harvest. Take a look, Uncle Farmer is writing http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ busy collecting rice. Some of them are driving back and forth in the rice fields, and others are busy carrying bags of rice to the field.

To the left of the field is an orchard. The orchard is full of fruits. Huang Chengcheng's pears, sweet oranges, and red persimmons are crowding me, and you want people to pick them! Some fruit farmers are busy picking fruits, while others are loading baskets of fruits and trucking them away. The orchard is full of busy scenes.

On the grass near the stream, many children are flying kites and catching slugs, and others are jumping rubber bands, turning their heads, and the joyful laughter has spread far and wide.

In autumn, although there is no vitality in spring, there is no hot sun in summer, and no silver clothes in winter, but autumn is full of harvest and happiness. I love autumn.

Article 2: Autumn Fun Party Composition 500 Words

Autumn has come! Autumn has come! It blew a little golden trumpet, as if to say, "It's Jifeng again!"

The garden is lively, various flowers are beautiful and fragrant, each flower radiates its own beauty to the extreme, and one after another wears colorful costumes, which makes people look dazzled, big eyes and small eyes. Too! Of course, the most striking king of flowers is the chrysanthemum. Their petals are like a firework blooming in the air, and colorful arcs of music are sprayed around. What a masterpiece of nature! A closer look, there is a little butterfly lingering above the flowers, like a little dancer dancing lightly on the stage.

The orchard was full of "taste of gunpowder", the persimmon blushed into a ball of fire, and the leaves turned pale! You squeezed me, they were so noisy! As a result of the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , the leaves still won, and they hung their hands high up in the pose of the winner on the top of each branch, and the wind blew "bang" as if at Proudly singing "I'm proud, I'm a leaf!" The persimmons became irritated, and their faces seemed to be flushed dozens of times. They squeezed the leaves to the ground in one go!

The harvest of grain in the fields is so good! Old friends came to drive, sorghum blushed, naughty bean curd lost green small balls, cucumbers had a smooth belly, apples couldn't find the right clothes and blushed ... and corn was put on The green attire, but the belly was too big and round, the attire cracked open, and the belly was all exposed at once, but it was still very happy, showing a bit of golden teeth!

Autumn is a season of good harvest and a season of joy. Let us walk into nature and enjoy the beauty of autumn.

Part 3: 600 Words of Autumn Composition

The girl Qiu came with an intoxicating smile, and she blew out the magical autumn wind, and let the tired fruits burst into smiles.

The refreshing autumn wind blows slowly, like combing the fields with green hair with a comb, and the rice follows the direction of the wind and gently bows down. After the wind blows, it stands up again like a coquettish.

The naughty autumn girl changed a new dress for the tree, and the maple in the wood was red like a fire. Indus trees look like yellow clouds. Between the red maple and yellow tung trees, there are pine trees covered with green leaves, which bring vitality to the desolate autumn.

The sunset aunt also performed magic, and the floating clouds were inlaid with gold, like silk and brocade. Flowers, trees, trails, houses, and silhouettes are all painted with a confusing color. That little bit of fruit is like golden stones.

Autumn symbolizes maturity and means a bumper harvest. That water composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The fruit of Lingling is hung high on a branch, and the autumn wind blows, crumbling. The crops are like the waves of a thousand layers, the autumn wind passes, and the grain is fragrant.

Autumn is a harvest season. Farmers harvest rice. Teachers harvest hope. We harvest knowledge. In the field, the uncle of the farmer was busy harvesting the crops. The sweat of their hard work was sprinkled on the land. A bleak autumn wind blew through, and the temperature dropped, taking away the sweat of the uncle of the farmer.

The leaves are slowly yellowing, the flowers and plants are gradually dying, and only the arrogant chrysanthemums bloom in the wind. Red is like fire, yellow is like gold, and white is like silk. A chrysanthemum adds a golden edge to the sun, it's beautiful! Make autumn look more enchanting.

Strolling on the hill and looking far into the sky, the golden leaves, golden fruits and golden crops illuminated by the sun are so beautiful and spectacular!

Autumn is almost like a golden song!

