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White coat dream

Time: 2017-09-25 10:22:46 | Author: Anonymous

Too sleepy!

"Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!" The air was mixed with the smell of disinfection water and fresh blood. Under the pale light, the white figure stood and the hands moved constantly, and the fuzzy blood seemed to stagnate. An hour ... two hours ... the air seemed to freeze. The operating room door opened. "The patient is temporarily out of danger and needs to be transferred to the ICU to closely monitor the condition. Family members can go through the admission procedures."

I took off my surgical gown and pushed open a window in the corridor, again smelling the fresh air outside the wall. Today is the second day I entered the Second Hospital, but I did not expect to receive this first operation. As an assistant knife, when I first went to the operating table, my heartbeat was as fast as turning on the motor. I was afraid that something would go wrong. And now, even if the operation has been successful, I have not calmed down my emotions.

The doctor's relatives swarmed up before the surgeon had stepped out of the door of the operating room. In the middle was an old mother supported by several young people. The tears on her face had not faded, but her eyes were filled with joy at this time. The old mother's expression was so excited that she wanted to shake off the people around her and kneel to the doctor. For the first time, I truly felt the happiness brought by the life-saving and healing.

The scene in the office was comparable to the Spring Festival. It took me a lot of effort to move the crowd away and sit down at a small table inside. The surgeon, Dr. Zhou, who just came back, looked at Dr. Zhou and opened the drawer under the table. He paused and quickly took an envelope into his pocket. I opened the drawer on the left hand side by side, and sure enough I saw a thick envelope lying quietly there. I picked up the envelope with trembling, deliberately learning the doctor and stuffing it into my pocket. My heart became disturbed, but I looked up and saw Dr. Zhou looking naturally to talk to the patient's family.

The most familiar with me is the opposite brother Li. Brother Li entered the department earlier than me, at this time he was watching the heat rolling over the teacup in front of him, and he was silent. I know what Li is thinking about, and he will announce the list of selected titles before work tonight. When I entered the hospital yesterday, I saw Brother Li was very mysteriously entering the Dean's office with a heavy handbag. If there is no accident, the attending doctor's qualification is not necessary.

A few female nurses whispered in the corridor. I don't like nurses discussing patients in private, but this time I paid attention to their words. "Well, did you hear that?" "Yes, the one who couldn't afford the medicine last time ... was sent to the hospital for rescue yesterday, and it is said that it is almost impossible." "Well, just knowing to save money, even death. ... "

Can't afford medicine? Just knowing to save money? It's him! As if I remembered the patient in the movie, I came to report a week ago and I saw a person walking towards the hospital doorstep, step by step, slightly weak, and felt a little dazzling. After asking, I knew that this person was in a special condition and needed to be hospitalized for observation. The reason why he chose to give up treatment was because he couldn't afford the high medicine costs.

I glanced at the doctor's order, and unexpectedly found the composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ the doctor's order with that person's name. The high-priced imported medicine on it even made me feel deeply Powerlessness. I remembered that when I wiped myself out of date that day, the patient looked at himself, his face was a little pale, and there seemed to be water floating in his eyes. He pretended to have a strong expression and dim eyes, touching my sensitive nerves. The man was walking out of the hospital when he came to see the doctor, but now he is afraid to enter the morgue horizontally. Suddenly felt that being a doctor may also be a kind of butcher. High medical bills and red envelopes cut off the last straw they saved!

There was a sting in my heart. Today, for the first time, I feel extremely tired. I saw a box of open cigarettes on Li's desk. I never smoked. I picked up the cigarette and put it in my mouth for the first time. I was coughed continuously by the bitter smell of smoke, but faintly in the smoke seemed to see my grandma, who had been the most painful since childhood, appeared in front of me.

It seemed as if he had returned to childhood, when his grandmother was sick and admitted to the hospital, and was pulled back from the gate of death by the doctor. She was still a pure and ignorant boy, and looked at her grandmother's life-saving benefactor with an almost adoration. The family was poor, and grandma had to spend a lot of money for surgery and not only spent her family savings but also owed a lot of foreign debts. Later the doctor understood the situation and organized a fundraising for grandma in the hospital. After my grandmother's condition was healed, I kept thinking about it in my ears and remembered: baby, you have to remember this kind of kindness, grandma ’s life was saved by these kind uncles, you do n’t forget, you have to spend a lifetime In return, they are your role models ...

But is the current doctor my role model? I am lost.

Although some doctors are well-versed in medical skills, they are busy making money and appraising job titles all the time. They are light-hearted but have become bloody butchers. They lived up to the trust of the patients, annihilated their conscience, and lived up to their white coat that symbolizes the heart of the healer!

This is the way to live. Someone is approaching their goals step by step, and some people are getting farther and farther from the role they expected. But I don't want to be like this, I want to cure and save people, I want to be a good doctor in the heart of grandma and all patients!

"What to do, grandma, I did. I'm a doctor now, but it doesn't seem to be what I expected."

I smiled bitterly, roared, and ran, trying to escape from this place.

"Stupid child, keep your conscience. If you really want to be a good doctor, how can you do this white coat?"

"Ting Bells, Ting Bells-Class time is coming, please be prepared"

Suddenly, many thoughts fluttered by, and my dream woke up. I got up from the desk and shook my head. After a while, watching the scene in front of me, I straightened my mind and listened.

This June's cicadas are noisy, but it makes me feel that compared with this dream, the scorching heat is like heaven. The college entrance examination is approaching. When I am filling out a voluntary report, I will be able to write down the word medical firmly, which is worthy of a white coat and a good doctor.

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