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my dad

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Article 1: 600 words of my father's composition

When I was born, my dad was 30 years old. He was a very spirited young man. From then on, I was a little shadow of my dad.

When I was 6 years old, my family was watching TV at night. Suddenly, I found that someone was chopping on my window! I whispered to my dad, "Dad, there is someone on the window!" Dad looked at the window, and there really was a thief at the window. Dad desperately holding a wooden stick, he quietly walked out of the room to catch the thief. The thief was eventually caught up ... When Dad came back, I found out that he was not wearing shoes. When I was washing my feet, I saw that there were Several blisters, we were all very touched, and admired Dad very much.

When I was 7 years old, I fell in love with reading, but I did n’t know a lot of words. Dad said, “If you do n’t know or do n’t know, ask me, and you will understand it slowly.” I still remember very clearly: 浒, understand, travel ... No matter what I asked, my father answered quickly and seriously, no composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ let me check the dictionary myself. Once, my father bought me a copy of "Traveling the Earth in Eighty Days." The first 12 pages were all densely packed, and I could n’t understand it. My father said, "If you do n’t understand, just check them out, and then later Solve. "Now that I have solved many questions and learned a lot, I am happy.

Qingming holiday, our family went to sweep the grave. After returning, I was tired and said to my dad, "I want to ride a horse! I want to ride a horse!" Dad agreed reluctantly. I rode on it, holding a small stick in my hand and shouting, "Drive!" With the whip, Dad was too tired to say, "Will the little knight be okay? Let the horses rest and rest!" I said no, and started playing again. I saw that my father was sweating, and I just gave up.

Dad is my street light, which illuminates my way forward. Dad is my compass, which guides me on the right path. Father loves like a mountain, father loves like a sea, I love dad.

Article 2: 600 words of my father's composition

I have a special dad and he is my best partner.

My dad has a white face, small eyes, dark hair, long legs, not tall, 1.68 meters, but in my eyes he is extremely tall.

Dad has been working outside the home for many years, and when he is free, he goes home and takes me out to do what I like. He likes to accompany me to watch funny cartoons and accompany me to watch "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf". I also particularly like watching movies. When my father is free, he sits in front of the computer and downloads classic movies or animations, such as "Madagascar", "Kung Fu Panda", "Robot Story", "Lightning Dog", "Counter Attack from the Forest" , "The Little Mermaid" and so on. I'm going to become an animated character.

My dad loves to tickle me. Whenever I don't want to get up, my dad tickles me and makes me jump out of bed like lightning.

Dad likes to play with me like a child. At this time, he has a lot of bad ideas. Once, my dad also relaxed my face, then put his two hands on the corners of my mouth, and suddenly the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ pinched my mouth and said, "Haha, it's like a Tang Duck! "As soon as I was anxious, I went to pinch Dad's mouth, and Dad closed his mouth. As soon as I couldn't figure it out, I grabbed under his armpit. Dad smiled, and I took the opportunity to squeeze his mouth. Then he said, "You are also a Donald Duck, and you are a very fierce Donald Duck."

As soon as the winter vacation came back, my dad took me to the square to paint. I picked a mermaid, and my dad said, this one looks pretty good. It's a bit like you. I was embarrassed, so I got busy with my dad. I used a brush to dip it in red and started to paint the mermaid's hair. There are so many hairs. It took me many minutes to finish my hair. Now I have to paint my tail. It took a long time to finally paint the tail! Dad was there to help me prepare the paint and patiently watched me paint. Dad sometimes gives pointers or draws for me. Painting and painting, finally finished painting, seeing beautiful paintings, my father is even happier than me.

Haha, my dad was really a pistachio of my childhood. He filled my life with sunshine.

Article 3: 600 words of my father's composition

The people around me are numerous and diverse, but what I admire most is my dad, who is the hero in my heart.

My dad has a square face, an equally square pair of glasses on the bridge of the nose, and the eyes behind the lenses are so deep as to penetrate your heart, looking deep and wise.

