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Double eleven shopping spree composition

Time: 2019-01-11 12:18:48 | Author: Anonymous

[Part 1: Material simplicity and simplicity]

Wang Wenhui

This year, Taobao's "Double Eleven" promotion set off a national carnival. After the crazy "chop hands" shopping, people can't help but reflect-most of the shopping items are useless. Today, more people advocate minimalism, which can make life more economical and environmentally friendly, easy and pleasant.

Minimalism refers to spending time and money on necessary items, without extravagance and waste, or ascetic abuse. Minimalism is a macroeconomic and environmentally friendly way of life and a diligent and thrifty attitude to life. It is a contentment mentality.

Minimalism is an economical and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Thoreau mentioned in his work "Lake Walden": "Excess wealth can only buy extra things, and what is necessary for the human soul does not need to spend money to buy." There is a road, there must be a Toyota car. ”Japan ’s Toyota Corporation attaches great importance to environmental protection: the front side of the office paper is used up and the reverse side is used. The gloves of the cleaning staff can only be changed one by one, and never Discard unused, put a brick in the toilet's water tank to save water. A world-renowned company pays so much attention to environmental protection, and it is amazing to people all over the world.

Minimalism is a contentment mentality. "Minimalist" does not mean that everything in life is reduced to zero, but it is as optimistic as "Yan Hui's food and drink". . During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Tao Yuanming returned to the garden, and Liu Yuxi in the Tang Dynasty lived in the same room. On the contrary, he did not know how to be content, and the people who were greedy for the power and wealth eventually killed himself. The young and mighty Maradona was a "killer" that made every goalkeeper timid. The world has eroded his strong and tough body and made him obese, and the generation of ball kings had to drag the bulky body away from the piece of green field he had created brilliantly. The Roman Empire, once dominating the world, was indulged in hot springs all over the country. The warm bath water soaked the powerful legions softly, and ultimately it was inevitable to be destroyed. If a person does not understand contentment, he wants everything, and eventually he will not get anything. As William Ralph Inge said, "The happiest people seem to be those who are happy for no special reason. They are happy only because of happiness." You know, happiness is a state of mind, not something. Instead, a person can only be happy if he is content.

Minimalism is a simple and quiet virtue. Tao Yuanming said: "Relying on the south window to give pride, it is easy to judge the peace of the knee." Prosperity fades away, and it is often easier to get the satisfaction of the soul beyond the shackles of matter. In 1921, Einstein was once invited to teach at Leiden University in the Netherlands. The school wanted to give him many high-standard treatments, but he declined politely. For him, all he wanted was milk, biscuits, fruit, plus a violin, a bed, a writing desk, and a chair. Also implementing savings into every detail is the well-known writer Yang Ye. Yang Ye's life was bland and plain and simple. In ancient times, she still climbed the ladder alone to replace the light bulbs on the ceiling. There were no extravagant household appliances in the house. Even when she accompanied Deng Xiaoping to attend an important meeting as an interpreter, she just wore a blue suit washed to white, and was still humble in the face of the brightly-dressed foreign girl. She acted in her own way and regarded frugality as a virtue Gorgeous landscapes are displayed to the world.

May life give you simplicity and simplicity, to create a beautiful realm of economy and environmental protection, contentment and simplicity.

[Article 2: Online shopping, free sex]

He Yipeng

With the arrival of Double Eleven, the whole nation has set off a wave of online shopping. Some people think that this is an extravagant and wasteful behavior, but I think that shopping at will is just a positive and healthy attitude to life.

Of course, of course, it's not just what you want, but what you want to do in life. Online shopping at your heart is a convenient and fast way to shop online, according to your own needs, follow your heart, shop happily, and enjoy life.

Therefore, online shopping is a positive lifestyle. The book "The Ugly Chinese" gives a deep analysis of the Chinese way of life. Composition http://wWw.ZuoWenwang.Net/ The life of the Chinese is a depressing, weary sorrow, always thinking about saving and saving again, leaving as much wealth as possible for future generations, this thinking is Lamentable. "Reader" once recorded the story of a foreign beggar: a beggar begged all day, receiving relief food on time every day, and staying at a welfare institution, but after saving enough money, he changed his best clothes and went abroad to travel. When the reporter interviewed him He replied: "When I am tired of being a beggar, I should use all the money to turn myself into a traveler and go out to meet the world." This is a quick and open answer. How is online shopping different from this? Why is it that people spend the money they earn where they like it? Compared to the lifestyle that suppresses your heart and refuses to buy your favorite things, this kind of life is the real life. This is also the attitude that most Chinese people need to change from the bones.

