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Autumn travel composition 400 words

Time: 2018-10-25 21:10:00

Article 1: 400 Words of Composition on Autumn Tour

[Autumn tour]

Yin Xiyue

Looking forward, looking forward, finally here! Today we are going to autumn tour! Guess where are we going? By the way, it is Tiger Run Park and Zoo!

The most memorable and exciting thing is the seal show in the zoo. The show has begun! I saw a black fur with dark hair, and a seal with a sloppy look came over. It uses a pair of flat forelimbs to support the rolling body. It is said that the body has 278 kg!

Let me tell you about its wonderful leap! You see, it "jumped" into the water, swam across the water like lightning, jumped out of the water, drew an arc in the air, and "jumped" into the water again, splashing beautiful water splashes !!

It slid to the shore and slapped the forelegs hard, as if to say, "I'm great! Give me applause!" The host asked the seal if he would like to perform it again. Shake like a rattle. "Think again, little seal." The host said. The seal seemed to be proficient in human nature. It jumped into the water quickly, and before we reacted, it had jumped out of the water. This time, it made two consecutive leapes, and we almost couldn't help but applaud it.

We left the zoo hauntingly and the seals impressed us. Until we got off the bus, we were still talking softly.

[Autumn tour]


Today, the autumn is refreshing and the autumn winds are learning. With curiosity, we came to visit and tour our favorite zoo.

First of all, we came to the Tiger Park and saw the huge tiger. I thought the tiger was coming back fiercely, but I didn't even see a tiger fur. How come the tiger? Hey! We left the Tiger Park downcast. Then we visited Leopard Garden, wow! The leopard was chubby and walked left and right, like a "Garfield". Then, when we came to the orangutan garden, the orangutans danced and seemed to be greeting us.

At this time, a loud noise attracted our attention. We went away and saw a sea lion jumping in the water, as if to welcome us. Looking far away, the fur of the sea lion is black and black, shiny and shiny, as if wearing a gorgeous dress. His head is a small lion head, with big and bright eyes embedded in it. His nose and mouth are covered with white beards. Old grandpa.

I saw him walking swaying to the coach, obediently waiting for the coach's instructions, the coach waved, he disappeared without a trace. Suddenly, he jumped out of the water and drew a beautiful arc in the air. The ball hit the air, then fell into the water in a beautiful posture, and a white spray splashed on the water. At this time, he returned to the shore at lightning speed, sitting proudly with his head up quietly. We seemed to understand his mind, and warm applause and cheers were heard on the court.

This autumn tour was colorful, and we embarked on our way home with a cheerful mood and longing for the next event.

[Autumn tour]

Shen Ye

October 13 was cloudy and a bit cold, but everyone's faces were filled with bright smiles, and it seemed that they were not afraid of cold at all. That's because today is our day of autumn travel.

We first came to the picturesque Hupao Park. I saw tall metasequoias, clear streams, and thought of He Zhizhang's Yong Liu. So I adapted this poem a bit to describe such a beauty:

Tiger Run

Jasper makeup is a tree tall,

The stream under the tree is clear.

I don't know who painted this scene,

October autumn wind is beautiful.

We finally came to Hupao Spring. To say that the water of Hupao Spring is called Qing! Not to mention us, even the giraffe standing by the Hupao Spring can see the bottom of the spring. After listening to the explanation of the small tour guide, I know that Hupaoquan is the third spring in the world.

Then we came to the beautiful zoo and saw all kinds of strange and colorful animals. We first came to the Tiger Park, but there was no tiger, so we came to the Leopard Park in disappointment. After staying at Leopard Park for a while, we came to my favorite place-Orangutan Park.

I want to say why I like the orangutan garden the most, because I want to see how smart the chimpanzee is, and I want to see the orangutan rattan. However, there are no rattan in the zoo, only cloth. I saw a gorilla standing in a tall wooden house, slipping down with a thunderbolt. That wonderful, can not be described in any words. I also saw two other orangutans eating. There is another orangutan hovering in the orangutan garden, as if looking for food, it seems that it has not eaten for several days.

Then we looked at other animals, used the meal, and went back to school.

