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Games composition 200 words

Time: 2018-10-21 14:12:00

Article 1: Games Composition 200 Words

[Exciting Games]

Today, our school held a sports meeting.

First of all, the players who ran for two hundred meters came on the field. As soon as the gunshots rang, the players flew out like off-string arrows. The players in our class were not to be outdone, and they ran hard, and finally won the second place in the group. Then, the 400-meter runner came on the field. The game started and the players rushed out. Some ran fast, surpassing several people at once. Some run at a moderate speed ... Finally, it's the 800-meter runner's turn. By the third lap, they are already tired, but they can still carry through.

My favorite is the four by one hundred meter relay. At the beginning, everyone went smoothly, but Yang Zi slipped a bit, fell to the ground, broke his leg, and went to the infirmary for treatment on the spot. But when she returned, she didn't cry or cry. She just smiled and talked like an ordinary person.

In the afternoon, the sports meeting was over and our class got good results. I really hope we can do better next time.

Class 303 Yin language pupil

[My Games]

Today is the 18th annual Jiangnan Games, and it is also a long-awaited day, because this is my first time participating and I am looking forward to it.

In the morning, I sat on a stool to watch running games and softball games. At the beginning of 200 meters, the players rushed out like arrows off the string. They chase after you, regardless of up and down, and the competition is very fierce. On the 800-meter track, I saw a player far ahead and opened a large distance from the second place. The athletes who fell behind never gave up and tried to chase forward. We couldn't help shouting, "303 come on! 303 come on!" Some students even stood on the stool to cheer for the athletes!

In the afternoon, it was finally my turn to take the long jump. When I'm waiting, I chat with friends and relax. However, seeing all the players in front of me jumping very far, I was a little bit nervous again. When it came to me, I took a deep breath, and threw my arm a few times, hopping hard. Alas, didn't jump well. The second time, I used all my strength and kicked my feet harder, jumping a little longer than before. There is only one last chance left. I try to adjust my emotions, take a deep breath, and carefully reflect on the method taught by Zhao Guanyu's father. The body is slightly bent, the arms are relaxed, and the arms are gently shaken. . I thought I could jump 1.65 meters, but I only jumped about 1.6 meters. I was disappointed.

Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Although I didn't jump very far this time and didn't play the best level, as long as I worked hard, there was no regret and it didn't matter if I didn't win. I also want to apply this spirit of hard work to my studies!

Class 303 Wu Ruoxuan

[Unique Games]

Today, colorful flags fluttered on the playground, and the annual sports meet is here again! This is already the thirteenth sports meeting of our Jiangnan Experimental Primary School, but it is really exciting!

The first one to play was Zhao Yiran. He stood confidently on the starting line. When the coach's gunfire rang, Zhao Yiran rushed across the starting line like an off-string arrow. If viewed from a distance, Zhao Yiran's feet were like " "Flying up". Our classmates are cheering for Zhao Yiran with hope, some waving flags, some blowing cartoon horns, and some shouting incessantly: "Come on, come on, class 303 Win! "From everyone's eyes, it was not relaxation but tension. I think everyone is more nervous than the athletes, and even afraid of not being able to get a good ranking. I slowly got an idea in my heart. If Zhao Yiran won the first or second place, I will definitely run up and congratulate him sincerely he. However, from my eyes, Zhao Yiran actually won the second place. After he finished running, I couldn't help but clap, I really admire Zhao Yiran!

I think it's not the rankings that are important for the Games, but participation!

Class 303 Zhuzimo

[Game Games]

"Well," with a gunshot, the third-year men's two-hundred-meter running race began. I saw the athletes rush out of the starting line like arrows off the string. Look, the tall student wearing the big red uniform and rushing to the front is the Meng Ziqing from class 303. He held his head up, gritted his teeth, swung his arms vigorously, and moved his legs quickly, like a burning flame that caught everyone's attention.

My cheerleaders and I shouted vigorously: "Meng Ziqing, come on! Come on!" I waved my palm with excitement and made a "snap" sound. Li Min jumped and bounced with the sign "I love you!" Wang Yanzi honoured Mencius with a horn.

