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What's autumn composition 600 words

Time: 2018-10-25 21:18:00

Article 1: 600 Words of Charming Autumn Composition

Autumn is the season when fruits are abundant, and it is the season when Uncle Farmer is harvesting. It is also the season when I enjoy fruits, feel sweet and my favorite!

The autumn sky is like a large, blue, transparent glass that has been wiped clean, giving people a sense of see through. On top of it, white clouds are soft and pure like marshmallows, gently fluttering. The sun shone on the earth, it was so warm, everything was so beautiful!

In autumn, some of the leaves on the tree are like gold. If an autumn wind blows, the golden leaves fall down and fly in the air, as if a group of yellow birds fly over; the leaves fall on the ground, like a golden blanket, very beautiful, and people's feet step on It was soft and supple and very comfortable.

Entering the autumn orchard, the cute little apples showed red cheeks, and opened their small mouths, as if smiling at people; there were also grapes and fluffy kiwis ... The wild fruits full of branches composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ are rushing in front of people, eager to let people pick them! The orchard exudes a sweet scent. Many children's feet are caught by the aroma and they do not want to leave for a long time. However, the naughty "wind doll" started to play again, just like a "kid", shuttled in the orchard, rolled in the field, and ran on the path; the autumn wind doll seized the aroma of osmanthus and sprinkled it to the orchard and village The corners and corners fell, and quietly blew away the footprints of summer again, as if to say, "Children, it's late, it's time to go home ..."

In the autumn park, many beautiful flowers are blooming in the flowerbeds. There are red, purple, blue, yellow ... various, different colors, harmoniously intertwined, the autumn wind blows and sways together. With the flowers in full bloom, it is like nodding to us frequently and sending out a kind invitation "Welcome!" It is really lingering.

This is the golden autumn, and in this season, everything is charming and happy! How much I love you in autumn!

Part 2: 600 Words of Autumn Composition

Some people like the snowy winter; some people like the hot summer; some people like the spring of all things. But I like the fall of thousands of reds and grains. Qiu's face was red as fire; Qiu's hair was yellow as gold; Qiu's clothes were purple as smoke; Qiu's shoes were green as jade. She made the autumn grapes extremely purple; she made the winter vegetables extremely green.

Autumn is golden yellow. As I walked into the fields, the golden leaves fell and danced, and Huang Chengcheng's sight leaped into my eyes. I stepped on the yellow leaves and rustled, and couldn't bear to let them fall under my feet. Look, the golden leaves are in various poses, dancing with the wind mother-in-law. The flying wild geese of Nanfei put on the glyphs for a while and put them in big glyphs for a while, as if they wanted to say goodbye to people reluctantly.

Autumn is red. Stepping into the maple forest, the red maple leaves merged into one, and the warm sight came into view. I gently picked up a flaming maple leaf, sandwiched it in the book, and made it my little book boy. Looking around, the entire Fenglin seems to be a teacher with careful and dense red pen composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ for correction.

Autumn is purple. When I came to the grape stand, the bunch of pearl-like crystal grapes, purple and red, was covered with a layer of hoarfrost, like a girl covered with a layer of mystery. Uncle Farmer said that grapes are difficult to grow and can only bear fruit in autumn. This purple color is unique to autumn and contains the sweat of spring.

Autumn is green. Girl Qiu brought the shallots, cabbage and green radish to the storerooms of each house and quietly told people that autumn was here! There are also some green leaves that do not want to leave, holding the big tree tightly, trying to keep themselves from being blown by the wind. Seems to be asking me, how can I not dry up? There are also some grasses that are unwilling to dry out and don't want to be broken by the wind. Seems to tell me its little trouble.

Autumn is colorful, and autumn is brilliant. Autumn is like colorful scrolls for people to appreciate; autumn is like a colorful life for people to enjoy; autumn is like an eternal childlike heart that makes people laugh. I admire this fruitful autumn, the forest is full of flowers, and the rice is fragrant.

Part Three: 600 Words of Shishan's Autumn Composition

The girl Qiu came to the world once. Shishan put on a golden dance dress. Feng Er gently whispered her golden dance dress and twisted, enthusiastically like fire! Looking everywhere from the distance is Jin Chancan!

The maple leaves bring the decoration of Shishan to life. If you are in the middle of Shishan at this time, you should dance uncontrollably! If a gust of wind blows around you at this time, it should be the appearance of Qiu Girl. There is a slight cool wind blowing from you, but it is much better than winning a million prizes. !!