I met with my father several times, and it was engraved in my mind, and I will never forget it. I remember when I was a child, my dad worked in Beijing and we lived in Tianjin. My dad can only come back once a week. Every Friday, my mom and I will pick him up at the station. He trot over, his mouth screaming, "It's been a long time, Dad!", He flung himself into his arms, and he would also hold me high with his solid and strong arms, smiling at me He said, "I miss you too, son." He carried me all the way home. My dad is very focused on training me and has very strict requirements. On Saturday night, I would say to my dad Yang Yang, "Bye!" The composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Dad will reluctantly go out. In the fourth grade of elementary school, I took the bus home by myself. On a cold winter day, my overtime father saw me standing in the wind and ran over, touching my frozen red face with warm hands, and staying with me waiting for the bus to come . At high school, I always saw my father waiting anxiously at the exit by taking the subway at night. When he saw me, he would naturally show a happy smile. He took my heavy schoolbag and tapped my shoulder to ask me this day. how are you. From an early age to a young age, my emotional expression of my father changed from enthusiastic to subtle, sometimes with a smile and a look, I could convey the emotion.

Some people say that mother's love is like water, soft and touching; I think that father's love is like a mountain, solid and deep. To me, my dad is like a haven, a giant umbrella, a warm mountain that I can rely on, and grow with me. Although Dad couldn't stay with me forever, his charitable smile and his deep love for me have always nourished my heart.

Article 4: 600 words of my father's composition

My dad is an Aries structural designer. His height is 172 cm.

He has big, smart eyes, but he is short-sighted and wears a pair of rimless glasses. He had a short beard, but it was puny, I touched it, rustling. However, he understands every day. But he would also have a longer beard, and only remembered it once, that was when Dad was on a business trip abroad. I was looking at my father's picture at the time. I didn't recognize it at a glance, and asked my mother, "Who is this?" If you look closely, it turns out to be my father. However, the dark thing on his chin was so noticeable that it looked darker than the color of his hair! Although my dad looks polite, he is also very strong. I couldn't pinch his arm. I used to swing there when I was a kid!

My dad loves cleanliness. He cleans the house almost every day, sweeps and mops the floor. Not only that, he often asked me to throw the garbage into the trash can and pick up the lead on the ground.

My dad is very kind to people. Every time I or my mother is sick, he will take good care of us and take care of the water. Nothing left for us to do.

My dad is not only close to the body, but also good at cooking. He does almost everything, and everything is delicious. Not only that, he also creates his own dishes! His homemade dishes are also very good. It can be said that they are full of color, fragrance and taste, which is delicious. The best to eat is macaroni. I can eat two plates of macaroni every time, and sometimes even more!

My dad is very strict with me. Once I did a wrong question because of carelessness, he said to me, "I carelessly lose Jingzhou, I carelessly lose Jingzhou. This Jingzhou is what you lose!" He always teases me and makes me cry. For this reason, my mother said that he was like a three-year-old child.

My dad likes to play table tennis. He plays it almost every day, at noon and at night. One dozen is one or two hours. He also likes to look at mobile phones and looks at them as soon as he gets home. Stay in the bathroom, sit on the sofa, lie on the bed, and watch the mobile phone almost every time.

This is my father, a father who has both advantages and disadvantages.

Article 5: My father's composition of 500 words

My dad is 41 years old. He was tall and thin, wearing a pair of rectangular metal glasses. Since Dad likes to smoke and drink tea, his teeth become very dark.

My dad likes to make me play with my brother. He likes to think of himself as "Sun Wukong" and hops around the living room with a plastic stick. I know, my father was warning us at that time: If you don't hide again, I will scratch you! At that time, I would quickly hide inside the "spaceship" and then open a small slit to see what would happen next. I saw my dad and my brother standing face to face. Suddenly my dad stretched out a hand and started to scratch his brother. My brother rolled on the ground while laughing. This game is over, "'Sun Wukong' won!" We all applauded for our father, "What an interesting 'Sun Wukong'!" We shouted the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Road!