Online shopping can delight the spirit. With the continuous improvement of modern material life, people often lose themselves in rich material, and the pressure is constantly increasing. The famous American psychologist Cornell once said: "Modern technology is increasing with the pressure and it is also the reason why our industry is flourishing." In fact, more and more people in the world are beginning to suffer from mental illness. People borrow drugs to maintain their sensitive and fragile nerves, and online shopping is a good venting platform. Not only can we quickly and easily get everything we need to meet the pursuit of new things and new life, but its price is also under control. Isn't this a way of satisfying personal needs and alleviating the stress of urban life not a win-win situation?

Online shopping can prosper the economy. China has a large population and great employment pressure. On the one hand, online shopping has reduced social costs, and has also promoted the prosperity and prosperity of e-commerce, logistics and other industries. For example, in the courier industry, the courier does not need too much learning costs. It only needs to master simple techniques and send the packages to the destination intact, and they can get paid and solve the employment problem of many people. At the same time, through online shopping, people can get their daily necessities without leaving home, saving time and reducing the cost of living, people can concentrate on their studies, work and life, and improve the efficiency of study, work and life .

On the one hand, online shopping promotes the development of various industries in the society, and on the other hand, it symbolizes an active and unrestrained lifestyle. I hope that today's people can fully find a true uninhibited life from this approach.

[Part Three: Frugality, Frugality, and a Better Life]

Wu Yan

The annual "Double Eleven", a nationwide shopping storm again set off on Taobao. After the madness, many consumers deeply felt that a lot of goods were bought, but very few were really useful. In order to avoid such waste, I support the view of many people now that a minimalist lifestyle should be pursued, with everything needed to avoid waste.

The husband and gentleman's trip, quiet to cultivate self-cultivation, thrift to cultivate morals, non-indifferent to the ambition, non-quiet to the far. Hard work and frugality require us not to be extravagant, not to waste, to have everything we need, even to be aloof, and to make the soul clear. As a university professor and well-known writer, Mr. Yang Yan could have enjoyed a life without worries and even riches. But in reality, even in her old age, she still climbed ladders and changed bulbs by herself, living extremely diligently and frugally. She was a translator and followed Mr. Deng Xiaoping's trip abroad, and her plain clothes were regarded as shabby. In her home, she rarely sees extra electrical furniture. Even the book used for memorization at home is bound by her unused waste paper, and the savings she saved over the years are donated without reservation To the students. During his lifetime, the husband left a charge, the funeral was simplified, there was no spiritual hall, no farewell ceremony was held, and no ashes were left. It's true to its name and simplicity so far, it has made countless people ashamed of their wealth and wealth. We live in the world of worry-free food and clothing. We must also learn from the frugality of the gentleman, not be burdened by the material, and let the soul return to normal.

The main spirit of "Minimalism" is to abandon tediousness, advocating simplicity, emphasizing purity, and emphasizing practicality. Material minimalism is not a self-torture of "ascetic monk" style, nor is it a pale life lacking in interesting life. This is a humane, economical, environmentally friendly, and easy-going lifestyle. It is a respect for life and a heritage of thrift and virtue in China. . In today's society, there are many pressures, and everyone has to bear the pressure from schools, families and society every day. Shopping is, in their opinion, one of the ways to relieve stress. However, there are many ways to relieve stress, so why choose such a way to waste time and money? Crazy online shopping is an extravagant way of life. It brings us the emptiness of the mind. This often makes people feel like eating chicken ribs and is boring. It is not something that can be alleviated by crazy shopping. The amount of consumption is constantly rising and the mood of petty bourgeoisie. Rendering requires us to baptize the spiritual world. In free time, a good book, a good song, can be injected into the hearts of those who are numb to life, breathe breath, and endure. This feeling is far more than the fun and authenticity of shopping, the love of life, and the advocacy of tradition.

Learning to be frugal requires us not to buy items that we don't need, but to buy what is really necessary, to use the best. In this respect, our parents did a good job. It is because they live in poverty, they have integrated frugality into their bones. The clothes they wear are always three years old and three years old, and stitched up for another three years. As a child, we should learn to be thrifty. Don't waste resources, don't spend money that shouldn't be spent, make full use of the things around you. Many small things can make our souls sublime, the second use of unused waste paper, saving water and electricity, carrying forward the diligence and frugality of the family, and inheriting the virtues of the Chinese nation, you will find that life is beautiful everywhere.

Advocate minimalist life, learn to be thrifty, and experience the mentality of Yan Hui's "snack for food, drink for a drink, in the back alley, and never change his pleasure", return to the truth, keep the bustle and hustle and bustle out, and leave it to yourself A quiet, deep, quiet and self-sufficient heart.

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