Part Four: 800 Words of Autumn Composition on Campus

"Since ancient times, every autumn has been sad and lonely. I say autumn is better than spring." This is the poem of the great poet Liu Yuxi. I agree with him, thinking that autumn is beautiful and fun, and I am extremely opposed to what others call "autumn season." I love autumn, and I love autumn more on campus.

In the early morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I felt the warm sunshine that the girl Qiu gave to the world. This sunshine contained the gentleness and gentleness of the girl Qiu! My mood became happy because of Autumn Girl, so I immediately picked up my schoolbag, took a brisk step downstairs, and embarked on the path with the most frequent appearances of Autumn Girl. Suddenly, a breeze blew and kissed my face softly, refreshing me immediately. My eyes slowly moved down, and I saw a little water on the ground, thinking, "It seems that an autumn rain has patronized here!" I looked around again, and saw the leaves of the Indus tree at a glance. After the baptism of rain, it was so green that it went deep into the soul. The sun lay quietly on the shoulders of the students. It warmed us not only the skin but also the soul. At this time, the sun, like a woman who gave birth to a child, was tepid and dignified and quiet.

At noon, when I came out of the teaching building, I subconsciously looked up at the sky. The sky is blue, and a few clouds are wandering in the sky, like an artist's composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Moving forward, I saw several guards standing on both sides of the road. They stood very straight, and also "moved." A golden light shroud over their heads, adding a bit of sacredness and nobility to them. As I approached the cafeteria, I heard bursts of cheerful singing. Who is singing this? Oh, it ’s grass. Voila, they are enjoying the nourishment that the surrounding sprinkler gives them!

In the evening, the wind ran fast across the campus, as if already eager to see the beauty of Sister Moon. Except that the wind is so active, everything seems more mature and stable. For example, the elder brother tree, the chrysanthemum sister, and the younger grass brother, they all watched the sun set slowly and listened to the unique music brought by the wind. At this time, everything was inlaid with a hazy circle of gold, and together they created an exciting painting. This is also the most fascinating place on the campus in autumn.

Autumn, emotional autumn, even the great poet Liu Yuxi loves you! The fall of the campus, the emotional fall of the campus, although I don't know if my love for you can be compared with Liu Yuxi's feelings for autumn, but I can say that my love and affection for you is a thousand words Endless!

Article 5: Autumn is also a beautiful composition of 600 words

"The plan for the year lies in spring." I believe many people have heard this sentence. It seems that spring is the most beautiful season. But I don't think so. I think autumn is the most beautiful season of the year. Even if it is a bit lonely, it is full of beauty.

The beauty of fallen leaves in autumn. Some people say, "Spring is beautiful." I don't deny that because spring is the season when everything is recovering and flowers bloom, but autumn has a unique beauty that is incomparable with spring. After a blast of wind blows, summer is gone, autumn coming. The leaves are falling from the previous verdant green to yellow. This is an emotional process, but it is also very beautiful walking on the mountain road, and the fallen leaves paved a golden road, strolling in it, the body and mind seem to be integrated with nature. Pick up a deciduous leaf at will, the yellow leaf has been rolled up, the vein texture is clearly visible, and it seems a little green. Moving forward, the leaves are still falling, flipping in the air, not leaving, but in order to bring the breath of autumn, it still falls slowly. After the leaves have grown for a season, they dedicate themselves to the earth, which is really admirable.

Autumn has the beauty of returning. The tree returned the leaves to the earth, to tomorrow's self, and turned the beauty into simplicity. What about the animals' composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ ? In the autumn sky, you can always see a group of wild geese lined up neatly and flying to the south. After a year of traveling, it is time to go home. The wild geese tied the geese together and set off on their way home. What about people? "Fear of horror is endless, pedestrians are about to leave and open again." Throughout the ages, autumn has always been the best season for scholars and writers to express their feelings towards their hometown. Qiu always reminds people of their hometown. If they can go home in autumn How pleasant it will be that people can feel warmer in this slightly chill autumn.

There is a beautiful harvest in autumn. There is loneliness in autumn, but there are also lively times. The autumn countryside is the most beautiful, and the joy of harvest is everywhere. When autumn came, the crops planted in the garden began to mature, and the golden rice looked down, as if to show people that they were mature, and the cheeks of the apples were red, making people want to go and kiss them. Crystal Sydney, the fiery red pomegranate is even more fascinating. Autumn is the harvest season, and joy is everywhere on the earth.