This autumn tour, we have not only seen the scenery, but also gained knowledge, so happy.

[Autumn Tour-Tiger Run, Zoo]

Dong Yuchen

The day of waiting for a week of autumn travel has finally arrived. I am looking forward to a long time. I could not sleep again and again and I was very excited. Today's weather is overcast and cold. Although Tiangong doesn't make beauty, it can't stop us from being passionate about autumn travel. My classmates and our beloved teachers were all armed and boarded a bus bound for Tiger Run and the Zoo. We were embarrassed and lively along the way.

"Here, here, Tiger runs!" Someone shouted excitedly, his head looked out the window, Tiger Run came, Tiger Run was known as "the third spring in the world", green mountains and green water along the way, green The tree is overcast, very beautiful and quiet. There are many valuables left by celebrities in the Hupao Temple in the back. They are very precious, and we visit them carefully.

After visiting Hupaoquan, we walked to the zoo. This is the place I want to visit today. We trot all the way to the place to watch the show and wait for the seal performance. After waiting for more than twenty minutes, a cute but somewhat fat seal came out. Do not look at it weighing more than a hundred pounds, but its skill is flexible! Every action of it is like a little grown-up, even in pursuit of perfection, it also requires "face"! Its series of performances made us eye-opening. I think its most wonderful and beautiful action is that the 365-degree rotation successfully landed in the water. I was stunned when I saw this action. I forgot to applaud and heard everyone applaud It rings, and I applaud it too, great!

This year's autumn tour is so meaningful. I went to Hupaoquan to see the style of the third spring in the world, and went to my favorite zoo to see my favorite performance. I am now looking forward to the autumn tour next year.

[Fun Autumn Tour]

Chen Zixin

The long-awaited autumn tour is finally here. Today, under the leadership of our teachers, we visited the famous Hupao Spring, an interesting zoo, and each place left a deep impression on me. Of course, my favorite is the zoo.

There are so many animals in the zoo. There are colorful parrots, red goldfish all over the body, tall and fierce tigers, and quick sea lions. They all live freely in their own territory. Among so many animals, my favorite is the sea lion. Don't look at it dark, smooth, strong and sturdy, it looks so clumsy, but it is more flexible than monkeys when performing.

The sea lions stood on the stage and were ready to perform. Wow, her two front fins are so powerful that she can support her whole body, it is incredible! An uncle threw the volleyball into the water, and the sea lion seemed to think about it. He jumped into the water with a thunderbolt, and we shouted "Look at it, look at it, it will come out soon" Hitting the ball ... "Before we shouted, the sea lion jumped up and easily pushed the ball to the tip of the nose. "It's amazing! It's amazing!" We clapped our hands and shouted together. The sea lion listened, writhing around in the water, as if happy. The sea lion's unique skills can not only top the ball! You see, next, it started to perform "top umbrella" for everyone. The uncle of the worker carefully put the umbrella on the tip of the sea lion's nose. I was so worried that I lifted my whole heart. I was really afraid that the umbrella did not settle down and fell hard. Surprisingly, the sea lion was able to hold the umbrella steadily and walked around on the stage. It was amazing! Suddenly it stopped, what did it do? I am very confused. I saw it holding up its two front fins and tilting its tail up, and actually praised us, hahaha, we all laughed so much that our stomach hurt, and we clapped our hands and applauded again and again. The final performance of the sea lion was also the most exciting. The uncle ordered the sea lion to dive into the water and swim to the far side of the pool. Listening only to the "call", the sea lion rose from the water in the air, suddenly turned over when it reached the air, and then fell into the water steadily and swam back to the stage. The audience shouted, "Awesome! Awesome!" At the end of the performance, the sea lion bowed to everyone, posing a fore fin, as if saying, "Goodbye, goodbye, I hope you will come again next time. Oh! "We waved our hands and said goodbye to it.

In this way, we reluctantly left the zoo and ended this composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/次 秋游. Today, I am extremely happy and extremely happy, I really hope that the next spring and autumn will come soon.

[Unforgettable Autumn Tour]

Zheng Huihang

Looking forward, looking forward, the autumn tour we look forward to finally kicked off.