The end is coming, and the athletes begin their final sprint. Suddenly, an athlete accelerated and quickly passed Mencius Qing, the first one crossed the finish line.

Although Meng Ziqing only won the second place in the group, his spirit of hard work is worth learning.

Class 303 Huang Ruixin

Article 2: Unforgettable Games Composition 200 words

Today we participated in the Spring Games held by the school. Our first (2) class is the only one in the first grade to take a square matrix. We are very happy and nervous. We walked across the rostrum vigorously and shouted our slogan: "One, two, one, two, unique, united and loving, never say no."

I participated in a volleyball pass relay, a team 50m relay and a men's 400m long composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ run. Our class won the first place in the pass relay, we are very happy, but we must continue to work hard! In the 400-meter long run, I regret that I won the third place. Towards the end, I was exhausted and panting. However, I kept running across the finish line.

In the future, I will exercise every day and strive for the first place in the next sports meeting!

Chapter 3: Exciting Games Composition 350 Words

Last week, the sports meeting in our school finally came to an end. Now, let me tell you about the unforgettable things that happened at the sports meeting.

With the neat side by side teams, the games officially began. The most intense was the 4x50m relay. I saw the referee raise the starting gun, the first stick of each class was set, and his ears were raised to listen carefully. Just listening to the "bang", the first stick of our class flew out like an off-string arrow, the first one successfully delivered the stick, and we jumped happily.

But when it came to the second best, our class suddenly fell from the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ the first place to the last place. In the lead, the cheerleader kept shouting "Come on" beside.

Listening to their deafening cheers, the flames of hope and the flames of struggle ignite in each of us. Finally it was my turn, I took a deep breath, steadily caught the stick, and rushed out. I cheered myself in my heart and inspired my greatest potential.

At the end of the game, we finally won the second place. Although it was the second place, we had no regrets because we worked hard.

Chapter Four: 350 Words of Composition

Today is a very important day. It is our 26th track and field sports meeting at Huangpujiang Road Primary School. Early in the morning, we arrived early in the sitting area of the previous day's rehearsal.

Students, quietly waiting until 7.45, Chairman Teng said on time: "Now the team is starting to perform." Because the principal was changed. Therefore, this time is also a lot grander than the last one. The students have to comment a few words after watching each program.

Of course, about the spectacular performance, at that time I wanted to use a sentence from Song Dandan's sketch: the scene was a gong and drums, firecrackers screamed, and the red flag was soloed. After a wonderful la la pair performance. Also cheer for the athletes!

After that, the athletes ran for 100 meters. Our class came on. Zhang Lin and Wang Guangzhi, after the sound of the gun, they both rushed out like a detached wild horse.

If you then turn your eyes to the long jumper, the length of their jump is also unusual.

After that, I watched 200 meters, high jumps, 400 meters and 800 meters, and other sports.

Today's Games gave me a reason: as long as you persist and work hard, you will achieve ideal results.

Article 5: Unforgettable Games Composition 350 Words

Today is a fine day, and we ushered in the annual Autumn Games again. Led by Mr. Lu, we came to the playground and everyone was very excited.

I participated in the most competitions this year, and participated in a total of seven. Last night, when I was sleeping, my mind went up and down, and I said to my mother, "I don't know if I can win the championship tomorrow, I'm so nervous." My mother said, "Do your best, you must be the best." Listen With my mother's words, I was so confident that Meimei fell asleep.

The game started and I worked hard for each activity. What makes me the most memorable is riding a hair composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ caterpillar, we are in a group of five. In a whistle of a physical education teacher, we and our teammates take turns to ride the caterpillar, and each of us I tried my best to feed the milk. When it was my turn, I took the lead and rode the caterpillar. I heard Li Yiran shouting in the back: "Cai Junjie, hurry up." I grasped the caterpillar's back, and my feet beating from side to side. Psychologically, I have been shouting: "Seven classes will win." We worked hard and were very acquainted. We finally reached the end and were relieved. I think this year's sports meeting is very happy, because I have transformed from an audience to a participant and contributed to the class collectively.