Look! Autumn is very beautiful. There is no fall in the autumn, the vegetation is yellow, where everything spring comes up, and the summer is lush. Autumn is a season worth collecting.

Article Six: 800 Words of Autumn Composition

"The evening breeze swept over Penghu Bay, the white waves rushed to the beach, there is no coconut forest adorn the setting sun, just a blue sea ..." Every time I listen to this song, it reminds me not of my dear and respectable grandmother, but forever with me My cousin wants to be separated. In the autumn when I was thirteen years old, he left my world forever, but he also lived in my memory forever, and he still can't erase his thoughts.

I always remember that at that time, my favorite was to follow his cousin in unison, when he was his little follower; I love to be coquettish to him and enjoy the joy of his dependence on me; I also love to sit on his lap and listen to him humming him The best song-"Grandma's Penghu Bay". Every time, he always beats with his feet, looking at the distant sky, his face fascinated. I still don't understand what he was thinking at that time. I still remember his expression clearly, a little yearning and helpless, full of mystery to me.

Every fall, he always rides a motorcycle and takes me to Nianlin to see fallen leaves, dig baby, and feel the breath of autumn. Nian Lin was taken by us to celebrate the discovery of the place, which is full of our laughter and there are too many memories belonging to us. Then every time I walked into Nianlin. We can always see the figure of our babbling, see our playful chase scene, I also saw a girl throwing fallen leaves into her brother's clothes; seeing that they were leaping with joy to dig a beloved baby, Seeing them lingering and leaving, they reluctantly left ... At that time, the autumn seemed to be particularly golden and beautiful because of our joining, so I particularly liked autumn.

Autumn composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/day is the harvest season, but I pushed my favorite person in my favorite autumn. I was already a junior high school student at that time, left home to study in a closed school, and only returned home once every two weeks. When I saw the leaves dancing in school, I missed my cousin and missed our forest. As soon as I got home on Saturday, I couldn't wait to come to Nian Lin as promised. Looking at the fallen leaves on the ground, I might as well pick it up and imagine that my cousin would surprise him when he came. Imagine my cousin applauding when I improved my performance. Imagine that he patted my head, smiled at me, and imagined ... However, for a whole day, I thought about thousands of scenes, and didn't wait for the table. Brother appears. The setting sun shone through the whole land. I returned home in a twist, but I heard the girl tell me the news of my cousin's departure. I can't remember what I did at that time, what my mother said to me, I just remember a face full of tears, no expression on my face, no cry, my eyes just looked at the distant sky, it was surprisingly quiet, but it just flowed down. His tears leaked his sadness and sadness. I don't remember how he died. The office has hated the driver since then; I do n’t remember the fragility at that time, I just hummed “Grandma ’s Penghu Bay” to sleep every day. I don't remember leaving him when I went, I just remember thinking of him every time I was frustrated, thinking of the fall when he missed his appointment.

As soon as Qiu Yi was approaching, the thoughts that belonged to autumn also grew stronger. Four years have passed, and this feeling has not diminished. Autumn is no longer happy to me, because autumn is full of my sorrow, my regret, and the figure of someone!

Article Seven: I Love 800 Words in Autumn Composition

Autumn is not as lively as spring in which flowers are in full bloom, nor is it full of vitality like summer in the shade of trees. But it attracts people with attractive autumn colors and golden fruits, which makes me fall in love.

The rustling autumn wind came, and the lawn was dyed golden yellow by the huge brush of the autumn wind, and the red leaves were clustered, as the flame was burning, the leaves of the willow tree turned yellow, and the autumn wind swinged on the branches playfully. Then, like a small butterfly with gold wings, fluttered towards the ground. Some leaves fall on the surface of the artificial lake, floating constantly ...

After the autumn wind, autumn rain came. Qiuyu licked underground, all day long. Seeing Yuyu like cow hair, like flower needles, like filaments, densely weaving. There is a thin layer of smoke on the roof of every house. The leaves are green and the grass is lovely.