You see, a tourist is coming! He followed that long winding forest path to the temple in Shishan, which is a memorial to the revolutionary heroes. Don't underestimate the old temple's shabby, but it also has a history of 300 years! And as soon as autumn comes, many tourists will take a pillar of incense to the ancient temple to commemorate these heroes. There is a large area of sand in front of the ancient temple. The children are very happy when they see this sand! Can't wait to pick up a branch and draw it-

These paintings are large or small, there are groups of them, or orders are placed! Some compositions http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ like tanks, some like princesses, some like white clouds, and some like little birds! All the paintings are so stylish and the decoration of maple leaves is even more perfect!

The children had enough fun to climb the mountain with adults again! Along the way, each layer of stairs is covered with maple leaves of various sizes and shapes! From above, it looks like a golden blanket is waiting for you! From the bottom up, the feeling is that Jin Ye's heavenly order is sacred and inviolable. Jin Cancan's maple leaves accompany you all the way, and the fragrance of the maple leaves makes you forget. The exhaustion just disappeared!

At the top of the mountain, there are many fitness programs. It's enough for kids to play for an afternoon! Then you can come to the railing and look at the scenery of the whole town, you will find that the streets and alleys of the whole town have left the shadow of autumn, that feels beautiful!

If one day you receive a strange letter with a maple leaf engraved with "Lion Mountain" on it, it means that the autumn is coming to see Lion Mountain!

Autumn in Shishan is really beautiful, if you have a chance, you must check it out.

Part Four: 600 Words of Charming Autumn Composition

I like spring full of spring, warm summer, and winter snowy, but I like autumn with fruitful cool winds most.

Entering the park, colorful, the trees took off the heroic green military uniforms, and replaced them with golden armor. The fallen leaves fluttered like dancing butterflies, and the leaves of the willows, with different leaf shapes, twisted like caterpillars on the ground. The leaves of poplars are like big peach heart ginkgo leaves. A small fan, the fan went away in summer. This reminds me of such an ancient poem that the three autumn moons can be solved, and they can bloom in February. But when I saw her, the pines that did not leave the leaves throughout the year reminded me of an ancient poem. The heavy snow pressed the pines, and the pines were straight and straight. The most fascinating thing is the maple leaf. I remembered again. I loved the maple forest at night, and frosted red and February flowers. There are golden and bright chrysanthemums in the autumn, fiery and fiery strings, and celosia on the rooster's head. The grass in the park is green and golden.

Entering the field, a bumper harvest is in sight, and the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Sorghum raised a black-red-black-red face, which also burned people's hearts. The corn also smiled yellow and golden Chan Chan's face, the cotton was snow-white, like a carpet covered with white snow, and the old man brought out the orange treasures, but she smiled and bent her head, and the soybean grew a place, let I saw it. Soybean rattles and thousands of miles of gold. People in Northeast China often praise soybeans like this, the big flower of Chinese cabbage, jasper and jasper, winter melon is my favorite, and winter melon can be used as a salad with other delicious vegetables. Sometimes I ca n’t shut up eating.

Entering the orchard, the fruits are fragrant and fruitful, and the apple smiles red with a red face, the chubby pears are like belly, and the persimmons are shining like small golden lanterns in the night. The little hawthorns are sour and delicious, and the big jujubes are a nutritious and healthy sign. The fat pomegranate is smiling at us, and it laughs out of its fiery red. Tiny teeth, like crystal clear rubies.

I love charming autumn, I love you!

Chapter Five: Colorful Autumn Compositions of 600 Words

Girl Qiu is a versatile painter, and she has made nature colorful.

The girl Qiu came to the garden with colorful paint, and she gave the colorful clothes to the garden. The purple petunia happily blew up the small trumpet and expressed its gratitude. The colored chrysanthemums add a lot of beauty to the garden like a colored turban. The celosia is even redder. It wears a red crown and stands there like a king of flowers. Shaoyao also wore red clothes, as if to say, "When autumn comes, I will become more beautiful!"

The girl Qiu came to the orchard again and gave the purple grapes. You squeezed the grapes, and you are so happy that you want to go out for a trip. She gave the crimson to the apple, and the apple thanked it with its fragrance. She gave the yellow pears, and the pears jumped onto the branches with pleasure, like little yellow lanterns.

