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Autumn field composition 600 words

Time: 2018-10-25 20:04:00

Article 1: 600 Words of Autumn Field Composition

Withered yellow leaves fluttered in the sky, and the withered grass moved with the wind. Dead branches and leaves are blown by the wind, but the field in the distance is quite different from here.

The golden ocean, the harvest signal, the farmers and uncles picked up the sickle, came to the field, and began the most exciting and happy time of the year-the autumn harvest! There was a rare smile on their faces for a year. "Our future, on the fields of hope, the smoke of smoke wafts over the newly built houses, and the river flows in the beautiful villages ..." The farmer uncle hummed the harvest song. The sickle moved up and down, and the big sweat grains of corn on the farmer's uncles fell straight to the ground. A cool autumn wind blew. The farmer's uncles enjoyed the cool wind, really cool!

Although the autumn harvest is hard, from their expressions, they can see that their hearts are as sweet as eating honey. The sun is facing west, and fewer and fewer people are working in the fields. Only a few uncles are still working hard ... In the field, there is a clear stream with many compositions floating on it. Https://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net / The dead leaves and wheat poles are particularly unique against the setting sun, adding a beautiful landscape to the countryside. The red glow of the setting sun, the golden scene of the field, and the hard work of the farmer uncle harden the autumn field. The poems and pictures that set off are unique.

In the distance of the field, you can vaguely see the hills and hills one after the other, and in front of the hill you can see rows of red tile houses smoking smoke. This landscape is as beautiful as the painting, which makes people fascinated. !! This stream flows from there.

It was getting dark, and all around was quiet. There was only a bright moon and some sparse little stars flickering. A big wind blew a few large clouds from somewhere, covering the moon that was not very bright, and then spreading again. Really. It's like the lights flickering.

The field of autumn harvests the hopes of uncles who are hardworking farmers. The field of autumn is busy, happy, and a symbol of abundance. The field of autumn is the most beautiful in my heart!

Part 2: 550 Words of Autumn Field Composition

The girl in autumn wore a yellow chrysanthemum flower, a rattle made of oranges in hand, wearing rice ear clothes, and came slowly in a pumpkin cart.

We went out of the house and walked around a building to look for autumn. We came to a green field in the north, showing green vegetables in front of me. You can see a green vegetable like a blooming flower. Comfortable.

Leaving the green vegetable field, walking to a small field to the east. The field is full of tall corn. They are shaking with energy, facing the passing autumn wind, the corn leaves are bending down, as if we are welcome to come, give us The joy of a good harvest.

Along the winding path, we came to the sweet potato field to the south. I folded the sweet potato stems and leaves into sections by hand, like a string of necklaces, secretly hanging on my sister's neck, beautiful! Grandpa asks if I want to eat sweet potatoes! Talking about pulling a handful of sweet potato vines, dug out a large composition with a steamed bun http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ handing me the red sweet potatoes, looking at these sweet potatoes, I seem to smell the sweet smell of sweet potatoes !!

Continue along the path, the large rice paddies to the west, like golden seas, and gold carpets sprinkled with glitter. I pulled it by my hand, mashed it in my palm, and the golden rice was heavy, exuding a charming fragrance. The breeze was passing, Huang Chengcheng's rice was so pressed that the ears could not stand up, but it was still shaking, as if singing praises for the harvest field. Looking at this large area of rice, I seemed to think of Uncle Farmer I worked hard in the fields, and my heart was full of admiration. Now is the harvest season. Uncle Farmer is busy harvesting the rice, and from time to time they hear their cheerful laughter.

Everything here is so full of vitality, the tits on the tree, shouting in the chanting "autumn is beautiful, autumn fields are more beautiful!"

Part 3: 600 Words of Autumn Field Composition

The autumn wind was refreshing and came to the world with a touch of coolness. It crossed the stream, through the jungle, over the mountains, and finally stopped on the picturesque field.

Looking from a distance, the paddy fields are lined up in an orderly manner, golden everywhere, making people full of intoxication. The lingering autumn breeze fluttered, and each swayed gently, as if the waves were rising in the golden sea. The waves are crowded and frolicking, making a "rustling" sound, sometimes slow, sometimes urgent, sometimes light, and sometimes loud, as if playing a mature hymn.