After the autumn rain, I walked into the park and the chrysanthemums bloomed. There were yellow, white, and red ... It's really colorful, beautiful and beautiful; the string of red on the road is like a torch of burning to guide people forward; Osmanthus also exudes a strong aroma, and it enters the heart and heart; walking along the road into the maple forest It's like walking into a palace decorated with rubies. Layers of maple leaves fell on the ground and walked up, just like stepping on a furry carpet. It was soft, soft, and very comfortable.

Out of the park, into the orchard, you see, how beautiful the persimmon tree in the mountain depression in the west is; how beautiful are the apples, so red, so bright, so cute; mountain composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net / Hawthorn trees are covered with red agate-like fruits; pomegranates bear a fiery red sun; yellow pears lift a round moon; oranges wear golden coats; grapes are even more colorful, that kind The "Crystal" is long and green, crystal clear and transparent. It really looks like it is carved out of crystal and jade. The "Red Rose" is bright in purple, round and lovely, like a string. Purple pearls ... These fruits make the orchard colorful and beautiful.

Out of the orchard, came to the suburbs. The autumn breeze was blowing the heavy grain ears, setting off rows of golden waves. The autumn wind bent down the yellow reeds near the lake. There was a roar of wild geese in the sky. Looking up, it turned out that a group of wild geese were flying south, and they were arranged in a "one" shape for a while and in a "human" shape for a while. Grain piled up in the valley, and a happy smile appeared on everyone's face. The evening glow was draped over the peasants, sprinkled on the cart full of grain, and brought laughter into the smoke-filled village. Isn't this a picture of a farmhouse?

I love to see the beautiful autumn chrysanthemums in this park, neatly lined the geese south, pearly grains filled the granaries, heavy apples with branches, yellow orange orange pears like yellow gems, round pier On the pier, the sun is shining with a bit of golden light on it ... I also like to see the bright moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival. The water in the canal is clear and reflects the blue sky ...

The autumn scenery is so beautiful! I love to see the autumn scenery and I love this beautiful autumn.

Article Eight: Autumn is a good season composition 600 words

The weather is always sunny and there is no cloud in the blue sky. I often look up and think that the sky in the grassland described by Lao She is like this-the sky is so high and so blue.

Looking at it, my heart felt widened. Occasionally a bird flies through the sky, and it will make your heart tremble. I think that if a person is as happy and free as a bird, how good it is.

There is no wind in autumn and the air is a bit dry. Occasionally light rain makes you feel more comfortable. Smell the dirt, the moist air moisturizes your face, watching the colorful colors in nature, you will unconsciously extend your arms, raise your head, close your eyes gently, take a deep breath, at this time, you It is that leaf, a small flower, a fruit ... you will melt into Qiu's life.

I like the yellow color of ginkgo leaves in autumn, especially the color under the street light. Against the backdrop of the night, the kind of yellow is not Jin Chancan, Huang is a bit delicate, and the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/Huang is a little subtle. There are very few pedestrians on the road. The ginkgo trees illuminated by the street lights are like oil paintings on canvas. They are beautiful. I also like the red of the maple leaves, which is so hot that no pigment can bring out such intense colors. I was thinking of a day when I could go to a large maple forest, walk alone in the maple forest, and let the red of the maple leaves flow into my blood. At this moment, I remembered the verse of "Parking and sitting in love in the maple forest late, frost leaves red in February flowers". Presumably the ancients have a soft spot for maple leaves.

Autumn is the harvest season. The happiest is Uncle Farmer, the bronzed face, the wrinkles carved by the years are filled with smiles. The hardships and sweats of the past seem to have never happened. Looking at them, you can't help thinking: happiness is so simple. Why should we bother ourselves?

I like autumn, I like all the good things in nature. I love life. I want to make my life as colorful and fruitful as autumn.

Chapter Nine: 800 Words of Autumn Color Composition

As soon as I mention autumn, I can't help but groan: "blue sky, yellow leaves, autumn waves, cold waves on the waves ...", a beautiful picture emerges in front of me: under the blue sky and white clouds, beside the bridge and the water The avenue covered with golden yellow leaves is stretching towards the distance ... Golden has always been the primary color of autumn in my mind. Today, I visited the famous "Leaf Valley" in Jinan, far and near, only to know that red is also the main color of autumn.