Article Six: 350 Words of Autumn Fun Games Composition

Today, we came to school in colorful clothes and were preparing for a fun sports meeting. See Teacher Lu is explaining skills for us! I'm going downstairs, and my mood immediately becomes tense and excited, and finally, the sports that we look forward to will begin soon!

When we came to Class 7, we flexed our muscles and did various warm-up exercises. The competition has not yet begun. The cheering students in each class shouted loudly and encouraged their class. The athletes in my class are full of confidence. The referee of the bag-jumping competition ordered: "One, two, three, start!" As soon as the bag reached me, I immediately jumped my body towards the bag and jumped, like composition https: //wWw.ZuoWenwang. Net / Jumping bunny jumped to his companion. Yeah! not good! I can't reach my feet! It's over, it's over! No, it doesn't seem to be over. I saw Teacher Lu toss the bag and my feet came out! I really appreciate Teacher Lu!

At the end of the game, we lost, and the students went back to the teaching building dizzily. Although we did not achieve the top three, the fourth place was also obtained by our sweat! Some classmates said that I was holding back, I was very sad. I think it's a joy to win, but you shouldn't blame each other for failure. Come on! Seven classes, I believe it will become a united family!

Chapter Seven: Happy Games Composition 350 Words

The annual sports meet is finally here, and I am honored to be the etiquette player in the class. The class card holding the class logo walked at the front of the class, leading the class to take a neat step, after walking around the entire stadium, came to the podium, accepted the review by the teachers and students of the school, and presented it We have prepared a wonderful program-dumbbell exercises and baseball exercises.

At the games, not only watched wonderful programs, but also a fierce competition. Among them, there are young athletes in our class. Our classmates are waving their sticks for them, shouting, cheering, adding composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/oil ! It is indeed a sports athlete in our class, they have achieved great results! I'm so proud! I'm proud! Fantastic!

In addition to watching the games at the games, we also have a lot of delicious and fun, you give me some points between classmates, I give you some points, how much love, how happy it is! During the game, we also got many small gifts, which made me feel the happiness and honor of the extended family.

I also need to exercise well and strive for everyone to see me at the next year ’s sports meet, to win honors, and to add a dazzling light to our class.

Chapter Eight: Unforgettable Games Composition 200 words

Today we went to the Wanda campus to have a sports meeting.

All the students in our class participated in the review of the Games. When we were wearing beautiful clothes, we walked to the podium with neat steps and started to do dumbbell exercises. We danced the dumbbells in our hands with cheerful music and finished the performance. End.

Afterwards, there was applause from the podium. This is the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The leaders and teachers on the podium recognized and praised the gymnastic performance of our class. This recognition is hard to come by. Our teacher used the time squeezed out every day to lead us to practice. For the past half a month, the teacher was tired and his throat was dumb. The students also worked hard every day. To achieve such results.

From this incident, I know "10 years of power off the stage, 10 minutes on the stage."

Chapter Nine: The Fiery Athletic Games Composition 350 Words

Hope for the stars, hope for the moon, and finally look forward to the Games. In the morning, I got up early and couldn't wait to get to school. I was very happy listening to the sound of the ringing bell and skipping rope.

The short opening ceremony was really wonderful. The cheerful and joyful voice made people excited; the colorful balloons were dazzling.

The long jump competition started. Our class player Huang Weixuan jumped a good result of 1.6 meters for the first time, but his opponent was also very good, jumping out of good results of 1.59 and 1.62. The last time it was his turn, I saw Huang Weixuan take a deep breath and rushed to write the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/, jumped, wow! 1 meter 78! Far more than the opponent, and also broke the grade record. "Ha! We won, we won, oh yeah!" Huang Weixuan returned in laughter and laughter from classmates. Everyone stepped forward to hug him and praise him.

It's time for the 4? 100m relay. The men sent were Huang Weixuan, Zheng Shuming, I, and Chen Boyu. Our boys team is very furious, especially Chen Boyu. With the order of the referee, he flew out like a runaway wild horse. In the end, with four of our full strength, we won.

This fiery athletic meeting was deeply imprinted in my mind.

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