My dad is very careful and always arranges things in advance. For example, when we travel to Inner Mongolia this time, my dad has already made a travel plan two weeks before his departure, and he has listed out the items to be taken to make our trip more planned.

Dad has a lot of strength. Once, my mother, my brother and my brother went to a painting class. Because it was rainy and slippery, we fell off the motorcycle. Later, Dad found that the iron basket of the motorcycle was crooked, and Dad squeezed it hard. The iron basket quickly returned to its original shape.

My dad loves running. After dinner every day, he would go out for a run, running for an hour each time. My brother and I really like him to go out for a run, because he always buys some snacks to come back for us.

I like my dad. He is a funny and strong dad.

Article 6: My father's composition of 500 words

Hey! Speaking of my dad, but can't finish talking! But my dad's biggest hobby is playing basketball.

My dad has a square face and a pair of black-framed glasses on his high nose. He is humorous, so he has a big mouth. The thing that most resembles him is the eyebrows that "can't bear looking straight". Our two eyebrows are carved with a mold, but the color of the eyebrows is relatively light. It looks like an official, but does he still boast of being a teacher? But it doesn't look like a piece of basketball. But he is indeed a basketball fan.

Once after school, I still had to learn English at night. I anxiously stood at the gate of the school and waited for my dad to pick me up, just like the ants on the hot pot. After a while, I couldn't wait for the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ , so I called him. The answer is not the voice of Dad, but the call you dialed is unanswered, please call again later ... I will call him later, the result is still the same. In the end I had to use my killer: call my mom! Sure enough, after a while, my father hurried in a basketball uniform and said, "Just about to play a basketball game, the teachers of the second primary school are all there, and I really can't make time!" I still forgive him.

In the past few weeks, my father was transferred to Chixi Town as the vice mayor. Listening to him on the phone said: "I haven't had time to read a book after work these days. As soon as I got in, I was a bit uncomfortable, so I went to play basketball every night to relax." It is basketball again!

Although my dad is a basketball fan and always has no time to play basketball with me, I still support his hobby!

Article 7: My father's composition of 500 words

My dad is a humorous, fat man. There were a few wrinkles on his head, which were probably caused by overwork. His strong muscles, hard, gave me a sense of security.

He was fat and unbearable. He weighed more than 80 kilograms last time, which surprised me. Sometimes I even think: Why am I so fat? Is it because of eating more foods rich in fat, or because of genetic inheritance? To this end, my mother often jokes with my father: "Dad is fat, son is fat, one fat, one fat."

Dad is still busy. He originally went home for dinner, but when the rice was cooked, he said he would not go home again. I often go here and there. I will go to Wenzhou for a while, and then I will talk about work. I am too busy and often eat outside. My mother said, "For him, friends are more important than family composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/. They are busy all day."

Once, I was hungry and wanted to eat a piece of bread, but my mother said that eating at night was not good and it was easy to gain weight. When we quarreled, we were about to yell at it, and my dad came out to reconcile: "It's not good to eat bread at night, as the saying goes: good breakfast, full lunch, and small dinner. At night, things need to be Eat less. "I do n’t think I can eat bread anymore and I want to go back to my room to sleep." But it ’s taken for granted that the child is hungry. So this piece of bread. " Dayton, we are also very nervous, as if we are about to announce who wins and who loses. "It's my child." I was so happy that I ate this piece of bread. Dad also smiled heartily.

This is my father, a fat, busy and humorous father.

Article Eight: My father's composition of 500 words

Dad is my good partner and my good teacher.

My dad will accompany me to do homework, walk, and play chess every day when he comes back from work. When I encounter difficulties, he will take the initiative to help and solve doubts. Dad also helped me in my studies. He taught me to write essays, to do math problems with me, and to teach me how to be a man.

My dad taught me four words. The first is bravery. He often said to me: "Meet the brave and win on the narrow road." When climbing a mountain, he would not help me, but instead let me find a fulcrum to climb up alone, so that I became Confidence and self-confidence. When I'm home alone, he will tell me that the home is the safest, don't be afraid.