More than ten in the morning, the car ran on the winding mountain road. Outside the car window, there is a red sea of mountains and mountains, which is formed by the frost of the leaves of the Scutellaria baicalensis. Really "Frost Leaf Red in February Flowers"! In the light of the sun, the red leaves seem to have become countless cute elves: some of them are naughty with jump jumps, some are as stable as Mount Tai, and shyly cover their faces, for fear of being looked at by others. appearance. A gust of wind blew, and countless slim yellow cypress trees swayed together, forming a wave of red waves. With the ups and downs of the "waves", we faintly felt the freedom of the gods, and unknowingly came to the depths of the valley.

Slowly entering the valley, I also found that red did not cover the entire valley. Not only was there still small green vegetation on both sides of the road, but even the red leaves overhead, if there were no shades of branches and leaves of various colors, it was completely gone. Smart. Pick up a leaf and watch it carefully. This leaf, which looks like a duck's paw, is just a little red in golden, and it is not a dreamy red look from afar. Heart composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ There is an unbelievable disappointment in my heart. Is my eye deceived? I can't help but feel a bit disappointed.

Continue on, as you approached the top of the mountain, there was an exclaiming sound from your companions. I hurried forward and jumped on a stone, my eyes suddenly opened up, my God! Between the rolling hills, in the layers of gullies, are all the beautiful red eyes that make people feel happy. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can't see its head or its tail, but you just feel shocked inside. It turned out that I wasn't deceived, it was just because the local observation was close-up, the field of vision became smaller, and it was easy to "see the Taishan Mountain without a leaf," thus ignoring the beauty of "wanshuhonghua, Jiangshan enchanting". Standing on the top of the mountain or in the distance, you can see the whole, and your vision is broadened. It is like "Autumn Mountain Etaka and One River Red." Naturally, you feel the grandeur of "the mountains are red and the forest is full of dyes." After all, individual power is limited, and collective power is great!

Looking at this piece of red, I can't tell where the peaks and valleys are. I can only see bursts of fiery red waves tumbling and jumping, one after another, as if never stop. From time to time, it pushes red towards this mountain, and from time to time it pushes red towards that valley. I seem to be integrated with the red wave, as if I was the first red leaf, leading my team to jump and jump in this infinite space and time on the tip of the wind ...

All flowers are exhausted, and a tree with red leaves burns. Who is pitiful but weak, Tim and Jiangshan Rao. Since then, the red in my heart has lingered ...

Chapter 10: I Love Hometown's Autumn Composition

Needless to say the splendor of the Forbidden City of Beijing, the majesty of the Great Wall of China, the variety of lions in Lugou Bridge, nor the murals of Dunhuang, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the First Emperor Qin, or the paradise of West Lake. The autumn scenery in my hometown alone makes me happy.

My hometown is Huaihua, Hunan, where the mountains and rivers are connected, the fields and fields are crowded, and the chickens and dogs are heard. It is no exaggeration to say that my hometown is a good place for people and spirits.

At noon, standing at the foot of the mountain in my hometown, looking up, the mountains are golden, and I can't help but think of Du Mu's "Mountain Walk"-"Slopes of the mountain on the cold hill far away, there is someone in the depths of Baiyun. Stop in the love maple forest late, frost leaves red in February flowers. " The autumn in my hometown is full of fruits, including apples, pears, bananas, mangoes ... but more purple grapes, a large piece of a large branch hanging over the whole branch. If you walk into the vineyard, pick a taste, a sweet and sour taste invades your heart and lungs, and it feels particularly cool, then you will be pleased to mention it. If you have any annoyance at this time, it will be an instant All sorrow is gone, and the irritable heart will immediately calm down.

Go down the trail, and you will see many couples hanging a swing on the maple tree, sitting on each other in a meeting, swaying ... The situation looks like, let alone how warm and romantic .