Girl Qiu came to the field again, and when the rice was mature, she bent down, as if to say, "Welcome to the field!" With a stroke of her pen, Girl Qi put on the composition of rice field https: //wWw.ZuoWenwang. Net / yellow clothes, the breeze blew, it seemed to turn into a golden ocean, the waves rolled and stretched into the distance ... The sorghum also became redder, like a torch, burning. Cotton has also become whiter. Like a blossoming marshmallow, I really want to take a bite. A large piece of cotton is still like a cloud in the sky. I really want to sit on the clouds and fly to the sky and clouds to play. The little bird sang on the tree, as if singing a wonderful song of Autumn.

Girl Qiu came to the vegetable garden again, and with a stroke of the pen, the beans became greener, the corn was cooked, she was wearing thick clothes, and she had a long beard!

The girl Qiu is busy, she flew to the sky again, and swept with the sky-blue paintbrush, the sky became more blue; she flew to the ground, swiped with the paintbrush, the earth became shameless; she came to Xiao again With the wave of a river pen, the small fish lived faster and the water was clearer.

Look, Autumn Girl has made the garden, orchard, field, and vegetable garden more colorful. Do you think autumn is beautiful?

Part Six: 600 Words of Golden Autumn Composition

In the South, there are almost no seasons, and the seasons are hot all year round. But in the north, my hometown, where the four seasons are clear, the green new spring, the fiery red summer, the golden autumn, the snowy white winter, everything is so perfect. But my favorite is the golden autumn.

In autumn, like a beautiful angel, it renders everything into a golden color: the field is dyed, the rice fields are flourishing, the golden waves of layers are flowing to the endless horizon; the orchard is dyed, and Huang Chengcheng's persimmon, The sparkling grapes, the fragrance flows in the transparent light; the sun is no longer bright red, and its light is dazzling golden. All things probably no longer follow the law of reflected light color, without exception reflecting the golden color.

In Jinqiu, my companion and my favorite is the fallen leaves. We will collect all the fallen leaves together, and the fallen leaves cover the entire street, and we happily hop on the fallen leaves. Thousands of leaves are filled with the gestation of the winter composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , the germination of spring, and the sturdiness of summer. With a strong pursuit, with the help of autumn, the boiling point of life was reached. Every time you step on it, a crisp sound will be emitted. The autumn sun will fall on the dead leaves through the tree gap. The colors are dark and light, making people forget to return.

In autumn, a harvest season, the farmers worked hard to sow the seeds, and finally they can harvest in autumn. People's faces were filled with happy smiles, and many foods were added to the table to enjoy their own happy moments.

The beauty of autumn is mature. It is not as shy as spring, rude in summer, and introverted in winter.

The beauty of autumn is rational. It is not as charming as spring, hot as summer, and subtle as winter.

Autumn, the harvest season, it is as lovely as spring, as warm as summer, and as charming as winter.

Autumn is as solemn, deep, peaceful and rich as gold. Everything began in spring and became in autumn. The golden autumn is filled with the joy of a bumper harvest and breeds the hope of success.

Article Seven: 600 Words of Autumn Composition in My Eyes

"Brush it, brush it", Fenger is singing, leaves are flying like butterflies, Uncle Farmer is so busy, this is the autumn in my eyes.

Living in the city since childhood, the beautiful rural scenery can only be imagined. But I never thought I would have a chance to experience the beautiful scenery of autumn.

Grandma's home is in Dashan. Dad grew up in Dashan when he was a kid. He said that the mountains are beautiful, and he will definitely take me to have a look if there is a chance. Last fall, my dad took me back to his hometown. The wind in the mountain is far less dry than in the city. The thick leaves on the mountain are soft and the wind blows. The leaves are fluttering and fluttering like butterflies. With the "butterfly", my vision is forward. Huh? what is that? Like an orchard. In my eyes, the orchard makes people think about it. Trees sprout in spring, leafy in summer, fruitful in autumn, and frozen flowers in winter.

There are big apples hanging on the fruit trees, which makes people want to take a bite. In my eyes, in the autumn, doing farm work is the most basic. My father and I picked essays in the orchard http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ . It was an open orchard, and I had never done farm work before that. The tree was so tall that I couldn't touch it, so I climbed up to pick it. My dad and I picked a lot and were tired. I took the apple to the stream and washed it before eating. Eat and drink, and walk to the farmland.

The sorghums in the fields all blushed and smiled, and the golden waves waved along with the wind. I laughed and jumped, "I crunched, crunched" The dry leaves on the ground made me make a sound. The autumn in my eyes is not so beautiful, but the reality is so beautiful. The breeze blew across my cheeks, itching. I don't just smell fruity, rice, but also the unique flavor from autumn.