The second is tenacity. Dad said, "Failure is not terrible, and terrible is to give up after failure." Dad cited Sun Yat-sen's example. He continued to carry out armed uprisings. Although he failed every time, he did not give up and finally succeeded. .

The third is the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Thanksgiving, we want to thank those who help you, thank nature, it gave us food, water, air, we must cherish resources and protect the earth.

The fourth is humility. Mao Zedong said, "Humility makes people progress, and pride lags behind." For example, when Qin Shihuang wanted to attack the Chu Kingdom, he asked the general how many soldiers Wang Xi needed to bring. Qin Shihuang didn't believe it. He asked the general Li Xin, who answered 200,000 soldiers. Emperor Qin Shihuang gave Li Xin 200,000 soldiers and he was defeated. So Qin Shihuang immediately went to Wang Ye to apologize, gave Wang Ye a 600,000 army, and finally destroyed Chu. It's the same for studying. If you have any questions, you should ask the teacher right away, then correct and remember it, so that you can make progress.

My dad is watching "Warring States Policy" and "Youth Chronicles", and every night he will tell me the stories he has read and turned into historical stories.

Dad is my good partner!

Chapter Nine: My father's composition of 500 words

My dad is very gentle and intelligent.

My dad takes me to the badminton hall every week to play. During the process, I will win him several balls, but he will not be angry. He smiled with knowledge and said, "Okay, boy."

In fact, some people will ask, "Hey, do n’t your father scold you for being a stinky boy? This is also called gentleness? You have too little values!"

I sneered and said, "It seems that you don't know. There is a badminton classmate who won several balls in a row while playing with his dad. Dad became impatient, and said to this classmate," You stinky boy, See how I can pack you up. '"

Others asked, "Why do adults and children play football and lose a few to get angry?"

I raised my head, and said with a lip in my mouth: "You don't know about this? Because the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ adults have long legs, big strides, and they run fast, so they receive the ball at all Not much, but children are not the same. They run fast, and the steps are small. For adults, you have to run four steps for three steps, and they have more physical exertion than adults. So it is not surprising for adults to get angry and angry. "

"Yes, that's true," said those who had previously questioned me.

One time, my dad and I went to fly a kite on a high slope, and it was very difficult to put the kite up high. At this time, a child ’s kite tied our kite, and the father of the child rebuked him. My father stepped forward to persuade him: "The wind here is going south for a while, and it may be north for a while. Blowing together, it doesn't matter, everyone makes mistakes, and adults are no exception. "

Is my dad very gentle?

Article 10: 600 words of my father's composition

Do you know my dad? My dad is tall, physically fit, and handsome. He has a round face, a little dark skin, and a pair of dark black eyes under the blade of Ying Ting. When Dad laughed, his eyes narrowed into a thin line, just like two crooked little moons. Dad also had a big, crooked nose. There was a big mouth under the nose. Does it sound cool or handsome? Right!

My dad is a courier who loves his job very much in the Longgang community. Dad is also a manager. Dad manages more than twenty couriers uncle and brother.

In my impression, Dad is a person who is away from home everyday. He is always busy with work. There is very little time to accompany me. Every day when I open my eyes, he has already gone to work, and when he comes home from work every night, I have already fallen asleep. I always hope that my father can take a few days off. Dad play with me, climb mountains, play chess together ...

Some time ago, I didn't go home on time after school and I played with my classmates outside the school gate. It turned out that I forgot to return to the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ home, but my mother was anxious. My mother was looking for me everywhere near my house, but I couldn't find it for a long time. My mother called my father who was working, and when he knew it, he rode a delivery truck from the unit and found the school. Seeing that I was still struggling, I said nothing with one hand and dragged me into the car, drove to the door of the courier site, and sat in mercy in front of so many uncles and brothers, and said, " Little sample, I can't heal you, so many uncles I can manage. I can't control your boy. "

Dad loves his job. The relationship with colleagues is also going well. Many uncles and brothers come to visit our house every time we take a break. Because Dad is tall and strong, he is not afraid of hardships, not afraid of tiredness, and no matter what work he does, he always rushes to the front whenever there is any difficulty. Uncles and brothers in the unit affectionately call Dad--Bin.