Looking at the two sides of the river bank, there are also some literary young people. They are holding a book in their hands, and don't care about anything. They walk to a quiet and comfortable place by themselves, sit quietly, and look for the "golden" in the book. House "; the little girl will practice the dance that she did not know where she learned from; on the tree-lined path, the young girl who strolls will let the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/the cool autumn wind blows her Those waist-length hair; the elderly will play chess and Tai Chi. At this time, the Yanlai Temple is often the most lively. Many people come here to pray, and hung some red on the tree of blessing. Articles, mostly written: "Happy life", "successful studies", of course, there are also peace signs, in short, all that is hung up are blessings, all entrusted are beautiful wishes, full Full of hope.

The small lake in my hometown in autumn is not lonely, voila! There was an old grandfather collecting a fishing rod there. It turned out that he caught another big carp. The mood of joy suddenly attracted a large number of children. They scrambled to look into the old grandfather's fishing basket. As if attracted by a magnet, he didn't want to disperse for a long time, as if to say, "Grandpa, give me one. I want to see what it looks like?" '

The autumn evening in my hometown is even more beautiful, quiet, but sometimes noisy. Whether it's the shore, the square, or the tree, there are many aunts or grandmothers who know and don't know. In the beautiful songs, accompanied by a strong sense of rhythm, they move their brisk footsteps and wave their healthy posture , Bemused beating there, releasing ... even some children can't help but seduced with joy, dancing and dancing, although I don't know what they are jumping, but the same can be felt from the smiling faces of children Joy.

Look, this is my hometown. It is a place where poetry and dreams are perfectly combined. Everywhere is full of happiness, people are happy every day, and don't feel a little sad.

Welcome to my hometown, welcome to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery in my hometown!

Chapter 11: 800 Words of Autumn Composition

Noise passes through the eardrum, leaving behind fragmented memories;

Footsteps set foot on the road, leaving a deep and shallow mark;

Tears flowed across his face, leaving traces of crisscross;

But you left without leaving anything.

In that cool autumn, you left me silently, leaving nothing for me, only the fragmentary cool and cool memory fragments that kept playing back in my mind.

Memory is a silent monologue.

Remember, we met for the first time, and it was on such a fall.

I was sitting alone under the maple tree on the mountain, dumbfounded. At this time, the autumn wind and fallen leaves were lingering, and on the winding path of the intestine, you were walking on the broken steps. You sit with me under the maple tree and daze together ...

You say, you like autumn, you like this faint feeling, you say, composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ You like to watch the leaves fall and fly rather than the young leaves full of branches. I asked you with suspicion, why you love autumn so much, you told me: we are like the leaves falling in the sky, no matter how we flip in the sky, wandering and beating will fall to the ground due to gravity.

You accompany me through many days and nights, we are like shadow friends.

You have had a gossip with me, saying that we should never leave each other. Looking up at the flying geese in the air, he said to me: "Do not leave, it is beautiful."

I remember every word you say, and every time I think about it, I feel so warm.

But also that fall, you said, everyone must follow their dreams, no matter what the way ahead.

Just after that fall, under that tall maple tree, no matter how I look or look, I will never see you. My heart was instantly empty, like a balloon without warmth, and my heart could not move in the memory. I know you followed your dreams.

I don't know when you will come back and whether you will come back, and I can only miss you silently in this emotional fall.

You said, all the birds that are tired in the sky will find a suitable branch and stop to rest.

You tell me, we are the same, all the people who are tired in the sky will fall to the ground due to gravitation. We should not burden ourselves before taking off, we should be lightly loaded, so that we can fly higher. Fly further.

You say that the college entrance examination is an outlet for liberation. Desires are like grass seeds wrapped in spring breeze, hiding in the blood of the body and waiting for opportunities. You said that everyone has a broken back mountain. We should carry forward our dreams without fear. We will all go to the stream of research, and we will eventually experience the so-called college entrance examination, the so-called thousand people crossing the single-wood bridge, the so-called head breaking the south wall and not turning back ... even if the road is vast, even if there is no hope. You always say, if the heart is there, the dream is there.

After you leave, this autumn seems to have been taken away by you two-thirds, but I miss you all through the fall.

Some people should be at the warmest position in the bottom of their hearts, beating silently with the pulse until the day when old death stagnates.

Missing fruit, finally majestic. Ye, sent away autumn, but could not take autumn thoughts.

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