Approaching the paddy field, Gu Xiang burst out his nose. Following Gu Xiang, I could not help looking at the huge spike of rice ears. The spikes are arranged in a staggered pattern, much like a little girl's twisted braid! Some of them have matured and rounded; some have broken a little, peeped into their heads, and looked at this flowery world with surprise; others seem to have not yet woken up and wrapped the "quilt" tightly. Composition: https: //wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ Tight ... and the half-green and half-yellow rice leaves are holding their swords and guarding their children with all their heart.

Tianya was full of wild flowers everywhere, they wore various mini skirts, looked up, and laughed at the girl Qiu! Green leaves, like two tender little hands waving in the wind.

Next to the rice field is a field of corn. The tall corn stalks were holding their heads high, their chests raised, and they looked high. It was covered with big and long corn cobs, and the green leaves surrounding them were pulled apart, and the "fat dolls" wearing small yellow vests were exposed. They were close together, looking out through the slits of the leaves.

It is also lively in the vegetable field not far away. Fresh Chinese cabbage, eggplants in purple robes, and hot peppers ... They anxiously and patiently wait for the farmer uncle to take them home.

Looking at this fragrant field full of fruit, I believe that tomorrow's life will definitely be better.

Part Four: 600 Words of Autumn Field Composition

The field in my hometown is a beautiful big garden. What I am most fascinated with is the poetic and picturesque autumn scenery.

Entering the field, I was immediately attracted by the red maple leaves on the tree. It was really red. The chrysanthemums across the lawn are even more noticeable; some look like shy little girls, some look like pawls of dragons, some look like waves rising from the water, and some look like big brothers full of pride. Look! The clump of chrysanthemums spewed out from a tall flower stand, shining with a glorious and brilliance, all the way down to the ground, like a waterfall, like the strands of hair of a young girl. The tall pomegranate trees were full of smiling little girls, and they looked delicious. I picked one and peeled it. The pomegranate seeds inside are crystal clear in the sun, like little gems. It's sweet and sour, it's sour and unusual.

The grass composition on the lawn http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ In the bush, the cicadas groaned in the leaves, the fat wasp lay on the cauliflower, and the blessing called Tianzi (Skylark) went straight from the grass to the clouds . But the surrounding lawns are endlessly interesting. You Yan sings here, we play the piano here, everything sounds very harmonious and beautiful.

People are busy in the fields. There was a golden patch everywhere, like a golden carpet, and people were filled with joy. Wheat ears bent down with a smile, and the corn was screaming: "Come on me! Come on me! My particles are the fullest and no one can compare with me." Although people's faces are sweating , But their faces are still filled with joy of harvest. While they were harvesting, they sang, and their voices echoed in the fields, floating in the distance.

I love the fields, and the autumn fields more! It added unlimited fun to my childhood.

Chapter Five: 500 Words of Autumn Field Composition

Autumn is a magician, waving his magic wand, turning the field into a kaleidoscope, fruitful everywhere, filled with joy of harvest. Let's enter the autumn fields!

Look, a sorghum plant in the field turned red, and rice bent over with a smile, a large expanse of golden ocean. The cottons opened their big mouths and spit out snow-white flowers, blossoming open, fighting for beauty, looking far away, like a sea of white snow.

Look, in the orchard, bunches of purple grapes are like crystal balls. The apples on the apple tree are as red as drunks. Jin Cancan's persimmons and Huang Chengcheng's oranges hung on the branches like little lanterns. The autumn wind blew slightly, and they all shook their spirits, exuding a light composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ a light fruity flavor, drifting to every corner of the field. The fruits seemed to be laughing and laughing, "Dear fruit farmers, come pick us! You have raised us so strong, we are so sweet, let us repay you!"

Uncle Farmer saw the harvest in front of him and kept saying: "This year's harvest is really big! Our hard work has not been wasted." Flowers bloomed on his face, sweet laughter made the crops and fruits Hearing them, they look more confident and happier.

As the saying goes, "Chunhua and Qiushi are real, everything begins in spring and becomes autumn." Yeah! Autumn brings a wonderful harvest song to Mother Earth, and brings us a happy harvest song.

Beautiful! fall. Happy! field.

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