Early in the morning, we arrived in Hupaoquan by bus. As soon as the door opened, we rushed out of the bus with our bags, like a little bee rushing out of the hive and watching the outside world. As soon as I entered the door, the first thing that caught my eye was some towering cedar trees, with some small umbrellas hanging on its branches. Then, we went down to the Hongyi Master Memorial Hall along the ancient road. Here are the things he used and passed through during his lifetime. The most important thing is, of course, the book he wrote! Then we saw a small pool of water next to a fence made of bronze, which is Hupao Spring. Don't underestimate this pool of water. Only by using its water can you make the first tea in Jiangnan.

Then we reluctantly left Hupaoquan and set off for the zoo. Soon, we walked into the zoo with a smile. Here we visited animals such as lions, black panthers, monkeys, tigers, and bears. The most memorable was the performance of a few sea lions. The name of the sea lion was Momo. I saw it quickly cut off the floor. When it swam to the center of the water, it jumped gently and did a warm-up. The speed of the 100-meter sprint swam to the best performance point, then jumped hard, and then quickly turned twice, and after the turn, the water splashed and the foam flew across. As long as it is finished, if we forget to applaud, we will climb to the shelf, clap our hands with two front fins, and remind us at all times that we should also clap our hands. Our claps come and go. How cute it is!

In the end, we left reluctantly in the afterglow of the setting sun. At the same time, the autumn tour ends here ...

[Autumn tour]

Huang Mingfang

On a morning full of autumn, the teacher took us to the autumn tour. The first scenic spot to visit was Hangzhou's famous "Third Spring in the World" Hupao Spring.

We got out of the car with the teacher and walked into the gate of Hupaoquan. A faint fragrance slowly drifted from a distance. Walking into the mountains, the fields and forests there are full of light, and the lush green of the trees; walking into the mountains, where the grasses and green grasses light up the cuteness of the grass; The shape of the tree. Walking on the tiger's running track, the little bird walked, as if saying, "This place is so beautiful! Students come to see it!" Wow, the birds here are fragrant with flowers and streams, as if the place where the gods live. When I walked into the mountain, I saw two tigers, that is the legendary tiger and two tigers, right?

After walking across the tiger's running path, there is a pond in front of it. Slowly flowing, clear water makes a dingling sound in the pond. Is that a big pit with double tigers? Across the bridge, the pond was divided into two halves, half overcast and half bright. It is named "Yin Yang Er Chi". It is said that it was divided by Ji Gong monk?

Go forward to a courtyard, there is a stone square well in the courtyard, this is the "Hupaoquan." The class commentator introduced us to the moving legend of Hupaoquan: "In the past, there were two brothers. The older brother was called Big Tiger and the younger brother was called Erhu. The two brothers were persecuted by the government and moved to a small temple in Hangzhou. Due to local water shortage, the two brothers After hard work, I finally found the Nanyue Mountain Spring. The boy Huquan was moved by the sincerity of the two. They swept the willow branches to the brothers, and the two turned into fierce tigers. The two big tigers returned to the Hangzhou temple and used the front claws to plan on the ground. In the big pit, the spring water immediately poured out of the pit. People called it "Tiger Spring" and over time it became "Tibet Spring." After listening to the introduction, I felt that a small spring eye had such a magical story and legend. It makes me more interested in visiting, and I also want to be a great hero who is as self-denial as Big Tiger Two Tiger.

Walk along Hupaoquan to Master Hongyi Memorial Hall. Although the memorial hall is small, there are many exhibits in it, which introduce the life story of Master Hongyi. He created many masterpieces in his life, calligraphy is also very beautiful, and has made great achievements in many fields. His versatility and patriotism shook my heart.

Then we visited the zoo. There are all kinds of cute little animals, there are little monkeys, baby orangutans, bears and so on. They are very cute, but my favorite animal is a sea lion show. Constantly.

The unique sights of the zoo and the tiger run are deeply imprinted in our hearts. The tiger runs the mountains and the clear water show, which is in return for the credit of the double tigers; the zoo is crowded with people, and that is the cuteness of small animals.