I admire my dad, because like many uncle brothers in express delivery, whether it is sunny or raining, he is constantly busy for the joy of everyone. Dad is the greatest in my heart! Because he is the one who brings happiness to others.

Article 11: My father's composition of 500 words

My dad is tall and thin, with a pair of big glasses on his little nose. Behind the glasses are big and bright eyes.

My dad is a construction engineer and he is very strict about what he does. He loves his work very much, and every day he will finish his work seriously.

My dad is so knowledgeable that no problem can stump him.

One day, I cut a hole in a piece of clothing because of my naughtiness. This is the dance costume I performed the next day! I was so anxious like an ant on a hot pot-round and round. When my father saw this, he comforted me and said, "Don't worry, I'll try it! I'm the omnipotent repair dad!" After taking out the sewing box, stitched it one stitch at a time. "Well, come and see!" I took a closer look and found that Dad sewed a small flower in the hole, which is more beautiful than new clothes! "Long live my dad!" I shouted happily, and my dad hugs me with a laughing composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ .

Once in an art class, when I was preparing to draw green leaves, I found that the green paint was almost gone. So I asked my dad for help: "Dad, I've run out of green paint. What should I do today to paint green leaves?" Dad asked, "What are the most colors in your paint box?" "Yellow and blue are the most." "" If you want to use green, you can add yellow and blue together. When you mix it, it will become green. "I did as my father said, and it turned green, and I couldn't help admiring his broad knowledge.

When I got home, I asked my dad, how do you know so much? My father told me that this is the result of more reading, more observation and more accumulation. As long as I study hard and read extensively, I can become a "little master"!

Days passed, Dad had more silver wires on his head, and wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were getting older. Dad, did I draw the wrinkles in one stroke?

Article 12: My father's composition of 500 words

My dad is tall and thin, with a pair of big glasses on his little nose. Behind the glasses are big and bright eyes.

My dad is a construction engineer and he is very strict about what he does. He loves his work very much, and every day he will finish his work seriously.

My dad is so knowledgeable that no problem can stump him.

One day, I cut a hole in a piece of clothing because of my naughtiness. This is the dance costume I will perform tomorrow! I was so anxious like an ant on a hot pot-round and round. When my father saw this, he comforted me and said, "Don't worry, I'll try it! I'm the omnipotent father!" After taking out, I took out the sewing box and stitched it together. : "Okay, come and see!" I took a closer look and found that Dad sewed a little flower in the hole, more beautiful than new clothes! "Long live Dad!" I shouted! Dad hugs me and laughs!

A composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ times, in art class, when I was preparing to draw green leaves, I found that the green paint was almost gone. So I asked my dad for help: "Dad, I have run out of green paint. I want to draw green leaves today! What should I do?"

Dad asked, "What are the most colors in your paint box?"

"Most yellow and blue."

"If you want to use green, add yellow and blue together, and it will become green after mixing."

I did as my father said, and it turned green, and I couldn't help but admire his knowledge. When I got home, I asked my dad, "How do you know so much?" Dad told me it was the result of reading more books, watching more, and accumulating more. Said that as long as I study hard and read extensively, I can also become a "little mastery"!

Days passed, Dad had more silver wires on his head, and wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were getting older. Dad, did I draw the wrinkles in one stroke?

Article 13: My father's composition 600 words

He is of medium build, with small eyes and a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and often smiles. He is my dad, an ordinary employee of Oak Bay Property.

Oak Bay is a new community, so Dad is usually busy, and returns home once every two days on average. Dad takes his work seriously. I remember one time, my dad came home with a tired body and said to me during dinner: "Daughter, do you know, today Dad found a lot of information and repeated calculations many times, just to complete a data, this data is and The owner must be related. Do n’t be wrong. Dad wants to tell you that you must study carefully and you ca n’t be sloppy. Dad uses his work experience to educate his daughter.