What a beautiful autumn! It is not as full of life as spring, and it is not like summer, with blue leaves covering the sky. But autumn receded into a heat. It receded into a bustling life and welcomed every new day with its simplicity. Its beauty is spiritual beauty.

After seeing such a beautiful autumn, the autumn in my eyes changed. I understand: the beautiful appearance is not important, you must have a honest and simple heart.

Chapter Eight: 600 Words of Autumn Composition on Campus

Autumn, a sentimental season. But the fall of the campus is a little more lovely and less beautiful.

Walking on the campus path, I like to look up at the trees on the roadside to see if they have grown, whether their leaves have fallen. The leaves of the osmanthus tree are still so dense, and some of the branches of the tree have long lost their green leaves, leaving a few yellow leaves hanging there. In autumn, I like to focus on maple and willow. Maple is the representative of autumn. When it is not late autumn, it is green. When late autumn comes, it takes off the worn-out green silk and puts on the big red cotton jacket. The voice rustled, causing people to stop. Looking at the bare branches of other trees, my heart was a bit dull, and then I turned to look at the red maple, and the world was beautiful again. The willow was still so beautiful, she bent down gently, and washed her long hair in the lake. Although some willow leaves have turned yellow, it is not difficult to see the charm of her once. Although she is old, she still tries her best to protect her green leaves and her heart composition that will never grow old. Https: //wWw.ZuoWenwang. Net / . She can still dance in the wind happily next spring.

On the pond, the lotus in midsummer was long gone. Only the lotus leaves seemed to be holding on to their posts. Maybe it's a little tired, it's yellow on the edge, and it's stunned, pulling its head. But it did not give up, and the petiole was still standing there. Not to mention the vitality, but it can also make people feel that it is working hard to make this little world continue to be full of vitality.

The sound of reading in the classroom was still so bright. Every word was so strong and powerful. On the playground, despite the imprisonment of thick clothes, the unshakable vitality still showed and burst out from the students. On campus, laughter can be heard everywhere, like metal interlocking and jingle, so that people's hearts will be relaxed and happy. Although from time to time you will encounter all kinds of troubles and frustrations, as long as you persist, don't give up, wipe your tears and continue to run, life will be colorful.

The bright moon in the sky is complete, and the fruitful results have been harvested. The students on campus are growing.

Chapter Nine: 600 Words of Autumn Composition on Campus

Autumn is here, and it is unconsciously. Although autumn is desolate, the autumn on campus is beautiful.

Every Sunday, when I walk into the quiet campus in the afternoon, I always see a row of pine trees at the door. They always stand on their backs, as if they are a strong warrior, and never give their heads down. They are covered with tree-shaped "stitches" ready to resist foreign enemies at any time, and do not relax for a moment, just like in "The Little Prince" Roses, passing by, and occasionally seeing a few pine cones, I thought: If there is a squirrel, how nice! The sight that they are rushing to eat pine cones must be lovely!

Every day at noon, I always pass by the gazebo next to the cafeteria, and there is a maple tree standing next to it. From a distance, there is a group of red fire, and I thought it was a burning flame! Take a look and they are really cute! A small leaf, placed on the palm of your hand, is like holding a small hand, the red and red leaves, as if gently rubbing, it will bleed, its texture is like human composition https: //wWw.ZuoWenwang. Net / muscle on hand, oh! It really looks like a tiny hand!

When I return to the dormitory or come out every day, I always see the two orange trees facing the window. At the beginning, the green oranges full of trees are not conspicuous, but the longer the time, the oranges turn from green to yellow, yellower, all yellow. !! The "golden lanterns" full of trees are surrounded by green leaves, which are becoming more and more exquisite. The "golden lanterns" are more and more yellow, and they are yellower every day, but no one tastes them. Looking at them, it is for them. Feeling happy and sad for them, they can avoid the pain of being eaten by others, but they have to bear the pain of the tree branch falling with it. Is n’t it the same for people, if you get, you must lose, but as long as you work hard, Even if you lose, you are still full of joy.

In the eyes of farmers, autumn is a good harvest; in the eyes of painters, autumn is beautiful; in the eyes of beggars, autumn is desolate; in the eyes of reunited people, autumn is happy; in my eyes, autumn is the best, and autumn on campus is more Colorful!

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