[Autumn tour]

Chen Binglun

Today the father-in-law of the sun hid behind the clouds. The weather was gloomy and the autumn wind was turbulent. The wind was mixed with the fragrance of osmanthus. With a good mood, I walked briskly on the way to school. I met many students with smiles on their faces and carrying swollen packets. Everyone was ready to go for the autumn tour!

Sitting on the bus, everyone laughed and was very happy! We first came to Hupao Spring. The air was very fresh. We saw a tiger's head in the distance, and there was a lot of water in his mouth. We also saw many people coming here with mineral water buckets to pick up water, and some people asked if they could drink it directly. I also wanted to taste it. I saw the teacher say, "There are more minerals in it, and it needs to be heated to drink." Then, the volunteers explained the source of Hupao Spring one by one. .

Then we came to the zoo. It's so lively, there are leopards, jaguars, sea lions, tigers, parrots and so on. I especially like them. However, my favorite is watching sea lion shows. It was big and cute, with black clothes all over it, and it was shiny. Before playing, it was "confidently" bearing the ball, swaying up the steps, as if saying, "Can you use your nose to kick the ball? It wo n’t fall if I shake it, is n’t it? "I can clap my hands in the future, and it's naughty and jumps into the water." The beast trainer let it perform, but it made the little puppet lie on the ground without moving. Later, after our continuous applause and encouragement, it was willing to continue performing. It kicks the ball, loops, claps its hands. The most exciting thing is that it jumped up against the ball in the sky, then jumped into the water like an arrow, splashed a lot of water, and wet the clothes of the students in the first row. The response was fast, and running up quickly, it was funny.

Good times are always short, and they soon end. This autumn tour was very interesting. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from it. It can be said that it was full.

[Autumn tour]

Feng Yiguo

On Friday, the school organized an autumn tour. Although it rained for several days in a row, we were really lucky. Today is cloudy.

We visited the Hupao Spring and the zoo, and what impressed me most was watching the sea lion show in the zoo.

The sea lion's body was dark and shiny, as if wearing a gorgeous black suit. It walked without hesitation, and its swinging look was very cute. The guide aunt introduced that it was nine years old and weighed 270KG. Don't look at it's young age, it has been trained for eight years.

With a whistle, the animal trainer threw a small ball, and saw the sea lion rush into the water quickly, then jumped up hard, catching the ball that fell into the water with his nose and pushing it out of the water. As the ball fell over and over again, it tried to top it again and again, and its twisted body was like jumping ballet in the water. If the applause is not warm enough, it will be low; if the applause is warm, it will be high. After the performance, he also applauded himself with his double fins, it looked so cute.

I didn't expect that the bulky sea lion had such agile skill that I really admire!

[Don't make fresh autumn trips]

Yuan Zifan

The long-awaited autumn tour is finally here. This year's route is to go to Hupao Park and then to the zoo. Everyone happily got into the car and set off.

After a while, we came to the tiger-running park with beautiful scenery, birds and flowers. I will explain the folk story of Hupaoquan with several other small tour guides and let everyone understand Hupaoquan vividly.

However, the best part is the sea lion show at the zoo. I saw the fat sea lion swaying over. There was sparse applause at the scene. The sea lion slaps its front fins vigorously, as if to say, "Applause!" Everyone understood the meaning, and all applauded vigorously. Inspired by everyone's enthusiasm, the sea lion performed a unique skill-a water ball. But when it returned to the shore, it lay motionless on the ground. "It's over?" "It's sick?" "What's wrong with it?" As everyone talked, the commentator told everyone that the sea lion thought the ball was too low and not challenging. One of my classmates pulled the ball very high, I thought: bragging, absolutely not. Who knew that the sea lion quickly entered the water, made two laps, and burst out of the water like a rocket. "Wow! It succeeded." Applause was heard from the scene.

This is really an unforgettable autumn tour. We not only learned the origin of Hupaoquan, but also watched the wonderful performances of the animals. That's fun!

Part 2: 400 Words Composition in Autumn Botanical Garden

We went for an autumn tour today, so I was very excited.