Another time, my dad took his work home, watching my dad sitting at the desk skillfully typing data on the keyboard. Driven by curiosity, I went to the computer to check it out. The headline on the computer screen was clear. The large-scale composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ is displayed on the work plan and summary of Oak Bay Community. The general content is that the owners have raised some unresolved issues. Each dad records are very detailed, and according to Primary and secondary divisions were made. There are some problems that have been solved for the owner, how to solve it and some feedback information from the owner. All these are neatly filled in the form, which makes it clear at a glance. I couldn't help asking my dad, "Why did my dad have to be so detailed?" Dad said patiently: "These things are the things that the owners need to solve urgently. I'm afraid to forget, just make a record in the computer, even if it is just a change A small matter such as a light bulb must be recorded clearly, and the owner cannot be dissatisfied with our work. Dad's purpose is to serve the owner wholeheartedly. If you encounter problems that you do n’t understand in your studies, find a small book Come down and solve it one by one so that I can review it later. "

This is my dad, a person who is serious and responsible for his work. His words and deeds also affect me and give me a lot of positive energy. Dad is the person I admire most.

Article 14: My father's composition of 500 words

My dad is not tall, his hair is gray, and he says he cares for me! He had a standard Chinese character face, a high nose, black eyes, and dazzling eyes. He didn't know when the wrinkles creeped up to his cheek. When he laughed, he felt kind.

My dad has a hobby that is writing calligraphy. Whenever he writes calligraphy, no matter who calls him, he ignores him. Once my mother's meal was done, I asked my dad to eat. I received an order, and I ran away. I shouted, "Daddy, it's dinner! Go to dinner!" Dad didn't look up. The floor uttered "Oh", I thought he would come out soon, and went to eat. I didn't expect that my father would eat when we were ready to rest after dinner! You said, did your father reach the point where the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ was abandoned and forgotten?

My dad has many advantages. He is calm and restrained, aggressive, and a big filial son! Why do you say that? Because my grandparents are not in good health and have suffered a lot of problems, I often go to the city hospital to see a doctor from time to time. My father is very concerned. Whenever grandparents come, he goes downstairs to pick them up in person. Sometimes grandpa and grandma are hospitalized, and he is guarding day and night. Only my mother and I are left at home, so busy that my mother has to work and worry about me!

Dad is the top pillar of my family. When I was very young, my parents set the rules at home. The three of us had to divide the work. My father was responsible for work, and my mother was responsible for housework. I was responsible for organizing my studies. We "hook and stamp" each other, and persist to this day!

Chapter 15: 600 words of my father's composition

As soon as I mentioned my dad, a plain-dressed and kind-hearted man appeared before my eyes.

Dad is 51 years old this year. At this age, you will be shocked. Although he is a little older, Dad will never grow old in my heart and will always be a handsome "dad". Dad's face is round, with strong eyes under thick eyebrows, rough skin, and the most adorable is the pregnant belly of beer, which is bulging. Mom also joked that I am a father in October. I was born to laugh.

When I was young, my father hurt me very much. I remember when I was in trouble, my mother scolded me, and when my father saw it, I hurried over and said, "Do n’t hit, the child made a mistake, just fix it in time, there is no need to hit the child." I am sad Lying on the floor and crying, my father hugged me to bed and comforted me softly: "Do n’t cry, you made a mistake, of course, my mother has to criticize you. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Hello. "I fell asleep slowly under the comfort of my dad.

But Dad also has a tough side. Once, my dad was reading in the study. I was playing with toys. I like to play with toys. I played with them and messed up the house. My dad came back from outside and saw this scene and became serious, saying, " You see, the room is messed up. Your habit must be changed, and you need to sort it out quickly. "After that, tell me how to place things and ask me to develop good habits.

Time is like an arrow, and the sun and moon are like shuttles. In the blink of an eye, I have reached the sixth grade of elementary school. The "loving father" who loved me and taught me to work outside for years. My dad devoted all his efforts for our family, and I felt sorry for seeing his aging face. I miss the happy and happy time that he was with me when I was young. I want to say to him, "Dad, I love you."

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