We first took the bus to the botanical garden, and the car was too slow to drive, it took about an hour and a half to arrive! Finally at the botanical garden, we jumped and jumped happily. When I walked into the botanical garden, I felt that there were shaded trees and flowers blooming. It should be wonderful to sleep, read a book, and watch the scenery on the lawn next to it! We walked for a while, the teacher asked us to go to the lawn next to us freely, and we could pick a leaf. We ran to pick it in excitement, you pick one, I pick one, observe with a magnifying glass for a while, touch with our hands ... Very happy!

Next is our task to perform the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/-time to observe the plants. We went quickly to observe and chat while drawing and writing. On the way back, while saying that it was possible to have a picnic, I shared the "ugly eight monsters" I painted.

It's finally time for a picnic and we are so happy! First spread out the floor mat, then we opened the schoolbag and took out the delicious food, including chicken rice, braised duck, seaweed, glutinous rice, egg fried rice ... we were slobbering! When we started eating, we started to "crazy", holding chicken wings in our left hand, chicken legs in our right hand, and biting sausage in our mouth, as if we had reached heaven!

This autumn tour is really fun. Not only did I see the beautiful scenery, I ate delicious food, but also gained knowledge. I am very happy!

Chapter 3: 400 Words of Autumn Composition

On Thursday, the long-awaited autumn tour finally arrived. That day, the autumn was bright and sunny, and I came to the school in Hangzhou Botanical Garden with excitement.

Toward the sun, my classmates and I lined up in a neat line on the bus, and laughter along the way soon came to the botanical garden. The trees here are luxuriant and the plants are diverse! The grass was covered with golden leaves. We found a piece of grass, sat down, and started researching plants. Our team is serious! We found that some leaves were broad, some were slender, and others were spiny! We recorded the plant characteristics and findings of different types of composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ respectively by using methods of seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling, and discussed each other.

At noon, when it was time to eat, everyone in our team brought out homemade food. I took out a box of chicken wings and sushi made by my mother to share with you. The students also brought chicken rice, sauce duck, beef, etc. Happy eating. Finally, I took a photo with the most beautiful teacher Wang in my heart!

After the event, our laughter echoed on the lawn! At the meeting point, we reluctantly boarded the bus and returned to school. Autumn is so beautiful! I love nature and love my life. I have learned a lot of science and culture in nature. I feel very happy in this autumn trip!

Chapter Four: 400 Words of Autumn Diary in Botanical Garden

Today, God seems to know that we are going to go on an autumn tour and ran away the rain and rain for many days, and gave us a day with clear autumn and clear sky, and my mood is also very happy.

The destination of our autumn tour is the botanical garden. Along the way, everyone chattered, and even the compartment was full of laughter. After a while, we came to the pleasant botanical garden. In the autumn garden, flowers and trees, lush, layered forests, a vibrant plant life world. According to the teacher's request, choose a plant of most interest, observe it, and record its characteristics. I chose Tochigi tree, and I used the observation composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ to see, touch, and smell. Alder is a woody plant. The tree is about three stories high, the trunk has a thick bowl mouth, the color is gray-brown, the leaves are small, a little sharp, the bark is very rough, it smells a little grassy, and the leaves But it's green, it's characteristic is that it likes cool places. In this alderwood forest, we play, take pictures, rest and enjoy the joy of autumn under the woods. At the same time, we do n’t have a picnic for a picnic. I brought my own fried deep-fried ravioli and it was loved by everyone.

Happy times always pass very fast, we took away the garbage, reluctantly boarded the bus, and ended the beautiful and meaningful autumn trip.

Article Five: 400 Words of Autumn Composition

The leaves fall, as autumn comes. We finally waited for the long-awaited autumn tour.

In the car, we laughed and enjoyed the scenery outside the window. The bears that came to the park invaded the park. Two huge giant bears greeted us at the door. When we reached the park, a piece of grass caught my eye. Suddenly, a coach said loudly: "Five (1), let's make a game!" Then he took out two hula hoops and said, "Well, the rule of this game is that you can't put a hula snare companion by hand. On the body, use the body to wrap the hula hoop one by one to see who is first! "So we started the fierce competition, the first and the eighth class, the coach screamed:" The game begins! " Composition https: // wWw .ZuoWenwang.Net / Two classes

Gazes are focused on the first person at the same time, and we are leading the class! The second person also led the eighth class without fail. Three, four, five ... It's almost time for me. I wonder if I can make such a small hula hoop myself. But soon, I couldn't bear it, and the hula hoop fell heavily on my body. I tried to drill through my body. Finally got out, we won! Several more items are needed. I have all gone through "five levels and six levels".

The happy time is always short. When I get to the car and look back at the jubilant crowd, I feel a little reluctant. As the car started, watching the park slowly became a dot until it disappeared into my vision.

Chapter Six: 400 Words Composition in Autumn Flower Field

There are many beautiful spots in Zhuhai, including Huatian Water Village.

One sunny morning, I came to school happily. Today we are going to Huatian Shuixiang for an autumn tour. After breakfast, we set off, and everyone continued to laugh and laugh along the way. About half an hour later we arrived at Huatian Water Township.

When we got off the bus, we saw a door with the words "Huatian Shuixiang" written on it. After entering, our first task was to watch 3D movies. The content was the pictures of the Long March in ancient times. Our second task is to have a large field in front of us, and we will finish it. The teacher divided us into two teams: a girl team and a boys team. The teacher said that the team with less scores was not allowed to write at http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , and everyone was nervous. I clenched my hoe and waved up and down. After a while, my hands were sour, but in order to get a high score, we tried our best. Finally it was time to eat. Our boys won, but the teachers couldn't bear to make the girls hungry, so they let them go to work.

We went to catch fish after dinner. I almost fell into the water as soon as I got into the water. I didn't dare to care about it. I moved my steps carefully while staring at the water, thinking about how to catch the fish. At the end I caught five fish, and my best friend caught me four more, so I have nine fish. Heck, I accidentally fell and my body was soaked, but I was still very happy.

This year's autumn tour is the best!

Chapter Seven: Go, Autumn Tour to Composition 400 Words

The autumn wind swept away the heat wave in August, and in September came with a cool pace. The National Day is coming soon. During the National Day, I can take eight days off. I plan to go to Civic Square and Xikou, because I have been to these two places and I never forget.

There are sand, pigeons, and fountains in Civic Square ... I will go to the sand pool first. The sand pool is very large, and there are many children on it. Some of them have a shovel, some are a shovel, and some are One by one small buckets. I touched the sand and it was very soft and fun. I went to the place where the pigeons were raised. The pigeons were as white as white paper. I took their food and poured it on my hands. As a result, there was a little pigeon composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ fly over to eat The food on my hands, little by little, is like a duckling, very cute! Finally, I went to the fountain. The bottom of the fountain sprayed upwards, and the water sprayed out was like a beautiful flower. A few drops of water fell on my hands, feeling cold.

The water in Xikou is so clear that even the small fish in it can be seen, and the water is so cold that it shivered a little. The scenery inside is very good, there are many people living in the rows of houses, there are many people on the street, and it is very lively, some people sell meat, some people sell vegetables, some people sell barbecue ...

I wish my motherland: Happy birthday! Thank you for giving me eight days of vacation!

Chapter Eight: Happy Autumn Tour Composition 400 Words

It's sunny today and I get up early as usual. After breakfast, my grandma sent me to school early. After arriving at the school, I was waiting for the teacher's order with excitement. At this time, the teacher came and we set off.

Soon we reached our destination, and I saw the endless Yunlong Lake. The water of Yunlong Lake is glittering silver, like silver ribbons. The lake is crystal clear, and a group of small fishes swim carefreely, it's nice! Alas, I found that one of these little fishes was red, while the others were white. The red little fish kept waving its tail to the white fishes, as if writing a composition. / Show off its beautiful "skirt". There are several towering trees by the lake. These trees have different shapes. Some are bent like an old man, some are straight like guards, and some are slanted like athletes who are about to start.

Walking and watching, we came to a small bridge. The bridge is brown, crooked like a creek connecting mountains. The students passed the bridge in an orderly manner. Here is a green meadow. Everyone bounced and sang, some played hide-and-seek, and some turned up, and everyone was very happy.

Unconsciously, it is already noon, the happy autumn tour is over, and everyone is still immersed in the ocean of joy.

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